Hokies left out of the NCAA Tournament … again

Well, folks, it’s not like you can say you are surprised. We have wins over duke (No. 1 seed), two wins over fsu (which made the tournament), and a win over penn state (which also in the big dance), and we got left out. We won 11 conference games in the ACC including regular season and the ACC tournament. The Hokies made it to the semifinals of the ACC tourney, beating the No. 3 seed, fsu. And yet, Seth Greenberg and his 21-11, 11-8, Hokies got the big old snub once again from the NCAA tournament selection committee.

What more can we say? The NIT selection show is at 9 p.m., tonight. We would assume the Hokies would be a No. 1 or 2 seed and will host 2-3 games, assuming they win. Excuse us if we’re not all giggly about those prospects.

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39 Responses to “Hokies left out of the NCAA Tournament … again”

  1. LuvzAznChix says:

    How about THIS REALITY: On the down side, they’ve lost to Virginia twice, and Georgia Tech once. Their record against teams with a top 50 RPI is only 1-4. http://bleacherreport.com/articles/633582-march-madness-2011-predictions-whos-in-whos-out-and-who-are-the-top-seeds/entry/52139-march-madness-predictions-2011-will-virginia-tech-get-snubbed-again

  2. LuvzAznChix says:

    Look…if you’re Va.Tech, unless you’re say Duke or UNC or most of the other schools (MD, Clem, BC or even Ga.Tech, WF) you ABSOLUTELY CANNOT get swept by UVa, BC & lose to Clem & have that abismal of an RPI against top 50s & expect to make the big dance. I’m sorry, but that’s just the way it goes. Yes, you have to win at least 23-25 games in the season & not get swept by ANYONE in your conference & have a better RPI than that. Just look at the record of the last Tech team to be selected for the dance back in ’06-’07. Look at that teams’ RPI. Tell me it wasn’t higher & better than this squads RPI. I’m sorry, but that’s just the reality for Tech. See, the committee is thinking “Tech, football school, NOT hoops. So, unless they have something that stands out, no tourney.”

  3. Ryan W says:

    it is such a joke that vcu and uab are in and colorado and vt are not. every analyst is just bashing those selections. bilas questioned whether the selection committee knows that the ball is round. that tells you how ridiculous it is. very tough i just really feel bad for our seniors with all the injuries this team endured i honestly think its unbelievable we were even in this position.

  4. Chris Graham says:

    Terrible snub. Georgia in, VCU in, Penn State in, almost the entire Big East in, Tech (once again) out. I’m a UVa. alum/diehard. You guys got totally screwed!

  5. Chris says:

    I’m actually shocked, not surprised. I thought we were a shoe-in to make it, and was actually hoping we could avoid a play-in game. And I’m one of the most pessimistic fans you’ll ever meet.

    ESPN (especially Bilas) has been blasting the selection committee over the VT and Colorado snubs. It’s nice to see but it’s not much of a consolation prize.

    I know this team had their chances (the UVA losses were a killer) but they did enough to dance in this weak field. It’s a cry and shame they’re being left out. And I’m not saying that cause I’m a Hokie. Colorado got the shaft even worse than we did.

    I sincerely hope that someday (soon) the NCAA will get some actual basketball people on the selection committee. It’s painfully obvious these morons don’t have a clue what they’re doing.

  6. LuvzAznChix says:

    Seriously, what was the record & RPI of the ’06-’07 squad (Dowdell & Gordon)? What was it? Because THAT’S what we need to do EVERY year as minimum to make the dance. Anything less than what we did in ’06-’07 isn’t going to cut it. That’s reality. Anything less, no tourney. Only NIT. Delaney (& maybe even Allen) should have left for the draft instead of returning this year. It would have been better for them. Then they wouldn’t have had to deal with the reality of playing hoops @ tech. The realiity being: NO tourney, only NIT with 23 wins or less & a pathetic RPI against top 50.

