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Ben Boggs is Transferring

People have been guessing that some of the bench players, who aren’t getting jack for playing time, might leave.  Well, they were right.  Sophomore guard Ben Boggs has decided to transfer after he finishes up finals next week.  He cited playing time (or lack there of) as the reason.

Here was his quote on, “I have enjoyed my time at Virginia Tech and would like to thank Coach Greenberg and the coaching staff for all they have done for me,” Boggs said. “A desire for more playing time is the reason I’m leaving Virginia Tech. I will miss my teammates and wish them the best of luck in the future.”

Boggs had played in just half the games so far this season, collecting a grand total of 11 minutes.  Last season he played in 25 games and averaged close to 9 minutes per game, so he’s seen a huge drop-off this year.

Ben is from Roanoke, but his next destination is not known at this time.

This now means that Seth has had at least one player leave VT before his eligibility was done in 6 of his 7 seasons at VT.  This also frees up another scholarship for next year.  Tech had counted on taking a full class for next year, but couldn’t after JT Thompson got hurt (and would be returning next year).  Expect Seth to go after a big man to complete the class, though it hurts to lose out on 4-star stud Baru, who is going to college of charleston (?!)

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11 Responses to “Ben Boggs is Transferring”

  1. James says:

    No suprise at all here. Not only are his minutes down, but he doesn’t seem to fit in with the team at all (he frequently eats on campus alone.) I wish him best of luck wherever he ends up going.

  2. hokiegrad says:

    How do we feel about this? Ben is young, and we haven’t seen a whole whole lot of him. A little surprised we haven’t seen more of him, with the way Hudson’s been hurting, and maybe that was his thought as well. Didn’t seem like he was probably ever going to be all-ACC or anything, but I thought he’d get a good deal more minutes next year, and you never know what will happen. Well, I guess now we know what’ll happen. More minutes for the freshmen.

    A large part of how we end up feeling about this will depend on whether we can sign another quality player to the 2011 class. With Baru off the board now… Hey, should we be targeting a big here or a guard? Without Boggs, we’ll only have 4 scholarship guards next year.

    • Niemo says:

      Hokiegrad – We need a BIG big that can battle inside against more physical teams. We get away with our smaller/thin teams inside in ACC play because it is more a finesse league, but all you have to do is look at how we do against SEC teams or when we were in the Big East — both those leagues are very physical inside and we got beaten up. I’d like another Raines-type player with this schollie. A thick guy who can fight inside and give us some depth (i.e. more than 1 big on the roster).

  3. hokiegrad says:

    not arguing that we need a truly big big. You’re absolutely right. We always seem to be undersized inside. But if Chaney is able to play next year we’ll have JT, Chaney, Davila, Raines, and Barksdale to play the post. That should be the best post lineup we’ve had in… forever? We’ll only have four guards: Green, Garland, Rankin, and Brown. And good guard play is essential in the ACC. And usually requires a little more experience than banging inside. So I was wondering if maybe we should target getting another guard in this class, and get that big big in the next class. On the other hand, barring injury or transfer we should have all four of those guards back the next year, so maybe it’s not essential that we get another guard in 2011 and get him that year of experience. And Atkins can play guard in a pinch.

  4. Les says:

    They should go for the best available player and perhaps save the scholarship for 2011. Whoever plays in the frontcourt is going to have to play behind a lot of veterans in Thompson, Davilla, Chaney and/or Raines as well as taking time from Barksdale. Until we see more out of Garland, we have no returning guards that I feel comfortable as a starter or the first reserve in. I’d look at another guard who can play the point and pose some scoring threat.

    The best thing they can hope to get would be a transfer from another D1 school who has demonstrated proficiency in a needed skill in a backup or starting capacity. It would start to level out the classes.

  5. Goodraisin says:

    I think even though we’ll only have 4 scholarship guards, there are forwards who can play the 2 in Greenberg’s system. He doesn’t really use a 2-guard system, he uses a point guard and two wings, who basically have the same role but on different sides of the court. In that case Jarell Eddie could play the 2. I think Robert Brown will get a shot at starting as well. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Garland get used at the same time as Green to give better ball-handling on offense if needed, then switch Green and Garland when it comes to their defensive responsibilities. We’re better off trying to find a big who can protect the rim… even if he’s completely worthless on offense. From how it sounds, Allan Chaney is not that guy and even though a healthy Raines could be, he might never be fully healthy. Davila is becoming a better defender, but he’s not a shot-changer.

  6. HokieGuru says:

    In the mean time, and this is a serious question, do we have enough healthy players to have practice? Like 5 on 5? I’m not sure we do. Chaney is out, JT is out, Raines is out… still hearing strongly that Marcus Davis and/or Prince Parker are walking on to the team.

  7. Dale says:

    I think Ben should have gotten more playing time. He certainly could shoot as well or better than anyone else except for Delany. Likewise, he could defend as well as other starters. Seth has not recognized the severe lack of shooting ability that continues to haunt his recruits.

  8. DuffHokie says:

    This leaves the Hokies with nine healthy scholarship players

  9. Les says:

    Greenberg often switched Dowdell and Gordon between the two guard positions while they were on the floor. Although only Dowdell was the only one of the two with a proficient outside shot, they both could attack the basket and handle the ball against traps. Right now, we don’t have that unless Hudson regains his form. Next year, we have to assume that the two freshmen can provide those qualities. Green primarily goes side to side against the defense and hasn’t changed his unorthodox shooting style of bringing the ball way behind his head. Garland just hasn’t played enough yet.

    If Dorian-Finney is that far advanced than the other players, perhaps he’ll handle the ball at the small forward position and take the load off of the point guard.

    • Niemo says:

      Les – I don’t think we can “assume” Brown and Rankin can attack the basket. It is a real eye opener for freshman guards to see how good guards are defensively at the college level. I shouldn’t just say good – but the intensity they play with and how they play as a team. Even when you play good to elite teams in HS, you don’t get that same intensity and certainly don’t get the team defense aspect – there are always weak links to be exposed. You cannot expect much from freshmen guards. Dowdell and Gordon were both pretty darn average their freshmen years. So was Delaney – heck, he came off the bench behind Thorns for part of the year.

      I agree with you on Green. He is not good at creating opportunities. Rather, in the half court set, he just drifts along the three-point line. And when he does penetrate (usually in transition), he often takes it at too many defenders instead of finding someone to dish the ball to (or he’s forcing something 1-on->1). I do think Green has improved this year, though. And remember, Delaney/Gordon/Dowdell got to play a LOT as freshmen and sophomores. Green could improve once he gets more PT. The question next year will be – a) does he show improvement immediately as a junior, b) do we wait for him to improve throughout his junior year, or c) just keep him in a backup role and give the freshmen (Rankin/Brown) and possibly Garland the chance to get a lot of PT and improve since they’ll be around longer? We shall see.

      As for DFS – as with above, don’t expect him to be a very advanced ballhandler on the college level. If he is, great, but I’ll be very surprised.


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