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Hokies (16-3, 3-2) 76, boohoos (12-6, 3-2) 71 OT


Greenberg said it best after the game, “We own overtime.”

The Hokies won for the second time in their last three visits to the port-a-john (both went an extra session) with an amazing 5 point victory in overtime over uva, 76-71. The Hokies trailed 62-52 with less than 3 minutes to play and then went on a 13-0 run to take the lead with 30 seconds to go. Tech played great defense in the final possession, but sammy zeslenski hit a desperation 3 with 1.3 seconds to send the game into overtime.

But the Hokies are money in OT. Led by some clutch free throw shooting by J.T. Thompson, the Hokies won their 6th straight overtime game (according to Niemo – see more below for notes on VT’s OT dominance).

I’m not sure how we won this game thanks to some questionable calls by the refs (I’m being nice here). Jeff Allen was ejected for throwing an elbow in the second half, which for a while seemed like the turning point for the hoos. The ejection seemed ridonkulous from the stands. I could understand a T, but an ejection? But, in both halves, we went on spurts in the final minutes to turn a double digit deficit into leads. The Hokies trailed 22-10 in the first half, but outscored uva 18-5 to lead by one at the intermission.

Malcolm Delaney led the Hokies with 27 points. Dorenzo Hudson scored 18 and J.T. Thompson had 17.

On a personal note, this victory is especially sweet as a resident of Ch-ville. It was great to see so many Hokies at the game tonight, including the entire team. More analysis later. I am writing this in BW3s and need to finish my beer.

Niemo’s Notes are below

The team celebrating the win over uva

Niemo’s Notes:

  • First thing I did when I got home from ch-ville is re-watch the ejection on Jeff Allen.  Just like I thought, it was complete BS.  Some people have reputations, and in this case, I think Allen’s reputation cost him (he’s been suspended each of his first two years, once by the ACC for bumping a ref, once by VT for flicking off maryland which cost him the uva game last year).  He swung his elbow, yes, but he wasn’t even looking at the guy he hit.  Flagrant foul?  Maybe.  Ejection?  No way.  If he is suspended for the miami game, I’m pooping in an envelope and mailing it to Commish Swafford.
  • Let me second Wick’s thoughts that I have no idea how we won this game.  We owned the last 5 minutes of all three periods, while uva dominated the other 30 minutes.
  • Chew on this… uva outscored VT in the first 15 minutes of both halves (more or less) by a margin of 55-32.  The Hokies outscored the hoos in the final 5 minutes (more or less) of both halves by a 33-10 margin.
  • Chew on this Part II: Tech hit 8 of their final 10 (80%) shots in the first half after making just 5 of their first 19 (26%).  VT hit 4 of their last 5 in the 2nd half (80% again) after hitting just 8 of 22 (36%) to start the half.  And then they hit 3 of 6 in OT.  The Hokies got it done when they had to.
  • IF YOU DIDN’T KNOW, THE HOKIES OWN OVERTIME!!!  BELIEVE THAT! Tech has won six straight overtime games and this current junior class has won 9 of their last 10 OT games since losing to butler in 2007, their first ever OT game.  And even that one, xavier, was on a half court shot at the buzzer.
  • IF YOU DIDN’T KNOW, THE HOKIES OWN OVERTIME!!!  BELIEVE THAT! Part II: The Hokies have won 9 straight ACC games that went to OVERTIME.  The current junior class is 6-0 in ACC OT games, and half of those were against uva.  IF THE GAME GOES TO OVERTIME, BOOK IT AS A HOKIE WIN!
  • I really really really love the Hokie half court trap.  Like, but don’t love, the full court trap-press.  Tech got two turnovers out of the full court trap but both were off the inbound pass.  One thing VT could do is setup the press try to steal the inbounds pass (which worked twice tonight), or trap the first pass.  If the opponent gets out of it, fall back.  As for the half court trap, I haven’t seen Tech burned more than once or twice out of it yet while it has caused a lot of issues for the opponent.  Bell and Thompson with their length and long arms and athleticism really cause problems.
  • Didn’t see that coming: Zo Hudson hit all 3 of his 3s tonight, including a huge one to cut the uva lead to 1 late in regulation.  Zo was just 17/65 (26%) on 3s coming into tonight.  I’m not bad-mouthing any three he takes anymore… (promise is not a guarantee).  Where would this team be without him right now?  Especially with Allen’s struggles in ACC play and Delaney’s injury.
  • Didn’t see that coming Part II: JT Thompson hit 5/6 from the FT line tonight.  He has hit 8 of his last 9 FTs after hitting a pathetic 9 of 23 (29%) to start the season.  HE WAS SAVING IT UP FOR TONIGHT!!!
  • Tech did not shoot a FT until the 9:52 mark of the 2nd half.  Yep, that’s over 30 minutes without a shooting foul/bonus.  Terrible officiating in my opinion.  Amazingly, the Hokies finished with 20 FTAs compared to 22 for uva.  That stat tends to even out unless you are playing unc.
  • Wow – swept uva in ch-ville in football and basketball!  That hasn’t happened since…………. the 2008-09 season – the last time we played there in football and basketball.  Yep, we own ch-ville!

