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Recap | maryland (3-3, 13-7) 73, VT (1-5, 12-9) 69


Tell me if you’ve heard this one before… the Hokies got off to a painfully slow start and fell behind early, but played just-good-enough defense to keep it somewhat close. Then, in the second half, they more than doubled their first half scoring and made a game of it, but committed one-to-many turnovers and fouls to be able to pull off the road win.

Virginia Tech lost to the terps 73-69 after scoring just 19 first-half points. The terps’ Terrell Stoglin led all scores with a blistering 28 points. Erick Green paced the Hokies with 18. Victor Davila and Dorenzo Hudson both had 14 and Jarrell Eddie added 11 points.

Cadarian Raines made his first career start, but managed just 4 points. Dorian Finney-Smith continued to struggle in ACC play failing to get a field goal in yet another game. He scored one point and looked lost while taking some bad shots. He’s looking like a freshman, but I can’t imagine he’ll struggle this mightily for the entire season.

Freshmen Robert Brown and Marquis Rankin played pretty well… for the most part. Tech had cut the terps lead down to 5, 63-58 in the final minute and change, and forced maryland to take a bad three point attempt as the shot clock wound down. But Brown fouled Sean Mosley’s three point attempt with the shot clock at zero and Mosley made the Hokies pay by making all three free throws to put the terps’ lead back to 8.

Tech didn’t give up, though. The terps inexplicably seemed to just give the Hokies points in the final minute. Green had a pair of easy layups and fed a wide-open Davila for an easy dunk to keep the Hokies in the game.

Brown atoned, somewhat, for his egregious foul by burying a three pointer with :03.6 seconds left to cut the maryland lead to just two, 71-69. Tech immediately fouled Stoglin on the inbounds pass, but he made both free throws to put the game away.

The Hokies shot just 24 percent in the first half and as has been so often the case this season, it was their undoing. After managing just 19 points in the first 20 minutes, Tech dropped 50 on the terps in the second half.

Niemo can speak more intelligently to the Greenberg’s alternating between the zone and man-to-man defense, but whatever they were doing, it didn’t stop Stoglin. That kid was in the zone and made some crazy shots, even when he was well-guarded.

Look, this is a tough loss, and the first half was just plain awful, but I have to say that I’m somewhat encouraged by the play of Rankin and Brown.

Rankin had a key steal in the second half where he literally just took the ball away with both hands and immediately passed it a streaking Green for the easy bucket. A few plays later, Rankin drove the lane from the right and drew the double team and fed Raines for the bucket.

The one thing I haven’t seen much of from this team is a high level of intensity and emotion that we’ve seen from previous teams. They play hard and they didn’t quit today, but where’s the floor-slapping and chest bumping? This team is subdued and I think it drives the fans and even the coaches a little crazy.

Looking ahead is pretty gloomy. They have duke and clemson at home before hitting the road against the canes. Then back home to face the eagles, at fsu, home against ga tech and uva, at duke and clemson, and back home to wrap up the regular season against nc state. Ouch. I don’t know about you guys, but I don’t see many wins in there. Maybe bc and gt? I don’t see the hoos losing to us twice.

Tech returns home to take on the dookies next Thursday, Feb. 2, at 7 p.m.

Play by Play
accuracy not guaranteed

— Raines made his first career start —
5-0 maryland to start the game
Hokies missed first 2 shots
5-2 Green jumper off the screen
8-2 Mosely 3pter

Under 16 – 8-2

8-5 – Erick Green 3 ptr (all 5 points)
— Doe Doe missed badly —
11-5 – Mosley 3 ptr
11-6 – Doe Doe fouled, makes 1/2 FTs
13-6 – 2 MD FTs
— MD in man-to-man defense —
13-9 – Green with another 3ptr
16-9 – Howard 3ptr
16-11 – Zo jumper in the lane from Barksdale

Under 12 – 16-11

18-11 – 2 MD FTs
20-11 – inside post move
22-11 – stoglin driving bucket
24-11 – panky dunks
— 8-0 terps run —
24-13 – raines with the rebound and putback

Under 8 – 24-13

24-15 – Davila rejected, but gets rebound and puts it back up and in
— Jarrell Eddie picks up 2nd foul on Stoglin while attempting a 3 ptr —
25-15 – Stoglin makes 1/3 FTs
26-15 – Len makes 1/2 FTs
26-17 – Davila makes 2 FTs
— Davila nice move but blows the easy layup —
28-17 – Stoglin fast break off Green’s missed three

Under 4 – 28-17

28-19 – Jarrell Eddie makes 2 FTS
— Hokies missed 2-on-1 break layup —
30-19 – Len dunk
— Hokies shooting 25% —
32-19 – Stoglin hits a jumper
— Hokies have gone nearly 5 minutes without making a FG —
— Hudson misses front end of 1-and-1 —
— Stoglin fouls Rankin —
— Rankin misses front end of 1-and-1 —
— VT 2 of last 14 —
— VT shot 24 percent in the first half —

