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Recap | Hokies Hump camels | Hokies 3G.1 (8-3) 85, campbell (8-3) 60

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Thanks to a 15-0 run to open the 2nd half, the Hokies humped the camels 85-60 in the Cassell and move to 8-3. It was the 3rd year in a row campbell scored exactly 60 versus the Hokies, though the past 2 were much closer.

All 5 Tech starters reached double digits as the Hokies absolutely shredded the porous campbell defense in the final 20 minutes. VT started the second half 11/14 from the field. That helped a 3-point halftime margin become a 47-29 lead and later stretch into the 20s in margin. The Hokies outscored campbell 53-31 in the second half.

Tech shot an eye-popping 55% from the field for the game, including 73% (19/26) in the 2nd half thanks to all their easy buckets. The best sign for VT was their transition game, which had been awful until today. But the Hokies dominated the up-tempo camels 20-8 in fast break points, beating them at their own game which was great to see. How’d they do it? They actually passed the ball on the break! Imagine that.

The Hokies also got hot from deep after the break, hitting 4/5 3-pointers. They finished 5/12 from long range.

For those of you that have been calling for more from the seniors, you got your wish. Victor Davila and Dorenzo Hudson eached scored 15 to lead the Hokies. VD was 6/9 from the field and Zo was 5/11, with most of the damage for both coming in the second stanza. Erick Green, who had 10 at the half, scored just 2 in the second half to finish with 12. Jarell Eddie had 11, all in the 2nd half. Dorian Finney-Smith rounded out the double digit scorers with 10 (and he was much more aggressive on the offensive end, also a good sign).

The only negative for Tech is they got just 4 offensive rebounds for the game despite having a big size advantage on the camels.

VT led just 32-29 at the break as the Hokies looked rusty after 6 days off while finishing up exams. Tech shot under 40% from the field in the first half and were just 1/7 from behind the arc. They missed a lot of open looks. Luckily, the camels were off, too. They hit just 1/5 from deep, but did shoot close to 50% in the first half.

What did in the camels was turnovers. Despite shooting almost 45% for the game, they committed 15 turnovers. VT converted that into 23 points off turnovers while campbell got just 10.

campbell came into this game ranked in or near the top 10 in almost offensive stat. Tech held them 23 points below their average of 83 per game. Their leading scorer, Darrin White, came in averaging 21 ppg, 12th best in the land. He had 10 in the first 8 minutes of the game, but scored just 4 the rest of the way. Freeman had 16 for them and Griffin added 15 from their big 3, but no one else had more than 4 points.

The camels also shot 44% from deep coming in, also near the top in the country. But Tech held them to 1/12 (8%) from long range. VT’s opponents are shooting just barely over 20% on 3-pointers on the season.

And for those of you keeping track of my predictions, I did call for a laugher and did notice the trend of campbell always scoring 60 against VT.

The Hokies return to action on Monday night in the Cassell against north florida at 7 PM.

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16 Responses to “Recap | Hokies Hump camels | Hokies 3G.1 (8-3) 85, campbell (8-3) 60”

  1. I had a laugh listening to these guys try to say the Campbell Camels. The pbp guy called them the “Campbells” more times than not and the camera operation was absolutely comical! It was like “oh, there’s a guy driving to the basket? Oh cool, let’s change cameras to a diagonal view so the viewer misses it! That’s artsy!”

  2. HokieGuru says:

    I’ve been hard on Vic and Zo, but they stepped up vs. the Camels. Kudos required for them.

  3. Martin says:

    me too. maybe it was the finals? Vic looked great last night. I hope he got his confidence back. And although Zo didn’t have a great first half, he was a beast in the second. So who takes our last shot in crucial moments? So far EG barely missed that three against minn. and other than that, the only one’s I remember are zo (missed yesterday), and eddie (great take and bucket but can’t remember who it was against). Zo and eddie’s were halftime shots too, so obviously less pressure. I think EG is the way to go there; I still think about that clutch shot he had last year against FSU for what I thought was the NCAA tourney.

    • Niemo says:

      I think the play would be designed for Green as the first option (with the ball) with Eddie or Hudson coming off screens as the secondary option. We have a full length of the court play where the guy with the ball penetrates and then looks to kick to the wing for a screened shot.

  4. LuvzAznChix says:

    Hahaaa! Choke on that Soup-in-a-can! FINALLY Zo’ & Dav’ stepped up. But wth is all this hate-on-Green propaganda!?!? That dude is the top scorer and BEST player on the team. I mean, look at the level of the opponent Zo & Dav stepped up against. Why don’t they do that against opponents that actually matter??? Green does. I think coach has something up his sleeve. You guys just wait.

  5. chuck says:

    Who’s hating on Green? Guy still has some growing to do, but he’ll be ALL ACC 2nd team in my estimation…he’s doing a great job, and is our best player….let’s try a new line of conversation, LAC….beating a dead Camel here…you seem to want to anoint him Unanimous AA after a third of the season.

