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Recap | byu (18-5) 70, VT (12-8) 68


Wow, what a rollercoaster game that was. The Hokies started the game 0/16 from field, falling behind by 12 early, battled back to go up 6 in the 2nd half, fell behind by 4 with 20 seconds left, but still had an Erick Green shot at the end to tie the game (blocked) and a 3-pointer by Robert Brown to win it at the buzzer (off the mark). Virginia Tech falls to 1-5 in 2012, with four of those losses by 4 points or less, and in three of which Tech had a shot to tie or win in the final 10 seconds.

This marks Tech’s third straight loss at home, the first time that’s happened since 2008-09 when VT lost to fsu, duke, and unc in a row late in the season.

The story of the game was free throw shooting. In a tightly called game, which this was, you have to make your FTs. Tech was the better team coming in, and were at home, but byu just could not miss. They finished 21/24 (88%) from the line, while VT went 15/23 (65%). There’s your difference. Davies and Hartsock were a combined 18/20 from the line, and those are their bigs!

This game started out uglier than a Proactiv before video. I mentioned the Hokies started 0-16 from the field. byu wasn’t doing much better, starting 2/10. But as they got going the Hokies kept missing. Tech did not make their 1st field goal until the 10:20 mark of the 1st half. VT trailed 13-1 before that make.

Virginia Tech did improve after that, hitting 8/15 the rest of the half. Tech used a 9-0 to turn a 15-3 deficit into a manageable 15-12 margin with 6:40 left in the 1st half. VT fell back behind by 10 at 27-17 but back-to-back 3-pointers by Eddie and Hudson got the Hokies within 2. byu went into the half up 29-25.

The Hokies were already thin at guard with Marquis Rankin out with an illness. That further became an issue when Erick Green picked up his 3rd foul with 4:39 left in the half. Dorenzo was forced to play point and committed a couple of turnovers, leading to 9 first half giveaways for Tech. Green had 0 points at the half while Brandon Davies had 12 on 8/8 FTs for byu.

Tech exploded offensively in the second half, attacking the rim. They were in the double bonus by the halfway mark of the half. Tech shot 64% for the 2nd half and jumped to a 45-39 lead with Davies on the bench with 4 fouls for the cougars.

But Noah Hartsock, byu’s leading scorer, took over the game. He scored 16 2nd half points (22 overall to lead byu) and was just dominate in getting byu back in the game. The cougars went on an 11-0 run with Davies on the bench to turn that 45-39 deficit into a 50-45 lead.

The Hokies battled back to tie the game at 55 on a Zo jumper. The teams would trade baskets after that for a while. VT went ahead 59-57 with 4:20 to play on a Green layup, but byu seemed to control the game after that.

The shot of the game was a 3-pointer by Brock Zylstra with 26 seconds left to break a 66-66 tie. It was Brock’s only points of the game.

Hudson turned the ball over with 20 seconds left and Anson Winder put byu up 4 with 15 seconds to go. Green easily drove and scored with 11 seconds to go to make it 70-68 cougars. Tech forced a turnover on the inbounds (it actually went off VT but we were due a call). That gave the Hokies the ball out of bounds with 10 seconds to go. VT launched a pass into the backcourt that was nearly picked off. Green ran it up court, drove inside, had his layup blocked, gathered the loose ball, kicked it to Eddie in the corner, but he was off balance so he threw it to Robert Brown at the left wing. Brown had a good look, but he was fading away slightly and was out at NBA range. The shot clanked off the rim and Tech had another devastating defeat.

Hudson paced the Hokies again, with 14 points off the bench. Davila and Eddie each had 12, while Erick Green scored 11 extending his double-digit point streak to 21.

byu had 22 by Hartsock and 17 by Davies (their two main low post players). VT just could not handle their bigs inside. byu started 1/14 from behind the arc (just like uva), but unlike the hoos, they hit 4/9 down the stretch and that helped them win.

Tech, who had 10 offensive rebounds in the 1st half, had just 1 in the 2nd.

Not to pick on Dorian Finney-Smith, but Doe Doe put up another no no. The kid went 0/8 from the field tonight, including a missed dunk. Here are his numbers in 2012:

  • wake – 0 (0/1)
  • fsu – 9 (4/9)
  • bc – 0 (0/4)
  • unc – 2 (0/5)
  • uva – 0 (0/1)
  • byu – 0 (0/8)
  • That’s 11 points in 6 games, going 4/28 from the field.

