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Niemo’s Notes | How ‘Bout Those Pretty Gray Uniforms?

At some point last night as I was heading up I-66 around midnight on my way home from the VT/uva game, doped up on enough 5 Hour Energies and Coke Zeros to kill a spastic child, I kind of hoped a deer would dart out in front of my pimp rental Cadillac DTS ($30/day – thank you Linda!!!).  Why did I hope to see a deer?  I was going to picture it wearing a #23 jersey (i.e. Mike Scott who now has 3 straight 20+ point and 10+ rebound games against VT) and finally put a stop to him since Jeff Allen clearly couldn’t.  But then I realized uva needed something to be happy about.  They’ve had it pretty rough.  I’m glad their fan finally had something to take pride in.  (Seriously, Mike Scott must salivate waiting to play VT)

Then I wished a deer with the ACC preseason predictions painted on it would dart out, and I could blow it up like things have seemingly blown up for VT.  Or maybe the deer would have a basketball dry erase board around it’s neck… blank like VT’s playbook seems to be.

Alas, as you can probably guess, no deer dared across the highway.  Probably for the best, VT doesn’t need any additional bad PR with the hippies from PETA.

I decided to take a deep breath and not write anything today.  Well, I made it 21 hours, but here are my ramblings…

The Offense… What can I say that hasn’t been said?  Emilio Estevez’s Mighty Duck team looked more organized at the beginning of that movie than our offense does.  All you had to do was watch last night’s game and you got a clinic in what we are doing wrong.  What did uva do all first half?  Either dribble inside the three point line, draw the defense, and kick it to an open wing.  Or feed the post, and if VT doubled, the perimeter guys would slide to an open area and the post player would kick it out for a wide open look.  And you know what?   They made their wide open jumpers.  No double?  Mike Scott would back his man down, drop step, and score.

The point is, uva got a LOT of wide open looks, and shot 56% for the first half.  That’s easy to do when you have no one in your face.  And Mike Scott abused Jeff Allen like a rented mule.  Jeff was trying to overplay him to one side, or front him, and it didn’t work.  A good feed to the opposite side and Mike was drop-stepping and laying it in.  I actually thought Davila did a nice job on Scott (playing behind him) – when Scott got the ball, faced up, and went up to shoot, Davila would step into him and put two hands straight up right in his face and that’s when Scott went cold.

Now, there was the Tech offense.  When VT fed the ball inside, the perimeter players wouldn’t move.  As a result, if the defense keeps their eye on the ball while they look to double, they are also able to keep a hand in the passing lane because our guy was in the same exact spot!  If you move, the defender either has to double down, and you are open, or he stays with you and the post player has a one-on-one, and I like Allen or Davila in that situation.

On VT’s first possession Jeff got doubled and Delaney got a wide open look.  Second possession, Allen had a one-on-one inside.  Third possession, Davila thought he was going to get doubled and went to kick it out, but since Hudson hadn’t moved, the pass got intercepted.  After that, Tech seemed to go away from this.  But the point is, you have to have movement on offense or it is very easy for the opponent to guard you.  I remember one play in the oklahoma state game where one of our post players had it down low.  osu doubled him.  But the two players on the left wing were standing in a straight line (one behind the other).  So one guy was able to guard both and stay in the passing lane.  The right wing?  Same exact thing.  So a third player was able to come down and take the ball away from the post player while two other guys were able to guard four Hokies.  Terrible spacing, no movement.

Because of the lack of spacing and movement, guards are forced to try and fit the ball into tight spots.  I mean, if no one is moving, then no one is open, so if you get stuck, you have to throw it somewhere.  And our bigs aren’t great passers, but more on turnovers in a bit…

Turnovers… VT is averaging 3 more turnovers per game this year than last.  Tech has had a negative turnover margin in 5 of their 8 games so far (including all 4 losses).  The guards are either forcing passes in the half court or on the break, and our post players aren’t great at kicking the ball out (they really aren’t used to doing it).

Fast Break Points… The other thing greatly missing from VT’s arsenal this year is easy buckets.  Tech just is not getting many fast break opportunities.  The catalyst of this is the Hokies not creating, or converting, live ball turnovers.  Check out this crazy stat: in the unc-g game, the Hokies pilfered 20 steals.  20!  In the other 7 games, they have just 24 steals. Tech averaged 7 steals per game last year but average just 5.5 this year (and that’s including the unc-g game).  Throw out the game in Greensboro and the Hokies are averaging just 3.4 steals.

