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Preview | VT (7-5, 17-8) @ wake (1-11, 8-19) | Tuesday at 7 PM | ESPN2

Update: It is being reported that Jarell Eddie will play tonight.  No official word from Coach Greenberg, though.  

Spread: VT by 14.

VTBB vs. wake forest The Hokies travel to Winston-Salem and try to pick up a road win against the lowly deacs. This, plain and simple is a MUST WIN game. Must win to stay in the race for an ACC Tournament bye. Must win to keep NCAA Tournament hopes alive. Must win to keep Saturday meaningful as Gameday comes to the ‘Burg for the first time for hoops… oh, and duke will be there, too.

As if the Hokies’ roster wasn’t depleted enough with four guys out for the season with injuries and one player transferring, things seemingly couldn’t get worse. Well, perhaps the Hokies were getting bored and needed a new challenge.  Tech got that challenge when freshman Jarell Eddie was charged with possession of marijuana.  He may be available Tuesday, though, as the Hokies face  his home state demon deacons.  Eddie’s story is still being figured out.  There has been no official word from VT on the matter.

The good news is Tech is playing a team they might be able to beat with four healthy, foul free players.  wake is one of the worst teams in ACC history.  Their scoring margin in ACC games is -18.8!  Ouch.  Nine of their 11 ACC losses have been by 18 or more (one was by one to miami and the other was by 14 to unc… they beat uva by five at home… ugh!). Check out the STATS section below to see how poorly they rank in the major categories in ACC games.  And that doesn’t even show they are dead last in the league in Rebounding Margin or Turnover Margin.

These guys have lost to stetson, vcu, winthrop, unc-wilmington, presbyterian, richmond, and 8 ACC teams (they beat uva and haven’t played clemson or bc). Double ouch.

So, it is time to wash that stink off from Saturday and lay the lumber to the poor demon deacons.  I believe we’ll see a very focused team after the uva game, even with the Eddie drama.  The Hokies want to send a message to ESPN and the devils that Saturday is going to be about one thing: pain.


  • Overall: VT 27-26
  • In ACC Games: VT 7-2
  • In ACC games at wake: 2-2

The Hokies have owned the deacons since joining like I own the entire Magnum PI DVD series (don’t hate!). Tech is 3-0 in football against wake forest, and 7-2 in basketball. VT has won 7 of the last 8 in the series, including a 94-65 drubbing at the Cassell in mid-January:



  • Focus: The Jarell Eddie news, and the Tyrone Garland issues, could easily distract most teams.  But this team has overcome so much already, and they have three seniors that know this is their last shot at the Big Dance.  They have to understand each game is a HUGE deal, no matter the opponent, and play like it.
  • In the Zone: I’d expect to see VT in zone the whole game.  It worked very well in Blacksburg. wake is a good 3-point shooting team at 38%, but they also turn the ball over a lot.  The 2-3 zone, and maybe even the half court 1-3-1 trap, can create turnovers for VT and transition buckets.
  • New Game: Tech destroyed wake by 29 in the first meeting.  But wake is playing a bit better of late.  They led fsu at the half (without Chris Singleton), before losing like 18. Still, these guys did beat uva.
  • Beyond the Three Amigos: Tech must get production from Bell and Davila.  They had just 1 shot and 1 point in the first half at uva and 6 turnovers combined.  They finished with just 9 points.  The Hokies need to get their confidence back up to where it was heading into uva before the duke game.
  • Key on McKie: Travis McKie, who played against Cadarian Raines a few times while at Marshall HS in Richmond, is built a lot like Jeff Allen. McKie is just 6’7″, small for a power forward. But he plays bigger than he is like Allen. Hopefully Davila can shut him down, and he should be able to score on McKie since he doesn’t have the long wings to block Jeff’s shots. But that’s if 7″ Ty Walker is lurking on the back end – he averages 2.8 blocks per game.  Although McKie had 15 points in the first meeting and it didn’t matter.
  • Low is for Clark: As in a low number of 3-pointers.  Gary Clark shoots an amazing 58% from 3-point range on the year!  While he hit 3/4 against the Hokies earlier this year, at least it was just 3.  STAY ON HIM at all costs.
  • wake’s Weaknesses: wake has a LOT of them.  They cannot protect the ball (-4.5 turnover margin – by far the worst in the league), cannot rebound (12th and 11th in defensive and offensive rebounding respectively), and cannot shoot (dead last in FG%).


wake forest is young! Their top two scorers are freshman (Virginia native Travis McKie — 12.6, and J.T. Terrell — 11.8). C.J. Harris, a sophomore, scores 10.7 per game. Clark, their fourth leading scorer, is a senior. But the fact he’s scoring 10.6 ppg this year shows how bad they are – he hadn’t averaged more than 3.2 ppg in his first three seasons. And wake’s fifth leading scorer, Ari Stewart, is another sophomore. That’s four underclassmen, and a 3-point only senior, that are giving you all of your scoring. They have been forced to go young this year due to attrition and they are taking their lumps for it. This is a hard league to grow up in, even this year. The fact their scoring margin is -18.8 in maybe the worst ACC year in a long time says a lot about wake.