But hats off to Jarell Eddie – he grabbed a career high 14 rebounds to go with his 12 points, his first career double-double. He now has 20 points and 24 rebounds in the last two games.

Well, congrats to all you cougar fans out there. Have a victory Scotch on me… Well, go enjoy whatever it is you do.

Tech heads to maryland for their fourth straight ACC weekend road game (total BS!) on Saturday afternoon.


1st Half:

  • Under 16: byu 4-0
  • U12: byu 11-1
  • U8: byu 15-8
  • U4: byu 23-15

HALF: byu 29-25

2nd half:

  • U16: byu 34-33
  • U12: VT 43-39
  • U8: byu 50-47
  • U4: Tied at 62

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15 Responses to “Recap | byu (18-5) 70, VT (12-8) 68”

  1. Joe says:

    Is there any logical reason Seth put us in a zone for the last 5-7 minutes??? They are a 3 point shooting team… Plus, the man-to-man worked for the first 30 minutes!!!

    • Niemo says:

      The zone was to prevent their bigs from killing us inside (which they had been doing). Considering byu started out 1/14 from 3-point range, I’d say Seth made the right decision, they just happened to get hot at the right time.

  2. Casey says:

    I guess we can’t fault Green for driving the lane to attempt the game-tying shot, but Zo was wide open in the right corner. I’m proud of our comeback after that horrible 0-16 start, so imagine if we had just gotten off to a mediocre 2 or 3 for 16 this could have been a different result. Instead it just felt like the setbacks to Wisconsin, Purdue, Minnesota, etc.

    But we’re not quitting or packing it in, which is encouraging for the long haul.

  3. Chris says:

    Gotta disagree with you on the 2-3 zone comment, Niemo. I thought it was an awful decision that cost us the game. I don’t think their bigs were killing us inside; they only were at the line. Most of Hartsock’s field goals were coming on jumpers, and Davies wasn’t impressing me. We played man in the 1st half and held them to 29 points on 30% shooting. Yes, they were shooting very poorly from 3pt range until late in the game, but that didn’t mean it would last. They got WAY too many open looks from 3pt range late and I thought that was the difference.

    Anyway, just another disappointing night in Hokieville. And not to harp on DFS, but he looks nothing at all like a 5 star recruit. I know it’s way too early to judge him, but he looks like a better rebounding version of Terrell Bell to me. Hope he’s willing to put in a lot of work in the off-season (gym and weight room both), because right now he needs it. He has a lot of upside… just frustrating to watch right now. Then again, most ACC freshmen are I suppose.

    Been a tough season.

    • Niemo says:

      Then I’ll respectfully disagree with you, too, Chris. How did they keep getting to the line? Because they were pounding us inside… that doesn’t show up in the 1st half FG%. We also use zone when we are in foul trouble. Green had foul issues and so did DFS. Davila was racking them up, too.
      I mean, come on, they were 1/14 from deep. You adjust against what is hurting you the most, and that was their post players who had 39 points and 20 FT attempts. So again, I have no fault with the move. Didn’t work out, but that’s hindsight in my mind. And the reason Davies didn’t do much in the 2nd half was a) he was on the bench for 8 minutes, b) he couldn’t figure out how to beat the zone! They simply just started hitting 3s, and it burned us.

  4. Chris says:

    I just didn’t see them pounding us inside. Again, most of Hartsock’s shots were jumpers and Davies wasn’t hurting us on the boards. We actually out-rebounded them and they only had 2 more offensive boards. We even had 10 of our 11 offensive boards in the 1st half. Yes, they were getting to the line at and we got in some foul trouble, but I thought we played solid D in the 1st half and they weren’t getting many open looks. In spite of them shooting so poorly from 3pt range, I hated going to the zone because it gave them great shots and figured they’d start making em eventually. I was livid we were in zone with about 8 minutes left to be honest. I can agree with the comment about Green and going to zone, but I would have much rather seen us stay in the man and contesting the 3s (and taking my chances on Green picking up fouls).

    But I’ll agree to disagree with ya. Frustrating game. Frustrating season.

