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Cheers to the Seniors, Team


What hit me the hardest last night after the game wasn’t the fact our season was over.  It was the fact I’d never see Malcolm, Jeff, or Terrell play in the burnt orange and Chicago maroon ever again.  And I wouldn’t get to see Paul ham it up on the sidelines ever again.  That stung the most.

I raised a glass last night to our senior class.  What a great four years it has been.  It pains me to know they never were rewarded with a trip to that other tournament for their hard work and great success.  But I am amazed at what they did accomplish.  Let’s look at some of the things they did achieve:

  • 87 total wins - this tied the ‘Dell Curry Era’ for most wins in a 4-year span.  That says it all about how successful this team was.
  • 35-29 ACC regular season record.
  • Finished in 4th place in the ACC (tied or outright) 3 of 4 years.
  • Made ACC Semi-Final Saturday twice.
  • Beat #1twice (and came really close two other times).

And then there’s the gaudy numbers Malcolm Delaney and Jeff Allen put up.

Malcolm Delaney:

  • 3rd in scoring at VT: 2,255 points.
  • 2nd in assists: 543 – just 4 behind Bimbo Coles for the top spot… another game and he’d have had it.
  • 175 steals: just 8 away from making the top 10 there.
  • Two time All-ACC First Team; also made the Third Team as a sophomore.
  • Led the conference in scoring his junior year.
  • Best I can tell, he is 14th on the ACC’s all-time scoring list (5th most in the last 10 years)… that’s pretty good company.
  • 264 career 3-pointers: just 3 away from tying A.D. Vassallo for VT’s all time record.
  • VT’s all time leader in made FTs… by a mile and a half… he made 721 free throws (next closest is Bimbo Coles at 593).

Jeff Allen (The Big Donut):

  • 11th in scoring at VT: 1702 points (just 4 points away from 10th place… ugh, again, just one more game)
  • 4th in rebounds: 1111
  • 4th in steals: 233
  • 5th in blocks: 150
  • Became the first ACC player ever with 1700 points, 1000 rebounds, 200 steals, and 150 blocks.
  • Made ACC All-Freshman team and All-ACC Second Team (senior year).

Link to VT All Time Leaders Page

Let me say one final time — THANK YOU SENIORS!  Thank you for four great years.  You will be missed everywhere except in the VT record books where your place is secured as evidenced above.

Other notes:

It was great seeing Paul Debnam get meaningful minutes yesterday.  It reminded me of a game my freshman year (in HS) where I was third string PG and the first two went down to injury.  All of sudden I had to play the entire final half and all of OT.  We lost, too, in a heartbreaker but I’ll always remember that moment.  I’m sure Paul, although sad to see us lose, will carry that memory forever.  And what a great job he did.  Paul brought the high energy we knew he would and snagged a couple of key rebounds.

Terrell Bell became VT’s stopper on defense, and hit 38% of his 3-pointers his final two seasons.  He gave the Hokies a much needed second option from behind the arc.  And on a team that had no quality on-ball defenders at the guard position (at least when Zo went down), his defense was a must in man-to-man.


What a great effort yesterday.  Those final minutes of regulation and OT really summed up our season.  Just when we found a way to keep our heads above water, they’d add another 5 feet to the tank.  Allen’s 5th foul and Davila having to leave the game with the shoulder injury put us at 5 scholarship players.  Yet the Hokies battled back from 6 down and nearly won the game.  Even in OT Tech hung in there despite the fact wsu’s 7-footer had about 5-9 inches on anyone guarding him.  I couldn’t have been more proud of the guys and how they battled.

Speaking of Jeff’s 5th foul, that made me sick.  Not the call, but the fact the shockers player ran right at him, right into him, and then flopped.  Some would call it smart basketball, I call in European soccer.  Or another word that starts with a ‘p’ comes to mind.  I know this is the pot calling the kettle black because of Delaney’s history, but he’s taken crap for that from our fans, too (me included).  And he never targeted a guy and went right at him.  So that wsu player lost all my respect.  Smart, maybe.  But not what a real man would do.

Oh, and in case you were wondering, for the 19th straight VT game the team that shot for a higher percentage from 3-point range won (wsu 50% — 10/20 to VT’s 44% — 8/18).  What a wild stat that turned in to.  Also, the Hokies never lost in those final 19 games when they made more 3-pointers than their opponent.

