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Road to Greensboro | Tech is the #6 Seed

As expected, boston college thrashed wake forest today.  So bc, clemson, and VT finished tied for fourth at 9-7.  clemson gets the #4 seed by virtue of beating bc and VT.  bc gets the #5 since they swept VT.  And the Hokies are relegated to 6th for going 0-3 against those two teams.

The Hokies will play the #11 seed, georgia tech at approximately 9:20 PM on Thursday at the Greensboro Coliseum.  The game will start 20 minutes after the conclusion of the #7/10 game.

The yellow jackets will be the #11 seed no matter what happens Sunday in the miami @ gt  and fsu @ nc state games because the wolfpack have a one game lead and they beat georgia tech in their only meeting, so even if gt wins and nc state loses today, they’d have the tiebreaker.

FYI: If VT wins Thursday, they’d play the #3 seed, florida state, on Friday night at the same time as Thursday’s game.  Tech and tech split this season, with each team winning big at home.

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13 Responses to “Road to Greensboro | Tech is the #6 Seed”

  1. LuvzAznChix says:

    I think 3 wins are needed @ this point in the tourney in order for us to get to The Dance. Anything less is just bubble &/or NITville.

  2. Ryan W says:

    id like to think beating gt will put us in the big dance but you never know what will happen with the other conference tournaments. if we don’t beat them we don’t even deserve consideration. i like that fsu will be waiting if we win because there would be no excuse to lose to them without chris singleton. then again, vt is like night and day you never know if they will be awake or asleep. i hope the light switch goes on.

  3. ryan says:

    ACC website says the game is on “ACC Network.” Does that mean it’s not on TV, you’re kidding right?

  4. HipHop_Hokie says:

    @LuvzAznChix – that’s ludicrous to think that it’s going to take us making it to the ACC final to make the tournament. Nobody is more disenchanted with our team right now than myself, but even still I think that we can earn a berth by beating GT (required) and then at least playing FSU close. If we beat FSU in the second round then we become a lock… if we play them close and competitively but lose by only a handful of points then we have hope… but if we were to get worked by the Noles and lose by 15+ points to them then to me that would be just as bad as losing to GT and would leave us undeserving of a bid in my mind.

    @ryan – the “ACC Network” is just the new name for Raycom. the game will be shown on whatever local network affiliate usually carries your Raycom broadcasts.

  5. chrishokie says:

    I just read that Eddie was suspended again. Anyone know why?

  6. Goodraisin says:

    ryan, it should be on TV… I’m not sure which station is going to pick it up in your area. They don’t make it easy to find, but I finally was able to locate this website:

  7. Goodraisin says:

    Oh, and my prediction is that 2 wins would get us in, but it depends on what the other teams do. If the teams who are supposed to win this weekend end up doing their job and a few of the bubble teams don’t, then we should be okay with 1 win. If teams like VCU and Southern Cal steal automatic bids, then VT has a harder path.

  8. hokiegrad says:

    Ryan – it means it will be on one of your local channels if you’re in an ACC market. If you’re not, it’ll be on

    I think we’re likely in if we beat GT and FSU, but I wouldn’t be completely shocked if we weren’t picked. Lose to GT and we have pretty much no shot. Beat GT and lose to FSU, and they should be sweating bullets on selection Sunday.

  9. Hokie-ritaville says:

    0 Wins in ACCT = NIT (with no guarantee of hosting)
    1 Win in ACCT = NIT (probably hosting)
    2 Wins in ACCT = Sweating it out, but probably in due to expanded field and playing in First Four Rd in Dayton against a middling BSC school, 1st rd exit or sooner
    3 Wins in ACCT = No sweating, no First Four…in probably 8-10 seed, 1st rd exit
    4 Wins in ACCT = Wildest dreams come true, Seth collapses on the court, we’re a 6-7 seed, Sweet 16 possiblities

  10. HipHop_Hokie says:

    We just locked up a huge commitment for 2012… Montrezl Harrell… Clemson / Miami / UVA / Wake / Xavier (amongst others) all offered him as well. Seth is still on that grind…

  11. JT says:

    It’s 3 wins or bust for the hokies… there’s basically no way this team gets in without a run to the ACC final, unless barely any bids disappear during champ. week.

    In all honesty, wouldn’t you want to have a chance at a win or 2 in the NIT rather than watch this team get mauled in round 1 of the NCAAs?

    • Niemo says:

      No, I’d rather be in the Big Dance. Period. That’s like asking if I’d rather play in a BCS bowl and likely get mauled by 30 by a one hit wonder like stanford while laying on South Beach and doing a gator tour of the ‘Glades, or I’d rather play in the [insert name this year] Bowl in DC in 35 degree weather and pummel ecu by 30. Pretty easy answer. It is time we start getting in the Big Show and give ourselves a chance, instead of just living in the second tier.

  12. chrishokie says:

    I agree with Niemo on that one. We need to have an NCAA appearance on our resume for recruiting. Half the teams lose the first round and while it’s disappointing it’s no shame. As a fan I prefer more games and more wins but a first round NCAA loss is still better for the program.

    An NIT bid might be more useful than an NCAA one and done for a younger team to get them additional post season experience. And if I thought we could win the NIT that might be on par with an NCAA 1st round loss. But the way this team is we could get knocked out of the NIT at home AGAIN for the 4th year in a row. Been there, done that.


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