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Recap | fsu (1-1, 10-6) 63, VT (0-2, 11-5) 59

Box Score

There’s ugly and then there’s the way the Hokies played Tuesday night in their 2012 ACC home opener against florida state. It was about as ugly as you can imagine. The final score, 63-59, wasn’t indicative of how poorly the Hokies played, but all you needed to do was look at the box score and wonder how it wasn’t much much worse.

Tech shot a dismal 30 percent from the field on 18 of 59 shooting. They shot the ball 59 times and made just 18 of them. And their three-point shooting was even worse – just 16 percent, or 2 of 12. The noles weren’t much better at 40 percent from the field and 30 percent from behind the arc.

Junior guard Erick Green led all scorers with 21 points, but it was fsu’s Bernard James and his 18 points and 15 rebounds that killed the Hokies. That and the 15 blocked shot fsu put up against Tech. That was the difference in the game.

The Hokies actually won the turnover battle, but couldn’t buy a bucket. If they’d shot 35 percent, they’d have won this game. Instead, Tech falls to 0-2 in ACC play and are looking at long road ahead. Niemo suggested Tech needed an 11-5 ACC record to get into the tourney, so at 0-2, that means Tech would need to go 11-3 from here on out. Based on what we’ve seen so far, that looks very doubtful.

Tech looked sloppy and out of sync. They just couldn’t get it going it looks like frustration is setting in. To make matters worse, people can’t give their tickets away to these games. The university opened up public sale of tickets to the UNC game next Thursday. Based on actual attendance thusfar, the fans are losing interest and support is waning.

Earlier today, ESPN’s Jason King put Seth Greenberg on his list of college coaches “who are on the hot seat (or should be).”

Tech will lick its wounds for a few days before it heads north to take on the boston college iggles for a Saturday, 3 p.m., matchup. Niemo already has the highlights up and will likely chime in with his thoughts on the game, but from what I can see, this team is on the brink and needs something good to happen very soon, or I worry that this season could spiral out of control very quickly.


1st Half:

  • Under 16: fsu 6-2
  • U12: fsu 13-4
  • U8: fsu 17-11
  • U4: fsu 26-16

Half: fsu 30-21

2nd Half:

  • U16: fsu 35-27
  • U12: fsu 42-36
  • U8: fsu 50-43
  • U4: fsu 57-51

FINAL: fsu 63, VT 59

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21 Responses to “Recap | fsu (1-1, 10-6) 63, VT (0-2, 11-5) 59”

  1. Chris says:

    That was brutal. Absolutely brutal. Few thoughts:

    – It’s going to be a long season. There is no shot at a tourney bid so let’s just let that pipe dream go. I don’t see more than 6 ACC wins this season. The only guys getting major minutes who have any real experience are Green, Hudson, and Davila. While Green has played at a very high level, Hudson is a shell of his former self and Davila is… Davila. A NIT bit would be an accomplishment at this point.

    – I seriously can’t get over the fact that Seth’s teams rarely run a set offense. I don’t see much of a difference in our offense now and last season. Last season, it was pass the ball around the perimeter until 10 seconds on the shot clock, give it to Delaney, and get out of the way. It’s essentially the same now, only you never know who is going to fire up the contested 3. Very frustrating.

    – Here’s to hoping JVZ develops into a solid center. We desperately need one.

    – I’ve never second guessed Greenberg more than I have this season. I already hit on the fact that his team’s offenses are… poorly ran… but that’s not all. I’m getting tired of his blind loyalty to Hudson. I’m not sure what is wrong with Hudson, and I’m past the point of attempting to figure it out. I want to start seeing more of Brown and less of Hudson. He’s killing this team, and I don’t think the team is going anywhere this season anyway. Get Brown out there and let him gain some valuable experience.

    – As I said in response to a previous entry, I’m willing to give Seth the benefit of the doubt this season. But for me personally, I want to see some real progress next year or I’m ready to move on. Doesn’t matter what I think though since I’m not running the show I guess… just frustrated.

  2. LuvzAznChix says:

    Chris-absolutely been on the same page with you. And that’s for Greenberg too.

  3. vtgoad says:

    Greenberg has at the very least put VT on the stage basketball wise. I appreciate all he has done for the program. That new basketball practice facility, his recruiting ability, and his defensive coaching have breathed life into our program. He could certainly be a better offensive coach, but that is not enough for me to want him gone. I’d love to see him hire an assistant coach with a good offensive mind.

    I’m as disappointed as the rest of you in our lack of NCAA tourney time, and I’m a bit let down by the last two games. However, it’s important to remember we do have a freshman team. This site has blamed Hudson a lot (and while some of that is just), it’s important to remember that he’s just one piece. Brown, who Chris mentions deserves more minutes was 0-fer last night with 4 turnovers and 2 fouls. There will be probably be more ugly bumps along the road as this inexperienced team fights it’s way through ACC play for the first time. Hopefully, the lessons the team learns this year turn us into a serious threat next year.

    From a this year stand though, I’m not counting us out just yet. I’m going to keep rooting for us to go on a magical run and make the dance. Probably not going to happen, but as a fan we have the luxury of being able to be unrealistic.

  4. Martin says:

    I wish they could just get some kind of offensive coordinator in there. Seth seems to recruit and coach defense well; he just lacks offensive coaching ability IMO. Hopefully this year will provide enough offensive “practice,” and next year we can reap the rewards. Good to see Doe Doe playing well again. And how about those announcers last night? effing terrible. Calling Cadarian “CJ,” blaming Allen for last year, etc. Worse than the ESPN3 guys..

    • Niemo says:

      Martin – I wouldn’t say worse than the one ESPN3 crew, but yes, pretty bad. The Allen comment was ridiculous. Yeah, injuries had nothing to do with our season last year. He was talking out of his [arse].