Props to Seth for keeping the ship above water, too.  This season was in many ways similar to the 2005-06 season except that year the distractions were more about family and personal tragedies, and not just injuries.  That season the wheels completely came off and what looked like a promising season became an agonizing journey to the offseason.  The difference is most of those guys had another year.  MD and JA and TB don’t.  But Seth and the staff found a way to overcome all those injuries and finish 4th in the ACC, while coming within an eyelash of the ncaa tournament.  Amazing coaching job — as much for the mental side of it and keeping the team focused — as it was for the results on the court which I think were fantastic all considered.

Here’s one more toast to the entire squad (getting buzzed yet?).  And here’s to a great offseason, which hopefully we’ll see some key cogs get back to 100%.  Tech will also welcome four stud recruits that we wish will launch the Hokies into that next echelon of teams.

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4 Responses to “Cheers to the Seniors, Team”

  1. hokiegrad says:

    Hear, hear. You never know what the future holds. It looks promising, but you never know. Whatever happens in the future, we can look back at the last four years and remember a lot of good basketball these guys gave us. Thank you, Terrell. Thank you, Malcolm. Thank you, Allen.

  2. ryan says:

    Indeed, salute to our senior class. However, not gunna lie, I hope this incoming class has a little more maturity in leadership. I know these guys had talent and the incoming ones will as well, but I’d love to see some maturity and leadership.

    I’d love to see some guys that can be vocal leaders, some guys that don’t commit devastating, emotional technicals, guys that can play a simple game on College Gameday without looking like they think they’re too cool for it.

    I dunno, some of that lack of maturity really bugs me when I see players on other teams get interviewed during post games like Darius Johnson Odom last night for Marquette.

  3. Zack says:

    I would like to echo the same sentiment as Niemo. It was really tough to realize that we won’t ever get to see those guys suit-up for Virginia Tech again. I was REALLY hoping we could see them go out on top at MSG. But outstanding careers nonetheless for Malcolm, Jeff, and Terrell. A great four years it has been, filled with triumph and heartbreak (the latter especially around Selection Sunday or as my UNC friends dub it “Greenberg Day”). Cheers and good luck to the seniors in their future endeavors.

    Cheers to Niemo and Cope and the rest of the writers as well! We really appreciate the hardwork and dedication. It makes it a lot easier to be a hokie basketball fan during good times and bad. Thanks a lot!

  4. HipHop_Hokie says:

    I definitely appreciate the contributions of Malcolm, Terrell, and Paul for what they were each worth. Malcolm is quite simply, a baller. I grew very frustrated with the way that he almost ALWAYS tried to flop and draw a foul in his freshman and sophomore years… really on into the first half of his junior campaign. But I think that last year, when it became blatantly obvious that refs had been watching plenty of tape on Malcolm, he changed his game and we all were able to watch him evolve before our very eyes. I say this because – through his first 3 years – Malcolm scored 33.4% of his points via free-throws… dangerously close to Tyler Hansbrough’s joke of a record 34.1% of his total points (across all 4 years) coming from the charity stripe. Yet in Malcolm’s senior year… a year when he had to put the team on his back time after time… he cut that percentage all the way down to 28.4% to finish with a career total of 31.9% of his points coming as “freebies”. I was very concerned after his junior year that Malcolm might have found some way during his last season to surpass what I think is one of the biggest jokes in ACC statistics (Hansbrough’s FT point %), yet he manned up and showed that he had true game. Tyler “earned” a ridiculous 35.4% of his senior year points with nobody guarding him… whereas Malcolm did his thing legitimately and went out with his head held high. Thanks for the memories, Malcolm. You will always be an all-time favorite Hokie.

    To Terrell Bell… possibly one of the Hokie ballers that I will always RESPECT the most for his constant hustle, clutch shooting, and just all-around willingness to do whatever it took to help the team win games… you’re the man, homie. Nobody else on our team could have done what you did for us over the years… stuffing the stat sheet from top-to-bottom, and typically ALWAYS being charged with controlling the opposing team’s best player. I know that perhaps you would have liked to have slightly better numbers (and of course to have gotten to taste an NCAA tourney), but hold your head high, big man. You are a HOKIE through and through. If there were a lunchpail on the basketball team, you would no doubt have been entrusted with it many times over.

