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Recap | Hokies (6-6; 15-11) 69, maryland (7-5; 17-10) 65

The Hokies outscored the twerps 32-18 in the last 11 minutes of the ballgame to complete a sweep of maryland for the first time ever by the score of 69-65. A.D. Vassallo had 11 points in the final 3 and a half minutes to lead the Hokies down the stretch including a 3 bomb from the top of the key at the 3:32 mark to give the Hokies their first lead of the game. A.D. followed up that shot with another 3 at the 1:29 mark, giving Tech a 61-54 lead. He closed the game by going 5 of 6 from the line.

The Hokies got off to a horrendous start in the first half, as it appeared they were still hungover from the carolina game. Too many turnovers, sloppy fouls, and poor shooting (sound familiar?) led to a 28-14 deficit. To add insult to injury, Coach Greenberg came rather close to being ejected before the halfway point of the first half. The start of the game had an all too familiar script, especially when the Hokies started to chip away at the lead. An increase in the defensive intensity led to the comeback as maryland started making all the mistakes. Deron finally hit a three at the 8:12 mark to begin the comeback. The Hokies closed the half on a 15-3 run, cutting the deficit to 2 points as maryland led 31-29 at the half.

First Half Stats:

Field Goal Shooting:
Good Guys – 11/27 (40.7%)
twerps – 13/29 (44.8%)

3 PT shooting:
Good Guys – 2/7 (28.6%)
twerps – 3/7 (42.9%)

Good Guys – 5/9 (55.6%)
twerps – 2/7 (28.6%)

Rebounds (OFF/DEF):
Good Guys – 21 (7/14)
twerps – 16 (4/12)

Good Guys – 9
twerps – 8

The second half started rather sluggish for both teams. maryland picked up their first block of the game during the first Hokie possession, which was rather surprising since the twerps lead the ACC in blocks. At the 16:40 mark, the twerps had only one score in their last 23 possessions. However, the turtles went on a mini-run and at the 11:13 mark they were up 47-37.

The Hokies wouldn’t allow the twerps any more, and began to chip away (again). With J.T. Thompson out with an ankle sprain, Jeff Allen came through with a huge game. Allen scored 14 points, collected 14 boards, and had 3 blocks and 3 steals. He scored 4 of the first 6 points in the Hokies second half comeback. Hank Thorns had a couple critical plays during the final run. First, Thorns stole the ball from the md super punk at the 8:25 mark, which led to a Deron jumper that cut the lead to 47-45. Then after A.D.’s three ball to take the lead at the 3:32 mark, Hank followed up with one of his own from the top of the key at the 2:13 mark, which gave Tech a 58-54 lead. Thorns finished with only 5 points, but had 6 steals in 19 minutes of play.

Second Half Stats:

Field Goal Shooting:
Good Guys – 13/32 (40.6%)
twerps – 14/29 (48.3%)

3 PT shooting:
Good Guys – 4/10 (40%)
twerps – 2/7 (28.6%)

Good Guys – 10/15 (66.7%)
twerps – 4/7 (57.1%)

Rebounds (OFF/DEF):
Good Guys – 19 (5/14)
twerps – 20 (3/17)

Good Guys – 5
twerps – 10

When you compare the second half stats with the first half stats, the only things that stick out are the turnovers and maryland’s free throw shooting. Clearly though, our defense enabled us to halt the maryland onslaught in the first half and sparked us to victory in the second (along with a some key shooting down the stretch).

It was an especially sweet win for Coach Greenberg and the Hokies. The last time that Tech won in College Park was January 15, 1951. As I wrote earlier, it’s the first time that Tech has swept maryland. Tech has played the twerps twice in one season 10 times with the last time being 2004-05. Since the Hokies entered the ACC, they are 4-2 against maryland; winning all 3 games at the Cassell and going 1-2 in college park.

gus gilchrist was in attendance, and received the wrath of Niemo’s heckling as he headed to the locker room.

The most bizarre moment of the night was Dorenzo Hudson hurling towards the end of the first half. He blew chunks as the twerps were going to the line, and the clean-up effort halted the game for about 10 minutes. I can’t blame him. I would blow chunks if I had to be in the same place with 17,000 twerp fans. Hudson came back in the second half, new uniform and all (wearing #4). He finished with 7 points in 21 minutes of play.

So, what does this do to the big picture? Are we back on the bubble? Probably not, but we are one win away from stamping a ticket for post-season play. With the next 3 at home, we have a legit shot to finish over .500 in conference play. That’s amazing. The 2004-05 team that shocked everyone finished 8-8 and last year’s team was 10-6.

