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Tech Talk Live Notes | 12.12.11

  • Seth said you can save your VD/Zo emails.  He talked about how it isn’t “blind loyalty”, that they are doing really good things in practice.  Yes, they can do better in the games and he expects more out of them, but they do belong on the court and getting the minutes they are.
  • Seth then mentioned how Robert Brown needs to play better.  He’s not defending the way he needs to.
  • Coach said this is a big week of practice to get a lot of things in.
  • He mentioned running Jarell off more screens.
  • Coach said he’d like to use Green at the off-guard spot more with Marquis on the floor.
  • Speaking of Rankin, he thinks he’s going to be really good and made mention of how good he is defending on the ball (he constantly praises this and earlier ripped the rest of the D for getting beaten too much on straight up defending).  He said Rankin does a better job advancing the ball up the court (with the pass)… I assume he meant than Green.  Rankin just needs more reps as he makes some errors like bringing the ball up the wrong side.
  • Doe Doe needs to be more aggressive on offense and he keeps emphasizing that.  They’ll look this week at doing that (one way is to play in transition more).  DFS leads all ACC freshmen in rebounds per game, assists, and double-doubles.
  • Raines is playing well but his rebounds were deceiving yesterday – he had 6 offensive rebounds but just 1 defensive.  Needs that effort on both ends.  Seth likes how he’s going up with 2 hands inside to score.
  • Seth said he’s spoken many times with Coach Huggins of wvu about a renewal of the series.  But Huggy Bear wants a neutral-neutral at Charleston, WV and Washington, DC.  Coach Greenberg doesn’t like that, and I can’t blame him.  Charleston is firmly wvu, while DC is split (wvu is actually closer to DC than Tech).  But they are still looking at it.
  • Coach said he’s working on next year’s schedule and did that today — he’s talking with MSG about a tournament (maybe that Holiday tournament we played in three times a few years ago).  Also looking into the 24 hours of basketball in November (VT was in that last year at kansas state).  VT has to go to byu next year.
  • No word on they ‘cuse and (under the arm…) pitt will join the ACC.  The plan is to not have divisions in bball (like the SEC does), just have all 14 competing together… Seth likes this.
  • The schedule will go to 18 ACC games when expansion happens.

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7 Responses to “Tech Talk Live Notes | 12.12.11”

  1. HokieGuru says:

    I hope we never play WVU in any sport lol.

  2. Chuck says:

    Wait weren’t we part of the 24 hours this year? Our second game in the NIT (the one v GMU that wound up being v FIU) fell during all that didn’t it? Was there a distinction?

  3. RK in Roanoke says:

    Any comments on transfers. Seem like garland is destined to be a former hokie going by playing time. Anybody else?

    • Niemo says:

      You never know with that. I could have told you Thorns was leaving after sophomore year based on certain things (no inside info). I haven’t observed those with Garland but that doesn’t mean anything. He’s still the team breakdancer before games.

  4. LuvzAznChix says:

    Like most coaches I believe Seth wasn’t showing all his cards here. It seemed that he was being deflective and a tad cryptic. I wouldn’t be surprised to see increased minutes out of Card & Marquis. If Marquis has the potential to be better than Green in the future, that’s totally awesome for us.

  5. Martin says:

    I think Zo has gotten better and better as he becomes healthier. I was more concerned with him after that FIU game, but he showed great hustle against NSU. Also, he had a couple of good looks that were just in and out. I’m not worried about him; I think he will come around. Also, RB has been playing worse and worse. I know he’s a frosh though, so I’m not too worried. In fact, I’m impressed every game with how promising the freshmen look. Remember Green as a freshmen? puke. Now look at him. It’d be great to see proportional progress with these guys, though it’s probably not as likely because they are starting at a higher level. And with Davila, Chuck is right, he definitely needs minutes. But he HAS to improve. Hopefully it is just a finals/ mental thing. All in all, I am really happy with the way seth is coaching right now (at least concerning playing time). He lets VD go in there and show he is struggling before yanking him. At the same time, CJ and Raines are getting a lot of minutes. This team is balanced. I love it. Sooo much different than years past.


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