Good Article on Next Year

This Roanoke Times article had some good tidbits on next year.



  • VT will be in the Preseason NIT (a rumor that’s been swirling for a while) with two games at home.  What the NIT does in the preseason is they have four four team regions (16 teams total).  Tech will apparently be a ‘host’.  There will be two games one day, and two the next.  The winners from the first day play the next day and the winner advances to MSG for the semi-finals, where you are guaranteed two more games.  If you lose in the regionals, you don’t play on after those first two days.  Supposedly there is a quality team in Tech’s region.
  • Tech is back in the BB&T for the third time, I believe, in Washington, DC and will play temple (who has owned the Hokies since VT joined the A-10 in 1995).
  • The Hokies get kansas state, st. bonnie, [directional] michigan, and the citadel at home.
  • Their ACC/Big(12)10 Challenge game will likely be on the road.


  • It was stated Cadarian Raines is ‘totally pain-free’.  That’s great news and let’s hope it holds up.
  • Still sounds like Allan Chaney is in limbo and may need surgery to have a defibrillator installed in May.  Looking more and more likely as if we will never see him suit up.
  • Progress on Hudson sounds good (and confirms what I’ve heard). 
  • No real update on JT Thompson.
  • Jarell Eddie might not be eligible to play in the fall.  I stress ‘might’.  Seems to just be a rumor at this point.  And even if true, that would only impact the first handfull of games.  You become eligible once the first semester is over, i.e., the day after the last day of exams at VT.

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20 Responses to “Good Article on Next Year”

  1. Ryan Healy says:

    appreciate the status updates, keep em comin!

  2. Goodraisin says:

    My favorite part was when they said Cadarian Raines is 100% healthy. Now let’s keep it that way… he needs to have a little pep talk with his feet.

  3. Goodraisin says:

    Niemo, random question… who would you say was the best recruit of the Ricky Stokes era? I know, it’s pretty laughable to think about. Has to be either Bryant Matthews or Carlos Dixon right?

  4. Chris says:

    Just hoping we don’t play another slew of 200+ RPI teams. Please, no more Longwoods. They’re RPI killers.

    Hoping for the best with Allan Chaney. He’d be a huge boost to next season. J.T. isn’t a true post player and Raines hasn’t shown much offensively.

    But I’m already looking forward to next year. Should be a very exciting year with the potential to be a very good one (NCAAs).

  5. Les says:

    So they’ve committed to defibrillator implantation?

    The docs wanted to do this procedure last fall but that would also mean the end of his basketball career.

    “It’s a virus that heals itself,” said Virginia Tech coach Seth Greenberg. “But with virus comes scarring. The scarring leads to short-circuiting, and that’s why he faints.

    “They can fix the short-circuiting, but the doctors want to put in a defibrillator. The reason they don’t want you to play with a defibrillator is the wire can be jolted.”

  6. hokiegrad says:

    unless they’re somehow a lot better next year, Eastern Michigan and the Citadel will be RPI killers… do we have to schedule those kinds of teams? Longwood, USC-Upstate, and UMBC had better RPIs than E. Michigan this last year.

    Thanks for keeping us informed. Can’t wait to see the guys take the court next year. Great news regarding Raines, whom I was starting to really worry about. Really hope Chaney surprises us and is able to play, but I agree that at this point it’s looking less and less likely. More Barksdale in year one? :)

  7. Ryan C. says:

    OOC is yawn. I guess we just got to hope for a good draw in the tournaments we’re in.

  8. chuck says:

    Maybe we’ll get Michigan St in the Big 10 challenge. Or Michigan.
    There were 4 teams tied for 4th in the Big 11 last year. Mich, Mich St, Penn St, and Illinois (all at 9-9)

    We’ve played Penn St and Illinois in recent years (though Illinois was in the NCAAs), but we’ve seen Penn St 3x in the past 5 years, so they are the only one i can rule out…

    If we could go to Michigan State and get a win (I like our chances); then we could finally put the RPI crap to bed.

    I hate the Temple matchup…i hate watching us shoot 22% from 3, and barely putting up 50…we are 1-8 v them since 1995…and have topped 59 once, in our win, when we scored exactly 60. Our offensive output in losses has been: 41,41,53,48,51,46,52,50

    The most memorable of these was in 96, when i went to Philly to watch us play. We had only lost 3 games…two very respectable road losses (GA who went on to lose in the sweet 16 or final 8 to a surprising Cuse team led by John Wallace, and at GW vs Alexander Kool and a 5’3 PG, can’t recall his name)…of course the home loss was to #1 UMass which a # of us camped out for tickets for in front of the Cassell (during a rainy frigid Feb week)…

    The game at Temple IMO gave teams a blueprint for success against us…we were a patient team for the most part, content to shorten the game by lengthening possessions and working our offense for good shots, and playing good transition D. Against Temple we couldn’t knock down any outside shot, and because of the long rebounds, we gave up a lot of easier baskets than we’d have liked to. We didn’t have the interior presence (Travis Jackson being the tallest guy, and he was more often found outside the paint, content to let Smitty and Ace handle the blocks)…i think this game threw us off our path, because a 13-3 team should have gone deeper into the A-10 tourney. Had we done that we wouldn’t have been looking down the barrel at the #1 team in the NCAAs in the 2nd round.