Halftime score – 32-19

— Hudson starts 2nd half, misses —
34-19 – Stoglin
34-21 – Davila one-handed dunk after Green misses a runner
— Davila misses hook —
— MD turnover, walk —
— Eddie misses —
— Hudson airballs a floater —
— Davila has hands of stone, couldn’t catch a cold —
— Green misses —
36-21 – Faust finishes fast break
36-24 – Hudson hits a three pointer
— MD turnover —

Under 16 – 36-24

36-27 – Hudson buries a three from the corner
— Hokies cut lead to single digits —
36-29 – Robert Brown with the steal and the dunk
— MD timeout, has four TOs in the 2nd half —
38-29 – Pageant scores
38-32 – Hudson with the hoops and the harm, converts the three-point play
— Hudson has 9 points in 2-1/2 minutes —
40-32 – Mosley scores for MD
40-34 – Davila works the low post and scores (8 points)
43-34 – Stoglin hits a three pointer
— Hokies turn it over —
46-34 – Stoglin hits another three pointer
46-37 – Eddie buries a three pointer (his first FG of the game)
48-37 – Mosley jumper
— Turnover by the Hokies —

Under 12 – 48-37

50-37 – MD two
50-40 – Eddie makes the layup and is fouled, makes the FT
50-42 – Rankin steals it, passes to Erick Green for the fast-break layup
— MD turnover, but VT can’t convert, Green missed —
51-42 – MD makes 1/2 FTs
— Green drive, feeds Eddie who is fouled going to the hoop —
51-44 – Eddie makes 2 FTs
54-44 – Stoglin hits contested 3 pointer
54-46 – Ranking drives, dishes to Raines down low for the layup
— Weiss picked up 2nd PF —

Under 8 – 54-46

— Stoglin throws it away —
— DFS walks —
56-46 – Pageant scores inside over Eddie
— Turnover by VT —
— VT fouls Stoglin hard, Eddie hurts his elbow, picks up 3rd PF —
58-46 – Stoglin makes 2 FTs
58-48 – Hudson misses, but Rankin skies for the one-handed putback
— Like what we’re seeing from Rankin —
60-48 – Pankey makes 2 FTs
— Eddie fakes a three, passes inside the Davila who is fouled —
60-50 – Davila makes 2 FTs (10 points for VD)
— Green taking some quick, bad shots —
— Rankin foul on the Green miss —

Under 4 – 60-50

60-52 – Hudson makes 2 FTs
— Hudson gets stuffed on a layup —
60-53 – Hudson makes 1/2 FTs after technical foul against MD’s Mosley
60-55 – Green does right down the lane for easy bucket
63-55 – Stoglin step back 3 pointer (has four so far)
— Faust misses front end of a 1-and-1, Hokies get rebound —
63-57 – Green feeds Davila for the layup (Davila has 12)
— Hudson gets called for a blocking foul, but it looked like a charge —
— Faust misses front end of 1-and-1, Mosley gets the rebound, but called for off foul —
63-58 – Eddies makes 1/2 FTs (has 11 points)
— Jump ball, :03 left on shot clock —
— Brown commits foul on a 3 point attempt —
66-58 – Mosley hits all three FTs
— Stoglin commits offensive foul —
66-60 – Green easy layup
— Brown foul on inbound pass —
— terps miss both FTs —
66-62 – Green with another easy layup (:26 left)
68-62 – Mosley makes 2 FTs
68-64 – Green feeds Davila for the dunk (Davila has 14)
69-64 – Stoglin hits 1/2 FTs (:17 left)
69-66 – Green with a tough layup
71-66 – Howard makes 2 FTs (:10 left)
— Timeout maryland —
71-69 – Brown hits a three pointer (:03.6 left)
73-69 – Stoglin makes 2 FTs

Final Score: terps 73, Hokies 69

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12 Responses to “Recap | maryland (3-3, 13-7) 73, VT (1-5, 12-9) 69”

  1. H-SCokie says:

    Agreed on Rankin, definitely our brightest spot today. He played some great defense. Have to imagine that Green is saving some energy on the defensive end, because his numbers have to be really down this year in steals and forced turnovers.

    It seems like the only time we are really confident running the floor, is after steals. If we’re going to spend so much time on Defense in practice, then we’ve got to get the young guys trying to make more happen on that end.

    How many points do we consistently lose by running atrocious fast breaks? I have to think that Greenberg is actually coaching them NOT to pass if you get into the lane. I’ve played a lot of ball in my day, and the think that I learned that basic tenet of basketball in the 4th grade and had it drilled into my head for the next 10 years. How can players just forget that? At this point, I’d rather them throw the ball away a couple times a game trying to feed players.

    Is DFS and Lewis Witcher anywhere close in rankings? I seem to remember Lewis was a high-ranked recruit, but I think that was primarily just in the state of VA and not nationally like DFS.

    • Niemo says:

      Witcher was a solid 4-star, but no where near as high as DFS.

