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jackets 84 VT 92 | FINAL SCORE! The Hokies win and guarantee a winning season!

jackets 81 VT 92 | 1:03 to go: Delaney at the line for 2 fts – makes both!

jackets 81 VT 90 | 1:04 to go: gt hits both fts

jackets 79 VT 90 | 1:12 to go: Delaney hits both fts – VT has a season-high 90 points!

jackets 79 VT 88 | 1:14 to go: Deron (10 points) commits a stupid foul and fouls out – dumb, dumb, dumb! gt at the line for the 3-point play … this is getting ridiculous … gt makes the ft

jackets 76 VT 88 | 1:28 to go: Delaney fouled, but then gt’s zack peacock pushed the ball in his face as Delaney followed through like he was going to take the shot, no call. Delaney makes both fts.

NOTES: The Hokies are three points away from tying their season-high for points in a game (89 vs. FSU)

jackets 76 VT 86 | 1:31 to go: gt scores, calls timeout

jackets 74 VT 86 | 1:41 to go: VT back at the line after gt missed a three, AD got the rebound and gt fouled him. AD makes 1/2, he has 27 pts (1,026) VT equals largest lead of the game

jackets 74 VT 85 | 1:53 to go: VT has shot 40 fts so far … holy crap! Thorns makes both fts

jackets 74 VT 83 | 1:54 to go: gt’s miller makes both fts

It’s a foul fest people – I hate these kind of games. The game is already 2 hours, 15 minutes old and will easily go 2:30

jackets 72 VT 83 | 2:03 to go: gt’s aminu fouls out, morrow back in … AD at the line, makes both and that’s a season-high 26 points, he now has 1,025 for his career.

jackets 72 VT 81 | 2:09 to go: Deron fouls morrow while shooting a three, morrow at the line, makes 2/3 – Deron has 4 fouls

jackets 70 VT 81 | 2:49 to go: gt starts fouling, morrow has four fouls, Deron makes 1/2 fts

jackets 70 VT 80 | 3:20 to go: Allen misses a three – bad shot – TV timeout.

NOTES: Hokies are 9 points away from matching a season-high in points scored (89 vs. FSU – 1.29.08)
jackets 70 VT 81 | 2:41 to go: morrow fouls Deron, who makes 1/2 fts

RANDOM THOUGHT: All the announcers talk about how great Allen will be and how good he is now for such a young player … do they realize he isn’t all that young, he’s 20 and will turn 21 this spring. I’m just sayin’.

jackets 70 VT 80 | 3:49 to go: gt scores an easy bucket, calls TO

jackets 68 VT 80 | 4:03 to go: VT milking the clock – Allen got hacked, but did they call it? Noooooo! Allen gets hacked again, but this time, the ref had to call it. Allen at the line, gt’s smith with four fouls. Allen makes both fts! VT with largest lead of the game – 12 points.

jackets 68 VT 78 | 4:35 to go: Allen picks up his 4th foul, gt makes 1/2 fts

jackets 67 VT 78 | 4:49 to go: Deron with a layup and the Hokies have their largest lead of the game – 11 pts.

jackets 67 VT 76 | 5:25 to go: Deron steals it, AD misses the fast break layup, but JT follows the miss with a dunk!

jackets 67 VT 74 | 5:40 to go: Allen puts back a JT miss, left-handed layup!

jackets 67 VT 72 | 6:18 to go: AD at the line for a 1-n-1, makes both, he has 24, ties the season-high, has 1,023 – gt called for a travel at the other end

jackets 67 VT 70 | 6:26 to go: gt hits a pull up j

jackets 65 VT 70 | 6:50 to go: morrow with 2 pts

jackets 63 VT 70 | 7:21 to go: JT with a great two handed dunk

jackets 63 VT 68 | 7:50 to go: miller makes both fts, he has 18 points

jackets 61 VT 68 | 7:50 to go: refs call Deron for a bs foul – gt player was in trouble, forces contact and the ref jumped at it – jerk. Timeout.

jackets 61 VT 68 | 8:05 to go: Deron makes 1/2, but JT gets the rebound and puts it back!

jackets 61 VT 65 | 8:21 to go: Allen was getting mauled underneath by a smaller guy but no foul called, JT drives, gets fouled, shooting two – misses both, but smith fouls Washington, that’s smith’s fourth foul, he joins bell on the bench.

jackets 61 VT 65 | 8:36 to go: Hokies can’t inbound the ball, forced to call TO to avoid the five-second call – gt is on a 5-0 run.

