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The Opposing View | The fairfield stag Party

Niemo used to work with a chick from fairfield university, and since we don’t know the first thing about the school, we decided to shoot her an email to get some more information about Virginia Tech’s first round opponent in the Puerto Rico Tip-Off.

Speaking of work, here is how you can get out of work tomorrow to watch the game at 11 AM EST:

  1. Block off your calendar from 11-1 with a “Coaching Luncheon” (you can be the coach or the coachee depending on your title).
  2. Have another Hokie in the office do the same.
  3. Call around to the local sports bars and see which bars have “the u”, ESPNU – DirecTv Channel 614. There’s a good chance they will have no idea said channel even existed, so just tell them the channel number and have them check it. We actually did a drive-by to verify they got it. Our place even has a buffet, which means 2 hours of stuffin’.
  4. Come 11 AM tomorrow, duck out and enjoy the game! Warning: make sure you set your Bear Fight spread VERY high unless you don’t plan on going back to work.

OK, enough of that, let’s get back to the fairfield interview. Thanks to Lanie (former female co-worker of Niemo’s) and Scott (her friend), two real, live stag alums, for participating!

1. Niemo: Tell me about fairfield university – good party scene or suitcase college?

Lanie and Scott: Great party scene at the beach! Clam Jam/Spam Jam… well known in the NE.

[Niemo: Guess it is near a beach. ‘Spam Jam’? Hmm. I wonder if it was ‘BYOS’ – Bring Ya Own Spam! And what’s up with “the NE”??? Boy, those chowda heads are really letting 3 Super Bowls, 2 World Series, and a NBA title go to their heads. Just like “the ohio state”.]

2. Niemo: How many times per day would you hear, or make, a ‘fu’ joke?

Lanie and Scott: Multiple times a day. I (SM) even had an FU logo on my speedo for swim team and the women’s team had it on their chests.

[Niemo: LOL, that’s pretty solid… minus the Speedo, that is. Apparently Lanie has a picture of Scott in said Speedo but isn’t coughing it up. Hmm, I wonder what she is still doing with that picture after all these years???]

3. Niemo: How many basketball games did you attend as a student?

Scott: 15

[Niemo: I guess Lanie was tied up at Spam Jam and couldn’t make any.]

4. Niemo: Did you even know where the arena was?

Lanie and Scott: Back it the day it was Alumni Hall, a gymnasium. Now they play at the Arena at Harbor Yard in Bridgeport; state of the art 10,000 seat arena.

[Niemo: I bet they really pack that place.]

5. Niemo: Name some famous alums.

Lanie and Scott: Meg Ryan went here for a semester or something. And the CEO of Arthur Andersen before it went under.

[Niemo: I guess Meg wasn’t too keen on Spam.]

6. Niemo: Does fu have updawg?

Lanie and Scott: I have no idea what an updawg is.

[Niemo: Dang! Sadly, that’s the closest I’ve come to getting someone with that.]

7. [For Lanie only] Niemo: What was it like working with me?

Lanie: Highlight of my four years in DC!

8. [For Lanie only] Niemo: Who is the best looking Virginia Tech grad you have ever met or seen?

Lanie: Well, there was this pretty hot guy (at least back in the day) that I worked with :)

[Niemo: Hmm… she also used to work with Daveywoods of, so who was she referring to???]

9. [For Lanie only] Niemo: Have you ever kissed a VT grad?

Lanie : Ummm….

Final Thoughts: Lanie and Scott – FU was the best Jesuit school I could have attended! Best decision ever! NAUT, daily kegs, townhouses, beach, SeaGrape! Awesome!

Niemo: Wow, townhouses. That is a good reason to pick a school. Maybe they are banned at other Jesuit schools?

But I can vouch for Lanie and say she was cool, so I’m sure Scott is also… when he isn’t attacking the SeaGrape in his fu Grape Smuggler, that is. Thanks to Lanie and Scott for being good sports and letting us interview them!

For more on fairfield traditions, here you go…

Student life at the fairfield is marked by a number of unique traditions and celebrations:

  • Stagstock – Stagstock is an all day, outdoor concert organized by the HAM Channel and WVOF each year. Co-sponsored by the office of New Student Programming and FUSA, Stagstock brings together local bands, along with bigger, nationally recognized acts, and showcases them in a free concert. The concert is traditionally held in the Quad on the first weekend of the new school year.
  • Mock Weddings – Mock Wedding is a long standing Fairfield tradition in which senior class members select peers to be part of a faux wedding party.
  • Clam Jam – This event was typically held the last Sunday of April before exams begin. This was a 300 keg party held at the point. The Party lasted until the beer was gone. This tradition ended in 2001 when the school made it an on campus event, which no one attended… subsequently Clam Jam was canceled all together.
  • Spam Jam – Spam Jam was the party the day before Clam Jam. usually held down the beach at the “upper deck” or the “big house.”

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