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Around the Web | VT and wvu Scheduling Banter

Expect anything that has even a remote connection to Hokie basketball scheduling to be a news story for the next eight months or more.  The Roanoke Times published an interesting story detailing attempts by VT and wvu to renew their rivalry.  It takes on a sort of “he said, she said” feel to it.  It amuses me that wvu and Coach Huggy Bear up there were obviously listening to what VT and Coach Greenberg were saying about stalled attempts to get the teams playing again and felt the need to respond.

Roanoke Times Article

To me, my feeling is maybe VT has to make some sacrifices right now and take a game that isn’t so appealing.  Yes, the game in DC would probably be close to 50/50 in terms of fans (maybe a slight edge for the Hokies), while the game in Charleston would be 90% wvu.  So?  That’s still better than playing the mountaineers in Morgantown, when all their students could be there and you risk getting pelted with who knows what.  The Hokies aren’t duke or carolina, or even wake or georgia tech for that matter in terms of being a name program.  Let’s make some sacrifices now while we build up our program, and can get invited to the major early season tournaments, and then start acting elite.  For now we just have to start playing the elite, wherever it may be.

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10 Responses to “Around the Web | VT and wvu Scheduling Banter”

  1. daveywoods says:

    Greenberg seems not whatsoever inclined to make unbalanced concessions to any other power school, and hopefully that is especially so for wvu. Lots of schools have bad fans, including Virginia Tech, but wvu sets a new standard for its volume of unruly classless a-hole fans.

    Aside from how much I hate wvu fans, I don’t think Greenberg is going to bend over for scheduling, and I don’t think he needs to. There must be PLENTY of top-100 schools that would be quite happy to trade home and home with the Hokies. We’re an ACC school with a strong national brand, and schools certainly aren’t going to be afraid to schedule us from a competitive standpoint. Apparently there is a little hesitation from some schools who are afraid to come into Cassell, which is awesome, but I suspect that shouldn’t scare them all away.


    Meanwhile, its the glorious first weekend of the NCAA tournament, and the Hokies are not participating. Dammit.

  2. paul says:

    VT playing wvu in morganhole would require them to revert back to the old days & put a cage around the court (which is why basketball players are called “cagers” sometimes). I would not play wvu anywhere, anytime…there is just too much bad blood on their side of the coin to make it worthwhile…there are other fish in the NC2A sea.

  3. JK says:

    I’m with Neimo not Dave on this one. #1, I agree with his overall premise that we need to make a few concessions when scheduling top teams. WVU, like it or not, under Huggy has become a top team. #2, so many VT fans in the DC area do not go to Blacksburg for games, but would certainly go to a big-name matchup at the Verizon Center.

  4. Uncle Nick says:

    The Missouri Valley Conference made a rule a few years back that the teams weren’t allowed to schedule any team that was higher RPI then 149 the year before. It really helped their RPI as a conference go up. That is what Seth could do. Get rid of the RPI200+ teams from the schedule.

  5. Les says:

    I would look at Tennessee for a home-and-home. Their fanbases are close enough to each site. They play very similar styles.

  6. daveywoods says:

    I love the idea of playing in DC, Richmond, and 757. But I wouldn’t agree to an unbalanced arrangement. Playing the cousins in DC and Charleston is not balanced. Richmond and Charleston makes more sense, which is what Greenberg seems to support as well.

    And I definitely don’t think we need to make concessions to play “top teams”. We already play 16 top teams in the ACC. We just need to find higher quality top-100 type OOC that doesn’t require any concessions — fair compromise, not concession.

  7. Hokieguru says:

    Niemo, I think we could get sometihng done with the coaches that Seth is friends with, like Tom Izzo or Jim Calhoun… I don’t want to play wvu (whose fans actually urinate on opposing team fans and yes I’ve heard stories about that). We need to forget about the sorry chapter that is wvu.

    • Niemo says:

      Yeah, I’m cool with adding whomever, doesn’t have to be wvu. Just need to get something done. Maybe build a new rivalry, like the suggestion of tennessee someone else had.

  8. King says:

    I wholeheartedly support playing more of the mid-major Virginia schools each year and I also support expanding the ACC schedule to play each team twice so that we avoid having this perception that we play a “weak” conference schedule, even though I think it’s crazy to suggest such a thing even exists in the ACC. 8 ACC road games are 8 ACC road games, it doesn’t matter who you play. It’s called parity.

  9. Goodraisin says:

    I definitely agree that we shouldn’t have to schedule a game in Charleston to get a game in DC with WVU. They might be good this year, and they may have had some success in the past few years, but this is not UCLA or Kentucky or UConn or even Michigan State. This is WVU, who has two NIT championships and zero NCAA championships… just like Virginia Tech. If they don’t want to schedule a home-and-home or a Richmond-Charleston “neutral” set of games, then forget Huggy Bear and move on to another team. I like the idea of playing Tennessee as well.


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