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Swing and a Miss, Strike 1 | Recap | @#3 kansas state 73 (2-0), #21 VT 57 (1-1) | 11.16.10

Boxscore: ksu 73, VT 57*

13:23.  It was with 13:23 to go in the game that one play, one call changed the course of the rest of the contest.  With the Hokies leading 40-38, Big 12 Preseason Player of the Year Jacob Pullen drove the lane towards Jeff Allen.  Both had three fouls.  Allen set in the paint, Pullen jumped right into him, and the foul was called on… Allen.  Four fouls.  To the bench.  8-0 kansas state run ensued.  No, the refs did not cost Tech the game, but that one call exposed how soft the Hokies are inside without Allen.  The wildcats subsequently started dominating the glass and the game.  Tech’s energy level dropped, too, on the defensive end and they stopped getting stops.  And when Seth got T’ed up with just over five minutes to go and ksu up 10 after the refs again refused to call a foul on Pullen, the game was over, and Tech had missed a chance to make an early statement.  VT needs a big out of conference victory to help build a NCAA Tournament resume.  Opportunity #1 was missed today.  Final score: ksu 73 (2-0), VT 57 (1-1).  Can you say pressure in the purdue game?

The name of the game was fouls.  There were more whistles in this game than a football game.  Tech was called for 23 fouls (including two technicals and a flagrant foul for a flying elbow on Jeff Allen) for the game and had to deal with trouble in that category from start to finish.  kansas state was in the bonus in both halves before the second media timeout.  Tech had two guys with four fouls before the first media timeout of the second half (Bell and Davila), and another one by the 13-minute mark (Allen).

Despite all the foul difficulties, the Hokies did take a four point lead 38-34 with approximately six minutes gone in the second half.  But the Hokies seemed to wear out as the rest of the game went on and the foul on Allen took the air out of them.

VT played a 2-3 zone for much of the game to protect themselves from further whistles (didn’t help much).  It did slow the pace of the game.  The game was much like a prize fight for the first 38 minutes as neither team led by more than seven (23-16 kansas state in the first half).  Much of that time the game was a one possession match.  Heck, a 4-0 run was an accomplishment in this game as both teams looked stuck in quicksand on offense.

The offense began and ended with Malcolm Delaney.  The senior had 22 points.  He did a lot of his work from the line but did hit a couple of big threes.  When he did share the ball on offense, no one else could hit open looks.  Tech just absolutely struggled to find easy buckets and had just four fast break points (I think they were on consecutive possessions in the second half).  They had to work so hard for everything they got, which wasn’t much.  Tech shot under 35% from the field for the game!  They were 19/55, 5/17 on threes, and 14/21 from the line.

The Hokies continue to struggle with turnovers, notching 17 tonight.  They have 36 turnovers after two games on a team with four seniors and a junior starting.  That is not acceptable and must get cleaned up fast.  Tech averaged barely over 12 per game last year.  Also, Tech created just nine points off turnovers and they lost this battle 14-9.  Winning points off turnovers was their trademark last year.

Tech did a great job on the glass in the first half, giving up just three offensive rebounds.  But that fell apart in the second half after Allen picked up #4.  The cats snagged 12 offensive rebounds in the final 20 and beat VT 17-11 in second chance points.

Terrell Bell, who had a career high 17 in the opener against campbell, did not score in the game before fouling out.  He had just one shot attempt.  Bell did have three solid blocks.

Dorenzo Hudson struggled from the field.  He could not hit his jumpers for the most part tonight and missed a few chippies inside.   Zo finished with 12 but he was just 5/13 from the field.  He does not look like the guy that was Tech’s best player at the end of the year last year, but it has only been two games.

Jeff Allen did play very hard tonight.  He really laid it all on the line all game, but battled foul trouble like almost every other Hokie.  Jeff scored just eight points, but he gave max effort, quieting some of his critics on that.  He fouled out in garbage time.

Victor Davila had just five points.  He has attempted only four shots on the season after not scoring in the opener and is just 3/9 from the line.

The bright spot?  Freshman Jarell Eddie.  This kid is a player and has had two outstanding games now off the bench, and had to play out of position a lot today at the 4 instead of his natural wing spot.  He hit 3/7 from the floor, led the Hokies with 7 rebounds, and had 3 blocks.  Eddie has zero fear shooting and looks like he’ll give the Hokies another outside threat (he hit just 1/4 from deep but also hit a long jumper).  Kid knows how to score and is not intimidated on the floor.  Expect him to be VT’s top bench player from here out, though I don’t think he’ll move into the starting lineup until next year.

kansas state shot right at 40% for the game, also struggled on threes hitting just 30% (though they hit more big ones), and were just 50% from the line (14/28).  In other words, it could have been worse.