    Moving without the ball today was key for Davila…someone realized, him or the coaches that him being a stationary post is not gonna net any results, and it’s best if he cuts in tandem with the penetrating guard and receives the dish on the move. The defender either was out of position and yielded the easy deuce or fouled him. This requires good timing on his part to not arrive too soon, so we’ll see if he can keep it up. I liked seeing him out there working well with Barksdale….and Rankin seems to be able to make passes in traffic that our other guards have slapped away…just something to keep an eye on thru his development.

    All this said, i’m not suggesting we [get too excited], Campbell had a horrible inside game. I’m happy with how we defended the perimeter threat they posed…one of the HUGE HUGE problems with the Delaney/Allen group was their ability to close out on the 3pt shooters. This group has already exceeded their effort in that regard.

    BTW, it’s too bad Terrell Bell graduated, we coulda had Bell and Barksdale on the same club….B&B baby, all in the game! We’ll have to settle for Brown and Barksdale…not quite the same, but probably a better pair…Bell was a wallflower.

  6. HokieGuru says:

    Green, Eddie, and somewhat DFS are the only guys are are quick enough to create off the dribble… to answer Martin’s question, it’s one of those three with the first two being your best ops.

  7. Vttraveller says:

    Based on the post above Zo and Vic can’t win. Not to take away anything from Green, who is statistically our most productive player. Zo and Vic in their respective careers have played well against competition. Check career stats. Had they gone out and laid an egg yesterday they would be bums. Ask yourself this question, would we have blown campbell out if they didn’t play well? In past years we struggle to blow teams out. I don’t think it’s a good practice to try and divide these guys with inflammatory remarks. We experienced that for the last 4 years and it got us in the NIT. Let’s see how it plays out. It’s okay to have a favorite player and defend their efforts, but not at the risk of destroying the team. Parents of these kids read these boards and feed negative information to these kids. It influences how they treat each other.
    I’m just saying.

  8. LuvzAznChix says:

    Chuck-ok. I’ll take it easy. But there’s STILL quite a bit of hate-on-Green propaganda. I NEVER said he was unanimous AA or even 1st team All-ACC. I agree he can (and WILL) still improve. But sure, I’ll switch. For now.

  9. goodraisin says:

    chuck, you can’t reason with LAC… he’s a busy dude and apparently only reads a few words of anything before responding. BTW, you were right in your interpretation of the term “frontrunner”. You don’t want to be a frontrunner… purely negative connotations for that term.

    HG, I think Rankin can create off the dribble too, he just hasn’t really been given the chance yet.

    It was nice to see Davila hitting his foul shots. I always thought he had a really good looking shot from the foul line and I don’t get why he was missing so often.

  10. goodraisin says:

    Agree with vttraveler to an extent. Hudson has actually been solid when taking the last shot of the 2nd half with VT needing a basket to win or tie. I did the stats earlier this year before the season started. Consequently, Malcolm Delaney was awful in those situations… 1 of 7, and his one make forced OT where he and the Hokies eventually lost. Regardless of whether anyone was reading those comments, they were just fact and although I respect Delaney’s work ethic, I do not miss his attitude one bit. Ditto Jeff Allen. And they can read that while making big bucks in Europe for all I care.

  11. HokieGuru says:

    No commenter on this site has had anything, but praise for Erick Green.

  12. HokieGuru says:

    GR, I think Rankin can, but the other guys have better shots… I think, anyway… if I were looking at guys for crunch time, here it would be this order: 1.) EG, 2.) JE, 3.) DFS, 4.) MR. Now, it’s true that Rankin can create and dish… might be dishing it off to Robert Brown for that quick three, but I’m more comfortable with the first three if we need a bucket in crunch time… in that order.

  13. Martin says:

    But those Zo stats must be from two years ago. Not saying he lost his clutch factor or anything; just something to consider. I like what Niemo and HG said with EG being the first option then, if it’s not there, dishing to either eddie or hudson for (hopefully) open looks. Although I truly enjoyed watching Zo improve greatly last game, I’m still a little uncomfortable when he shoots the ball. And can someone please explain to me how Doe Doe is knocking down threes at a decent clip but can’t seem to shoot free throws? Does he have the form and it’s just been bad rolls? Or is he genuinely not a good free throw shooter?

    • Niemo says:

      Martin – Doe Doe was a pretty good FT shooter in HS. I think right now it is either lack of focus, or his legs are tired, or something, but nothing mechanical. But it has bugged me, too. And keep in mind focus is a difficult thing – you can actually over-focus. Watch Green’s FTs. It drives me nuts. He seems to put so much pressure on himself. You don’t want to rush, but you also don’t want to give yourself too much time to think. I like how Hudson gets the ball, focuses on the rim, and shoots. Sometimes kids think they have to have some elaborate routine when in reality it should just be about calming yourself, focusing in, and ripping it (it should be a routine, it just doesn’t have to involve 4 dribbles, a back-spin, touching your heart and blowing kisses, etc).

  14. Chuck says:

    EG has to be the first option in close and late situations…he can shoot it, or break you down…we need guys moving though and creating space for themselves though so he’s not forced to throw up something regrettable.


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