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Senioritis | bc (8-7, 18-11) 76, Hokies (9-6, 19-9) 61

Virginia Tech's Jeff Allen puts up a shot against boston college

Virginia Tech's Jeff Allen puts up a shot against boston college

Box Score

Virginia Tech’s six-game home conference winning streak came to an end with a 76-61 loss to boston college. To call this loss disappointing would be a gross understatement.

Coming off an emotional win over the top team in the country three days ago, the Hokies returned to the court for their final home game of the regular season… and promptly laid a big egg. On senior night no less.

The Hokies were badly out-rebounded 38-24. Tech was bad in just about every category. They shot just 42.9 percent from the field (24/56) and a woeful 17 percent (3/17) from three-point range.

Sophomore Erick Green led the Hokies with 21 points. Seniors Malcolm Delaney and Jeff Allen has 17 and 14 points respectively. Allen had just nine offensive touches the entire game, yet still managed 14 points.

The Hokies got off to a promising 4-0 start, but the eagles used a 19-2 run to blow by the Hokies and never looked back. Tech managed just 10 points in the first 11:45 of the game.

boston college, like uva, was money from behind the arc, hitting a dizzying 7/13 three pointers in the first half to help the eagles to an 18-point lead. Tech responded with a short 15-5 run to cut the lead to eight at the half, 27-35.

The Hokies came out in the second half with a pair of three pointers to cut the lead to five, but that’s as close as they would get. Ice cold shooting and inability to play effective defense led to a 20-point deficit – the Hokies’ largest of the season. And when we say “ice cold” shooting, we’re talking multiple air balls. It was bad folks, really bad.

We could talk about the refs and the questionable calls, but give bc credit – they shot the lights out and frustrated the Hokies defensively. They did what they had to do to win.

Green summed it up in the post-game presser. Here’s the quote from the recap:

“It’s simple,” Green said. “We didn’t come to play. We got embarrassed. I feel bad for the seniors because that’s not how you want to go out. But hands down, we got outplayed. They got ahead too quick, and we tried to ramp it up. But they just beat us.”

Unless Tech can pull off a road win against clemson and win 1-2 games in the ACC tourney, it looks like it’ll be another NIT appearance. Here’s hoping the Hokies can pull off an upset on the road to salvage any hope of an NCAA tourney bid.

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25 Responses to “Senioritis | bc (8-7, 18-11) 76, Hokies (9-6, 19-9) 61”

  1. LuvzAznChix says:

    [descending] WAH, WAH, WAH, WAAAHHH…>Sigh< And as the story goes… Hard to believe that at this time last yera we were 22-7 & 9-6 in ACC play. Now they absolutely MUST win at Clemson as well as win AT LEAST one game in the ACC tourney inorder to have ANY hope of avoiding a (what is it 5th) straight year of NITitis. A BIG turd tonight on Senior Night no less. Way to finish the year out in style. Does this mean that even IF we beat Clemson on the road that we still don't get a bye for the ACC tourney? Also, are we still the 4th seed in the ACC?

  2. Chris says:

    I’m certainly not calling out anybody on this site (because I love this site), but this is why you can’t assume anything. Should have never titled the Duke recap “see you at the big dance”. We’ve seen this team do this not only all year, but for the last few season. If any team is known for taking “one step forward, two steps back”, it’s this one. We were by no means a lock after the Duke game and we’re just as much on the bubble now as we were before the Duke game. Not because of this loss, but because a VERY tough game @ Clemson is looming. Lose that one and barring a run to the ACC Final (don’t even think about it), and this team is NIT bound… again.

    Pathetic showing tonight is an understatement. Easily the most pathetic performance I’ve seen from these guys in years. They played NO defense tonight, took horribly contested shots, and BC beat them to every loose ball. They wanted it more and it showed. They deserved to win.

    And man do I feel like an idiot… I said after the Duke game that it may have been a program-changing game. I really thought they had turned a corner after the Duke game… and then tonight they do THIS?! Wow… I mean you can’t make this crap up.

    So beat a desperate Clemson team, on the road, to have a shot at dancing… forgive me if I’m un-enthused. But the seniors shouldn’t get too down… looks like they’ll get to play another game at Cassell.

    Just pathetic.

  3. LuvzAznChix says:

    Sorry for the numerous reposts. But, yeah, that’s the story of the night. Absolutely NO D whatsoever AND a turd*tastic .176 3pt percentage. Also, the 22 Reb totals…unimpressive.

