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Niemo’s Notes | Garland Gone and 18 Game ACC Slate Coming Next Year


Update:  It’s official Announcement 

And here are some not so flattering words from TG about SG (not awful, but not flattering) in this Roanoke Times Article

It appears the third-leading scorer all-time in Philadelphia Public League history will no longer be a Hokie.  Sophomore Tyrone Garland appears to be on the move according to the Washington Post and other sources.  No official announcement has come from VT yet, and he’s still listed on the official roster, but with the semester over, now is the time for players to make their move if they are going to.

Garland has shown he can score.  Predator always attacked the rim with intensity.  He scored 13 in the opener this year while filling in for the injured Erick Green, and then notched a career high 18 versus monmouth.

But the big issue was his defense and outside shooting.  Ty, quite frankly, played defense with his hands instead of his feet.  He was slow to react and either fouled the opposing guard when they drove, or got beaten like a rented mule.  From the outside, I’ve never seen someone bank so many 3-pointers.  He was just 29% from deep in his 1+ years though.  Greenberg, being a defensive coach, has gone with freshman Marquis Rankin since Rankin came back from injury two weeks ago.  Rankin appears to be much quicker on defensive, something Seth covets, and may be a better facilitator with the ball, something you need from a point guard.  At Ty’s height and with his lack of shooting ability from the outside, he isn’t a true ‘ACC’ shooting guard.  That forced him to play the point, which wasn’t his strength.

That said, I liked the kid and will miss him if he is leaving.  He made the All-ACC Academic Team, and was this year’s Paul Debnam, cuttin’ a rug in the team huddle after introductions.  Garland always played hard and brought a Philly toughness with him.  Best wishes to him.

Garland would become the third Hokie to transfer in a little over a year.  Ben Boggs transferred after the first semester ended last year (to Bryce Drew U — valpo).  Manny Millions Atkins transferred to georgia state after last season.  But believe me, this isn’t a Randy Edsall-type situation.  These players saw the writing on the wall and elected to move on down the road to find more playing time elsewhere.  We’ll see where Garland ends up.  With his Philly background, I wouldn’t be stunned if he went to la salle, st. joe’s, or temple (all offered him out of high school).  He needs a place where he can play more at the off-guard position.


The ACC has announced that they will go to an 18-game league schedule next season even if pitt and ‘cuse are not in the league.  Seth was against this (at least until they join) as it handcuffs what you can do out of conference.  pitt and syracuse may not join the league until as late as the 2014-15 season, but either way, it’s 18 games.

The ACC has not yet decided if they’ll have divisions in basketball like the SEC does.

So, this has me thinking — VT was the first team to win 10 regular season games and not make the Big Dance two years ago.  Last year they won 11 total games (including the ACC Tourney) and still didn’t get a bid, also a first.  Will the Hokies become the first team to win 12 (13, 14…) games and not make the NCAAs?  Ugh, I don’t look forward to having to write that article.

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8 Responses to “Niemo’s Notes | Garland Gone and 18 Game ACC Slate Coming Next Year”

  1. Well ordinarily I’d tend to like the idea of Garland freeing up a scholarship. I thought we reached on him, after all we offered and got him almost immediately, sometimes an indicator of a kid saying “really!? Like seriously!? I can play for YOU guys! Sign me up!” BUT, Garland did have a scorer’s mentality that we will miss if we get in a crunch or either of our 1’s get injured. Hopefully we don’t have a situation where a guy leaves like Boggs did last year and we get down to the knitty gritty and he could’ve played BIG minutes.

    The other real concern I have is because the ’11 class was SO big, we don’t have that many targets out there, and fewer of them are guards. Recruits also pay attention to the number of scholarships available, and before the Garland transfer we only had one remaining. Now we have two and with the very real possibility of J.T. Thompson not returning we may have 3 open scholarships for next year. It could be a good thing, but we’re certainly getting a late jump. Our only two commitments are forwards, so we may be in a numbers crunch at the guard position because of attrition of 3 transfers in 2 years!

    Just for argument’s sake, if our roster were to look like it does now, assuming no further attrition (no guarantees), and adding in our two commitments, here would be our makeup. (note, only counting scholarship players)

    PG- 2
    SG- 1 (though Eddie could probably play down)
    SF- 3 (I project incoming recruit Marshall Wood as more of a 3)
    Post- 4, 5 if Thompson returns (decided to just say post since there’s rarely a distinction at Tech, or in college basketball in general)

    I can understand that Seth has seen what can happen to a team when a rash of injuries happen at the post, but basketball is more than anything a guard’s game, and guard play is often the difference between the W and the L. Hopefully Seth can get on the horn and attract some stellar guard talent, because as of now the Hokies are pretty skinny there and there really aren’t a lot of good ones out there on our radar this year.

    Here is a link to our prospects and some of the offers we’ve handed out. Though it’s not scientific, nor official, does this pretty well and you can see it for free as opposed to Rivals.

  2. Chrishokie says:

    Garland seemed like a great kid. But, it was clear that he wasn’t going to play much anymore barring injuries. Thorns has done well at TCU although he is still not an efficient scorer even with regular playing time. But, he can distribute the ball, something Garland isn’t great at.

  3. Bryan says:

    Reading the article in the Roanoke Times this morning concerning the Garland transfer makes me wonder sometimes what kids are thinking. Garland seems to be a good kid but he is not an ACC caliber player and as a sophomore he can no longer be making Freshman mistakes. Greenberg cannot afford to “let him play through his mistakes”. This isn’t the local YMCA league. I wish Garland all the best, I’m sure he’ll be successful wherever he choses to go but it amazes me that he didn’t recognize the gap in talent level between himself, Green, and Rankin.

  4. Martin says:

    How about VIC!! I’m so happy he is looking like his old self. Still a couple of missed shots, but he has had some nice off ball moves so far.. And zo too. this is the game we’ve needed for these seniors.

  5. goodraisin says:

    I agree with what Chris Hatcher is saying, but not if he means to include Ty Garland in that talk. He’s just not an ACC-caliber guard and I think the Hokies are better off with Robert Brown or DFS or even Zo Hudson at point guard. Garland has a nice knack for beating guys with the dribble drive, but he makes awful decisions with the ball after that. He’s a guy who will fill up the box score somewhere else, and might even make some good teams sweat, but in the end he’s not good enough to have more than a few minutes playing time per game at VT and that’s that. I wish him luck at his new school and hope he gets a good education, but sooner or later he’ll find out that he’s not good enough to play at the next level. Just like Manny “Millions” Atkins (I miss Uptown’s Greatest… he stopped reading the site after MMA transferred).

  6. goodraisin says:

    I also wanted to say this… did anyone not see this coming? There’s only enough minutes for maybe ten players… 5 starters and 5 backups. Garland obviously wasn’t as good as the starter or backup at either PG or SG, so this is the obvious conclusion. No one should be surprised and we all should wish him luck at his new school since it really is a better spot for him.

  7. Les says:

    In a half-court set, he seems to have trouble protecting the ball and maintaining space between himself and the defender, making him vulnerable to trapping.

    With Rankin at point guard, Green is going to take minutes from the shooting guard spot as well.

    Garland would have had to bide his time till next year to get more minutes at the risk of Robert Brown getting much more time.


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