The first half of this game set basketball back 10 years.  Chew on some of these numbers:

  • Both teams were shooting under 40% from the field.
  • They combined to go 4/19 on three-pointers.
  • kansas state was 3/11 from the foul line.  While VT was better at 10/15, they also missed two front ends of one-and-ones.
  • The teams combined for 26 first half fouls.
  • Ten players had two or more fouls, including four guys with three fouls.

Malcolm Delaney paced the Hokies with 14 points.  He was 8/9 from the line (typical Delaney).  Jeff Allen had six and no one else had more than four for Tech.  Tech also did a solid job on the glass against the bigger wildcats, holding ksu to just three offensive rebounds.

Jacob Pullen had three fouls in just two minutes of play in the first stanza and sat the bench.  No wildcat had more than six points.  Yet the wildcats managed to lead most of the first half and led 30-29 at the break.

* Please note my stats did not come from ESPN so they may not mesh with some of the stats in the linked boxscore.  Also, Knight is an idiot (Knight and Musberger did the game).  Bobby talked about how much depth VT has inside.  Huh?  Not with the injuries, especially considering two of the three guys injured are out for the year.

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11 Responses to “Swing and a Miss, Strike 1 | Recap | @#3 kansas state 73 (2-0), #21 VT 57 (1-1) | 11.16.10”

  1. Bryan says:

    I concur with your take on Knight. Although I respect his thoughts on many things he seemed pretty unprepared to call this game. Him and Musburger kept calling people by the wrong names. I can understand confusing some guys but come on you have to know which player is Delaney! Overall it was a pitiful game to watch. Way too many mistakes. Delaney has to cut down on turnovers, 10 is WAY too many. Granted some were not his fault. Outside of the offense he provided there wasn’t much. Allen and Eddie seemed to pull their weight. Bell and Zo didn’t give us much of anything and that hurts considering the large contributions they gave last year. If I remember correctly Zo (badly) missed a couple of great looks in the corner where he is usually money. It’s early. We’re used to making these mistakes against the likes of UNCG at this juncture of the season. I’m sure Seth will get to work on the guys.

  2. Ben says:

    I was already worried the game was over at the half, considering Pullen was out for 18 minutes and we didn’t have a lead. Malcolm never made it to the foul line once in the second half, and Bell was outrebounded by every other VT starter, which is just strange.

    J Eddie is going to be something special this year. I miss JT but if Eddie can play with this kind of consistency and confidence, I feel good about this team (as soon as we get Raines back). I think we can do well in the 76 Classic and have some good momentum going into the Purdue game.

  3. bspang says:

    A couple more thoughts on the game (I attended the game and then came back to watch the game on DVR).

    When it comes down the Pullen/Allen call which honestly could have gone either way, it makes you consider what’s happened the rest of the game. Go back and watch Pullen’s reaction to his first 3 fouls. No emotion, no complaints, just hand the ball to the ref. Compare this to Allen’s first foul (an elbow to the head) and then his reactions to the other two fouls (he complains). It’s not really a big surprise it went Pullen’s way. In the same vein. Down 10 with 5 minutes left is a struggle, but it isn’t insurmountable, Greenberg and the rest of the bench has to keep their cool.

    Eddie looked good, with 2 minutes left he had blocks on Pullen in back to back possessions. Not too bad for a freshman going against an legit all american candidate.

    K-State was also missing Curtis Kelly due to disciplinary stuff. Kelly is a long 6-8 and a 11/6 guy. He would have put even more pressure Allen/Davila and maybe caused us to fold even earlier.

  4. HipHop_Hokie says:

    I agree with everything you said above, Niemo… but Jeff Allen ruined that game. His wild, TOTALLY UNCALLED FOR elbow to the head/neck of Judge put the officials back on their heels and really started all of the ticky-tack officiating as the zebras obviously didn’t want things to get out of hand. We still had our opportunities to play well and win the game from that point (which we obviously did NOT do), but that play changed the way that the entire game was called.

    Same old, same old from Jeff apparently… still playing like a thuggish little 13 year old kid out there. I said it before and I’ll say it again… guess he’s not interested in making millions, because nobody is going to draft a guy that plays trashy like that.

  5. HipHop_Hokie says:

    Also, for the record, I think that on the big-time Pullen/Allen play that was called a block, that it was actually a charge. Jeff was well in position there… certainly in as much position as they had been allowing other defenders who drew charges throughout the game. But when it came down to the classy, no-whining Pullen versus the out of control, elbow throwing jackass Alen… Pullen easily gets the call. And I don’t even blame the officials for it. Jeff needs to GROW THE F@#$ UP.

  6. HokieGuru says:

    Jarell Eddie is a player… I loved seeing him on the court. We’ll be ready for Purdue.