  4. DuffHokie says:

    Lose to Clemson drops us to a 6 seed, beat GT in the 1st round, lose to Duke in 2nd round

    Welcome back to the NIT guys… thats why they played so bad, they knew they would have another home game.

  5. LuvzAznChix says:

    Oh yeah, & what the heck was with all the fouls? It’s home court advantage. I guess the only positive thing (if you could even call it that) to take was that Erik Green scored the most with 21 pts.

  6. chrishokie says:

    Unbelievable! I watched the game on a laptop which is dangerous because laptops can be thrown against wall! Can you believe we are 0-4 against BC and UVA and 9-2 against the rest of the league? We have yet to win 3 consecutive conference games this year. (That also seems to explain why we haven’t gotten to Madison Square Garden the last 3 years because to do that you have to win 3 games in a row.) On the other hand we have yet to lose two ACC games in a row this year. We can hope that holds true but we are really testing fate by needing a road win against a good team. We lose to Clemson and we are likely down to a 6th seed. Winning game one against the 11th seed will mean nothing to the NCAA selection committee, meaning we will have to also win the next day with a thin bench to salvage our NCAA bid. I have to say that I would rather have beat Duke and lost to BC than the opposite. But, this still really hurts.

  7. ryan says:

    Agree with Chris’s sentiment of the pathetic effort but Chix you’re off by a mile.

    You’re saying we gotta win on the road at Clem and an ACC tourney game, likely against BC then as we would finish 4th and BC would win the 5-12 game against Wake(unless FSU losses it’s last 2, which in that case if we win at Clem we actually still finish 3rd in the ACC)

    I think that’s wrong. Maybe in a year with 65 tourney teams, maybe in a year where the bubble was a little stronger–but not this year. Every other bubble team lost tonight(with the exception of Nebraska if you can call them one) and it’s been like that the last couple weeks–teams can’t seem to help themselves.

    Lunardi had us as a 9 seed which means there are somewhere between 8-12 teams projected as in the tourney that are just as bubblicious as we are, plus the ones that are last 4-8 out. That would indeed, while it’s not advisable to tank, we have a little breathing room

    I think if we win at Clemson we’re on the right side of the bubble with another loss to BC in the ACC tourney leaving us biting our nails as usual. If we lose out, I think we’re on the wrong side of the bubble, and if we win at Clemson and win the 4 vs. 5 game in the ACC tournament–we’ll be a lock.

  8. ryan says:

    Duff, the scenario you described is impossible. a 6 seed plays the 3 seed after beating the 11 seed,which would be FSU or Clemson.

  9. LuvzAznChix says:

    Ryan, that’s basically what I was saying. But you also need to take into account that while our ACC record is the same this year as it was at this point last year, our overall record is worse.

  10. LuvzAznChix says:

    And by the way ryan, don’t refer to me as Chix, pls. Refer to me as LAC if you must abbrev. After all…I am, in fact, a dude.

  11. King says:

    GAH! This is my nightmare. This is my nightmare.

  12. FruitpietheMagician says:

    I think if we reach the 20 win hurdle and 10 win ACC by winning at Littlejohn – we’ll be in. Another issue is that they need to send Davilla to Freethrow camp – I am tired of seeing him throw up bricks! We were one-and-done last night on the half-court – not making shots and no offensive rebounds – not a good formula for success. Beat Clemson!

  13. HipHop_Hokie says:

    WTF Jeff? 3 rebounds? On Senior Night? Really? I swear, I can’t say anything nice about big man without him promptly making me sound like a fool.

  14. ryan says:

    another interesting observation is that really the three guys you would expect to score, scored. it puts a lot of pressure on the Bell and Davilla if in order to win they have to be in double figures every time or the D has to hold the other team to 60 pts or less.

    Also, how in the world did we get crushed on the glass so badly?

  15. Bryan says:

    I agree with Ryan. This was not the worst loss ever. Disappointing? Most definitely but by no means a bad loss. I think if we win at Clemson (no easy task) we’re in. If we lose then we would likely have to win a couple in the ACC tourney to feel comfortable. Obviously, the most ideal is win at Clemson and at least 1 in the tourney. Again to echo Ryan’s comments the bubble isn’t nearly as soft this year. Sure we had a better overall record last year but we were basically excluded due to our weak out of conf. schedule. That can’t be said for this season. On another note, Oklahoma St. helped us out last night by beating Baylor, another bubble team. And of course we have a win under our belts against the Cowboys.

