In Game Commentary | ACC tournament Quarterfinal | v. #5 miami

The Team at is conducting an in game commentary during today’s quarterfinal game against the canes.

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42 Responses to “In Game Commentary | ACC tournament Quarterfinal | v. #5 miami”

  1. The Wick says:

    Well, unc beats f$u. On to the MAIN EVENT.

  2. The Wick says:

    Since I can’t get local channels on DirecTV, I have to bust out the 13 inch. Check out my sweet setup (sarcasm) –

  3. vthokiefans says:

    That’s quite a setup you got there Todd – why can’t you get local channels on DirecTV?

  4. The Wick says:

    The entire team should have worn headbands. Malcom and Deron know whats up.

  5. vthokiefans says:

    The Hokies need to be more aggressive on the boards – missed rebounds at both ends

  6. The Wick says:

    @vthokiefans Because The Man is a b*stard.

  7. Niemo says:

    Not good giving up an immediate offensive rebound. That’s what did VT in during the first game vs miami.

  8. The Wick says:

    Delaney en fuego!

  9. vthokiefans says:

    Delany is 3/3 shooting including two threes – he is the future leader of this team in my mind. He has 8 points already.

  10. Niemo says:

    Ugh, ted valentine is doing the game. Didn’t he screw us enough in the first miami game? Guess he has unfinished business. No more Deron for the half.

  11. vthokiefans says:

    not to get off topic, but did anyone see the classless move by unc coach Roy Williams at the end of the last game? Called Tyler Hansbrough over to introduce him to the refs b/c Roy Boy didn’t think they called enough fouls in favor of the golden boy. The refs didn’t T him up, wtf?

  12. The Wick says:

    @Niemo Yea, he did. It was 12-11 when Deron picked up his second.

  13. vthokiefans says:

    Good point by the commentator – Jeff Allen barely touched the ball when he was in despite being open, but as soon as Chieck gets in, they go to him in the paint where he takes a terrible shot – not sure I understand that strategy?

  14. The Wick says:

    3 of 5 from 3 pt land. That has to be a record for us this season.

  15. The Wick says:

    Deron out since the 14 minute mark and Allen 0 points and we have a 5 point lead. Wow.

  16. vthokiefans says:

    The Hokies have gone ice cold and Miami’s hitting 40-foot threes and we’re getting out-rebounded

  17. Niemo says:

    VT has not scored in 6 minutes. Luckily, miami only has 8 during that span to tie it at 21.

  18. vthokiefans says:

    The Hokies have gone more than 6 minutes since they last scored (3:37 left)

  19. The Wick says:

    I think the Mo is finally shifting back to the good guys.

  20. vthokiefans says:

    That was a wicked awesome dunk by J.T. Thompson on a VT 3-on-0 fast break. Now, if Jeff Allen would stop passing the ball to the other team.

  21. Niemo says:

    VT is 11-0 when leading at the half this season.

  22. vatechhokies50 says:

    I can only get the game on ‘Canes radio at work… they told their listeners that we are 25-0 when leading at the end of the first half. Good karma!!

  23. The Wick says:

    @vatechhokies50 Try (click on Listen Online button)

  24. vatechhokies50 says:

    Wick, thank you!!

  25. vthokiefans says:

    Seriously – where’s the foul on Delaney? And two fouls on Allen in 10 seconds? Ted Valentine hard at work probably

  26. vatechhokies50 says:

    Valentine bothers me.

  27. vatechhokies50 says:

    McClinton worries me… I feel like he could go off at any time.

  28. vthokiefans says:

    Over under on how long it takes Ted Valentine to call Allen for his 4th foul? I’ll take 1:30

  29. The Wick says:

    How was that not offensive interference?

  30. The Wick says:

    All tied up at 38 with 11:33 to go.

  31. vthokiefans says:

    Ted Valentine is the worst official to ever ref a college basketball game

  32. vthokiefans says:

    @The Wick | because Teddy Valentine is officiating the game

  33. vthokiefans says:

    That was a tremendous individual effort by J.T. to stick with that offensive rebound – it’ll only count as one rebound, but it was more like three.

  34. The Wick says:

    Daddy is sweating it out right now.

  35. The Wick says:

    This is the most 3s we’ve hit all year, I have to believe.

  36. vthokiefans says:

    The Hokies are up by 14 (Deron just drained a three) and the Miami hasn’t scored in six minutes. It still ain’t over though.

  37. The Wick says:

    Does anyone else get extremely nervous when Thorns dribbles just over the half court line? I swear he is going to get a back court violation at some point.

  38. The Wick says:

    It’s a wrap – Hokies 63 canes 49!

  39. vatechhokies50 says:

    Four guys in double figures… awesome performance… we had 50% more rebounds than the ‘Canes!!

  40. vthokiefans says:

    The Hokies really poured it on late in the game, both offensively and defensively and win 63-49. Delaney and Vassallo led the way with Deron closing out strong in the second half.

    I still think the Hokies need one more win to be considered for the NCAA tournament. miami was a “quality” win, but I doubt it’ll be enough, especially with so many smaller conference regular season champs losing early in their conference tournaments.

    Unfortunately, we get unc next and let’s face reality – that will be a very tough game to win, especially with the heels at full strength.

  41. vatechhokies50 says:

    We will play hard in that game!! There is no possible way we can play worse that we did the first time!!


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