During their current three game losing streak, the Hokies have forced just 29 total turnovers combined, for just 30 total points (exactly 10 in each game).  Last year Tech was regularly getting 20 or more points off turnovers per game.

Live ball turnovers lead to odd man rushes (to steal a hockey term), which lead to easy bucket opportunities.  The fewer turnovers you get, the fewer the fast break points you’re going to get.  But even when Tech gets a chance, VT is horrible on the break anyway.  Players are too selfish and go right at a defender or settle for a pull up jumper.  What they should be doing is drawing the defender and then kicking it to the other man (far enough from the hoop) for an easy bucket.  Instead, when VT does pass, it is either too tough to catch, too late and the guys are too close together (and therefore easier to defend), or the Hokie jumps drops it.  Either way, it ain’t working.

Also, uva was clearly prepared for our 1-3-1 half court trap and neutralized it for the most part.  ACC teams are going to have practiced against it, and it isn’t going to work as well as when it was a novelty earlier in the season.  Tech needs to find different ways to be aggressive and create turnovers.

Scoring… VT is 271st in the nation in scoring at 64.4 ppg… out of 345 teams.  Tech has now failed to reach even 60 points in 4 straight games and were held in the 50s in all 4 losses.

Shooting… VT is in the 200s in 3-point percentage, FG%, and Effective FG%.  Tech cannot hit their jumpers, largely because they have a man in their face (due to the reasons listed above), while opponents like uva get wide open looks.

The Cassell… Tech went 17-2 at home last season.  They are 1-2 this season.  Conjuring up the ghosts of ricky stokes!  And I’m sorry, but the crowd sucked last night.  No energy, no enthusiasm.  It was maybe, and I mean maybe, 80% full.  Yes, I know many of us were at the ACCCG Saturday night.  I was there, I was up until 3 AM, and I still made it to the Cassell and was loud and proud, knowing I still had a 4 hour drive home to go afterwards.  Do I want a cookie?  No.  I want fans that give a crap.  This was uva.  Yes, I know we stunk worse than a NYC cab driver in July in the first half.  I’m talking about before the game, when it started.  The place was dead.  And when the football team came out?  Suddenly all these people had life.

I watched the Sunday Night Hoops game last week… it was unc vs college of charleston.  unc had a huge crowd and they were into the game, even though their team was stinking it up and trailed in the second half.  I’m not saying we have to be unc (nobody wants that).  But this was uva!!!  I mean, come on, we won’t have another wahoo turd in Lane or Cassell for another 13 to 14 months.  Have some enthusiasm, or give your tickets to someone that will.  And show up or give your tickets to someone that will.  Yeesh.  I’m calling all of you out.  It’s sad when you can’t get up for uva.  Our fans need Viagra for cheering/rivalries.

I’m tired of us being a football school only, and if football is doing well, we don’t give a crap about basketball.  I want us to be great at both.  If we had made that place crazy last night, the guys would have raised their game early and had more energy… trust me.  Instead, the fans and the players were flatter than my tire after I accidentally backed over the “Severe Tire Damage” spikes pulling into the rental return lot this morning (just kidding).

ACC Openers… The Hokies are now just 1-6 in ACC openers.  So VT is certainly familiar with this hole.  It just stings because this was at home against a team picked to finish at the bottom of the ACC.  Only one other loss in an opener was at home (for some reason VT had opened on the road in 4 of their first 6 seasons in the ACC).

Loss #4… VT didn’t lose their 4th game until January 31st last season.

Davila… He actually looks good to me right now.  I was stunned he only had 4 points last night on 2/8 shooting.  Seemed better than that.  And as I said above, his defense looked good, too.  Feed him the ball.  No, his hands aren’t great, and no, he isn’t a good passer, but we don’t have many other options.

Hudson… Some people keep wondering where his three point shot has been this year but that’s not the issue.  He hit just 21% from deep as a freshman, 33% as a sophomore, and 29% last year (so not as high as many, including me, remember — he did go nuts from deep in the middle of the season but he also went 0/13 to close the regular season, so this wasn’t a huge part of his success last year).  He’s back down to 21% this year (3/14), but it is his midrange jumper that we really miss.  Last year he getting pull up jumpers on the baseline, or coming off a curl and getting a jumper at the elbow… and hitting them.  He’s not getting those looks this way.  I don’t know if those plays were scrapped (especially the curl to the elbow) or what, but let’s bring it back.