      Keep in mind that Green isn’t a good on-ball defender. His steals come from intercepting passes. He’s a fantastic free safety. A Keion Carpenter.

  2. esva51- I've says:

    Niemo, Do you have any idea why van Zegeren is not playing? Is he redshirting or just not ready? At least he could give a few fouls when Davila or Raines get in foul trouble

    • Niemo says:

      He’s redshirting – was having issues with concussions so they shut him down for the season and save a year of eligibility.

  3. HokieGuru says:

    Niemo, @HokieGuru (that’s the twitter account) here – it was good to see you today up in college park – and Cope, I agree with you on Brown and Rankin.

    I was chatting with my bro, @teabagpaulus919 on Twitter – we think the Hokies need to start a three-guard offense and speed the game up – if you’re having trouble hitting your shots, you need to get some offense off your defense – my fav freshman player all season (even though he made a couple of freshman mistakes today) is Robert Brown – and I think we need to start Rankin (this might not work this soon vs. Duke, but hear me out)… I like Rankin at PG, Green at SG, Robert Brown on the wing, J. Eddie, and Davila (who had a pretty good day) – I think that line up could get us to speed the game up and we could make some runs like we did in the days of Zab and J. Gordon – we made of few of those runs today – my line up here would cause problems with teams that have size and we’d have to adjust – but I think we need to bring DFS off the bench the rest of the season – I think he’d buy into it – because his minutes would not go down – he’s in a serious funk – and the pressure would be off him. I’m worried he is losing confidence – and it does not help that Seth is yelling at him on a frequent basis – I’m thinking this would work with my proposed starting 5 and zo/Doe Doe coming off bench – Seth’s already done one of the things I predicted in starting Robert Brown – maybe he’ll do what I suggest here for the 3 guard offense – Maryland did this today – and it can work.

  4. HipHop_Hokie says:

    These close losses are starting to get unreal. I have a feeling we’re going to end up winning the ACC tournament somehow, though.

  5. Blue Collar Hokie says:

    you cant fault their effort but what is there to even say, another slow start another close loss. flashes are there theyre just not consistent.

    guru- i like what your sayin about that lineup but that would be goin super small right? seems to me our size is a big part of the problem in some of these games.

  6. HokieGuru says:

    BCH, we aren’t getting any production from that 4 spot right now – we have to change that – you’re right that other teams size poses problems but, I’m not sure we could be worse off than where we are now – and this might speed some things up – get points off the D – get some easy buckets.

  7. Chris says:

    Random thoughts on the game:

    – Let’s give some credit to Davila and Hudson. They have been under fire all season and have both played very well lately. I thought Davila had another solid game and his defense has been very good lately. Wish we’d go to him in the post more.

    – Rankin played well yesterday. Brown is struggling. I’d like to see Barksdale be more aggressive. DFS is just lost right now. You could tell he was really pressing yesterday.

    – The officiating was very poor down the stretch, but I’m not going to make any excuses. We lost.

    – I thought the team played very lackadaisical in the 1st half and honestly didn’t give much effort. Much more effort in the 2nd half, and I’m not just saying that cause they scored more.

    – Hats off to Terrell Stoglin. Made some very tough shots yesterday and always had an answer when we made a run.

    – I’m hoping they can win enough ACC games to make a NIT bid. For once, I’ll actually be excited about the NIT. The added games (against decent competition) would be great for the freshmen. I’d say we’re on the outside looking in at this point though.

  8. chuck says:

    I’ve been coming here for 3 years now…love the conversations. But does anyone feel like we’ve been having the same ones?

    5 of 6 losses by under 4 pts is indicative of a greater disease. The disease we are afflicted with is the perpetual lack of ANY offensive strategy. I came here 3 years ago banging that drum, and the beat is deafening at this point. Cannibals chasing you thru the jungle deafening.

    I have had it with Seth…he sells the program, he gets out and recruits, but he CANNOT reach players, help them improve their games from Game 1 to Game 120, or adapt different gameplans to better matchup with our opponents. He has cost us at least 4 games this year with his refusal to do a SINGLE THING differently. And please don’t call switching between zone and man any kind of difference making move…not in the long term sense…those ploys are simply for change of pace, to slow a hot hand.

    I can’t give money to the AD in support of this tripe anymore. Between Beamer getting arrogant about consecutive 10 win seasons that contain ZERO wins over top 5 teams, and Seth railing about what we deserve when we clearly do not, i am embarrassed about how we are perceived in the grand scheme.

    Unfortunately, we cannot sell location, and because both programs were at depths unfathomable before they arrived to most current Hokies, they have almost achieved an “unfireable” status…this winter is becoming depressing quickly.

    At least Pitchers and Catchers report in a few weeks, so that my Braves may begin to wash the rancid taste of last years finish out of their mouths.

    /Looking in the mirror and honestly wondering if it’s a conflict between me and the cosmos…my teams are killing me.

    /Not to even mention my Washington Bullets….stay away from me everyone….i’m a cancer.

  9. chuck says:

    I’m afraid the strain would be more than we could bear.


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