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Brick of the Game | Celebrity Look-a-like Showdown

Record as NBA Head Coach: 79-228 Records with Beastie Boys &
Will Smith
Hails from Washington, D.C. Hails from Harlem, N.Y.
Fired by Timberwolves in 1994 Released “Biz’s Baddest Beats”
in 1994
Member of 1983 Cardiac Pack Member of Celebrity Fit Club
“Oh Snap! I never completed my degree at nc state” Coined the phrase “Oh Snap!”

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After a two year hiatus due to graduate school and parenthood, Jay Adams has returned to Hokie Accolades: His six year undergraduate odyssey in Blacksburg was filled with Tomfoolery and aimless wandering. His skills: He can dunk on a lowered rim.

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8 Responses to “Brick of the Game | Celebrity Look-a-like Showdown”

  1. Niemo says:

    How the heck is harlem better than Washington, D.C., the nation’s capital and most powerful city in the world? (according to the Wizards’ announcer)

  2. Dave Woods says:

    Where do you get this stuff? What does Biz Markie have to do with the Hokies? Its funny because its stupid. Pure inane jackass gold. Gold, Jerry, gold.

    I gotta go with Niemo on the DC vs Harlem tip. I’m givin that one to Sid. But hey its your world dog. Oh. Snap.

  3. Niemo says:

    Uh, Davey, Biz Markie has nothing to do with the Hokies. It is called “Celebrity Look-a-like Showdown”. Not “Guy for the other team that looks like a Hokie”. Biz Markie is a celebrity and therefore qualifies.

    Clearly we need to do a better job going over this stuff in our staff meetings.

  4. Wick says:

    I thought we fired Davey after he missed the uva game?

  5. Dave Woods says:

    This site would be nowhere without my dedicated hyphenating and insightful blogging!

  6. Rockfish40 says:

    I would have thought Ice Cube made the best celebrity matchup but I guess since we aren’t playing on Friday….

  7. Niemo says:

    Rockfish – To be fair, Biz Markie looks more like Sidney Lowe than Ice Cube does.

  8. daveywoods says:

    Almost two years later, I am sitting here in my fabulous cubicle chuckling heartily with a tear in my eye. That is some funny stupid sh… stuff. The pictures alone are hilarious.


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