Conclusion: Are we not as good as we were last year?… I actually don’t know how to answer this question yet.  Basically, we are the same team as last year, but without JT Thompson, our heart-and-soul guy who brings high energy.  We miss him a lot.  But before you say, “What about Cadarian Raines?” remember one thing – he missed 40% of the games last year, so Tech survived in large part without him.  Though it would be great to have him.  So essentially you’ve traded Jarell Eddie for JT Thompson… and that hasn’t been a good thing to date.

But let’s look back at VT’s ACC games last year.  They remind me of the Atlanta Falcons games this year.  Like Matty Ice and the Dirty Birds, Tech would hang in games, and find a way to win at the end.  While “lucky” isn’t the right word, Tech also easily could have lost many of their 10 ACC wins last year.  Tech trailed by 3 to bc at home with 29 seconds to go last year, but won thanks in large part to a questionable jump ball call when Jeff Allen was standing out of bounds.

Five days later VT won at uva despite being behind by 10 with under 3 minutes to go.

The unc at VT game was a 2 point game with a minute to go (though VT did lead the final 17 minutes of it).

Tech trailed by 3 in the uva at VT game with under 2 minutes to go.

The Hokies were down 61-50 to wake with 12:30 to go in the second half in the demon deacon game, but won.

Tech lost to the ACC’s last place team, miami, TWICE.

So were the Hokies as good as we made them out to be last year?  Or were we somewhat lucky in that we won so many close games, while they haven’t been able to close the games this year?  I just don’t know.  And I don’t think we will know until our sample size is larger.  I do know that yesterday was just one game.  There’s 15 more to go (in the ACC).  And we were 0-1 last year, opening up with a loss to one of the ACC bottom feeders.  So all is not lost, but I’ll admit I have a lot more doubt.  Luckily we have 5 weeks to figure things out before our next ACC game.

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26 Responses to “Niemo’s Notes | How ‘Bout Those Pretty Gray Uniforms?”

  1. Rigo says:

    It is so frustrating watching this senior heavy basketball team have no leadership. Maybe they all see each other as equals and no one has risen to the top but someone’s going to have to.

    It’s sad seeing quotes like “I told them at halftime: If they need me to get them motivated, then that’s pretty shallow. They should be self-motivated.” from the head coach. To me that gives a glimpse into the locker room of a squad without the ability to pick themselves up and a coach who’s to the point of calling them shallow to the media in order to get them going.

    I don’t know nearly as much about basketball as Niemo but I can’t believe that any college team could anywhere without leadership.

  2. Ben says:

    I think we’re only now realizing how much JTT meant to this team. Whenever the starters would get in a funk offensively and stand around in the halfcourt watching one guy make a play, JTT would come in, get a few offensive boards, grab a 50-50 ball, score a few, and remind this team that they do know how to play basketball.

    Do you think there’s a chance that any of the starters get benched for Penn State? Or will Seth keep the faith?

    • Niemo says:

      Ben – I doubt we see much of a shake up. We simply don’t have bench players that could be productive for us. We have 13 scholarships – 3 of those are out with injuries (JTT, AC, CR). That leaves 5 bench guys. Atkins isn’t much on defense (which is the only thing we do well), isn’t a ballhandler, and isn’t a great passer. He can shoot, but he’s a guy that needs to be coming off screens or be in a well run offense (not us). It is too hard to be a PG in the ACC so you can’t expect much from Garland as a freshman. Eddie can’t shoot right now and has lost his confidence. Green is OK but he cannot create his own offense (not a good shooter and isn’t a finisher when he penetrates – he’s basically a good defender and decent passer around the perimeter). Boggs, like Atkins, isn’t a good ballhandler. To be frank, since I haven’t seen much of him in 1+ years, I’m not sure what he could do.

      Maybe Seth will bench a guy or two for a few minutes to send a message, but I really don’t think doing that for serious minutes would be the answer. Our starters are clearly better in my opinion, so I think we’d see an even greater drop-off with the bench (and we can’t score 60 as it is). I’m really at a loss for what to do other than be even more aggressive on defense to try and create turnovers, even at the risk of more fouls.