  7. King says:

    Here’s the selection committee (this must be their way of getting even for the unfairness of the BCS in college football since 6 of the 10 are from non-BCS conferences…they’re stickin it to us!!!):

    Current men’s committee members
    Name Position
    Gene Smith† Ohio State University Athletic Director
    Mike Bobinski Xavier University Athletic Director
    Ron Wellman Wake Forest University Athletic Director
    Jeff Hathaway University of Connecticut Athletic Director
    Lynn Hickey University of Texas at San Antonio Athletic Director
    Doug Fullerton Big Sky Conference Commissioner
    Scott Barnes Utah State University Athletic Director
    Stan Morrison University of California, Riverside Athletic Director
    Dan Beebe Big 12 Conference Commissioner
    Steve Orsini Southern Methodist University Athletic Director

  8. ryan says:

    BLAH BLAH f’ing blah! OH we shouldn’t have loss this game or that game, UVA or BC. FINE! That’s what makes a friggin bubble team, A BUBBLE TEAM! They got some good wins, and some bad losses.

    USC?! They lost to TCU AND BRADLEY, two teams that finished LAST in their conferences, TCU going 4-26. 4-26! That’s not a UVA loss folks, that’s if we had loss to friggin LONGWOOD!

    Weaker conference, worse record, not a big of a sig win, worse losses.

    Seriously, USC. You’ve got to being shitting me. This is nonsense and the committee has CLEARLY gone out of their way this time to leave us out. UN-BE-LIEV-ABLE

  9. FruitpietheMagician says:

    Delaney, Allen, Bell, Davilla, and Green – All of us Hokie fans (and most of the civilized world) knows you should be in the Tournament, and we appreciate the exciting basketball that you have played in 2010-11. It is what it is, and for many of us, to see a run of 2+ games in the NIT is a great way to extend the Basketball season to which none of us wants to end. I’ve always said that going deep into the NIT is more fun for the fan, than one and done in the NCAA. Go get ‘em guys! Go Hokies!

  10. LuvzAznChix says:

    This is the complete list of members on the men’s selection committee:

    Gene Smith† Ohio State University Athletic Director
    Mike Bobinski Xavier University Athletic Director
    Ron Wellman Wake Forest University Athletic Director
    Jeff Hathaway University of Connecticut Athletic Director
    Lynn Hickey University of Texas at San Antonio Athletic Director
    Doug Fullerton Big Sky Conference Commissioner
    Scott Barnes Utah State University Athletic Director
    Stan Morrison University of California, Riverside Athletic Director
    Dan Beebe Big 12 Conference Commissioner
    Steve Orsini Southern Methodist University Athletic Director

  11. Bryan says:

    If I was VT I would seriously consider passing on the NIT. I recall Maryland doing it several years ago.. No reason to beat themselves up anymore. Thanks Jeff, Malcolm, and Terrell for 4 great years. Screw the NCAA selection committee.

  12. Les says:

    Wake Forest AD is still on the selection committee. I wonder Seth was talking about him. Tech and Wake recruited many of the same players, some of whom are currently on the Tech roster and some more on the way.

  13. LuvzAznChix says:

    Whelp-bring on football! Glad all this hoops crap is done. Let’s go LT & DW!

  14. RK in Roanoke says:

    At this point you have to wonder if there is not something seriously personal going on here. When you get down to the last few teams each year, they are all flawed none of them great. The committee has to be looking for reasons not to take VT, as really this year when it came down to the last couple and it came down to Col, UAB VCU and VT, the committee could have easily said, you know, VT has been among the last out for 4 years, let’s just include them and see if they show up. But instead they opt to leave them out. Whether UAB or VCU are not as good, really doesn’t matter to me at this point. There seems to be something political going on and I think it sucks. I will probably not watch much of the NCAA tourney this year, right now I really do not care who wins. BTW if you look at kenpom which many have as better than RPI from a who is better, VT is 30th. Just saying.

  15. LuvzAznChix says:

    Also comes down to TV ratings too! Obviously, USC is a better & larger market than tech. Plus, USC has a better RPI than we do.

