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Preview | VT (0-2, 11-5) @ boston college (1-1, 6-10) | Sat., 3 PM | RSN

Spread: VT by 9-1/2 (here we do again!)

This is a case where I wish we could throw out the records as the 0-2 Hokies travel to Chestnut Hill to take on the 1-1 eagles Saturday at 3 PM.  Playing at bc has been a nightmare for the Hokies ever since they joined the Big East.  Tech is 1-9 all time at boston college, all occurring since 2001 when VT entered the Big East.

But, this is a new era of bc basketball.  I’ll say it loud and clear — VIRGINIA TECH WILL WIN THIS GAME.  I think it will be a blowout, but I’m not giving any points.  I am guaranteeing the win though.  Period.  And if Tech doesn’t win this game, I’ll wear a uva hat and shirt to the VT @ uva game on January 22nd.  (Not sure where I’ll get said items from, but I’m not too worried about having to pay up)

FYI: Here’s who is carrying the game Saturday:

  • FOX Sports Carolinas (FS Carolinas) – covers the states of North Carolina and South Carolina
  • FOX Sports South (FS South) – covers six states in the southeastern portion of the country: Georgia, Tennessee, Alabama, Mississippi and Kentucky
  • SUN Sports (SUN) or FOX Sports Florida (FS Florida) – both cover the state of Florida
  • Comcast SportsNet Mid-Atlantic (CSN Mid-Atlantic) – covers the states of Maryland, Virginia, and the District of Columbia, and parts of Delaware, Pennsylvania and West Virginia
  • New England Sports Network (NESN) – covers the New England states of Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine

THE opponent:

Note: I wrote this before I watched bc beat clemson 59-57 on Thursday night.  My learnings are in italics

Why am I so confident even after those two turds the Hokies dumped in the last week?  Simple — boston college is the worst ACC team of all time.  That’s saying something because we must remember wake forest went 1-15 in the league last year (well, I guess the worst bc could do now is 1-15 now since they beat clemson).  wake’s Scoring Margin was -18.5, which includes their win over uva.  They lost 8 ACC games by 20+ points.  But I’m calling it now — the eagles are worse.  Here’s why:

  • 10.7%: bc returned just 263 of their 2,440 points from a year ago.  And you thought we got hit hard!
  • Of the 263 points returning, two of those guys were walk-ons, and another (Danny Rubin) has played just 4 total minutes in the last 7 games.
  • bc starts 5 freshmen, and believe me, this ain’t the Fab 5.  This is El Cinco Stinko.  Four of them are 3-star recruits, which isn’t bad but also not great, and the other, Heckmann, is from Germany… and he ain’t Dirk Nowitzki.  They have 9 freshmen out of the 15 guys on their roster.  Their 3 seniors are all walk-ons and their only junior is a transfer. Much like wake forest a year ago, this experience will help them, but it’s gonna be a blood bath this year.  Lonnie Jackson looks like a decent player but he looks like the star of a JV squad.  Their transfer, Humphrey from oregon, looks decent, too.
  • They have no one ranked in the top 25 in the ACC in scoring.
  • bc has almost no inside presence — they are last in the ACC in Offensive Rebounding Percentage by far (24% when the next closest is 28%).  That ranks 338th (out of 344) in the NCAA.  They also are near the bottom in blocks, steals (they are 332nd in the nation in steals per game), and defensive rebounding %.  boston college had ONE offensive rebound against clemson.  1!  That’s pathetic.  But they shot 50% which compensated for that and 7-foot freshman Dennis Clifford had 15 points and 7 rebounds.  Considering Tech’s ‘success’ against other crappy bigs (minnesota, wake, fsu), that’s not a good sign.  bc loves to pick and roll with Clifford.  FYI: Clifford has more zits on his face than bc has returning points.
  • They average less than 4,400 fans per game, so it will not be a hostile atmosphere.  I’d guess there were 2,000 there on Thursday.
  • The eagles were 30 point underdogs at unc (though they did cover!… losing by 23).  They’ve lost to harvard at home by 20, 3-14 rhode island, to new mexico by 18, and to holy cross by 22.  They were 9 points dogs at home against clemson.  So they are now 2-0 vs the spread while VT is 0-2 (VT was favored in both games so far).
  • Their RPI is 254 out of 344 teams.  Well, that will go up a tad, but keep in mind clemson was around 160, so they basically beat the next worst team in the ACC.
  • I typed up this article with them at 0-2 before they even played their game against clemson.   Ugh, clearly my prediction skills wore off with the new year.
I watched the eagles/tigers Thursday night and bc looks like a rec league team.  K.C. Caudill (#5) looks like he’s 30 years old and should be on Weight Watchers with Sir Charles… and he’s a freshman.  #2 John Cahill would get picked after Skee-Lo in a pick up game.  #24 Clifford, a 7-footer, makes Joe Trapani look muscular.

