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Jeff Allen Named ACC Player of the Week

For the third time this season and fourth time in his career, the Big Donut has been recognized by the ACC as their Player of the Week.  Allen scored 17 points and snagged 8 rebounds against wake, and following that up with 18 points and 15 rebounds in the Hokies’ win over #1 duke.  His passing has also been superb of late, and he dished out 2 assists in each contest.

The wake game snapped Allen’s streak of 7 straight double-doubles, but he quickly got back on track in that category against duke.

This marks the fifth time a Hokie has won the award this season.  Erick Green and Malcolm Delaney won it the other two times.  For Jeff, all three have been since the turn of the calendar year, and he’s won it twice in the last month.

Jeff has to be an ACC First Teamer now.  Player of the Week three times, 11th in scoring, and 2nd in rebounding?  That’s All-ACC, baby.

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7 Responses to “Jeff Allen Named ACC Player of the Week”

  1. King says:

    Happy for Jeff. He has really elevated his game this season.

  2. LuvzAznChix says:

    I hope he moves into 10th for all-time scoring. Any of our SRs gonna be drafted & playing for the NBA? By the way, on Yahoo sports, Dowdell is listed as one of the HOT players to own in Fantasy BBall. Oh yea.

  3. LuvzAznChix says:

    Another question: if Tech were to play ND this year (be it tourney or whatever) would we be able to win? And if so, how do our chances look?

    • Niemo says:

      L-A-C – Allen wasn’t even on the Draft radar a month ago, but I think he’d have to be now. Being First Team ACC will get you looks. He’ll have to do well, especially with his mid-range jumper, in workouts. And show that despite his lack of height he can battle inside and get rebounds, and not be pushed around. IMO, his low post defense is poor. He gambles too much and doesn’t work hard enough for his spot. That will have to improve.

      Delaney – same deal as Allen. He has to do well in workouts. He’s borderline if he’ll make the first two rounds. I think he’s shown more this year in terms of being a leader and passing, but he needs to be a PG on the next level and he’s moved away from that somewhat this season. Plus, he is not a strong on-ball defender which is a must in the NBA.

      I don’t think much of notre dame’s team. That said, Brey is a good coach. Would be an interesting game.

  4. HipHop_Hokie says:

    Jeff is bout to get PAID!! A year ago… and shoot, even into the early part of this season… I was pretty sure that I was going to be getting asked by Jeff if I “wanted fries with that” at some point or another. No longer. Jeff’s dedication to improving himself both from a fundamental standpoint as well as a mental standpoint out there on the court this year has been phenomenal. Those that have watched his progression closely over these past few years know that he should probably be a candidate for a national most-improved player type of award.

    It’s been great watching you gain your focus and start playing up to your potential, big man… keep it up and let’s finish this season STRONG!!

  5. Goodraisin says:

    @LuvzAznChix, I would say that the temperature for Delaney getting drafted into the NBA is moderately warm. I would say Jeff Allen’s temperature is lukewarm. Neither is a first round pick, but a team might take a chance on either in the second round. As for ND, the chances of beating them in the tournament if we were to play them are not as bad as you would think. ND is a much better team when playing at home than they are in neutral or road games. They’re still really good, but I think we would have a good shot to beat them on a neutral floor.

  6. RK in Roanoke says:

    Now that they beat duke, I am getting a little greedy and looking (foolishly ahead). Right now we are a 9 seed. If we split our next 2 and then win one game in the ACC tourney, we will probably still be a nine. A 10 would be better, but that means an extra loss and potential bubble time. But if we win the next 2 and win two in the ACC tourney (after a bye) then we might be a 7 seed. Then we would have a shot at the second weekend. I know, I know. Looking too damn far ahead. I said i was being foolish.
    IMO Malcolm hurts himself from NBA status by playing to contact and hopping the foul is called rather than playing through and showing he can finish. He would not get foul calls like he had been at the next level.
    With a strong finish and good camps Jeff could stick. There are 6’7″ guys in the league who do not have his skill set. Teams like NY and PHX who don’t play D anyway would like a big, athletic guy with a good 15 – 18ft J.


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