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Recap | Hokies 3G.1 (1-0) 64, etsu (0-1) 53

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As expected, it was far from a Picasso, and the Hokies nearly blew a 51-37 lead.  But Hokies 3G.1 got things rolling on the 2011-12 season with a 64-53 win over a pesky east tennessee state buc bunch.

Erick Green, arguably Tech’s best player, did not play while nursing an Achilles injury.  That forced Tyrone Garland to start at the point, with Dorenzo Hudson moving from shooting guard to provide relief.  And believe me, Green’s presence was missed as the Hokies committed 15 turnovers against the buccaneers 2-2-1 full court press and 2-3 half court defense.  The Hokies will have to clean things up to beat a team like george mason, likely their opponent on Tuesday night in the NIT Preseason Quarterfinals.

The good news was Hokie fans got their first taste of star recruit Dorian Finney-Smith.  And that first taste was as delicious as a McRib.  Dorian tallied… now get this… 10 points (6/8 FTs), 16 rebounds, 5 assists, and 4 blocked shots.  Yeah, he’s good.  Doe Doe still needs to find his game on offense (he’s very unselfish and doesn’t yet seem able to create his own shots), but the Bird works very hard on defense.  He held etsu’s second leading returning scorer to just 2 first half points, and then shut down their best shooter in the last 10 minutes of the game.

Tech started the game colder than the Atlanta weather Thursday night.  The Hokies were 2/12 from the field to start the contest, and finished the first half 8/24 (33%).  Tech also had 3 turnovers in the first 4 minutes, all by Garland.  Luckily, the bucs were even worse at 6/30 (20%) in the first half.  And 3-point shooting?  VT was 1/10 in the first half while etsu finished 0/11.  The Hokies led 24-21 at the break despite the fact they committed 7 turnovers (Garland had 5 of them) and the bucs had a 10-4 advantage in offensive rebounds.

In the second half, the Hokies finally got things going and attacked the etsu press.  Freshman Robert Brown showed why he is considered Tech’s best 3-point shooter already, hitting 3 straight 3-pointers to help VT jump to a 51-37 lead with 7:44 to play.  To make matters worse, etsu’s best player, Isiah Brown, fouled out with 10 points.  But the bucs battled back, going on a 10-2 run to cut the VT lead to 53-47.  etsu would get within 4 at 55-51 with 1:49 to play, but the Hokies hit 9/10 free throws after that and pulled away to the 64-53 win.

On the game Tech would nail 21/30 FTs (70%).  And after shooting just 33% in the first half, VT hit 11/24 in the second half to shoot 40% for the game.  etsu hit just under 30% of their shots, and finished 2/17 (12%) on 3s.  Tech was 4/8 from behind the arc in the second half, including 3/4 by Brown, to finish 5/18 (28%).  Expect that to be the norm this season.

Seth Greenberg’s Third Generation was well represented today.  At one point in the first half, Tech had 4 true freshmen on the court with Dorian Finney-Smith, Robert Brown, C.J. Barksdale, and Joey van Zegeren… and the fifth player was sophomore Tyrone Garland.

Garland led all scorers with 13 points, though he also produced 7 turnovers.  Adam Sollazzo had 13 for etsu, 11 of which were in the second half.  Robert Brown had 12 (all in the second half) and DFS had 10.  Dorenzo Hudson scored 9 in the first half but did not score in the second half.  Jarell Eddie also chipped in 8.  The Hokies got just 12 points from their low post players (Davila – 7, Barksdale – 5, Raines – 0).  But Barksdale did snag 7 rebounds and Davila added 6.

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7 Responses to “Recap | Hokies 3G.1 (1-0) 64, etsu (0-1) 53”

  1. Chris says:

    Went to the game. I’ll throw my observations out there:

    – I thought Robert Brown looked very, very good. He has a good stroke, played with a bit of a swagger, had a decent handle, and was a better defender than I thought he’d be. I think he’s got a chance to be a special player for the Hokies. He’s going to play a big role on this team, IMO. Probably will be the first guard off the bench for Green or Hudson.

    – DFS may be the teams best rebounder already. He attacked the glass the entire game, while most players just wait for the ball to come to him. He’s got a solid handle and he’s a great passer, but too tentative offensively, IMO. Looked very good on defense too. His arms are very long.

    – Garland is a turnover waiting to happen. Sorry if that sounds harsh, but it’s the truth. He just plays a little too out of control.