The eagles, like most teams with no inside talent, will chuck it from deep.  They make 7.5 3-pointers per game, the 3rd highest average in the ACC, but make less than 34% of them.  Their 334 3-point attempts is by far the most in the league.  Humphrey, a transfer from oregon, cranks out 6 per game, but makes less than 30%.  Their best shooter from deep is Jackson (not Reggie, he’s gone).  Lonnie Jackson has hit 28 of his 62 3-point attempts, a very solid 45% clip.

The only way the eagles have any chance in this game is to be hot from deep (bc was 8/18 from deep against clemson, accounting for 40% of their points), they play a 2-3 zone and Tech looks as inept as they did against wake’s (not getting the ball to the high post and not attacking the offensive glass), and pigs fly.  I’d have said “no way” a week ago, but after how wake and fsu shot against VT from deep, and how bad VT has looked against a 2-3 zone, I guess there is a chance bc can win.  But I’m not worried about locating uva gear just yet.

Yes, bc beat clemson, but keep in mind clemson is awful, too.  Yes, clemson just beat fsu by 20 at home.  I have NO IDEA how that happened.  clemson lost to 3 teams from their own state out of conference – so like I said, they stink.  Seriously, this is bizarro ACC.  I think everyone is just so bad, everyone is competitive.  How crazy is this ACC season?  8 of the 12 teams sit at 1-1.


  • Overall: bc 13-7
  • At bc All Time: bc 9-1 (one win was in OT in 2008)
  • In ACC Play: bc 7-5 (3 in a row)
  • At bc in ACC games: bc 5-1 (3 in a row)

Last Year:

  • 03.02.11 @VT on Senior Night: bc 76, VT 61 – probably what knocked VT out of the NCAAs
  • 02.05.11 @bc: bc 58, VT 56 – Delaney missed a key FT and Green missed a 3-pointer for the win

The two teams will play again @VT later this year (chalk up another Hokie win).


Pos # Player Height Year PPG
PG 11 Green 6-3 Jr 16.1
SG 5 Hudson 6-5 Sr 11.3
SF 31 Eddie 6-7 So 9.6
F 15 Finney-Smith 6-8 Fr 7.2
C 14 Davila 6-8 Sr 6.6
Bench 1 Brown 6-5 Fr 7.9
boston college
Pos # Player Height Year PPG
PG 10 Daniels 5-9 Fr 4.9
G 20 Jackson 6-3 Fr 7.0
G 33 Heckmann 6-5 Fr 11.1
F 12 Anderson 6-8 Fr 9.7
C 24 Clifford 7-0 Fr 9.1
Bench 14 Humphrey 6-5 Jr 9.9

STATS: (bc’s stats are from before their game with clemson on Thursday night)

VT bc
Record 11-4 6-10
ACC 0-1 1-1
RPI 59 254
vs RPI Top 50 0-2 0-2
vs RPI Top 100 2-5 (W-sbu, nsu) 0-5
PPG 69.4 (7) 61.7 (12)
PPG vs 59.6 (3) 69.3 (10)
FT% 75% (t1) 67% (9)
FG% 44% (8) 42% (12)
3-Pt% 36% (5) 34% (8)
Made 3s PG 6.1 (4) 7.5 (3)
FG% D 39% (5) 43% (9)
3-Pt% D 26% (1) 34% (10)
Blocks 4.3 (8) 3.2 (11)
Steals 6.3 (6) 4.5 (11)
TO Margin +0.3 (7) -2.9 (11)
Off Reb % 37% (5) 24% (12)
Def Reb % 66% (9) 66% (11)
Scoring: Green 16.1 (6) Heckmann 11.1 (-1)
Rebounding: DFS 8.3 (7) Anderson 6.4 (13)
FG% Green 48% (9) Cahill 46% (-)
Assists: Green 3.2 (8) Daniels 2.1 (-)
Steals: Green 1.5 (10) Jackson 0.9 (-)
Blocks: Raines 1.0 (10) Clifford 1.0 (t10)