  16. Martin says:

    I hate questioning the coaching bc I’m not a scholar of the game but, hopefully, someone can answer my questions. So, here I go… I feel like every time we go stagnant on offense, Malcom, green or bell start shooting jumpers from a distance, which isn’t necessarily a high percentage shot. I don’t understand why there isn’t more of an emphasis on getting Allen or Davila the ball down low in these situations. 9 offensive touches for Jeff? If I’m Seth, that’s unacceptable. And what’s with Manny getting more playing time than Jarell? I know manny was hot earlier in the season, but it’s pretty obvious that he has been cold for awhile now. Eddie, on the other hand, seems to be more confident and doesn’t seem to be as affected by scoring droughts. I know he only had one shot last night, and it was a miss, but Manny missed several open shots, that Jarell could have hit. Is atkins a better defender? Does he have a brighter future? Is there some other justification that I am just unaware of? And n the tourney hopes, I agree with Ryan. A loss at clemson and we better hope for a nice acc tourney run. A win at clemson, and we’ll be able to breathe barring a tourney collapse similar to last season.

    • Niemo says:

      Martin – Seth seems to have more confidence in Atkins defensively, and that’s what he’s really looking for off the bench. At wake I think he knew Eddie would be pumped because of the legal issues and because he’s from the area. But Seth has used Manny at key times on defense (end of st bonnie game for example). Merited or not, I think that comes from having been in the system a year longer.

      On offense, I think when we play 3-point shooting teams (uva and bc) and fall behind, we press and start forcing jumpers/3s to try and keep pace, instead of chipping away as we did in the first half. Yes, Coach should correct that. He may be and the players just aren’t executing. Probably is you can’t really bench them if they don’t because we have almost no bench. But I agree it is a problem – lack of touches at uva and last night for our bigs. But also give bc/uva credit – they doubled down and forced us to pass, and our perimeter plays don’t move without out the ball well like bc does to find an open spot (that is on the coaching).

  17. H-SCokie says:

    I think it’s all about screens, screens and more screens. BC and UVA kill us with the picks they set. We are always chasing them on defense it seems. Why on earth, can’t we set screens as effectively?

    What really annoys me, is that every other team in the ACC has guys who come off the bench and hit the open jumper. I really thought Manny was going to be that guy, but so far he isn’t. We need to recruit some role players to complement the “scorers” we have.

    Granted if we could ever keep a full roster and not run guys off the team, strike out on multiple people in the same class, etc., we probably would have a better shot.

    • Niemo says:

      Manny lost his confidence after January. You can even see it in warm-ups. If he misses his first couple jumpers, he starts shaking his head. Almost has relief when one goes in.

  18. H-SCokie says:

    Neimo, why do you think Greenberg coached teams struggle so much getting production off the bench? The only guy who seems to have remotely embraced that role over the years is JTT.

    • Niemo says:

      I hear a lot of people say it is lack of confidence – one bad shot, one miss on D, and you get the hook. I think that may be true but am not sure. I also think it is that we don’t have a ton of talent compared to other ACC schools. We have had to make due with a sprinkling of 4-stars, and several 3-stars. Other ACC schools are pulling in the occasional 5-star and are littered with 4-stars. So you don’t have that depth of talent. Look at our team 5-years ago – we had good athletes, not bball players. We won with defense and effort, not deadly shooting. All that weighs in.

  19. UptownsGreatest says:

    Neimo it is true (in regards to a bad shot or miss on D, and getting the hook)….As far as Manny goes, he plays well when he gets minutes, when he doesn’t, there’s not much production. However, I will say that partly because Green and Delaney are not real point guards who can penetrate and locate the open man, because with a player like Manny, you have to locate him on time, not too late which is usually the case in my perspective. Therefore, he forces up a shot he has no business taking because his rhythm is off. To those who think Eddie would do any better…Answer: He wouldn’t, check his shooting percentages throughout the season. Horrendous!…Also, Greenberg is not a good strategist when it comes to making substitutions (even with the extra options before the injuries).

  20. HipHop_Hokie says:

    H-SCokie – just wait until next season. The bench is going to be freaking LOADED. This season has just been filled with injuries and of the 3 players that we do have coming off the bench, 2 are freshman and 1 is a relatively unheralded sophomore. When the Fab Four come in next year, you are going to see a totally different Hokie team. Youth will be an issue… depth will NOT.

  21. UptownsGreatest says:

    Yea yea yea…..slight typo,LOL!!!


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