jackets 61 VT 65 | 8:43 to go: Washington fouls lawal who missed the dunk, but not because of Deron’s foul, he just sucks. lawal makes 1/2 fts

jackets 60 VT 65 | 8:55 to go: AD Vassallo misses a three, Deron gets called for a foul

jackets 60 VT 65 | 9:16 to go: VT fouls gt’s miller who hits both fts

NOTES: VT is shooting 4/9 from three point land and is out rebounding gt 31-21; AD Vassallo is 2 points away from matching a team/season-high 24 points; first 95 seasons of VT basketball, 30 1,000-pt. scores, last five years, 9 players have eclipsed 1,000 points, all under Seth Greenberg.

jackets 58 VT 65 | 9:55 to go: gt’s smith with a big time drive and dunk, gt calls timeout

jackets 56 VT 65 | 10:22 to go: Thorns hits a three pointer from WAY down town with the shot clock down to :02 – VT with their biggest lead of the game.

jackets 56 VT 62 | 11:35 to go: Hudson hits a sweet jumper from the ft line, then Thorns delivers a no-look bounce pass to JT for the sweet action DUNK! gt’s bell picks up his fourth personal foul on the offensive end – he sits.

NOTES: gt’s smith, bell and morrow both have three personal fouls

jackets 56 VT 58 | 12:09 to go: refs blow a big call, ball went off gt’s bell, but they called over and back against the Hokies, gt gets the ball and hits a three at the other end – the refs are doing everything they can to give this game to the jackets

jackets 53 VT 58 | 12:32 to go: VT gets called for offensive goaltending, and the foul, makes the ft

jackets 50 VT 58 | 13:11 to go: AD dunks it along the baseline after GT scores at the other end, Hokies with the steal and AD lays it up AND the FOUL! AD with 4 quick points now has 21 points for the game and 1,020 for his career. AD makes the ft, has 22 for the game and 1,021.

jackets 48 VT 53 | 13:49 to go: Allen gets fouled, but no call, scramble for the ball, Witcher gets it and jams it home, Witcher has 8 points

jackets 48 VT 51 | 14:25 to go: gt scores … crowd is silent

NOTES: AD is the only Hokie with double-digit scoring (17) … Delaney has 8

jackets 46 VT 51 | 14:55 to go: Allen fouled, Hokies maintain possession – TV timeout.

jackets 46 VT 51 | 15:31 to go: AD with a short baseline jumper, he has 17 points (1,016)

jackets 46 VT 49 | 16:25 to go: Delaney gets fouled, at the line for two fts – misses both (AGAIN!)

jackets 46 VT 49 | 16:46 to go: morrow hits another three pointer

jackets 43 VT 49 | 17:36 to go: Allen just picked up his third personal foul to go along with his third pf – a dumb dumb foul. gt hits both fts

jackets 41 VT 49 | 18:05 to go: Allen hits a three pointer! (Allen … as in Jeff Allen – his third three of the year)

jackets 41 VT 46 | 18:52 to go: Witcher scores – he has 6 points

jackets 41 VT 44 | 19:04 to go: morrow hits a three pointer

jackets 38 VT 44 | 19:30 to go: AD opens the second half with an nice baseline drive and reverse layup (1,014 pts) – AD has 15 points.

Beginning of 2nd half…

Haltime | jackets 38, VT 42 | 31 fouls called in the first half

jackets 38 VT 42 | 2.7 to go: Delaney fouls gt’s miller behind the arc (VT has to be the worst team in the ACC at bailing out bad 3pt shots) miller makes all three

jackets 35 VT 42 | 37.4 to go: amino has three pfs, Deron at the line for two … misses both … paul hewitt is getting a warning from the refs and now the ref is talking to paul on the sideline – he’s gonna get t’ed up soon.

jackets 35 VT 42 | :49.3 to go: smith at the line for 2 fts … misses the first, makes the second

jackets 34 VT 42 | 1:00 to go: AD hits two fts (1,012 points)

jackets 34 VT 40 | 1:25 to go: DERON WITH A MONSTER BREAK AWAY DUNK!! AWESOME!!!

jackets 34 VT 38 | 1:45 to go: JT is at the line for a pair of fts (meanwhile, refs are chumming it up with causey because they’re all punks) JT makes both – refs consoles causey and tells him things will be OK.

jackets 34 VT 36 | 2:39 to go: Vassallo (1,010) scores from under the basket, but gt scores on a fast break at the other end.

jackets 32 VT 34 | 3:30 to go: T. Bell fouls gt’s bell … Bell on bell crime – can’t we all just get along? bell hits both fts

jackets 30 VT 34 | 3:39 to go: T. Bell just hit a short jumper, nice!