      As for Doe Doe, he made some horrendous passes last night. He was better and more aggressive, but had some issues.

  5. Smitty in Florida says:

    Chris is nailing it. Hudson can’t drive with any burst any more – maybe his knee is really an issue now – so he has turned to jump shooting and it isn’t working. In the last 5 minutes fsu went…TO A ZONE DEFENSE!! – DUH!, and we have 3 guys on the baseline with NOONE going to the high post. So, Green has to invent. We can’t rely on just him like this.
    Since the NCAAs are toast, take Hudson out and build around the new guys. The offense must change to adapt to the strengths of the team of the future. If Seth does this, we will have a tough year this year, but the younger guys will grow QUICKLY – and you might see a few great wins at the end of the year. This would prepare us for next year AND MAY SAVE GREENBURG HIS JOB……
    I hope our recruiting for next year is great – we need some center presence and someone to share time with Eric Green next year!
    Face it folks, we are rebuilding….

  6. King says:

    I agree with Chris. Greenberg is loyal to a fault.

    Interesting article on Chaney. Man, I wish VT’s administration would give this kid a chance to play.|topnews|text|Frontpage%20DontMiss

  7. Les says:

    What happened in the first half? Erick Green didn’t score at all or scored just 2 points. Was there an emphasis on him setting up the other players for scores? I noticed the guards had zero assists which indicates a lot of misses (or blocks).

    • Niemo says:

      Les – Green couldn’t score in the 1st Half because he couldn’t advance the ball against their D. Look where he was picking up his dribble… near half court. His next pass wasn’t putting anyone in a position to score. Then, when the ball finally got back to him, they did a great job of getting out on him and making it difficult to shoot with their length.
      In the 2nd Half, he was able to get advance the ball into a scoring position (not pick up his dribble at half court). He was able to drive and either score or get fouled. He had almost 10 FTs in the 2nd Half. It helped that Snaer was in foul trouble.

  8. vtgoad says:

    Niemo – Completely agree on Dorian. Even his successful passes, such as handing off to Green a few feet away, weren’t on point.

    Entering the season, I remember one comparison about him playing similar to Scottie Pippen. His passing skills were supposed to be his forte, his strength. It’s early, but I expected more in that regard out of him. Sometimes I wonder if the positions he’s being asked to play, and college level play, might still be overwhelming him.

  9. Goodraisin says:

    Annnnnd the expecations are officially lowered. That was so hard to watch last night… thank God I had recorded it and was able to skip through parts of it. I couldn’t believe VT actually had a shot to win at the end of the game. They couldn’t buy a bucket and Hudson had possibly his worst game. Has anyone else noticed that he refuses to pass the ball on a fastbreak? The guy is a black hole on the break and to make things worse, he either loses the ball or has his shot blocked most of the time. I’ve had enough of seeing that. Hudson and Davila have worked their butts off and I respect that, but I don’t think you can argue that our team won’t be better off after they graduate.

  10. Ryan W says:

    That first half was ugly to watch but keep in mind these are two of the best defensive teams in the country, offense is another story. Those put back dunks by james at the end were driving me crazzy. Whoever was tasked to guard him needs to learn to box out. I dont care if hes a couple inches taller, raines and davila are just as strong and need to put there backside into and move him. That should have been their sole focus whenever a shot went up. Hudson has been dissapointing but brown really struggled as well, which is to be expected from a freshman though. Green is one of the most dynamic players in the conference and we really need eddie to be more assertive and knock down shots. Why we weren’t attacking the basket in the first like we did in the second half is beyond me. I know we were constantly getting stripped/blocked but the only way to be successful against an attacking dfense is attack them on offense!

    • Niemo says:

      Ryan –
      1) Raines fouled out with 4 minutes to go. That certainly had an impact down the stretch on James. Raines is our most physical player. He wouldn’t have done to Raines what he did to Eddie.
      2) Green wasn’t able to dribble past his defender (mostly Snaer) in the first half. So it wasn’t about not trying to attack the basket, it was about simply not being able to because a) their defense is that good, and b) our ballhandling isn’t.

  11. chrishokie says:

    I think we were spoiled by our pre-ACC success. This team did as well as any of the last 4 in the early games. But, now reality has set in. Our jump shooting pct. had been much better than expected but looks like we are coming down to earth. It does appear that Hudson is trying to shoot himself out of a slump. Ouch! I have heard Greenburg say that players make the most improvement in their sophomore years and Eddie has shown that. So, I am willing to give him a pass this year. He has done soem good things with our program. But, we need to have good recruiting classes in succession, not just one every 4 years. It appears our good years only happen when freshman think they can come in right away and get big minutes.

  12. Les says:

    I wasn’t able to see the game.

    It sounds like the strategy employed against Delaney.

    It became less successful when Green started at point guard.

  13. Les says:

    But highlights focused on scoring and a few defensive plays don’t tell the whole story. Your response to Ryan further clarifies. I had noticed their guard Dulkys had a lot of blocks. Snaer had foul trouble.

    • Niemo says:

      Dulkys had at least 2 blocks against our big men. That’s pathetic. Our guys go up soft, even Raines. Although a few of those blocks were fouls for sure where they swiped across the arm. But our big men have to attack the tin with bad intentions.

  14. Ryan W says:

    Niemo- dont you think greenberg could have subbed in for offense/defense. Is van zegeren just not ready? Maybe he could have done a better job defensively on james then subbed out on the offensive end…

    • Niemo says:

      JVZ is being redshirted. Don’t consider him available the rest of the year. It was due to his concussion issues. They didn’t want him to play again, have more symptoms, and have to shut him down AND lose a year. But he wasn’t thick enough to contribute inside this year anyway.

  15. Ryan W says:

    I mean just at the end after raines fouled out


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