BORING FACTS ABOUT boston college (“Strength, skill, character”):

Location Boston, Mass
Type Private – Roman Catholic
Enrollment 9k undergrad, 5k grad
Established 1863
NCAA Tournament Appearances 18 (last in 2009; 3 Elite 8s)
ACC Titles 0 (2 Big East)
Famous Students/Alums Tip O’Neill, john kerry, Ed McMahon (YES!), Chris O’Donnell, Leonard Nimoy, Elisabeth Hasselbeck (and all the Hasselbeck QBs that couldn’t beat us in football), Doug Flutie, Jared Dudley, Brian Gionta, B.J. Raji, Matt Ryan, Brian Leetch
History Chuck Daly, Dr. Tom Davis, and Gary Williams all coached at bc

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- who has written 1284 posts on Tech Hoops.

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13 Responses to “Preview | VT (0-2, 11-5) @ boston college (1-1, 6-10) | Sat., 3 PM | RSN”

  1. Dave says:

    I hope you’re right about VT taking this one. I have tickets to the game and I really hate having to deal with smug bc fans when they win.

  2. Chuck says:

    If we don’t win by 10+ and lead comfortably throughout, i am going nuclear on Seth in these spaces the rest of the season…

    I am finding it hard to stomach his inability to do anything but get our guys to play to the level of competition, whether that be good or bad…we can beat #1s and lose to league 12 seeds…

    I have come to the conclusion that home court is gonna be worth double the points this year…i watched MD beat Wake at home, and you’d have thought the sorry Terps were the Miami Heat they got the benefit of so many calls…i think, conservatively this year that home court is worth 6-8 pts…

    We never play well in that gym up there, it’s drafty, got light coming in heavy at one end, but it’s dark overall, bad sightlines…and the crowds are tiny and most years, disinterested….kind of a sleepy place to play, and when you get sleepy Crack Legs Reggie Jackson destroys you. Sean Williams destroys you…luckily they don’t have 1st rd picks on their team, or All-Incisors Team Leader Al Skinner running the show…Al Skinner just picks up full porterhouses on the end of a fork and lets his teeth do all the knifing, it’s an amazing sight…

  3. Chrishokie says:

    When I started to read the article I wondered if you had seen that BC beat Clemson. And then I see you did. Really messes with the mind doesn’t it? There are a lot of randmom unexplainable things in play here. And I think the coin is about to flip our way. First, we are due to play well in a game. We are not as bad as we have been playing. I refuse to believe the preseason was a total fluke. 2nd the 1-9 record at Chestnut Hill is unindicative of the relative strengths of our teams over that period. 3rd, BC is, as you say, a bad team who should really be 0-2. They are not good enough to get lucky two games in a row. So, a Hokie win would begin to realign the planets and it would offset a strange home loss to FSU. So, I like our chances as well although I refuse to get my hopes up. But, we will be watching in Atlanta on Fox Sports South.

  4. chuck says:

    I can put together a fairly relentless, obnoxious diatribe for virtually any foe…

    I was jealous they had Reggie Jackson though, especially when he killed us twice last year, and our tourney hoops to boot…he’s going to be a good pro…just got an opportunity to play in OKC now that Eric Maynor is down for the year….i personally consider him an off-guard, but for some reason he’s running the backup PG spot for now.

  5. chuck says:

    Chris—It is the gambler’s fallacy to believe that anyone is ever due, though i understand your sentiment, we should play better at some point…

    I too characterize the FSU loss as strange, but still in keeping with our typical formula for a loss….

  6. Uh oh…heard Erick Green was a GAME TIME decision per Hokiehaven’s Doug Bowman and the Hokies Journal on Twitter.

  7. Mike Burnop reports on the #Hokies radio broadcast that Erick Green has a left LCL sprain — that’s the ligament on outer part of the knee.

  8. According to Hokies Journal on Twitter*

  9. King says:

    Today’s Special: Crow

  10. Chris says:

    Just a little overconfident in this one, Niemo. This is a very bad VT basketball team. Very, very bad.

  11. Chrishokie says:

    Are you guys holding Niemo to his prediction when we don’t have our best player and point guard and his replacement is a freshmen? Really? I was excited about Hudson’s offensive effort until I saw he had 7 turnovers. Strange that a team can go 0-fer in 3 pt. shots the entire game and then hit 4 in the last few minutes. If we hadn’t got stuck at 53 for several posessions near the end that game was ours.


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