So you D.C. area Hokies better talk some trash around the water cooler tomorrow. It’s going to be sweet.

Niemo’s Notes:
– Whoa, whoa, Wick. Over .500 in conference play? You do realize this is the same team that just lost three in a row, right? And lost by 39 a few days ago? I would be VERY happy winning 2 of these next 3 at home. All are winnable – gt, bc, wake – but you can’t expect to win all 3 with this young squad. Even 2 would be an accomplishment, locking up atleast a .500 in conference record heading to clemson where we owe them for last year’s finale.
– Jeff Allen got his 7th double-double of the season with 14 points and rebounds. But this was his FIRST double-double in ACC play. Add in 3 blocks and 3 steals and he had a heck of a game, despite the fact he did not score in the first 18 minutes of the game.
– Deron stepped up tonight. I know he didn’t even see my article about benching him, but nonetheless, he proved his worth. He had some early missed wide-open jumpers and turnovers, but had a strong game overall with 12 points on 4/10 shooting (only the third time he’s shot 40% or better in an ACC game) and 7 rebounds. Deron hit some easy shots that got his confidence going. He also had 5 assists. Hopefully this will continue.
– They only list Thorns with 3 rebounds, but all 3 of them were clutch defensive rebounds in traffic. Scrappy-Doo is living up to his name.
– Formula: Win Rebound Margin + Win FT Attempts + (<15 turnovers) = VT win. Book it. - Tonight: +4 RM, +10 FTA + 14 TO = win GIVE ALL THE CREDIT TO GREENBERG Say what you will about the players stepping up, but this is deja vu all over again. VT lost at duke by 35 three years ago. They responded a few days later by winning at miami. This team, with a completely different team except for Deron Washington, rebounded from a 39 point loss by winning at maryland. You have to give this to Seth. He’s doing a lot of things right, including knowing what buttons to push to get the team to respond after losses that could have completely deflated a team. Instead, the seasons are saved and the team grows even more. Kudos, Greeny.

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6 Responses to “Recap | Hokies (6-6; 15-11) 69, maryland (7-5; 17-10) 65”

  1. vatechhokies50 says:

    Wick, I was at the game… I was shocked that maryland went away from the trapping defense that worked so well in the first five minutes of the 2nd half… our bench played very, very well tonight (that was the key to the game, big time)… and, for the most part, Deron Washington played very close to in control :-) The game was great!!


  2. ThillyGooth says:

    Great Game!

    Allen was definitely the difference maker. He was coming down with rebounds in a lot of traffic all night. He completely owned Osby on offense and defense. That block by Allen on Osby bear the end of the game knocked him on his back! Because of Allen’s success at the low post, we caused Maryland to tighten up inside, which opened up the offense all around. We had a ton of easy jumpers from free throw range and wide open threes (if we could consistently make them).

    Delaney was very consistent, and appears to have stepped up his defense quite a bit. He was using his body well and not getting ticky tack slap fouls.

    The rest of the team was solid all around. We kept the turnovers down and got the rebounds up. These are definitely the keys for this young team to have success. We need to play smart basketball and dominate the boards. Greenberg is known for recruiting the scrappy, do-everything, well-rounded players and this is the first bunch that has the offensive weapons and the scappiness. If they consistently played to their potential, there is no stopping them!

  3. absteele says:

    Delaney made some big shots on offense, but he ended with 0 assists and 5 turnovers. He still has trouble against the press and it seems like he plays himself into a halfcourt trap everytime he brings it across. I have faith that he will correct this with time.

    Glad to see allen get it back together, too. His last few games had me worried about his level of effort, but he brought it last night.

  4. goodraisin says:

    Do we know why Hudson was puking? Nerves or sickness? If it’s nerves, then he should try puking before every game… it really seemed to settle him down.

  5. Niemo says:

    I’d have to guess that he was gassed. Remember, he went from just a few minutes per game of late to over 10 in the first half, I believe. So I’m sure he was exhausted. Or he had milk, and milk was a bad idea.

  6. ThillyGooth says:

    Hudson had just sprinted down the court to follow up with the tip on after Thorns missed the layup. Then back at the other end Hudson tipped a Maryland pass that was picked up by the Hokies and they pushed that as well. I think it was just too much sprinting back and forth and he wasn’t used to it. Even though it was embarassing for him, I think he came along way in this game and got some confidence that he can hang with the big dogs.


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