    To Paul Debnam… the consumate teammate. The heart and soul. The “I see you” symbol flashed every time that the camera was on you. Thanks, too, for everything you’ve done. I’m obviously not in the locker room with you guys, but I have a strong feeling that you provided a glue to the team that nobody else could. Especially here in the 2010-2011 season, which so much adversity and frustration constantly seeming to engulf the squad… don’t know how we would have done it without someone like you always making the sun shine. Bravo, Paul.

    And finally. To Jeff. Every kid dreams about “making it big” in sports. Well almost every kid… I’m sure that some dweebs prefer to dream about getting the new TI-150 calculator “one day”. But I digress. You, Jeff, were well on your way to accomplishing that dream. You starred in high school, showing flashes of brilliance at both Oak Hill and on Hargrave’s postgrad team. That earned you a scholarship to a major ACC school, and suddenly you were a Hokie. When we all saw you play as a freshman, we were WOWED, to say the least. We had visions of being able to dethrone Duke and UNC from their perennial perch atop the conference… or at least I did, anyways. But what transpired throughout your career left SO much more to be desired, Jeff. The fouls… the middle fingers… the constant disrespect towards and challenging of the refs… and my question is, WHY? With so much talent and god-given ability, WHY let all of that extraneous b/s hold you back SO much. Malcolm shouldn’t have even been the leading scorer on our team over these past 2 years. YOU should have been. At the core, you are a far superior player to anyone else that we had on our team these past 4 years… maybe EVER. But for whatever reason – and in MY OPINION, mind you – I don’t think that you tried hard enough to be the best. I appreciate you lifting us up at times and helping us win games that we clearly wouldn’t have without you, but I will NEVER forget the way that you constantly dug our team holes that we were never able to climb out of, either by fouling out so early that the rest of the squad was left clutching their shorts at the end of the game, or by committing one bonehead play after another to give an opposing time exactly what they needed… often times at some of the most inopportune moments possible. I will never forget your time in Blacksburg, Jeff… some good, and some unquestionably bad. But overall, your career to me will always be summed up by “What If…”. I hope that you find peace and happiness with whatever you choose to pursue from here.

    So that’s it. The 2007 freshman have put a bow on what sadly was an underachieving career outside of some individual accolades for Malcolm and Jeff. Who knows what these fellas could have accomplished had they not lost two huge pieces of their 2011 graduating class in Zo and J.T.?? Maybe they would have won it all. Maybe these types of write-ups would be very different as we reflected back on this bunch. But there’s no point in wondering what could have been… we can ONLY look forward. I hate it so much for all of you that you never were invited to a big dance despite the fact that you probably should have been there THREE times… but I will not soon forget the way that you kept us in the top third of one of the best basketball conferences in the country on an annual basis. No, screw that… this NCAA tournament, not to mention 5 of the last 10 NATIONAL TITLES, has shown that the ACC is the cream of the crop. And you guys always kept us in the mix for at the very worst a bye in the ACC tourney. That’s big time stuff.

    But now comes, for me, the most anticipated era in Hokie Hoops HISTORY. The C.J. Barksdale era has begun. And yes, I am more than aware that Dorian is our highest-rated recruit coming in. But as all loyal post readers of this site will know, I have been hyping up C.J.’s arrival for years now. Being that he is from my high school (albeit 13 years behind me… yikes), I had an early glimpse into his raw abilities. And in fact, like I mentioned on this site years ago, I actually contacted Seth way back in 2008 to plead with him to give another GW player – Nick Barbour (just finished his 3rd year at High Point, where he has averaged almost 17 points per game over his career) – a look. And while Seth wrote back and explained to me that he wasn’t going to take Nick, he let me know at that point that he WAS looking at a then-10th grader named C.J. Barksdale. The rest is obviously history as C.J. got the scholly, and is now going to have a chance to put Danville on the map via VT Basketball. So yeah… I’m kind of excited about next year. And I am fully willing to let my credibility rise or fall with how C.J. performs in the orange and maroon. I have a distinct feeling that we are all about to see VT hoops move to the next level… that’s all I’m trying to say.

    Oh, and with Spring Football right around the corner, just to add this last tidbit… David Wilson is also from mine and C.J.’s high school as well. So there is a GOOD chance that the fates of both our football and basketball programs are going to be impacted quite largely by these two George Washington High School grads. Let’s go, GW Eagles… time to earn your Hokie stripes.


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