NOTES: gt has 15 personal fouls, VT has 10 (seems like more, though)

jackets 30 VT 32 | 3:52 to go: gt scores (morrow has three fouls), Hokies Delaney misses a three, but gt touched it going out of bounds, Hokies ball – TV timeout.

jackets 28 VT 32 | 4:30 to go: gt scores, then fouls Deron at the other end – D-wash at the line for a pair of fts … makes both

jackets 26 VT 30 | 5:00 to go: JT came out of nowhere with an offensive rebound and putback – NICE!

jackets 26 VT 28 | 5:12 to go: gt has five players with at least 2 fouls – causey hits two fts

jackets 24 VT 28 | 6:09 to go: gt finally scores ending a 12-0 Hokies run. causey just got called for a foul (he has not scored yet – punk) and the Hokies are at the line for two – Delaney makes both.

jackets 22 VT 26 | 6:54 to go: gt gets called for another foul (this is getting out of hand – acc officials are crap). Delaney at the ft line, makes 1/2.

jackets 22 VT 25 | 7:17 to go: JT makes 1/2 fts

NOTE: Hokies at 8/10 at the ft line … yep, you heard me.

jackets 22 VT 24 | 7:17 to go: JT Thompson just got fouled and will shoot two (Hokies in the double bonus). Media timeout.

jackets 22 VT 24 | 7:44 to go: Delaney drains a THREE and the Hokies take their first lead of the game – timeout on the floor! Tech is on a 10-0 run in the last 1:30.

jackets 22 VT 21 | 8:35 to go: Vassallo hits an off-balance 2 (1,005 points) then follows up with a HUGE three!! (1,008 points – ties Shawn Good for 37th all time!)

jackets 22 VT 16 | 9:17 to go: Vassallo nails a pair of fts, gt with another turnover, but not before they hit a three-pointer. Seth will get ejected before this game is over, I feel it.

jackets 19 VT 14 | 9:47 to go: A.D. Vassallo just went over the 1,000-point mark for his career with a jumper from the left side, he has 1,001 points – but gt scored a fast break 2 at the other end, then Thorns got called for an offensive foul – the officials are about to be jumped by the angry mob at Cassell.

jackets 17 VT 12 | 10:19 to go: Another foul called against the Hokies … no flow to this game, both teams are in the bonus and we’re not even at the halfway point of the first half – gt his both fts.

jackets 15 VT 12 | 10:31 to go: Delaney at the line again after morrow picks up his second pf – Delaney makes both … by the way, Delaney shed his white headband, probably because he missed the first two with it on – just a guess.

jackets 13 VT 10 | 11:05 to go: Thorns misses a mid-range jumper – gt rebounds the ball, then Diakite gets called for a foul away from the ball, but gt is in the bonus, make 1/2, gt with the rebound, but gt misses the three (air ball).

jackets 12 VT 10 | 11:47 to go: Hokies are out rebounding the jackets 13-4 and are on an 8-2 run.

jackets 12 VT 10 | 11:47 to go: Diakite cleans up a Deron miss and pulls the Hokies within a bucket AND the Hokies get the ball back at the other end – timeout.

jackets 12 VT 8 | 12:31 to go: I wish these announcers would shut up, “Delaney is an excellent ft shooter” and then Malcolm misses both.

jackets 12 VT 8 | 12:53 to go: zack peacock of gt almost got a technical, but the refs gave it right back to gt – jemus refs, keep the whistles in the pockets, this is getting ted valentine-ridiculous.

jackets 12 VT 8 | 13:05 to go: Deron just got fouled hard and is at the line for two FTs … made the first … made the second.

jackets 12 VT 6 | 13:14 to go: That punk causey is in the game … I hate that guy.

jackets 12 VT 6 | 13:56 to go: Witcher has scored back-to-back buckets, but just got called for an illegal screen.

jackets 12 VT 2 | 14:35 to go: Hank Thorns is in the game – hope he can provide a spark … nope, missed a baseline j that led to a fast break 2 for gt.

jackets 10 VT 2 | 15:45 to go: J.T. Thompson just picked up a terrible foul – it appears that we won’t be getting any help from the refs – I know, I’m shocked too. TV timeout.

jackets 10 VT 2 | 16:02 to go: Allen is already on the bench with two fouls and the Hokies, once again, have started a game with virtually no offense. Their only points thus far are on FTs.

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