    Sigh…i hate Temple.

    • Niemo says:

      Chuck – Oh, my gosh, what was that midget’s name? He was there when I was in school. We used to heckle the heck out of him. Every time he touched the ball we’d either sing the Smurf’s theme song, chant ‘Web-ster’, or other stuff I can’t say on here. Looking it up now before it drives me crazy… Shawnta Rogers! Ha! That’s great memories… thanks Chuck. And when 7′ Alexander Koul would touch the ball we’d chant ‘USA!’ to heckle the big Russian. Man, great memories. Too bad I haven’t matured since then.

      And I hate temple, too. My family is Philly-based and went to two of the other ‘Big 5’s’… they hate temple and st. joe’s (stupid hawk — I loved it when the Hokie BIrd ringed him with a hoola hoop so he couldn’t flap his wings… although he got suspended for that I believe… the hawk has powerful friends, and is on a full ride). Not looking forward to a game with temple. I say this with all due respect, but they may have the ugliest student body in the nation.

  9. Mike says:

    It’s my understanding that we have 4 yet to be determined games next year, we need to go on the road to 150-200 rpi ranked teams. That would get us the rpi points for a road win and not incur the awful SOS. I think mid major va teams are perfect especially after this tourney.

    • Niemo says:

      Mike – everyone (me included) wants us playing other VA teams… we shall see if we get our wish (not holding my breath).

  10. chuck says:

    That was the year the Cassell caved in and we had to play games in Radford and Roanoke…

    I had baseline front-row seats at Dedmon (GA seating) on a snowy Saturday matinee v LaSalle…Good and Watlington hit for two oops right in my lap…you could never sit that close at the Cassell…

    We packed the Roanoke Civic Center (kinda) on another snowy night for the G-Dub rematch…it was a 9pm start, so we had the girlfriends DD, and got super lathered…we were highly abusive to the midget and Mr. Koul (the next coming of Yinka Dare, RIP)….

    Fun, FUN, year! Especially considering the Bowl Coalition trip to New Orleans…and then my first Spring Break…i think i finally paid off that MBNA Visa with Burruss on the front in 2008??!

  11. chuck says:

    If we played 2 CAA teams one home, one away, a couple tournament games with at least one highly ranked draw, and a Big 11 match on the road nobody can question our pedigree in March…the obvious thing is that we HAVE to win some of those games…we didn’t this year.

    One wonders if we had beaten K St on the road if that would have even been enough…Colorado beat them 3x and still didn’t get in the dance…the more i talk with other VT fans, we have all come to the consensus that Seth has made some enemies (already touched on by everyone, I know)…let’s hope going forward that the ACC brass has more brass in their boxers and stands up a little stronger…

    I just think Swofford and Coach K (since he really runs the hoops side of things) sent Wellman up there with an agenda to keep the two two in a decent proximity to home…which he did, he kept them in Charlotte…probably traded our bid to the a-hole from Ohio State for a Big 10 addition…

  12. chuck says:

    The St Joes Hawk is truly obnoxious, but i have to respect the constant flap…his latimmus dorsiiiiii must be in the 99th %ile…

    Also, i know a couple of girls from St Joes…quite a different population over there…rich, Catholic girls with a taste for trouble…

    Only the Good Die Young…

  13. chuck says:

    Don’t know if anybody took notice, but Benedict Gilchrist is declaring for NBA draft…

    Guaranteed Undrafted FA if he doesn’t remove his name by May 8.

  14. chrishokie says:

    The RPI system is making it difficult for lower level schools to play higher level schools. They are nice practice games for big schools and gives exposure and money to smaller ones. Seems like a win/win. Why try to squeeze out those games? Why should beating a 180 team be worth a lot more than a 280 win in the RPI, especially if you are going to ignore point spread. I think they should knock off your lowest 3 teams from you RPI so the little schools don’t get squeezed out. It’s stupid stuff like that gets the NCAA into potential anti-trust territory.

    Regardless of that they need to include more math polls in the computer information the NCAA uses for selection. Make it a composite like they do in football.

  15. Les says:

    Dorian Finney-Smith will be playing in the Next All-American Classic high school all-star game which will be shown on CBS at 3 pm EDT today.

  16. Les says:

    Here’s some news:

    “Virginia Tech coach Seth Greenberg said that forward Allan Chaney will undergo an MRI on April 20th that will determine whether or not he can play next season for the Hokies. The 6-foot-9 Chaney sat out last year with a heart ailment. Should he be cleared to play Virginia Tech could be the third best team in the ACC behind Duke and North Carolina.”


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