  5. FruitpietheMagician says:

    For me this game’s outcome was related to a single (non) event… 10 minutes went by and we had 1 point on the board. I understand that we are considered by many a perimeter shooting team, but Davilla should have been in there sooner to give us some strength inside if their defense was so good. Furthermore we never called time out during that stretch… where was the strategizing? Gosh this is depressing – you know – the woulda, coulda, shoulda’s…

  6. Martin says:

    Zone is fine for the reasons you listed Niemo. I just don’t understand the logic of staying in it after it demonstrably proves ineffective. When it gets down to one minute left in the game, and they have scored on pretty much every possession against the zone in the last 4 minutes, switch it back to man. They struggled against man. Our bigs were playing great D early on. Green’s foul trouble is a concern. But with one minute left, it isn’t a primary concern. “You adjust against what is hurting you the most.” Then switch back to man, bc open 3s were hurting us the most at the end..

    All in all, I thought it was a promising game for the kid’s future. They struggled early and bounced back. Brown continues to impress me even when his shot isn’t on. DFS looked more aggressive (god I wish he slammed that ball down – would have been a huge confidence boost). And what can you say about Hudson and Vic? These guys have completely turned their game around from earlier in the year, just like Niemo said they would – good stuff. Frustrating loss, but it doesn’t compare to the crap we put up against BC and Wake.

  7. John says:

    What did you think of the late-game management from us? Hudson could’ve called a timeout instead of forcing a turnover as soon as he slipped down. And on the last inbounds there’s no movement and we have to throw it into the backcourt, wasting a couple of valuable seconds bringing the ball up. At least the effort was there I guess. I have to tell myself that after each loss these days.

  8. HipHop_Hokie says:

    What a wasted opportunity. With Oklahoma State knocking off Mizzou, our resume was primed to be much-improved today considering that we have 2 wins over the Cowboys. 0-for-16 to start the game? Really? Unreal.

  9. King says:

    On the west coast. Could not watch the game. However, based on the box score & stats above, I’m growing increasingly tired of all the hype this season surrounding Dodo. Seth has been so bold as to call him a poor man’s Magic Johnson. Enough. Time to put up or shut up. Until then, I’m referring to him as Doodoo. I mean, c’mon…Magic Johnson??? More like Reginald VelJohnson with all his donuts.

  10. Chrishokie says:

    Free throws AND turnovers caused us to lose to a team that shot 33% from the floor. Two late turnovers were painful. I think the long pass to Davilla was a bad decision. I am starting to think that Green is not a very good point guard. On the last play if he was thinking pass he would have realized that 3 people collapsed on him and could have found an open shooter. But he was thinking shot/foul first. Brown and Eddie had 5 asssists, Green 1. Eddit had a great game.

    First 10 minutes of the game we saw bad shooting, bad passing and bad ball handling. I don’t think we got one 50/50 ball in that stretch and really didn’t get many most of the game. I think we should rename them 20/80 balls. I can’t hang that stretch on the Greenberg offense. We had decent shots and couldn’t hit any of them. Attempts to get the ball inside often resulted in a turnover. We did battle back which was great. If this team can play better down the stretch next year after the frosh get some experience we will be OK. We are very close to having 15 wins at this point.

  11. LuvzAznChix says:

    Green isn’t a very good PG…he’s a GREAT PG. You absolutely cannot fault him for not kicking it out to Zo at the end. Especially with ALL the TOs made by Zo. I don’t see Zo with 21 straight double-digit scoring.

  12. Goodraisin says:

    @King, the game was on ESPN3 so you could have watched on the left coast, but obviously only if you have access to ESPN3.

    That game was just plain terrible. The thing that bothered me the most is that our fans didn’t show up and pack the house. You could clearly hear the BYU fans (in other words, Mormons within driving distance) heckling our players when they were at the free throw line. In our freaking house! I think our team wasn’t ready to feel like they were playing an away game (or at best, on a neutral court).

  13. King says:

    @Raisin, I get ESPN3 but I was working/commuting when the game was on…got to factor in the 3 hour time difference over here.

    @Niemo, I watched the highlight clip and you pretty much nailed it when you said, “This is our offense.” Seth got us to this point and I give him a lot of credit for his overall success in the ACC and for brining a new state of the art practice facility to campus. But it’s time for change. Close losses are still losses. I feel like we’ve hit a plateau and the next logical move is to pass the baton to someone who can take this program to a new level.


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