  7. Goodraisin says:

    Let’s be honest guys, so far this team looks EXACTLY the same as the team that failed to make the NCAA tournament last year, except that maybe Hudson is playing worse (although at this point last season the light hadn’t gone on for him yet). I guess I expected that the team would improve in the offseason, but everybody looks exactly the same. The players still can’t shoot the ball. The players are still wildly inconsistent. Delaney is still a high-volume shooter who is looking for contact rather than trying to make shots, and a PG who commits too many turnovers. Hudson’s shot still looks disgusting as it travels to the basket. Davila is still a surprisingly poor foul shooter despite having great form. Allen is still committing stupid fouls. Erick Green still isn’t much of a factor when he’s in the game. I think that’s what depressed me most about the loss… not that we failed to win, but that none of the players seem to have improved.

  8. Danram says:

    Fully agree, Niemo. That one call was the turning point in the game, and it was a terrible call. Allen clearly had established position in the lane before Pullen left his feet and didn’t lean in at all to draw the contact. The refs simply blew that one. Had it been called properly with Pullen getting the 4th foul instead of Allen, would it have made a difference in the final outcome? Who knows? But the chances of a VT win would have improved significantly, IMHO.

  9. HokieGuru says:

    We didn’t catch breaks on the ref calls because of Jeff Allen’s intentional foul… that’s the way it is… you don’t buy yourself a lot of capital if dumb stuff like that happens.

  10. King says:

    Watched the replay last night…finally. I thought the worst call by the refs was a charge call on Green early in the first half during a fast break. The K-State defender, that freshman kid who played well in Pullen’s absence, clearly was shuffling his feet and slid into Green. Also, Knight clearly was unprepared to call this game, as evidenced by his complete lack of knowledge about Tech’s program, as Niemo pointed out. What tipped me off was when he tried to point out how good of a free throw shooter Davila is, after he made his first attempt. I guess he didn’t see the boxscore from the Cambell game which explains why he was surprised by Davila’s miss on the second attempt. Also, Knight kept referring to “that” guy, over and over again, any time a Tech player did something. I thought we played scrappy defense against a difficult opponent but ultimately ran out of gas. I also think bad body language is contagious and I could see it in Bell, in particular. All I could think of near the end of the game was Frank the Tank in Old School yelling in the locker room, “WE’VE GOT TO KEEP OUR COMPOSURE!” Hopefully, we can learn from this and guys like Hudson and Bell will start knocking down shots and producing consistently. Last thing, Eddie is a STUD and I think he should start over Davila.

  11. chuck says:

    At the end of the game, I came to a realization. It’s taken two complete classes of Seth’s for me to be able to rubber stamp the pattern. After all, you do need empirical evidence to prove a theory.
    Now, I don’t know whether it’s the inability of today’s players to adapt, or if it’s a deficiency on Seth’s behalf to get them to adapt. As with everything, it’s a combination.

    I have watched the Gordon, Washington, Dowdell, Collins class; and now the Delaney/Hudson/Allen/Bell class. Both classes share the same problem. They haven’t adapted to fill in the others weaknesses after 4 years together. You’d think, that after 1 year, let alone 3, that these guys would fill in the holes. They would stop overrelying on their athleticism, they’d play better help D, they’d get each other the ball in comfortable spots where their teammates like it. They’d crash the glass, while still maintaining responsibility on D.

    None of these things happen. What is the benefit of recruiting guys to play together as a unit, if after 4 years they play exactly the same way? Sure, some guys are more confident offensively, and some guys can periodically dominate because they are older and stronger, but the weaknesses are the same, the coaching is the same, the same streaky shooting is the same, and there is no end in sight. The only end will be in March whenever we are eliminated from whatever tournament we play in.

    I ultimately blame the players. Because they need to be the ones to recognize how to pick their teammates up. Their basketball intelligence is among the lowest I’ve seen. And Seth as a game coach is not getting it done with his strategy. Seth coaches an attitude, a tenacious attitude that gets our guys hustling and playing ferocious D, and bigger than their collective size. But when we come out and sock a guy in the jaw, and he stands in there, that attitude is fleeting. Just as the offensive contagion that accompanies streak shooting is fleeting. We’ve seen our guys go on 10 minute tears, and if this 10 minute tear is early in the game, I tell whoever i am watching with that we are still in for a ball game. We can be up 20, but we’ll shoot our way out of it just as quickly.

    I can play in a pickup game and by the midpoint, I can see who does what, and how to protect the various guys I am playing with. Everyone has weaknesses, it’s up to these guys to figure out how to best sublimate those, and make sure the bad runs are short. We go cold for way too long, we get into foul trouble way too quickly, and we don’t have any reliable depth yet. These are problems in endemic to Hokie basketball, and we can only hope that by the time this new class hits campus in the fall (the 12th ranked nationally class) that those guys are just smarter and can establish who will do what and how. That is a team, not 5 guys who do the same thing with blinders on.


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