  16. Truthseeker says:

    Here’s the thing it won’t ever matter if we have 20 wins or 200 wins, what the selection comitee wants to see is whether or not we can compete on the grand stage and make an exiting game…no…that’s not it cause such weak teams made it. It must be because our fans don’t travel well and they can’t fill the stands…no that’s not it either cause tech fans travel better than most schools. All I can wonder about is why does the media hang on the balls of players like singler and hansborough, but not delaney(even when he was the leading scorer in the acc or Allen). I’ll tell u why, it’s the same reason va tech doesn’t get in to the big dance… We don’t have a white guy starter and as long as we are on the bubble without one those racist fucks will never let us in!

  17. King says:

    NCAA sending a great message rewarding a 19-13 USC program who’s on football probation and was on basketball probation, and whose coach just assaulted another fan last week. *sarcastic clapping*

  18. chrishokie says:

    Makes me sick. You guys have pretty much said it all. This year we have added some things to our resume that we thought kept us from making last year. I do wonder if the committee decided that if they picked us they couldn’t really leave BC out. So, maybe it was both of us or neither of us.

    I hate blaming politics but I am now considering it. While Seth’s “certifiably insane” remark has been laughed about over the years this snub makes me wonder if the committee didn’t appreciate it. I was thinking that happened Delaney’s freshman year but maybe sophomore. Little did Seth know there would be even more confusing snubs to follow.

    I think a trip to MSG would be a great achievement for this group. After all they’ve missed in 3 previous tries. The only way you can prove you belonged in NCAA is to make a big splash in the NIT. 2 more wins and this group becomes tops all time, right? They still have that goal.

    To the guy that said we needed to beat Duke yesterday (was it NYC?) I have to say, YOU WERE RIGHT!

  19. chrishokie says:

    UAB got in because of their RPI? That’s effing ridiculous! That just makes me even madder! UAB looks a lot like we did last year. Good record, weak schedule, no big wins and got upset in the first round of their tournament, all the things that supposedly got us axed last year.

    If they are going to weight the RPI that heavily then they need to do what football does and get a number of math polls and average them. Relying on one poll is ridiculous. Sagarin has us at 40 (3rd best in the ACC), UAB 53 and VCU 77!

    I noticed that Maryland is not in the NIT field. How can that be? Did they decline? It’s like they are targeting the ACC. Except Duke of course. Many said Notre Dame deserved the #1 seed and Duke got it. UNBELIEVABLE!!!

  20. Tyler says:

    I feel for you about having total wins. But really I think the bottom line is who did u win against. Look at USC’s schedule and u see that they beat 3 top 25 teams. Don’t think it’s a matter of the quality of the team u lost to vs the amount u have won against quality teams which would mean duke.
    Also it’s funny when people pull the race card. Hansbrough took a team who wasn’t expected to be a factor to placing second on one of the toughest conferences that has beat pretty much beat most teams out of conference. Unfortunately for ur star guard to get some spotlight the rest of the team has to win in tough situations. Putting big numbers on teams u lose to or bad teams doesnt help the stats. Either way what is done is done sucks that some of the sketch conference teams with mediocre records getting in because they feel the need to throw in some chew toys for the big dogs but it’s how things go.

  21. Zack says:

    I don’t think it has to do with tv-markets or racism or any conspiracy theory. I think our snub has to do with poor decision making by the committee members. Maybe there should be more basketball people on the committee (instead of ADs) like Bilas suggested. I just feel so bad for malcolm, jeff, and terrell. A great 4 years which included 86 wins (correct me if I did the math wrong), two victories over the number one team in the country, but ultimately no NCAA tournament appearance. These guys worked hard for it, they deserved it, and I feel terrible that they won’t get that opportunity.

  22. chuck says:

    Penn St bothers me the most. If they had lost Saturday, or Friday, we’d be in. We beat them head to head.

    They got in because the strength of their losses never hurt them. They lost to Maine, Maryland, Mississippi. And they never beat anyone decent until their tourney. But the rest of their losses were to top 15s like Wisconsin, Ohio St, Purdue and tourney teams like Michigan and Michigan State.