  3. H-SCokie says:

    Curious, why did they play such meaningful minutes last year with the exact same team? While those guys aren’t perfect and obviously have their limitations, I think it’s all on SG. He is coaching tight and the players are playing tight. I think he put all his chips in with these early season games and sacrificed what he normally does in the early games, works the young guys in, finds good rotations, defines roles.

    If he can right this ship, I’ll be amazed. it seems like every year, he’s had to resort to extreme measures just to get this group to buy into their roles and set expectations (signing a contract, etc.). If they aren’t buying what he’s selling right now (running their own plays, not motivated), then it’s going to get ugly.

    As a bench player, if i’ve worked my tail off all summer long, injuries ravaged the team, the offense is putrid, and i’m getting less minutes in my 2nd year. I’d probably lose focus too. It’s not like somebody else has stepped up and taken their minutes.

    If it gets ugly, then i’d rather take my medicine this year and get worked by 30 every night, if it means we can get a prolonged look at what some of these role players can do. Because if SG doesn’t build some depth behind these seniors this year, I don’t even want to think what we’ll look like next year: EG, VD, MA/BB, JE, CR. It will make the ricky stokes years look like the good ole’ days.

    • Niemo says:

      H-SCokie – I honestly thought about deleting your post because of your last comment. At least you put stokes’s name in lower case, that saved you.

      You make a good point about the bench guys and the minutes. I think you are right, that it would help them to get experience for next year, and to rest the starters more. I think we should be much more aggressive on defense. As a result of that, you have to play more guys because your starters can’t play 35-40 minutes if you are trapping all over the place. The positive is you create more turnovers, and heck, even our bench players can make layups (I think).

  4. Clark says:

    And Baru committed to CofC

    • Niemo says:

      Clark – that situation seems very shady/bush league if true. Sounds like it is a good thing in some ways we didn’t get him (ala gus gilchrist).

  5. HipHop_Hokie says:

    I hate to say it, but this team is done for. Malcolm’s game has regressed, in large part because he’s not getting the pathetic foul calls that he was able to draw in previous years due to all of his Academy Award-worthy flailing whenever he was even remotely touched, and now we are starting to see that he quite simply doesn’t have all that much of a game outside of the charity stripe. If he doesn’t give up on the silly attempts to draw phantom fouls EVERY SINGLE TIME he has the ball, his career is going to go nowhere beyond VT. Sorry to say it, because I have enjoyed some of the magical moments that Malcolm has given us over the years, but he either needs to man up and start playing STRONG, or just prepare to have his Hokie career fizzle out.

    As for Jeff Allen? Same old Jeff, really. And yes, Jeff… one year from now I WOULD like fries with that. Zo had a magic run last year, but is another guy who appears to have fully regressed back to his awful sophomore days. I’m still maintaining that it’s possible that Zo might actually be 42 years old and is just an old guy trying to keep up with the young guns… that’s what it looks like, anyways.

    Whatever… I definitely don’t see this group making much noise the rest of the way. We might be lucky to finish 8-8 in league play… but my money is going to be on a probable 7-9 or 6-10 finish. This team can lose to ANYBODY on ANY given night… but the inverse of that is most definitely not true. And trust me, I am getting no joy out of making these points… I had just as high of expectations as anyone for what this crew would look like as seniors, and this is nothing like what I hoped for. Now for something brighter…


    The Hargrave postgrad squad actually squared off against the Hokie JV basketball team on Sunday in Blacksburg – an interesting matchup between some of Tech’s current wannabes and most of the key members of what will undoubtedly be the best freshman bball class that we’ve ever gotten for next season. The Tigers absolutely PUMMELED the little Hokies 108-72, with future big Hokies CJ Barksdale and Marquis Rankin tallying 18 and 13 points, respectively. I don’t have any Barksdale rebounding numbers or Rankin assist totals, but Marquis is credited with having had 7 deflections on D. His combination of quick hands AND feet are going to be awesome for us next year.

    Next up for Hargrave will be a game later today against Rockingham Community College down in NC… don’t worry, Hokie bball fans… the 2011 freshmen are coming…

  6. hokiegrad says:

    H-SCokie – don’t forget the incoming freshmen when thinking about next year. Yes, they’ll only be freshmen. Still, I wouldn’t be shocked to see a first year starter come out of that group, maybe two, and significant minutes for some others. On the other hand… let’s put off thinking about next year. There are way too many games left in THIS season.

