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The Weekend Warrior | Bad Trash Talking and Why I Love/Hate Wild Turkey

On my way out of Baby D Stadium in the ATL last night, I couldn’t help but savor the victory. I love winning. This caused my buddies and me to put our index fingers in the air in a defiant #1 symbol and whoop and holler at each other in celebration. Maybe not the classiest thing, but considering we were at the world’s largest nerd convention (georgia tech), there wasn’t much fear of being pummeled. We weren’t in lil’ havana (aka the Orange Bowl).

Then things got weird. No less than three gt fans yelled the following at me over the course of the night: “How about that bc game?” or “Way to lose to bc.”

Um, hello, georgia tech lost to bc also! In fact, they were soundly beaten 24-10 (it wasn’t that close) by the flutie flakes. I’m sorry, but if you are going to talk trash about a school by referencing a loss, at least pick a team you beat (hasn’t happened in this case) or a school you haven’t played (lsu). You would think nerds would be a little smarter than that. By the third guy to say this, I was nearly beside myself laughing.

Fact: VT – 1st place in the division, gt – FINISHED. ‘Nuff said. Take your whoopin’ and go home and play with your protractors and other nerd-linger gear.

Niemo’s Random Thought: Wild Turkey = pain. Why does one of the worst tasting bourbons have to be almost-kinda-sorta named for our mascot? The end result is I keep drinking the stuff game after game and end up feeling like 2 lbs of poop in a 1 lb bag, as I do today. Thank God for long weekends.

If only Wild Turkey was called Wild wahoo or something, then I’d never touch the stuff and be able to live a much happier life.

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3 Responses to “The Weekend Warrior | Bad Trash Talking and Why I Love/Hate Wild Turkey”

  1. daveywoods says:

    This is quality blogging. Top notch, top notch.

  2. DuffHokie says:

    The team showed their character the game after a heartbreaking loss. We have lots of it, especially on defense.

    Don’t forget to include all those jagerbombs we took.

  3. Niemo says:

    Yeah, that was a rough night. I never really recovered until Saturday.


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