    Our quality of losses was fairly good until the last 12, and the last 12 and RPI are really what get weighed the most, it’s just the committee will never admit it, because it would cheapen their “process”.

    Us beating FSU was a Catch-22 situation. Beating them knocked them from 44 to 53, while only moving us up a commensurate 9 to 56 from 65. It was no-win. We suffered a worse top 50 record against them, with one less win.

    The ACC once again did us no favors. The league has taken a huge step backwards from the beginning of 2009-2010, which saw Wake at #1, and 3 others in the top 10. At the end of the past several years the league has flagged, and it no longer commands the respect it once did.

    MD didn’t even get an NIT bid. Probably because people knew if Gary had to go on the road, he’d probably decline it anyway, like a couple years back. We play at home, and Weaver will opt for 2-3 potential home dates over the ignominy of the same class being a #1 seed in the VT Invitational for 3rd time in 4 years.

    I am sad to say, that although i hold affinity for several of the individuals in this class, i never want to see them play together as a group again. Or see Seth coach them…i want to see if he has any game management chops with this next group before i condemn him, but i have some severe misgivings.

    How can a group have quite possibly a top 5 all-time player at VT in Delaney, and over 80 wins together (maybe close to 90) and leave you feeling completely hollow?

    Just like football, Just like football (it’s a breezy night and that’s what i am hearing against my window…faint though it may be)

    Enjoy the tournament…get into your brackets…and: Opening Day is in just two weeks! Spring is here…

    (I know, just thought I’d try and cheer you all up)

    /beer on the curb

  23. vt1fan says:

    I challenge all of you to name someone/anyone, and to be honest, that has been better than Jeff Allen and/or Malcolm Delaney that played all 4 years in college and didn’t play in the ncaa tournament. Not didn’t win, didn’t even get a [bleeping] chance to play.

  24. jtvthokie says:

    I feel bad for the Hokie players, but I cannot say that I’m surprised. Let’s go back to last year (yes, I’m still bitter). A Hokie team finishes 3rd in the ACC. Five teams get into the tourney – yes – teams that finished 1st, 2nd, 4th, 5th and 6th. Granted, 5/6 finished 9-7 in the conference. But a Tech team that finished 25-9 was left out because they “didn’t play a difficult schedule, even within the ACC.” But yet the 6th place team got in – a team that Tech had beaten 10 days earlier. On that team’s home floor. That team? Wake Forest. Hmmm. And Ron Wellman, AD of WF sits on the committee.
    Given that, I’m not truly surprised we didn’t get in. Perhaps Wellman doesn’t like Jim Weaver (former AD at Wake). Perhaps Delaney has popped all three of Wellman’s daughters? Perhaps Wellman has a side relationship with one or more of the ACC referees and they just didn’t want Jeff Allen in the tournament? Honestly, I really don’t know. What I do know is that the evidence says that Tech must be a “no-brainer” to get into the tourney – where politics can’t keep them out. This team didn’t accomplish that. Too many losses to poor and mediocre teams. I truly feel bad for the seniors. They deserved better.

  25. hokiegrad says:

    I will not be filling out a bracket this year. I don’t want to look at it again. Just ridiculous.

  26. Smitty (Hokie in FL) says:

    Yes this really stinks. But sour grapes doesn’t cut it. I’m not trying to be cold – there is enough of that already in the NCAA selection process. With 7 scholarship players available we’re probably not competitive in the NCAA tourney.

    So, how do you let the selection committe know they goofed? You BEAT THE SNOT OUT OF the NIT competition all the way to the end!!! If our team has any leadership in it at all, that is what you do. If we just fold our tent and say whoa is me, we are the bubble team whiners. There are other teams that got snubbed as well.

    Go through the NIT process, FILL CASSELL everytime to the rafters!, and win every game by 15+!! Don’t disresepect the competition, just beat them at basketball. The leadership of our seniors and coach is now being severely tested. If we have the gumption, we do this and show the incoming recruits how we handle adversity.

