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  • Wow, it has been a wild week to say the least.  And the ACC is taking it harder on the chin than a bukkake recipient.  But none of the bad losses compare to the drama related to the mississippi state bulldogs.

Days of Our Lives, starring the mississippi state bulldogs:

  • After playing VT in the Bahamas, and getting waxed, the bulldogs headed for the Diamond Head Classic in Honolulu, HI.  As my buddy VT1Fan put it, “I want miss st frequent flyer miles.”  Well, maybe not…
  • Former 5-star recruit Renardo Sidney, who made his debut against VT last weekend after being suspended for one full season plus nine games this year, was suspended for the first game of the Diamond Head Classic for an outburst in practice.  The bulldogs lost that game by 26 to washington state.
  • But here’s where it gets wild – the next day, after Sidney led the bulldogs with 19 points in a win over san diego, he got in a fight in the STANDS with a TEAMMATE, Elgin Bailey.  And just our luck – the cameras were rolling!  Check out this VIDEO (LINK).  Sidney’s career could be over after two games.  While hilarious, it also means the bulldogs (picked to win the SEC West) probably aren’t going to work themselves into a ‘quality win’ for the Hokies now.

General Hospital, starring the ACC:

The ACC may need to go to the hospital to get repairs.  I’ve noted some of the bad losses the ACC has had already this year, but this week takes the cake…

  • Almost the entire league – Everyone in the ACC has at least 3 out of conference losses except #1 duke (undefeated) and bc (2 losses). 
  • wake forest – The deacons had already lost to stetson, winthrop, unc-wilmington, xavier, and vcu, but hit a new low this week – they lost to presbyterian.  Yep, the blue hose (and yes, I had to look that up, and no, I have no idea what it means) beat the deacons, possibly causing a Holy War.  To be fair, presbyterian isn’t awful – they beat auburn and lost to kansas state by just 9, and are #89 in the current RPI, but come on.  ACC teams should not lose to the hose.  And wake barely beat unc-g-spot last week by 2 – unc-greensboro is 0-11.  wake might be the worst team in ACC history.
  • uva – After beating norfolk state (1-9) by just 1 point on Monday (and that was on a tip-in with 4 seconds left by Sene who has just 6 made FGs all season), the hoos lost to seattle.  No, not the Super Sonics with Shawn Kemp, the redhawks.  That improved the ‘hawks to 5-10.  seattle, even with the win, is still #291 in the RPI. I think that qualifies as a BAD loss (FYI: norfolk state is #324 of 345 teams).  Mike Scott missed the norfolk state game (he had minor knee surgery), but had 12 points and 8 rebounds in 31 minutes versus the redhawks.  This shows the hoos, who I picked to finish 12th, are almost wake forest bad without the great Scott, and can be beaten by anyone (and we mean anyone) even with him.  Yet, they are a contender in the ACC for an upper half spot.  Yes, the ACC is that bad this year that one guy can make all the difference. [Thanks Zach for the correction.]
  • georgia tech – Gotta love the jackets!  I’m been saying all year that Paul Hewitt, the second worst coach in the league, will not survive the season.  So what does he do?  He goes out and beats a quality richmond team in the Bahamas appetizer before the VT/mississippi state game.  But you don’t get to be rated my #2 worst coach without a reason – the jackets turned around and lost to siena (#108 RPI – so not bad at all, but still).  It just shows how inconsistent they are.  Earlier in the season, georgia tech lost to kennesaw state, who weighs in at an offensive lineman like #318 in the RPI. 
  • fsu – The noles were looking like a contender in the ACC… that was until 6’11” center Xavier Gibson had to helped off the floor with an apparent left knee injury in their loss to butler at the Diamond Head Classic last night (this was not in a teammate brawl, I’ll note).  No word on how severe it is, but considering how much the noles depend on their defense, losing their giant in the middle would be devastating.
  • miami – The canes lost to undefeated central florida last Saturday in Miami (but at the Heat arena). The loss isn’t so bad, it is the fact that they played a game in THEIR CITY yet their were more ucf fans at the game than canes fans.  And of course, florida had way more fans than either team in the second game of the doubleheader when they upset kansas state…

wildcats Gone Wild – Speaking of kansas state…

  • The wildcats lost to florida and unlv this week.  Neither loss is bad, as they are #23 and #18 in the RPI respectively, but it is more interesting because…
  • Peter Warrick Lives! – ksu star Jacob Pullen and doghouse regular Curtis Kelly “were being punished for receiving impermissible benefits in connection with the purchase of clothing at a local department store.”  Ah, brings back memories of Peter Warrick and Laveranues Coles getting the old nole discount at Dillard’s department store back in 1999… “The Tallahassee police charge that [cashier] allowed the two to buy $412.38 worth of clothing — designer labels such as Nautica and Polo — for $21.40 on Sept. 29.”  I ran into Warrick at the Bourbon Street McDonald’s a few days before the 1999 National Championship game.  He was purchasing some burgers and after he left, I yelled, “How’d he get 3 Big Macs for $1???”  The Hokies in the place laughed, but I’ll admit, I didn’t say it while his bodyguards were around.
  • ksu is #10 in the RPI.  That would be good for VT if they had beaten the wildcats or the rebels.  At least it helps their SOS a lot.

Good news:

  • VT sits at #43 in the RPI right now.  Keep winning and VT is ok.  But that’s going to be a challenge with eight scholarship players.
  • Tech is 1-3 against top 50 teams (okie state is #38)
  • The Hokies are 2-3 against top 100 teams (st. bonnie is #89)
  • VT has had the 18th hardest schedule to date
  • Tech gets to play duke (#3), bc twice (#19), miami (#20), and unc (#30).  Assuming at least some of those rating hold, VT has five shots at high quality wins.

Final thought – can you believe I’m not ganging up on the wolfpack and Sidney Lowe?  Well, after they lost to arizona by 10, they rebounded to beat delaware state… by 2.  But hey, a win is a win.  The pack freshmen just aren’t playing that great yet (freshmen rarely do in the ACC) and stud Tracy Smith out the last 9 games with a knee injury (he should be back soon), they are struggling.  Getting him back in full though will have as big of an impact as the hoos getting Scott.  Well, but uva doesn’t have Lowe as their coach.

But let’s not end with a note on nc state – Merry Christmas, Hokies!  See you in South Beach in a week!

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5 Responses to “Around the ACC (and VT’s Other Opponents) | Niemo’s Notes”

  1. hokieguru says:

    Great post, bro. Merry Christmas!!

  2. Zach says:

    Actually Mike Scott played for uva against Seattle. I only correct you to make their loss look more unbelievable

  3. Danram says:

    Niemo, do you really think that Mississippi State, given the under-the-table money that their boosters have no doubt invested in Reynardo Sidney, will acquiesce to kicking him off the team for that fight in the stands? No way. My guess is that he’ll serve a token two- or three-game suspension and will be out on the floor for them when SEC play starts.

    • Niemo says:

      I bet he’ll be out a LONG while. That was hugely embarrassing to the program considering the play it got on ESPN (the channel, not just the web site). I do realize it is the SEC, but at some point you have to say enough is enough. This was only a step down from the Pacers/Pistons fight in the stands in Detroit and what’s-his-name was kicked out for the entire NBA season if I remember correctly. And Sidney has a lot of baggage.
      But, we’ll see. It is the SEC (Surely Everyone’s a Criminal).


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