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10 Responses to “Hokies (16-3, 3-2) 76, boohoos (12-6, 3-2) 71 OT”

  1. Kyle says:

    Unless Jeff had said something profane or unsportsmanlike, the officials could not have called a Technical foul on him in that situation. By definition, a Technical foul can never, EVER be called for contact during a live ball. Jeff was (I believe correctly) assessed with a player control foul – and the officials then called it a flagrant foul (presumably because of the degree of the contact, though it didn’t look that bad to me). Flagrant fouls are treated the same way as intentional fouls – except that the player is ejected.

    Just two cents from an official. . .

  2. Wick says:

    Thanks Kyle. Just didn’t seem that bad to us in the stands.

  3. John says:

    Yeah, I suppose if this were the NBA, it may have been called a flagrant 1. But it does seem that JT Thompson becomes a beast once Jeff Allen is ejected. It certainly seemed to happen two years ago.

  4. Hartman says:

    Both TV commentators disagreed with the ejection call. Did they have any tribute to Morgan Harrington before the game?

    Also Niemo — it’s “belee dat”

  5. Kyle says:

    Oh, I agree that it didn’t look like it merited a flagrant assessment – I think Jeff did create contact with the defender when he spun upwards with his elbow, displacing the defender and thus causing the foul. But unless the officials somehow thought that the contact was “gratuitous” (possible on account of the acting job by the UVA player – reminded me of some soccer matches. . . ) or otherwise though he was trying to provoke a fight (I don’t think ANYONE could make that case, because his next move was to try and make a pass, not swing the other elbow), you can’t call it flagrant.

  6. vttraveler says:

    Malcolm Delaney did a great job on defense. He held Sylvan in check in the second half. Great win!!!

  7. HipHop_Hokie says:

    Great win for the fellas… getting this conference W on the road does major things for our resume (RPI up to 63 now, and up to 34 in the Sagarin), but we can’t stop here. Sunday’s game at Miami is obviously VERY winnable as well, although I don’t expect the same kind of beat down that we gave them in the Cassell. We need to make sure that there’s NO letdown after this big rivalry win, and that we keep our cliche petal to the metal!!

    16-3 is awesome, though… about as good of a start as we could have hoped for. And while we certainly don’t control the success or lack thereof of the teams on our schedule, our nonconference resume looks like doo doo. And not the kind of doo doo after a hearty, fiber-filled diet… I’m talking the remnants of a large cheese pizza and Newcastle-fueled chow down. The fellas have gotta keep forcing themselves to treat each game as a new battle, and put out of their minds that a 16-3 start is any kind of accomplishment. We have MUCH bigger goals for this squad.

    On to specifics from the game, though. Malcolm was great as always, although he definitely must be taking some damn fine acting classes in Squires. Love the way that he’s able to draw fouls, though… he’s getting the superstar treatment that he deserves, for the most part. Dorenzo continues to play at a level that we’ve never seen from him before, too… and I just love it. As you boys pointed out, he was even 3 of 3 from long distance like that… and if THAT kinda thing keeps up?? We’re a seriously legitimate threat in March.

    Jeff Allen? What can I say about Jeff that I haven’t already said. He started the game making me quite proud of him, showing some real hustle and staying out of foul trouble for the most part. Then he throws his shoulder out on the screen. I think to myself, “hmmmm self, I wonder if he’s going to regress in this game as well…”. Then, comes “The BOW”. Not a flagrant foul. At ALL. But he’s Jeff Allen. The OFFICIALS know he’s Jeff Allen. And they hate him for that. So… EJECTED. Wow. So for the third year in a row… he might be facing a possible suspension. Though I don’t think one should be coming. Not really overly concerned about him throwing the bow last night, because he looked like he was just legitimately trying to clear space and make a play… but again, here we have Jeff Allen ejected. I really don’t know what to say about this guy at this point. Another 4 point, 7 rebound night. Sigh…

    Fortunately, we have the MONSTER J.T. Thompson on our squad. The man that basically won this game for us last night. I have always loved J.T.’s game (other than when he is trying to post up the likes of Ed Davis and shoot hooks over him), and last night he poured in another performance for the ages. Here’s to hoping that against Miami, J.T. gets the start over Jeff. There’s really no questioning that being the right move, if you ask me. Terrell Bell and Victor Davila also gotta get major props as well, as they did a good job of trying to contain Landesberg and Jeckyll & Hide, I mean Mike Scott, respectively. Solid efforts from both.

    All said, we did JUST enough to win in this one. To win a game where, like Niemo said, you get outplayed for the first 15 minutes of BOTH halves shows some real fortitude and ultimately, talent. We’re definitely a tournament caliber team… just gotta keep grinding…

  8. Rhesus1 says:

    Wow. I walked right by you guys as you were taking this picture. I didn’t realize that it was you. Cool. What a game.

  9. bricec5 says:

    Really impressed with the team this year, never would have thought everyone would have progressed as much as they have (i.e. DoZo, JT in this game, and Davila).

    Oh and VT Triathlon representing!


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