Position Virginia Tech wake forest
Guard 11 Green – 6-4 11 Harris – 6-3
Guard 23 Delaney – 6-3 2 Clark – 6-4
Wing/Guard 1 Bell – 6-7 0 Terrell – 6-3
Forward 0 Allen – 6-7 30 McKie – 6-7
Forward/Center 14 Davila – 6-8 33 Desrosiers – 7-0


(ACC Games Only) Virginia Tech wake forest
PPG 71.9 (4) 62.7 (11)
Pts Against 65.8 (6) 81.5 (12)
FG % 45% (2) 39% (12)
3-Pt % 36% (3) 34% (8)
FT % 76% (1) 74% (3)
Leading … (Includes all games)  
Scorer Delaney – 19.2 McKie – 12.6
Rebounder Allen – 10.4 McKie – 7.5
Assists Delaney – 4.3 Harris – 3.8
Steals Green – 1.8 McKie/Harris – 0.9
Blocks Davila – 1.2 Walker – 2.8


  • ACC Basketball Championships: 4 (‘61, ‘62, ‘95, ‘96 – in other words, only back-to-backs)
  • Final Four Appearances: 1 (‘62)
  • wake is the only NC school to win an outright ACC football championship (in 2007) since 1980. Only one school has tied for an ACC title in that stretch: duke. How sad is that, unc and nc state?
  • Founded in 1834 in Wake Forest, NC, just outside Raleigh. Moved to Winston-Salem in 1956… that’s right, they aren’t even in the town they are named for!
  • Undergrad Enrollment: 4,400
  • Type: Private (and uppity)
  • Ties: Baptist
  • Students: The screamin’ deacons wear tie-dyed shirts to games even though it looks dumb and has the entire seven years they’ve been doing it.
  • Biggest Jerk Alum: Billy Packer
  • Nicest Alums: Arnold Palmer and Tim Duncan
  • Other Famous Students: Chris Paul, Randolph Childress (his performance in the 95 ACC Tourney was nothing short of incredible), Dr. Jerry Punch (sideline reporter… got his doctorate at wake… why does a sideline reporter need that?… played QB for Lou Holtz at nc state… OK, enough about this dude), Brian Piccolo (of Brian’s Song… great movie – see the James Caan version), Rodney Rogers (who recently became paralyzed due to an ATV accident), Lanny Watkins, and Lee Norris (been in a bunch of TV shows I will never watch like 1 Tree Hill and Boy Meets World)

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7 Responses to “Preview | VT (7-5, 17-8) @ wake (1-11, 8-19) | Tuesday at 7 PM | ESPN2”

  1. hokieguru says:

    Word now is that the Eddie will play. According to a tweet from Kyle Tucker, “Source close to the team says the marijuana found on #Hokies forward Jarell Eddie was not his and he passed a drug test. Will play at Wake.”

  2. chrishokie says:

    Did you make a Lewis and Clark pun with for “Low is for Clark”? Ha! You mentioned that Wake beat UVA. In light of that, I am surprised that after your assessement of how BAD UVA was that you can carry any confidence into this game based upon how bad Wake is. Of course we should smash them. But, will we? My comfort comes from the fact that, while we haven’t been able to string together 3 good performances in a row in ACC play, we also haven’t played poorly in two consecutive games. So, I think we will have our act together tonight. If we can find a way to win tonight and beat BC and Clemson we will be in good shape for a first round ACC bye. But, I had always figured a road loss to Clemson in looking at our chances for post season play.

    • Niemo says:

      Chris – you got it on the L&C reference! And wake is REAL bad. I mean, like I said, 9 of their 11 ACC losses are by 18+. uva has at least been competitive at times this year – they led unc and duke in the second half. Plus, as you point out, we are on a run of winning 2/3. So that means wake and duke are in trouble! But we also don’t know what the impact of Eddie/Garland was on the team Saturday. Look at the gt game – we basically played 6 and lost to a bad team. I have to think everyone knew why Eddie was sitting Saturday, and it may have gotten to us. I hope we’ll rebound tonight like we did against miami (after gt). But either way, this is a terrible deacon team, and if we lose, it’s time to shut things down. I just don’t see that… or believe that… happening.

  3. Bryan says:

    You own the entire Magnum PI series? One word to describe my feelings about that, jeaolus.

  4. Brady says:

    where can i get cheap tikets to the duke game?? the day of the game in the parking lot?

  5. ryan says:

    Eddie has had a wild week! Maybe more Hokies should get the daylights scared out of them!


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