  7. Greg says:

    As a student at tech, and a die hard Hokie sports fan in general, I can just say the majority of people in this school are disappointed in our basketball program for numerous reasons. First of all, we are 4-4 right now, after being nationally ranked and picked to finish 2nd in the ACC.

    I feel like another major point of frustration is student tickets. We have one section behind the basket, and for the majority of games, it is completely full. Then we look up, and the rest of the seats (supposedly to be filled by alumni) are practically half empty. I got season tickets last year as a freshman, in the first row none-the-less, and was at EVERY single game. This year, I didn’t get crap. Barely even win lottery tickets. And yeah, sure, we get to get in for free on a game where it snows with a standby ticket, but then students are forced to sit outside of the student section where standing up and cheering seems to be strictly prohibited.

    On the subject of our student section, the Cassell Guard is weak. They don’t do..well..anything. Our student section needs better organization but with the way this team is playing right now and our school’s history of not supporting basketball I don’t see that happening any time soon.

  8. daveywoods says:

    1. I liked the uniforms. But I couldn’t bear to watch much of the game.
    2. Some of you guys are outta whack on the manic swing of basketball emotion. Give it a few more games before writing this team off. They are who we thought they were. Or who I thought at least. They’re gonna make shots eventually, they’re gonna win some games. Its December freakin’ 7.

  9. Les says:

    Delaney doesn’t have Vasallo on the perimeter to catch and shoot. Defense is collapsing on him everywhere with Hudson playing sub-par.

    They need guys like Vasallo. They need players who can move without the ball to find an open spot. They have to have the confidence to quickly decide to take the shot, pass it on to the next guy, or dribble.

    There seems to be a lot of standing around when the plays get disrupted and they wait for Delaney or Allen to get open.

  10. UptownsGreatest says:

    I strongly disagree with Niemo about Atkins’ defense, what games have you been watching??….he’s been pretty solid on the defensive end in the few minutes he gets per game(if he does get in the game). I am not saying he’s a game-changer defensively, but he plays just as good of defense of anyone on this overrated team. However, I do agree he is not a ball handler, but he was not brought to V-Tech to become a PG, he came as a shooter, so why not let em’ shoot??….I was just at the game in Anaheim against Ok. St., and every time Atkins (even when wide open!), Greenberg demanded he pass the ball, now how can you build a shooter’s confidence when you are consistently telling him pass to “D-League” Delaney???……Thank God some of these players will be transferring soon, so we can actually see them show off there talents…..look out for it!!

    • Niemo says:

      Uptown – I think he takes too many chances and isn’t “quick”, so struggles to guard quick guards with Tyrod-like moves that can penetrate. But as you said, there isn’t much body of work to pull that from. I’ll certainly watch closer when he’s in and see if I was off, or was putting too much weight on a game or two.

      And, to be fair, Delaney isn’t a great on-ball defender either. He gets beaten off the handle all the time. I really miss the days of Zabe and Jamon. Those were two shutdown perimeter defenders we had at the same time.

  11. Clark says:

    Does sound like it may be a good thing not to have him (shady how he followed his brother/friend/who knows). Im assuming its true based on Who else is on the radar as a solid big man? Obviously that recruiting class is awesome but securing a big man that can play defense would be awesome considering we cant guard the post. (see triple j and mike scott). Its scary to think what might happen with jordan williams, zeller and other ACC big men come to town. I trust Seth to coach ‘em up, but we’ll see.

  12. Les says:

    Atkins is 2/3 tweener as Eddie is a 3/4 tweener. I think they should play more zone so they can bring in better shooters. I think the biggest problem is that neither Allen or Davilla are good at boxing out in the zone. If Raines is unavailable, they may have no choice.

  13. Fruitpie The Magician says:

    I agree with Greg above. Why our students do not sit on one of the sides as the camera pans is beyond me. Now on TV, you see empty seats and the wine/cheese crowd, which is far from the Lane Stadium atmosphere. When I went to Tech, we filled the stands closest to the dorms, and even if we stunk it up, we cheered and filled the place – of course this was when Del/Bimbo played. I’m hangin’ with them. The defense is satisfactory, but its plain and simple – the shot’s gotta fall!

  14. UptownsGreatest says:

    Agreed, and thank God someone else actually saw one of the many flaws of Delaney. While V-Tech does have a solid defense, they are more of anticipation defense, because there are no players on this team who are necessarily quick defensively nor offensively…..

