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Last week I put the hoos in their place in a Q&A with Chris Graham of This week we turn our attention to those brainiacs from Durham, North Carolina. Thanks to for participating in a friendly Q&A.


The duke Basketball Report (dBR) is the authority for duke basketball news. In other words, they are the “” of duke basketball :-)

General Questions

Q1: Why do you think everyone else in the ACC hates duke so much?

dBR: That’s a better question for you. I guess success breeds contempt. No one seems to really hate Duke football.

Q2: I work in maryland and they REALLY hate duke. Almost to an unhealthy level. Where did this come from?

dBR: Not really sure. It only gradually dawned on me. I guess for Duke, Maryland was just a team to beat on the way to the NCAAs for a long time, and Maryland fans got sick of it. The team has gotten a lot more competitive lately too and it’s hardly a gimme game anymore. (Note: uva and unc also see duke as their rivals in basketball.)

Q3: Who would make a better villain on 24: christian laettner or j.j. redick?

dBR: Well, Laettner doesn’t care if you love him or not, so Laettner.

Q4: Walk me through what krzyzewski-ville is like. What goes on in those tents – shooting dice or doing schoolwork? What are the rules?

dBR: A lot of it’s pretty boring, schoolwork and what not. But there are parties, and a certain amount of abandon, and I’ve heard a few good stories…

Q5: Any chance we could see a “krzyzewski-ville Gone Wild” video soon?

dBR: Ha. Give them another idea ;)

Q6: If fan interest in duke basketball is a 10, what is it for football?

dBR: Pretty much apathy unfortunately, although there are glimmers of hope now.

Q7: You see any chance of that ever changing?

dBR: Actually, yes. David Cutcliffe is going to do very well I think. Duke got a pretty good coach.

Basketball Questions

Q8: Educate us on this year’s version of the duke juggernaut. What are this team’s strengths and weaknesses?

dBR: It’s a quick team and they play defense together really well. They’re small and don’t rebound well all the time. If the shots aren’t falling it can be a problem.

Q9: What past duke team would you compare this year’s squad to?

dBR: 1986-87, a better team than people realize, until injuries set in.

Q10: Is there anyone from Virginia Tech that you think could give duke fits?

dBR: Deron Washington for one. Jeff Allen might have been tough if he were playing.

Q11: What has to happen for Virginia Tech to beat duke for the third time in five tries?

dBR: They have to take care of the ball, overcome the pressure D, keep Duke from driving and hitting three point shots.

Q12: Where does the sean dockery’s 45-foot shot to beat Tech in 2005 rank on your favorite duke moments?

dBR: Pretty high, although that wasn’t a great game for Duke until the end. It’s behind the Capel shot to beat UNC, the Jason Williams comeback at Maryland, the Gene Banks miracle to beat UNC, the David Rivers block to beat Notre Dame, and of course the Laettner shot to beat Kentucky. Also the Fred Lind game, the Robby West game, the 17-point comeback, the Yonakor airball (these are all UNC games for those who wouldn’t know ;)

Q13: Does greg paulus have any emotional damage from Deron Washington jumping over him last year?

dBR: Ha. That kid is tough as nails. He’s a much better player with this team. Consider yourself warned ;)

Q14: Convince me why kyle singler deserves ACC Rookie of the Year more than Jeff Allen. (Note: I sent this question before Saturday’s debacle.)

dBR: Well, for one he hasn’t done anything really stupid. For another, he has a much more rounded game. He is a very complete player, as mature as anyone in the ACC. Allen is a good player, but he’s not really a guy you could ask to bring the ball up in a pinch or to guard three or four positions.


Q15: I’ve often hoped Fox would make a reality show where they take a florida state fraternity and moved them to duke for a semester. What do you think would happen? Would it be like the Alpha Betas and the Tri-Lambs in Revenge of the Nerds?

dBR: Well first they would freeze by November. And second they’d be disoriented on Saturday afternoons in the fall. But I think a lot of people misunderstand Duke. It’s a fun place and the people are really pretty cool. Most of the ugly stories you hear around the ACC – the Duke kid who got beaten outside a UNC dorm, fan ugliness at Maryland, FSU, NC State, College Park riots – Duke for some reason gets a much worse rap. And the reality is that like most places, the kids are there to have fun and to support their team. Duke fans are fun-loving people who, believe it or not, handle losing better than just about anyone in the conference. The rap is arrogance, but there’s a lot more humility than people realize. My guess is that by the end of the semester, the FSU frat would petition to stay in Durham. But they’d push hard to get football going ;)

Niemo’s Note: No disrespect to the dBR, they seem like great guys who I would gladly do a Bear Fight with at a bar, but my perception of duke is that if you took the biggest nerd from my high school, then 4,999 other high schools, you would have duke. That’s based on alums I’ve met in my career, people I knew from high school that went there, and crowd shots of duke bball games. So then you have all of them together and they think they are cool all of a sudden because there are no hooligans (ie: noles) to put them in their place. Hence why I think this idea would be TV gold!

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  1. absteele says:

    Yeah, I’ve been to duke a couple of times and I don’t think I ever spotted those “fun-loving people.”


  1. […] As you loyal readers already know, I did a Q&A with one of the guys from the duke Basketball Report, or “dBR”, web site last week.  I thought “dBR” was short for “duke Basketball Report”, but now I’m thinking it is short for “dumBeR”, as in “dumBeR than you’d expect duke people to be” after I read their stuff tonight. […]

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