In Game Commentary | v. #12 illinois


HOKIES 54 illini 52

Second Half
0:17.6 VT 54 ill 52 | Make your friggin free throws, please!?!?!

0:37.7 VT 53 ill 52 | I can barrelly tyyype …

1:28 ill 52 VT 50 | Ok .. going into cardiac arrest now. I don’t know if I can finish the commentary.

2:15 ill 52 VT 50 | YES! YES! YES! I BELIEVE!

3:19 ill 52 VT 45 | Collins goes up for the slam, double doh! Tim Brando gets to use one of his favorite lines again (the iron is so unkind). Make your free throws Coleman – C’mon Tech!

3:54 ill 52 VT 45 | Gordon with the drive, the layup, doh! Note to look up if this was our worst shooting night of the year.

4:17 ill 52 VT 45 | What a BOGUS call! We still have a chance to pull this out Hokies! Never Give Up!

6:09 ill 48 VT 39 | 13 of 20 from the line. Ain’t gonna cut it. C’mon Hokies!

7:51 ill 47 VT 35 | I really want to throw my laptop into the TV screen right now. The illini are playing the best defense of any opponent this year.

11:50 ill 39 VT 32 | Playing great defense tonight. It is a Big Ten slugfest.

12:24 ill 39 VT 32 | I just realized that if we lose, then Tech will be the highest seed to bow out in the first round (thus far). ugh.

15:25 ill 35 VT 29 | That was an interesting 4+ minutes. Go Coleman Go! followed by 2 more free points for the illini. So, if we lose by four or less, lets point to a missed dunk and the T. I think we will win this game if we have the lead at the 10 minute mark.

Here We Go! Go Hokies!

Halftime | ill 29 VT 21
So the last minute of that half was a complete nightmare. If we lose by one or two points, can you say george washington? The missed dunk is followed by a flashback to the ACC semifinal as Sailes misses another free throw. I am completely frustrated. This is the type of game we lose.

Stats –
FG Pct. – ill 48% (12/25), VT 28% (7/25)
3PT FG Pct. – ill 40% (4/10), VT 37.5% (3/8)
FT Pct. – ill 100% (1/1), VT 66.7% (4/6)
Leading Scorers – ill McBride 9, VT Dowdell 8
Rebounds – ill 16, VT 13
Leading Rebounders – ill Randle 6, VT Vassallo 5
Offensive Rebounds – ill 0, VT 2
Foul Trouble – ill Arnold, Randle, Pruitt (2 each), VT Vassallo 2

Now that I have cooled down, illinois is playing solid defense on the perimeter. We are just not getting good looks at the basket.

First Half
1:21 ill 29 VT 19 | This is turning bad quickly, but I can’t say that I am too surprised. Hopefully we can close it to 6 by halftime.

3:06 ill 25 VT 19 | one and done on the offensive side thus far, we have 1 offensive rebound tonight

4:02 ill 25 VT 19 | Wow … Brian Randle is looking as good as Bryan Randell. The game is settling into a pace that favors the illini. I am concerned.

7:05 ill 19 VT 17 | I’m glad the illini shot as poorly as we did that last stretch otherwise we would be down a lot more. We are shooting 6 of 16 from the field tonight. The illini are 8 of 18.

My internet connection is extremely slow tonight, but I am going to push through it!

10:27 VT 14 ill 13 | Good to see a couple three balls go in. No early foul trouble – THANK GOODNESS. Tim Brando has the job I want, btw … SEC Football in the Fall and ACC Basketball in the Winter.

14:57 ill 11 VT 7 | Hey, we made a free throw! (sorry, still bitter). Not too surprised by the slow start on offense. Good to see Coleman drain the 12 footer. Oh yeah, looks like it was a buyers market for tickets.

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