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In Game Commentary | VT @ iowa

11:29 PM: Wednesday is a SNOW DAY!  Call in snowed in to work!

11:28 PM: FYI: Finished the 40 a while ago…

11:27 PM: winner, winner, chicken dinner!  VT will win this!  Up 68-64 with 10 seconds to go and the ball.  Big game for Bell.

11:19 PM: VT up 4 with less than 4 minutes to go.  And if VT could rebound they would be up a lot more.  iowa has hit 11 threes and Tucker has 21 points for them.  He averaged 8 coming in.  Yeesh.  FINISH!

11:15 PM: iowa took the lead.  Well, then VT goes on a 6-0 run culminated by a Bell jam!  VT 59-54!  4:55 to go.

11:05 PM: Only up 1 at the under 8 timeout.  Pathetic.  iowa is 10/21 on threes.  FYI: they were shooting 27% coming into tonight.

10:57 PM: I now encourage all VT fans to start drinking 40’s while watching these games.  It is going to be that kind of a season.  I cast a Level-2 charm spell on you.  Still confident we will win this game, though I’m sure we will make it interesting.  iowa will be in the 1-and-1 the rest of the way and that’s bad news for a team that can’t shoot.  Don’t give them free points.

10:53 PM: Ted Valentine is the worst.  Period.  And he wears really tight referee pants.  VT needs to put this game away.  Uh, oh, beef jerky isn’t sitting pretty, be back in a few…

10:46 PM: Delaney up to 14 points.  iowa has 24 points off three-pointers tonight.  They were shooting under 30% coming in.  Ugh.  Are we the cure-all for offensive woes???   iowa just shot their first FTs of the night 23 minutes into the game.  They are… not good.  Yet only down 5.  Please put a game away early for once, Hokies.

10:39 PM: Davila dunk!  VT up 10 and a quick 30 by iowa.  And 5-star on DJ Hero TWW.

10:26 PM: Halftime = DJ Hero time!  I ain’t no hollaback girl.  I ain’t no hawkeye girl, either (aka: Really hefty according to the crowd shots I saw).  Halfway to 40 oz. of freedom.  2nd half isn’t going to be pretty.

10:20 PM: Good guys 34, iowa 28.  Delaney leads us with 9 at the half but the big story was Ben Boggs hitting two three-pointers when VT was down early.  iowa jumped out to an 11-3 lead but the Hokies used a 10-2 run to tie the game at unlucky 13, and then used a 17-2 run to go up 10 at 32-22.  Two three-pointers later the lead was down to 4 but Delaney hit a late runner (great sign since he hasn’t hit any all year) to put VT up 6 at the half.  FYI: Tucker has 14 for iowa at the half.  The rest of their offense is terrible.  Guard him!

10:13 PM: Hokies up 27-22 at the last media timeout of the half and VT is holding their own with Delaney and Allen on the bench.

10:07 PM: Had my first good idea of the night (clearly 32″ of beef jerky and 40 oz. of malt liquor wasn’t one): Next year – 24 hours of the ACC/Big(11)Ten Challenge!  Play all the games back-to-back-to-back and so on.  VT would get that coveted 4 AM slot.

10:06 PM: Allen with the steal, the dribble, and the dunk!  Hokies up 23-20.  iowa looks like a monkey trying to hump a basketball on offense.

9:57 PM: Seth gave a very motivational pregame speech – “be a good teammate”… and so on.  Anyway, iowa has realized they are iowa and started missing shots.  Manny Atkins has made an appearance.  He and Boggs seeing early action.  I guess Seth figures we might as well see what the freshman can do. 

Oh, is this game a black-out at iowa?  No, wait, those are empty seats.  15-17 bad guys.

9:49 PM: iowa, who has as much offensive skill as a rec league team, has 13 points at the first TV timeout.  A guy fatter than Roseanne Barr has hit two threes.  Luckily, Ben Boggs has hit two threes (great sign!).  11-13 bad guys at the first break.  Delaney still can’t hit a two-point shot.  I wonder if Allen sat the first four minutes to avoid getting his mandatory “first 2 minutes of the game” foul?

9:43 PM: iowa, who averages less than 60 ppg, has 8 in the first 1:20.  And Hudson bricked his first three.  Not a good start.

9:41 PM: Tip off to the Hokies.  Plenty of good seats still available, if you are in the area, come on out.  Thompson started over Allen, not sure what happened there.

9:36 PM: Stop fouling!  Yeesh.  Admit defeat.

9:33 PM: Tip is at 9:38.  FYI: the ACC is down 3-1 to the Big(11)Ten with the maryland win.  Interestingly, in five of the 10 years of this event the ACC has won by just one game, so they still have a shot.  This might be the year though for the Big(11)Ten with six home games total and the ACC having lost 12 of the 18 all conference players from last year.

9:28 PM: Let’s get this crappy maryland @ indiana game over with!  Let’s get the big game of the night on (forget msu @ unc).  FYI: if you are looking for live stats, here you go: CSTV Link

9:25 PM: All right, ladies, it’s time!  I’ve consumed 32 inches of beef jerky and I’m ready to open 40 oz. of the BULL!  40 oz for 40 minutes of intensity!  The Weekend Warrior is making a weekday appearance!  Let’s see how many exclamation points I can use!

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