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Game Recap | hoos 57, Hokies (4-4, 0-1) 54

Virginia Tech rallied from a horrendous first-half effort in which they trailed ACC rival virginia by 16 points, to pull within two points late in the second half, but it was too little too late as the Hokies lost their third straight to fall to 4-4 overall and 0-1 in ACC play.

Malcolm Delaney led all scorers with 26 points on 10-of-15 shooting, but he got little help outside of fellow senior Jeff Allen, who was the only other Hokie to score in double figures with 12 points. Allen also led the team in rebounding with nine. Tech head coach Seth Greenberg got only two points from his bench, that being a pair of free throws from Erick Green.

Statistically, the game was a dead heat with the exception of free throw attempts; the Hokies made all four of their attempts, while the hoos made 7 of 11.

Tech fell behind early and trailed the entire game. Delaney scored the Hokies’ first seven points to keep it close, 7-10, but uva went on a 9-2 run to open up a 10-point lead and it was all downhill from there in the first half. Delaney ended up scoring 14 of Virginia Tech’s 24 first-half points.

The Hokies came out in the second half with more energy and focus and cut the lead to two, 51-53, with :20 to play in the game, but couldn’t pull it out in the end. The flat and listless first-half performance was too much to overcome.

For a team picked to finish second in the ACC, the Hokies have greatly underachieved through eight games this season. And the frustration is evident among the coaches, players and fans. Tech gets a week off for exams before hosting Penn State on Sunday, Dec. 12, at 1 p.m.

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9 Responses to “Game Recap | hoos 57, Hokies (4-4, 0-1) 54”

  1. Chris says:

    I love Virginia Tech and especially the basketball program, but this team is a joke. I have NEVER seen a basketball team play more stupid than this one does. EVERY single game it’s nothing but stupid turnovers, stupid fouls, and everybody standing around on offense hoping Delaney does something spectacular. This team has regressed mightily from last season and I’m done making excuses for them. The injuries to Thompson and Chaney are unfortunate but good teams overcome adversity, and this one is showing it can’t.

    VT got totally blown out in the first half AT HOME to a very mediocre UVA basketball team. They played with no fire offensively or defensively in the 1st half. After seven games, they still looked totally clueless on offense. And Good Lord, did Mike Scott flat-out abuse Allen in this one or what? I couldn’t care less what the box score says; Allen was downright pathetic tonight defensively and Scott had way too many good looks.

    VT is a team made up primarily of seniors and UVA is very young… no excuse at all for them to lose this game. None. I know this won’t be a popular thing to say but for all of the 1st half and even some of the 2nd, this team just looked like it didn’t even care. I just can’t get over the fact that a team of seniors just lost on its home floor to its biggest rival, comprised mainly of freshmen.

    I think we all need to come to terms with the truth– this team was over hyped and overrated. Hudson may be playing hurt but he’s playing scared. Allen is no better than he was as a freshman; still plenty of talent but he still takes dumb shots and makes dumb mistakes every single game. And there’s little to no depth on the bench. They probably overachieved a little last year but it doesn’t look like that’ll happen this year. This is an NIT team (if that).

    I’m really looking forward to seeing what the freshmen can do next season. I’m ready to move on with this senior class.

    Sorry if my comment sounds harsh… I’ve just ran out of excuses for these guys.

  2. Danram says:

    I know these kids are trying hard and want to win very badly, but watching them is just so very frustrating. I simply can’t believe how poorly we shoot the ball. There are other problems as well, but our core failing so far is an inability to put the ball in the basket a sufficient % of the time when given an open look, either from the field or from the FT line. Maybe part of that is that we don’t work the ball around enough to get high % shots. We’re playing good defense, and that’s keeping us in these games. Hopefully our shooting will start to come around soon.

  3. UptownsGreatest says:

    How else would you expect the rest of the bench to score anymore than they did, when Green(the only bench player that scored, and only 2 points at that) played 16 of the total 23 bench minutes accumulated. Greenberg isn’t winning with the starters he overplays so why not give someone else a chance to produce…..and you can’t produce or even attempt to get into a rhythm in 3 or 4 minutes with “D-League” Delaney, Allen, and “Zero for 20″ Hudson attempting nearly 80% of the shots, and making just over 40% of them……Once again, bad coaching/favoritism by Greenberg….

  4. chris says:

    Just when we thought it couldn’t get any worse. One new demon that seems to be haunting us now is missing point blank shots. I don’t recall having as much trouble in that area in previous seasons. We have a run of lighter weight opponents (although I thought UVA was going to be an easier game for us). Hopefully, we can win those games and get some confidence back before the conference schedule picks back up again.

  5. Mr.Obvious says:

    This team stinks.

  6. Les says:

    Scott carried UVA most of the game. He outmuscled Allen and Davilla to get open shots.

    Their guards kept Delaney in front of them for the most part. He’s not really a threat to get the ball to someone for an easy shot unless he can drive to the basket. Successful kickout 3’s are hard to come by for VT unless someone gets hot.

    UVA seems to be going in the right direction by rebuilding through the skill positions at guard and wing first. The college game favors perimeter-oriented teams. Tech desperately needs shooters and ball-handlers in greater numbers to spread the floor on offense and allow more bench rotation to keep the backcourt defenders fresh (same problem with the Dowdell-Gorden teams save for one year with Marcus Sailes and Nigel Munson).

  7. Goodraisin says:

    Things do look pretty bleak right now, and I can’t blame a single person who thinks that maybe this team was never as good as we thought they were. They sure don’t look any better than an NIT team right now. The UVA loss at home is certainly going to hurt the RPI down the stretch. Davila and Green are playing better, but Hudson (whether due to injury or not) has regressed so much that it’s killing our team. However, maybe this team really does need to struggle before they turn it up a notch. It happened two years ago with the blowout loss to Duke, and that was later in the season than this embarrassing loss to UVA. This team seems to need the chip on their shoulder in order to play well… hopefully we don’t have to sit through more terrible losses before it happens.

    Jarell Eddie needs to find confidence in his shot again, and he probably won’t see it happen in the next two games. But the games against St. Bonaventure, USC Upstate, and Mount St Mary’s should help. Also of note, Cadarian Raines didn’t play at all versus UVA because his foot is still bugging him… it’s definitely good for him that the players are getting a bit of a break due to exams.

  8. Fruitpie The Magician says:

    I think Seth should go watch a few intermural games @ War Memorial and grab a few stars! Now its really time to shake things up. I suggest full-court press the whole game, or something to that effect. I’m sad. Thank God we won in Football!

  9. Danram says:

    “Things do look pretty bleak right now, and I can’t blame a single person who thinks that maybe this team was never as good as we thought they were.”

    You may well be right. They may not be as good as we’d hope. But just remember, almost all VT fans were saying the exact same thing about our 0-2 football team just three months ago.

    Turnarounds can and do happen. We all know these kids are capable of playing much better than they have been. They did it last season.


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