    – Hudson was coaching the freshmen the entire game (seemed to show good leadership skills), but he is going to have to be more aggressive offensively. He was 3rd team All-ACC just two years ago (I believe). Just needs to be more aggressive.

    – Raines looked good defensively. Barksdale had a nice game too. He was very, very aggressive on defense. Eddie was aggressive on offense which was nice to see.

    – JVG is clearly a developmental player. Played briefly in the first half and (IMO) looked lost and out of shape. He certainly is tall though, and could be a force defensively in the future.

    – Overall, ugly win but they showed a lot of good things today. Shouldn’t have any trouble with Monmouth Monday, but going to have to play better offensively if they want to beat George Mason.

  2. Chris says:

    JVG* meant to say JVZ (Joey Van Zegeren).

  3. Chris Hatcher says:

    Garland and point guard shouldn’t come in the same sentence. When Rankin gets healthy I hope he gets some quick floor time so he can assume the backup PG job. He may not be ready or have the big game experience, but I GUARANTEE you he’s much better at running sets and passing/handling the ball.

  4. Martin says:

    I’m excited about these freshmen. I expected some good things but damn, they looked confident. DFS looked like the most experienced player on the court. He was cool and collected the entire game. I couldn’t believe how well he handled the ball considering how tall he is. I can’t remember the last time someone hit three threes in a row like Robert did. And Barksdale looked good as well; I wouldn’t be surprised if he jumped Raines in minutes very soon (if he didn’t already this game). Also, the negatives – turnovers/ lack of offense – are things that I believe will improve dramatically when Eric returns. All in all, I’m pretty excited for this season. Certainly more so than before I watched this game.

  5. HokieGuru says:

    I think Robert Brown might be the best pure shooter on the team. Really liked the balance we had today on offense. Zo was like a teacher/coach on there. And what can you say about DFS… just makes others better. When Green is back, our turnover count should go down and we will more often than not, win that battle.

  6. goodraisin says:

    I watched the game twice today and basically agree with everything that everyone else said… except for JVZ. I actually thought he played very well for the 2 minutes he was in the game. He used his arms to corral Isiah Brown behind him the way a defender should and was much more physical than I expected him to be. He got caught jumping up on a pump fake, but other than that I thought he looked like he belonged out there. I’m excited to see what this team looks like with Erick Green out there instead of Garland. Ty did some nice things in this game, but his passing and decision-making were pretty terrible. No dunks for VT today if I remember right… I’m betting that doesn’t happen in another game this season. Barksdale feels like a taller JT Thompson. He added an energetic spark coming off the bench. Robert Brown will be our team’s leading scoring by his junior season, if not next season. Very impressed with the freshmen.

  7. chuck says:

    All our ballhandlers were inexplicably picking up their dribble miles from the basket…Garland at times in the far backcourt against the “pressure”….we are actually lucky ETSU decided to use the full court “trap” as a measure to eat up a third of the shot clock, as we often began our sets at the 21 second mark, and not to actually generate turnovers, the deficit might have been insurmountable…we cannot be without Green and hopefully Rankin for any length of time…we WILL sustain a bad loss (for RPI purposes) if that is the case.

    DFS is the player Bell never transformed into…as a Freshman. I always thought Bell had Stacey Augmon potential, but he was just defensively steady….DFS is gonna be our best defensive player since Jamon Gordon…as a Freshman. Relentless rebounder also…fantastic debut.

    I really like Barksdale to start taking away Davila and Raines minutes…he looks pretty competent when he gathers the ball, he isn’t a spaz. Raines is still just a body, IMO, so i have a feeling Barksdale relieves him of some of the PT. Nice to have a few big bodies.

    Was Jarrell Eddie put on the Wooden watch list? Funny listening to those two hacks in the booth. Eddie makes 3 bad plays, hits one basket, and Pat Kennedy was told ya so–ing us….sure his role grew, but he’s still Jarrell Eddie, quantity unknown. I liked his body language though, seemed very into it, and kind of a talker getting guys together in huddles…hopefully it remains positive.

    Hudson looks the same, sigh…hopefully with Green setting him up in his spots, he’ll put up some high-octane games. He looks like a 12-15ppg scorer…lets just hope it’s in less attempts with plenty of FT attempts.

    Robert Brown: Proud Member of Team Merton Hanks…potential nickname: Bobblehead….Bob for Robert…lemme know what ya’s think.


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