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Preview | bethune-cookman (21-12) @ VT (21-11) | Wed., 8 PM | ESPNU

Preview | bethune-cookman (21-12) @ VT (21-11) | Wed., 8 PM | ESPNU

The Hokies get a third shot at bc on Wednesday, only this time it is the [I have no idea what their nickname is] of bethune-cookman from [no idea… not even the state] rolling into town!  Get ready for some super-sized fun, it is the big MEAC against the team that doesn’t get treated like they are in the ACC!

Welcome home, Hokies!  Back to the Virginia Tech Invitational for the fourth straight year!  LOL – seriously, that logo cracks me up every time. >>>>>>>

OK, enough saltiness.  Here’s the 411 on b-c since, a) I am curious and figured I’d look it up, b) well, A is really the only reason.

  • Who? bethune-cookman university wildcats… WHO ARE WE? “The Wildcats!”  Who are we gonna beat?  “The wildcats!”  [Simpson’s reference]
  • Mary Bethune started the bethune educational and industrial training school which later merged with the cookman institute of Jacksonville to become a co-ed high school in 1924.  Became a JC in ’31, and a 4-year school in ’41.
  • Where?  Daytona Beach, FL
  • Why? Regular season champs that don’t make the ncaa tournament get an auto-bid to the NIT… b-c won the MEAC regular season title at 13-3 but got upset by morgan state in the MEAC semi-finals.
  • What?  As in ‘what the heck are we doing playing a MEAC team instead of some #5 or 6 seed in that other tournament.

Jake Taylor said it best in Major League – “I guess there’s only one thing left to do… win the whole [bleeping] thing.”

SERIES: VT 1-0 (Hokies 69-58 in B’burg on 1/12/2005)


Position Virginia Tech b-c
Guard 11 Green – 6-4 3 Reed 6-3
Guard 23 Delaney – 6-3 10 Elliott 6-3
Wing/Forward 1 Bell – 6-7 32 Starling 6-6
Forward 0 Allen – 6-7 11 Bryant 6-6
Forward/Center 14 Davila – 6-8 5 Abrahams 6-9

They only have 10 guys on their roster… got us beat.


Virginia Tech b-c
PPG 69.8 66.3
Pts Against 62.5 65.5
FG % 45% 44%
3-Pt % 33% 32%
FT % 71% 71%
Scorer Delaney 18.6 Reed 19.1
Rebounder Allen 9.9 Starling 6.7
Assists Delaney 4.0 Reed 4.8
Steals Green 1.7 Reed 1.7
Blocks Davila 1.2 Starling 1.0


  • The senior class has 86 wins (86-49).  A win Wednesday will tie the Dell Curry class of 1982-86 for most wins in a 4-year span at 87.
  • With 1 block, Jeff Allen becomes the first ACC player ever with 1500 points, 1000 rebounds, 200 steals, and 150 blocks (I’m guessing he’s the first to 1500-1000-200-149 though either way).
  • Malcolm Delaney needs 13 assists to become VT’s all time leader.  He needs 12 steals to crack the top 10 there.
  • Playing in MSG is pretty cool.  Although these seniors played a combined four games there their freshman and sophomore years in the Aeropostale Somethin-or-other.

I’m not going to post ‘HO-KEYS TO WINNING’.  We all know we ‘should’ win this game and win it easily if the guys hearts are in it.  b-c ranks in the bottom 100 in the nation in offensive efficiency, and bottom 35 (of 350) in defensive efficiency.  So they cannot score or stop decent teams.  They’ll play mostly man and probably haven’t seen much zone against them this year.  What they do do well is not turn the ball over, which the Hokies need to get transition opportunities.

Will VT be focused?  I’m not sure, and I’ll give them a pass if they aren’t.  I think they’ll react one of two ways:

  1. The seniors will realize their dreams of playing in the non-VT Invitational are over and basically have a tee time setup for Thursday.
  2. Come out on a mission to finally make it to the self-proclaimed ‘Most Famous Arena in the World’… I’m talkin’ ’bout in the streets of New York!  The revolution has to start, don’t waste no time in the streets of New York.

We shall see Wednesday night if the guys have a New York state of mind.

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8 Responses to “Preview | bethune-cookman (21-12) @ VT (21-11) | Wed., 8 PM | ESPNU”

  1. chrishokie says:

    Great info on BC. I was wondering as well. Sorry Niemo, I don’t give ‘em a pass if they aren’t focused. It’s not like someone has died. We are all stung and feel for them but we are all going to be watching, giving them a couple more hours of our life and rooting them on to victory. They will all have VT on their uniforms and I think 7 of them are still on scholarship. They will have had 3 days to grieve and I don’t blame them for that. But, they represent the Hokie Nation and it’s time to play not pout! I’m pumped!

    • Niemo says:

      Chris – I hear ya – but put yourself back in your own shoes when you were a senior. I know that both at the end of high school and college, I had started to shut down to a degree. I was looking ahead to what I’d be doing after the next few weeks. And for these seniors, knowing now that they will never play in a ncaa tourney game, which I think was hugely important to them, I cannot blame them if they cannot find that fire and motivation. For the younger guys, yes, this is part of building towards next year. But for the seniors, it is like an extended curtain call.

  2. King says:

    Clemson beat UAB 70-52…*SMH*…Viva la /ViT!!!

  3. FruitpieTheMagician says:

    I am going to support the seniors and my school. We will dispose of these putty-cats. Birds always win against cats…er..uh…Go Hokies!

  4. RK in Roanoke says:

    Niemo – I would agree except for one thing. For the seniors, especially Malcolm and Jeff, this next couple of weeks can be an extended job interview. Neither is considered a great pro-prospect right now. Showing some character and playing hard when things don’t go well can go a long way to getting someone to take a chance. jeff especially should dominate tonight. he needs to play hard and clean and go for 25/20 and get his block that he needs for 150.
    Even if they don’t make the NBA, guys like Ace had very nice and lucrative careers overseas. Time to start acting like a pro and come to play, not the time to shut it down and get senioritis.

  5. trbohokiefan says:

    I initially thought they might be in Bethune, SC – but google says the following for the Wildcats:

    Bethune-Cookman University – Historically black college in Daytona Beach, Florida founded by Dr. Mary McLeod Bethune. – »

  6. chrishokie says:

    Niemo – I do understand how they could be distracted. But, consistent mental focus has been this team’s weakness. Letting opposing team’s players get in your head (per Greenburg on Delaney and GT loss), letting bad foul calls affect your play, (Allen, Delaney often). Beating Duke and then not being able to get it back together for Boston College. (I do realize that part of this could be the coaches fault.) So, I would not be at all be shocked if they play poorly for the very reasons you mentioned. But, if it happens, I don’t give them a pass. If they lose any home games in the NIT this year it means they have underachieved. Underachiever is a label that no competitive athlete should ever want on them regardless of the circumstance. In 3 previous NITs and in conference play this year they have yet to play 3 good games in a row. These seniors have one more chance to have a meaningful 3-game winning streak and it’s on them to help this team carry the right attitude into this tournament. A lot of VT teams have been to the NIT but we’ve only won 2 of them (I think). They have a chance to set themselves apart here in VT history. I am ready to have something to cheer about and put the NCAA screw-job behind us. Go Hokies!!


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