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Q & A | Coleman Collins

Coleman CollinsColeman Collins some questions about his future, and about his past four years at Virginia Tech.

Coleman has been a model athlete, student, and person, and the Team at appreciates all of his hard work and dedication (and time to do this Q&A). We wish him the best in the upcoming NBA Draft, and beyond.

Coleman answered the questions below on Monday, June 18, 2007.

TechHoops: Have you had any workouts with NBA teams, or are any scheduled?

Coleman: I had one workout with the Sonics last week, and this coming week I’ll go to Minnesota, Phoenix, and Golden State.

TechHoops: What will you be doing on draft day/night?

Coleman: On draft night I’ll be with family and friends, either in New York or Atlanta – I haven’t decided yet.

TechHoops: What are your career aspirations after basketball?

Coleman: I’ll probably pursue a law degree, and try to couple that with some international relations studies. I’d like to become fluent in Spanish and French, and relearn the German that I’ve lost since I learned it as a teen.

TechHoops: Switching gears to the past, what is your greatest memory of Virginia Tech, both on and off the court?

Coleman: The best on-court memory would have to be our first victory over Carolina at home – it was the first real sign of what kind of season it would be. The off-court memory would be the community response this past April. The camaraderie and unity at the vigil and convocation were nothing short of amazing.

TechHoops: You, Zabian Dowdell, and Jamon Gordon have been the face of Virginia Tech basketball for at least the past 3 years. It is hard to believe that you won’t be on the court next year. How has the relationship with those guys grown and changed since you all arrived in 2003?

Coleman: I think we’ve gotten closer over the years – since this process started we’ve kinda been comparing notes.

TechHoops: Over your entire career, when would you say Coach Greenberg was the most pleased and the most disappointed/upset with the team?

Coleman: Most pleased – Duke win @ Duke this year. Most disappointed – Clemson @ home when we blew a chance to clinch 1st place.

TechHoops: Are you sick of ESPN showing your reaction after Dockery’s buzzer beater in the ’05 duke game at Cameron?

Coleman: No – it’s died down a little bit now, and also I’ve come to terms with it since we got a win there this year.

TechHoops: While there has been a significant increase in popularity and support for Tech basketball over the past four years, there has also been an increase in expectations from fans, and thus criticism. A lot of this criticism is voiced on message boards or websites like this one. I noticed you did a Q&A for a similar website back in 2003. Do players and recruits pay any attention to fans’ opinions (both positive and negative) on these websites/message boards? Is any of it taken seriously or personally, or does it provide a good laugh?

Coleman: I think every athlete reads the message boards from time to time – just to see what fans are saying. Sometimes it’s really funny; fans are generally poorly informed about the goings-on behind the scenes, and the theories and explanations posted can be pretty ridiculous. When you see negative things on there, most guys take it in stride. Other guys use it as motivation. It all depends on the person, but I don’t let it bother me because I understand that a lot of fans have no idea what they’re talking about.

TechHoops: Finally, what will you miss the most about Virginia Tech and Blacksburg?

Coleman: I’ll probably miss the football games and that whole atmosphere. I’ll be sure to make it back for some – hopefully for ECU and in Baton Rouge if I can scrounge up some tickets.

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