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The Weekend Warrior Travels to the ricky stokes Bowl

They say a picture is worth a 1000 words, and frankly, I don’t feel like writing a thousand words about watching VT lose to eazy-u last weekend in the ricky stokes Bowl, Part II*. But it was quite a trip up until about 3 PM Saturday.

*I call it the ricky stokes Bowl since the worst head coach in college basketball history, heck, maybe even history period, “led” both VT and ecu. Tech was 46-69 in four years of stokes ball, including their only home losing season in the history of the Cassell. Then, his former coach at uva, terry holland, hired him at ecu. No clue what he was thinking. stokes proved everyone else but holland right when he “led” the pirates to a 14-44 record in two seasons, including 3-25 in mighty c-usa.


Charlotte or bust! Well, not exactly. My rental Dodge Not-A-SUV-Not-A-Car and I hit the road, picking up regular, Duffy. Day 1 involves leaving Washington, D.C. and heading about 85 miles west and then south to Woodstock, VA. Why stop there? The Shenandoah County Fair, of course! Shenandoah County, which was home to VT 2009 recruit Erick Green, can be summed up in one word: country. I saw lots of pro-McCain, pro-VT, and didn’t see much in the way of diversity, but it was beautiful nonetheless.

Duffy and I walked up to the Fair around 5 PM. Bitter Moment #1: It was a dry fair. I guarantee you there is a great fight story behind that one. Luckily I had smuggled two tallboys in my Canadian tuxedo jacket so we were fine for the time being. Let that be a lesson to always be prepared.

Bitter Moment #2: The rides were shut down for the day. Great.

Great Moment #1: I ran into Miss Shenandoah County! Good thing I had my best Canadian Tuxedo on to impress her! Unfortunately, I didn’t have my temporary tattoos of “T-Bone” and a bull on me yet.

So get this – she has to hand out the ribbons for each cow in the cow-judging-contest, or whatever it is called! Talk about a perk of being Miss ShenCo! Although I enjoyed watching the guy that had to judge them. He’s all in his dress shirt and slacks, practically giving the cows a rub-and-tug. Are there training classes for this???
[Click ‘Read more’ below to see the rest of the trip]

Next we got this picture of me in a giant tire… not sure what else to add to this caption…

OK, time to sample some of the delicious fair food. So many options. Let’s just say, if you are a chili and/or cheese and, this stand was for YOU!!!

Ultimately I decided on a pickle-on-a-stick and a corn dog, on a stick of course. I think both were from last year’s ShenCo.

Great Moment #2: After a pit stop it was back to the fair. This time, I was packing a fifth of bourbon. And what goes well with bourbon? You got it, BINGO! And who won $8? THIS GUY!

I think I spent my winnings on another corn dog. FYI: If you are looking for Imodium in the Woodstock area, they are probably going to be out for quite a while between their corn dogs and chili/cheese joints.


Charlotte or bust! Well, after a stop at VT, of course, for some PK’s pizza and a quick round of Big Buck Hunter. Notice my fresh tattoo on my forearm! (It’s fake if you are reading this, Mom… or is it!)

Bitter Moment #3: Once we got to the hotel in Charlotte, I promptly tried to check into the wrong hotel. The desk clerk, wearing an ecu shirt, promptly made fun of me much to the delight of the pirate fans in line behind me. I was not happy.

We headed out to see the town and ended up at Black Finn Bar to meet up with the rest of the crew. Not really sure what I was doing in this picture. I’m lifting up a former uva football player. Maybe he thought he was Peter Pan? Regardless, this photo and my “aerial” photo (I was standing on a table) almost got me kicked out. Everyone hates a stunt man.


Game Day! That means three things: beer pong, Wild Turkey, and sausage/egg/cheese muffins made by a dude who will make someone a heck of a housewife some day.

We were tailgating 2 miles from the stadium, so a cab ride coupled with lots of, “Who likes it up the _____? pirates!” cheers, we were in the stadium!

Bitter Moment #4: I think you can guess this one. eazy-u gets the ricky stokes Bowl trophy (probably a toilet bowl) for the next year. But we did get to meet these “classy” eazy-u girls. This was the only picture appropriate for this web site. And as you can see, they are pure evil! Check out the red eyes…


As bad as I felt on Sunday for the drive home (thank you, Wild Turkey), I feel even worse for the maid that had to clean our hotel bathroom. Whoops! I left her three Miller Lites as a tip.

See you in greenville next year, ladies. We want our toilet bowl trophy back!

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  1. Tone says:

    On the bright side, we flooded the city of Charlotte with old blacked out dudes and we had sex with many of their women….on the down side:

    ricky stokes = Bryan Stinespring


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