  15. Hank says:

    Is it possible in the UVA game, Allen played Scott soft because he knew there was no one to replace him in the lineup if he got in foul trouble? He knew Raines was out and already of course knows there’s no J.T. I totally get we’re razor thin on depth, particularly in the post, but we could be playing better and should be 6-2. Depth can’t be an excuse for not finishing vs. Purdue and playing so bad against UVA in first half. Bill Foster’s senior-laden 1996 team only went 7 or 8 deep but they won a bunch of ballgames.

  16. H-SCokie says:

    For what it’s worth, I think Manny is the key to the season. I’ve been extremely disappointed in him defensively and haven’t seen anything but o’le defense from him. He got beat repeatedly out in Anaheim/Manhatten, from slow to non-existant help side rotation to giving up the base line/back door. Same thing with Eddie giving up the drop step.

    Those guys have to play better defensively because our margin for error offensively is so small. If they get beat repeatedly and give up easy buckets (layups/drives that opponents are going to shoot 75% from), there is no way they can compensate offensively with their limited looks and shooting slump.

    At least Vasallo might have loafed it defensively early on, he was capable of getting much needed boards and filling up the stat sheet.

  17. Greg says:

    I really do think that we are now realizing that Malcom can’t carry this team on his back. Teams know who he is now and know his capabilities and definitely know his flaws. And they are exploiting those flaws to perfection because the rest of our team can’t execute. Sure there are injuries but nobody has stepped up.

    Zo hasn’t played well at all this year, Jeff is still a foul monster (even if some of the fouls are BS), Davila shows streaks of greatness but still can’t do anything, TBell is playing pretty well, C is just..well he’s not doing much of anything with injuries, Eddie is playing great for an 18 yr old kid, Erick still can’t shoot to save his life, Manny just confuses me because you never know what he’s going to be able to do.

    We need a gamer to step up and do something if we want any sort of chance to even make it to any sort of post season play. Somebody needs to take some more ownership of this team and do something to light a fire under this teams ass. Malcom is doing everything he can, and it clearly hasn’t been enough.

    I hate to say it, but is this all Seth’s fault? I mean, when you look at our games we aren’t executing the BASICS. Boxing out, layups, freethrows. I mean we can’t do any of that. Our halfcourt offense is pitiful and the defense has looked decent but still. I love Seth, think he’s a great guy, but this is the most experienced team he’s ever had and they aren’t executing the simple stuff.

  18. UptownsGreatest says:

    The guy above said Eddie is playing great for an 18 year-old???….C’mon, Really??…..2.6 ppg on 28% shooting in 13 minutes a game isn’t even good for an 8 year-old….

    • Niemo says:

      Uptown – Eddie did look great the first 3-4 games. The key then was, even though he wasn’t making threes, he was hitting his open mid-range jumpers. Now, he can’t hit anything. I think he needs to attack the tin and try and get a few easy buckets to get his confidence up.

  19. chuck says:

    The bottom line is: These guys don’t know how to make each other better after 4 years, and Seth hasn’t communicated it well enough. These guys should be fine tuned to each others strengths and weaknesses.

    I can tell by the 2nd pickup game with a group of guys what I need to do to help the team win. By game 120, it should be second nature how to get the ball to guys in their scoring zones, and how to pick up for defensive shortcomings.

    Seth is a horrible Xs and Os coach, he coaches attitude, and gets guys to buy in to a physical, tough mentality. Well, if the attitude doesn’t make up for the lack of skill and game planning, then you are at a total loss.

    Furthermore, it’s going to take a 5-1 finish out of conference and an 11-4 finish in the conference…and if any of you pie in the sky Hokies want to explain where 16 more wins are coming from with only 9 scholarship players, only 1 above 6’7, I’d love to read it.

    I see us struggling to get to 15-14 to make NIT…which to me at this point is an important, tangible goal if not just for our SRs to go out playing 4 years of post-season, but to demonstrate to the guys coming in that you need to always be working.

    It’ll be a disaster for us if the guys don’t make the NIT…but as we saw with Gordon, Collins, Dowdell group, Seth’s teams just don’t improve when they play together for a long stretch. Collins and Allen both got way worse too, which is a concern to me….can we coach big men?


  20. UptownsGreatest says:

    I definitely think he would be a great slasher, but he often lingers on the perimeter and settles for jumpshots….but we’ll see. It will be very interesting to see what the future holds for this team.


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