    We did this well in an April a few years ago, and this is NOTHING compared to that……

    Go Hokies!! Forever………

  27. HipHop_Hokie says:

    chuck – I really appreciate and respect your thoughts. I have been hyping up this 2011 recruiting class for quite some time now, and Seth definitely has something to prove not only to me, but to the world with how he does with them. We need to schedule balls-to-the-wall like Tennessee and Michigan State did this year, because it is quite obvious from both of their respective cases that it doesn’t matter how many games you win as long as you schedule a bunch of difficult games. Michigan State is in the tournament with an 18-14 record. That is just hilarious to me.

    The system is horribly flawed, just like the BCS. The RPI is a joke. But it’s the system that we play in. So it’s time to take advantage of it and abuse it’s shortcomings just like Tennessee and Michigan State have done this year. We’re on the right track to BCS glory in football (look at our laughable OOC schedule this year – we look like an SEC school for God’s sake), so we might as well jump in bed with the NCAA tourney demons as well.

    To everyone as sickened as I am by yesterday’s events, just keep one thing in mind. C.J. Barksdale and Dorian Finney-Smith are coming. I have been telling you all for a while. Stay the course.

  28. chrishokie says:

    Anyone think that a) Greenburg’s “certifiably insane” comment or b) Our team’s lack of sportsmanship, specifically the Allen antics in the Duke game, play a role in all this? And did danyone notice that Delaney shoved Nolan Smith and Smith didn’t react? Our top two players seem to lack maturity in those situations. That’s something I really like about Erick Green. He seems to be above all that.

    Interesting comment Chuck on the Maryland situation. I was scratching my head trying to figure out how Miami could be a #2 seed in the NIT and Maryland not even get in. It does go to show you that things that have happened in the past can lead to a payback snub in the future.

    I am going to be over this and excited about seeing some more games even if it’s in the NIT. Maybe we can beat this BC team on Wednesday night. Go Hokies!

  29. Hokyskin says:

    We got screwed just like we have for the past 3 seasons. I don’t even want to watch the NCAA tournament because I know we can contend with the teams that are in. I feel horrible for our seniors. They played their hearts out every game. They had a great season consisting of two of the greatest wins in tech history (Duke and FSU in the Tourney). Let’s go win the NIT so our seniors can go out on a high note.

  30. jtvthokie says:

    Smitty, you’re right on.
    But hip hop, you must be wrong. Can’t be uva, as his call name says he likes chix…..

  31. Niemo says:

    A few comments on the Comments thing…

    We don’t have a ‘set of rules’ as to what we allow on here. It is completely at our discretion. That said, I can tell you a few things:
    1) Anything from someone non-VT is probably going to get deleted unless it is very straightforward and isn’t inflammatory. To be honest, I don’t care if non-VT people read this site or not. This is for Hokie Nation and everyone else can kiss my burnt orange and Chicago maroon butt.
    2) Any call-outs of other posters in a negative way is going to be gone (or at least have the reference to the other person removed).
    3) No curse words. There’s enough good other references like ‘fargin ice hole’ or ‘doodle-sucker’ to go around.
    4) We will look into having running comment pages during games next year. Just decided to hold off on that this season.
    5) Anything pro-uva or md is going to be gone.
    6) Anything else we decide to delete, we’ll delete, often with no rhyme or reason. Honestly, we make NO money off this site. Our site, our rules. And because we don’t have defined rules, we can change them whenever we want to suit our purposes! So if we tick off a few readers, that’s fine. We’ll just keep giving you the best all-around Hokie bball info and multimedia you can get, as well as some of the greatest drinking stories for free (thank you, Weekend Warrior).

    Alright, now let’s get back to having fun…

  32. JamisonVT says:


    Thanks for the post of rules on posting….it was needed.

    You do a great job man….i absolutely love this web site. Its my number one source for my Hokie Basketball fix.

    Lets just go win the NIT and prove a point. Yes we have been snubbed four years in a row. Im just as upset as anyone else, but lets take advantage of the fact that there is another post season tournament for teams like the Hokies who get screwed every year.

