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Tech Talk Live Notes 3/8/10

• The team has worked hard, has great character and has given great effort and commitment to playing hard and winning. There has been great leadership in the locker room all season.

• Malcolm Delaney was named ACC player of the week on Monday and was named a unanimous selection to the First Team All ACC. Malcolm becomes the second Hokie to be named as a first team selection, joining Zabian Dowdell. A new display will now go up recognizing Malcolm in the basketball facility.

• Dorenzo Hudson went from averaging 4 points per game last season to being named Third Team All ACC this season. A great accomplishment.

• Zo is still in a boot and will remain shut down until at least Wednesday. They are not going to take any chances but are confident he should be ready to go by game time on Friday. Jeff Allen’s shoulder is doing better. Tomorrow’s practice may not even have contact. If it does, Allen may be held out.

• Cadarian Raines had an MRI on his shoulder and it showed no torn labrum which had been feared. There is only a bruise and Cadarian should also be ready to go on Friday.

• The Hokies had a great walk-thru in the ballroom of the team hotel before the georgia tech game. Coach Greenberg had a feeling something special was in store because it was the team’s best walk-thru of the season so far. The team was very focused.

• Seth indicated he got a call from the ACC office after the georgia tech game saying it was the most physical conference game of the season. He did not elaborate further.

• A great example of the team’s focus was Malcolm coming back from being knocked to the floor by Gani Lawal to his a long three pointer the next time he had the ball. He did not lose his composure despite the hard hit by Lawal.

• Hudson did a great job coaching Manny Atkins during the game. Zo was instrumental in Manny having a great game in his first career start.

• Seth will likely continue to take Allen out of the game after he gets his first foul to let him take a second to catch his breath and get re-focused.

• The team will work on improving their game for the next two practices, not on one particular team. They will not deviate from how they have approached games all season.

• The Hokies are now 4-1 at Alexander Memorial Coliseum. There was great crowd of Hokies on hand in Atlanta on Saturday.

• Ben Boggs’ great work ethic allowed him to play this season and not redshirt as he recovered from his badly broken leg. It’s not surprising he made the ACC All-Academic team.

• Greenberg’s Top 5 wins of the season were 5) The overtime win over delaware that would have been a very bad loss to a team that’s over 200 in the RPI. The Hokies won despite the fact they didn’t play well. 4) At n.c. state – Tech’s first win in Raleigh since 1917. 3) At uva – great comeback from down 11 points. 2) wake forest 1) Saturday’s win at georgia tech.

• Bill Roth’s Top 5 wins were 5) at n.c. state 4) at uva 3) at penn state 2) seton hall 1) at georgia tech

• Seth knew if Virginia Tech played hard for 40 minutes they would beat georgia tech who has a habit of not playing a full 40 minutes.

• There will be no more orange jerseys this season. There could be throwback VPI jerseys at some point next season if approved by Nike.

• Friday’s game will start around 2:30 against the winner of miami and wake forest. The canes will play a 2-3 zone versus wake and try to control Ish Smith and keep Aminu off the glass. They will try to get McFarland and Aminu in ball screens. The deacons want an up tempo. Greenberg thinks wake is more difficult to defend when they play a smaller lineup despite their tremendous height up front.

• Inbounding the ball is a very important job that’s often taken for granted. There is a lot of pressure on the inbounder. It’s usually a 5 on 4 situation. It’s also a specialty the Seth compared to a long snapper in football. Zo is the team’s best inbounder.

• This is a good year for Hokie fans to get good tickets to the ACC Tournament at a good price. Greensboro is an easy location to get to and several teams, such as miami and bc, did not come close to selling out their ticket allotment.

• The Hokies will have a light practice and walk-thru on Thursday night after they know who they will be playing.

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VT class of '92, B.S. in Finance. Legendary Playground balla from the outdoor courts of Richmond to the courts outside of Lee Hall & N.U.F. Also 2 time captain of Sigma Nu C Team Basketball. We once qualified for the VT Intramural version of the Big Dance & lost our first round game by over 100 points. Not to brag, but I connected on a 4 point play off the opening tip, & we took a 4-zip lead. Things went downhill fast after that. Favorite bball memories as a student (88 - 92) include watching the great Bimbo Coles for a couple of seasons. Other than that, not many. We did beat jmu once when Lefty Driessel was the coach there. Also beat a nationally ranked alabama team when I was a Freshman which led to a mattress battle on the prarie between Pritchard & O'Shag - I still have a t-shirt somewhere. Favorite all time VT basketball moment, the win '07 win over #1 unc goes straight to the top.

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2 Responses to “Tech Talk Live Notes 3/8/10”

  1. HipHop_Hokie says:

    Does the fact that Cadarian doesn’t have a torn labrum now mean that he won’t need offseason shoulder surgery? Something I heard or read recently was reporting that as if it was a foregone conclusion… hopefully not.

    He’s just had some bad luck this freshman year with the broken foot and then the bum shoulder… hopefully he’ll catch some better breaks next year in the all-important sophomore season.

  2. Danram says:

    I believe that if the labrum isn’t torn and there isn’t any damage to the rotator cuff, then surgery won’t be necessary for Raines. Let’s hope so.

    You’ve gotta love the way that Malcolm came back right after being decked by Lawal, nailed a 3-pointer, and then yapped at Lawal as he was back-pedaling down the court. MD doesn’t take any $#!t from anybody.

    As for Seth’s call from the league office, I’m not surprised. That was one of the worst officiated games I have ever seen at the college level. The refs let that game get completely out of control. It’s a wonder that the benches didn’t clear.

    The ACC league office really needs to make significant changes to its corps of officials. The quality of officiating in ACC games this season has generally been fair to poor, and it’s been getting worse for several years now. I read somewhere recently where the ACC’s Head of Officials had made the comment that, after reviewing all league games on tape, they had determined that the ACC’s refs made the right call about 78% of the time last year (that includes no-calls that should have been made). Now maybe I have unrealistic expectations, but I don’t see how a league like the ACC can possibly be satisfied with knowing that its officiating crews are gonna blow one out of every five calls they’re required to make.


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