    Im sorry, but if you dont win or even make the final four in the NIT after being a top seed four years in a row then there is something wrong with our post season play. Lets do this….GO HOKIES

  33. Les says:

    The Big East also squeezed in 2 more teams than some expected. They had the advantage of playing extra games against the bottom-feeders in the first two rounds. As a result, all eleven made the NCAA and none of the Big East teams were invited to the NIT.

  34. VTGrad'95 says:

    chrishokie – The first thing I thought of when we were snubbed was Allen throwing the ball at the Duke player’s head. However, I can’t imagine they would use that as an excuse. Look at Tennessee’s and USC’s NCAA violations, but they still got in. That was the NCAA’s chance to snub someone. I do wish Jeff could eliminate those bone-headed, heat of the moment plays, because he has so much potential. I think he is the most talented player on our team, but he holds himself back!

  35. Blue Collar Hokie says:

    Does anyone else just feel numb? For me it was anger last night and just apathy today. I work with UNC, Clemson, WVU, and UVA fans (as I’m sure many of you do.) Every single one of them were on our side saying we got robbed, the seeding is all screwed up, etc. Hell, even a Radford alum was telling how messed up the whole thing is.

    Everyone saying Seth should be fired needs to remember what it was like before he got to the Burg. An empty Cassel, nobody talking about the bball squad much less what post season tourney we should be in not to mention players telling recruits not to go to VT. Seth has turned all that around and I commend him.

    I dont blame the players if they lay an egg in the NIT, it’ll be just one more dissapointing chapter in the dissapointing book that is life as a Hokie fan. Dont get me wrong I want them to suceed, I just dont see it.

  36. Charles Wakefield says:

    Well at least a great team like VCU was able to get in the dance. We should face the fact that we would have to win every game to warrant consideration from those basketball gurus.

  37. LuvzAznChix says:

    It’s LuvzAznChix (you know, asian chicks, they’re kinda my thing) & if ANYONE has ANY questions as to where my loyalties are, just go to the FireBryanSpineLESSpring site & you’ll pick up on it. I still maintain that it was the UVgAy losses, with BC & Clem losses, our RPI & TV marketing. But it’s still arse’n-turds-for-brains committee also. Done.

    BTW-you can’t totally eradicate the cussing. Let’s be real, we’re all humans here, but more than that, we’re hokies. Plus, sometimes, there’s just no other words or way to describe things (i.e. the selection this & the last 3 years is beyond [bleep]ed up, & that’s all there is to it).

    • Niemo says:

      Sure we can eradicate the cussing – no comments get posted until they are approved. I.e. someone on here, usually Cope or me, has to read it first. He’s more lenient then I am, but that depends on who sees it first.

  38. chuck says:

    We can all do our level best to express ourselves without cursing.

    Non curse adjectives make for better reading anyhow. And more economic writing. Let’s challenge ourselves to be better than other blogs that devolve into more base language.

    Nobody can explain what happened to us on Sunday in one simple capsule.

    Numb is a good sentiment. Although most of us believed we would get in, particularly with the addition of 4 at-large bids. But although most of us believed it, most of us were waiting for the bad news to drop.

    At least the cupboard isn’t bare. Unlike MD, who quite frankly should be evaluating their whole program’s mentality. Next year we’ll truly see what we have, and see if Seth can coach personnel to it’s strengths/weaknesses instead of just drilling his personal philosophy into them. I call that the Larry Brown approach.

    Larry Brown will fight to the death and submarine his own efforts to imprint his own particular style on a team. See the NY Knick job he did for a perfect view into this type of coaching mentality. That team won 23 games with 37-38 win talent. Just because he is unbending.

    I just don’t know if Seth knows how to coach guys any differently, and i still see zero effectiveness in half court offensive sets. I just don’t know if he can install an offense and couple it with the turnover/transition game he covets. If we play a patient team, WE ALWAYS LOSE. The TO margin isn’t there to generate the easy opps we need to keep a game close.

    I haven’t even looked at the NIT bracket yet. I decided I am going to watch our games, and take each opponent as it comes. Enough forecasting…never seems to do any good anyway.


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