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Recap | Hokies (2-6, 13-10) 67, clemson (3-5, 11-11) 65

Box Score

2012 has not been good to Virginia Tech’s men’s basketball team, save for their win over then No. 16 uva in Charlottesville. Thursday night, the Hokies got trucked in their own house by fifth-ranked duke and two days later, Tech blew a 14-point lead with five minutes to play against clemson. Amazingly, Tech held on to win, 67-65, despite not scoring a field goal for much of the final 8 minutes of the game.

With the Hokies up 64-50 with about 7 minutes to play, Tech went into basketball’s version of the prevent offense (yes, offense, not defense) and it nearly doomed them. Tech managed just three free throws in the remaining 7 minutes and change while clemson went on a 15-3 run.

Victor Davila missed the front end of a 1-and-1 with 30 seconds to play and leading 67-65, giving clemson the final shot. Their freshman K.J. McDaniels had a career-high 14 points and got fouled with :03 left (fouling out Jarell Eddie), sending him to the line for a pair of free throws that could tie the game.

The freshmen missed both free throws and after the second miss, his teammate Tanner Smith grabbed the rebound and missed a shot at the buzzer that would have sent the game into overtime. The Hokies escaped by the narrowest of margins.

If ever a win felt like a loss, this would be one of those times. The win-that-nearly-became-a-loss sends the Hokies to 13-10. Finney-Smith finally broke out of his six-game slump in a big way, scoring 12 points, including a pair of three-pointers.

Doe Doe, after missing 25 straight field goal attempts over the last six games, got the Hokies on the scoreboard first. In fact, the highly-touted freshmen shot an impressive 5/8 from the field.

Jarrell Eddie played perhaps his best game of the year and definitely gave you some hope for next season. The sophmore scored a team-high 15 points. Meanwhile, junior guard Erick Green extended his double-digit scoring streak with a free throw late in the game, the Hokies’ 67th and final point. It was Green’s only point of the second half.

Tech led this game from the opening tip and led by 16 midway through the first half. Every time clemson tried to make a run, the Hokies would answer in kind and took a 14-point lead at the half.

The Hokies have five days off before they take their talents to South Beach to take on the canes on Feb. 9. Tipoff is at 9 p.m., and the game will be on either ESPN or the Deuce.

Accuracy not guaranteed

2-0 VT – DFS breaks the 0/25, 6-game FG drought!
— turnover clemson —
— turnover VT, backcourt violation —
— steal by VT —
5-0 – Rankin hits a three-pointer
— clemson misses, DFS get rebound —
— shot wedged between the rim and the glass, clemson ball —
5-3 – clemson’s Booker gets the hoop and the harm, foul on Davila
— clemson fouls DFS, non-shooting —
— Rankin misses, clemson rebounds —
— foul on Rankin —
— clemson misses, DFS rebounds —
8-3 – Green hits a three pointer
— clemson misses three, Eddie rebounds —
— DFS gets a rebound, feeds Eddie, misses the dunk, but is fouled —

U16 Score – 8-3 VT

10-3 – Eddies makes 2 FTs (VT 2/2 FTs)
— clemson misses, gets the rebound, fresh shot clock —
— clemson misses, Hudson rebounds —
— VT misses, loose rebound, out of bounds off clemson —
— Green misses, clemson rebounds —
— clemson turnover, stepped out of bounds —
— Raines misses jump hook, clemson rebounds —
— Hudson blocks shot, clemson rebounds, Green steals it —
12-3 – Green converts fast breaks after getting a steal
— Eddie commits his first foul —
— clemson just 1/9 shooting so far —
— clemson playing three freshmen —
12-5 – Cole scores off the inbounds play
14-5 – Raines tips it a missed shot
— clemson turnover —
16-5 – Brown scores off the fast break following the turnover
— clemson calls a timeout —
— clemson has 5 turnovers so far —
— clemson misses, Barksdale rebounds —
18-5 – Nice crossover by Rankin, goes in for the layup

U12 Score – 18-5 VT

18-7 – Smith makes 2 FTs
— VT turnover —
— VT foul —
18-7 – Clemson misses both FTs
— DFS misses a dunk, but Rankin slams home the miss —
21-7 – Rankin follows DFS’s miss with a dunk and gets fouled, Rankin makes the FT
— clemson has three freshmen in the game, turns it over —
23-7 – Green makes 2 FTs
— clemson misses, Davila with the rebound —
— VT turnover —
23-9 – Clemson freshman dunks it from the baseline
— longest losing streak at the Cassell in 10 years —
25-9 – Green hits a jumper
— Eddie blocks a shot out of bounds —
— Green called for the foul —
— clemson in the
25-11 – Smith hits fadeaway
— VT misses, clemson rebounds —
— clemson airballs it —
25-13 – Booker dunks it on a fast break
28-13 – Eddie hits a three, with an assist from the top of the backboard
— clemson misses, Davila rebounds —

U8 Score – 28-13 VT

— Barksdale misses jumper, clemson rebounds —
— clemson misses two shots, held ball, possession to VT —
— VT misses three, clemson rebound —
28-15 – Narcisse makes 2 FTs (Green picks up 2nd PF, sits, Rankin comes in)
— clemson goes to full court press, Greenberg calls a timeout —
— clemson misses, but Davila commits 2nd PF, one and one for clemson —
— Davila out, Raines in —
28-15 – Narcisse misses, clemson rebounds
— clemson misses, Eddie rebounds —
30-15 – Hudson drives and shoots
30-17 – McDaniels with the follow slam
33-17 – Eddie hits a 3 points and is fouled by Narcisse, chance for 4-point play

U4 Score – 33-17 VT

34-17 – Eddie makes the FT to complete the 4-point play
34-19 – clemson scores
— VT with only 4 turnovers so far —
36-19 – Eddie playing lights out, underneath layup
— Rankin steals, but has shot blocked by McDaniels —
— foul on Rankin, his 2nd PF —
36-21 – Young makes 2 FTs
38-21 – Eddie scores, assist to Brown (Eddie with 11 points)
— clemson misses three, gets own rebound —
38-23 – 7-2 kid gets the hoop and the foul
38-24 – 7-2 kid makes the FT to complete the 3-point play
40-24 – Brown feeds DFS for the alley-oop dunk!
40-26 – clemson scores at the other end
42-26 – Eddie gets a rebound off a miss and scores (Eddie with 13 points)
42-28 – clemson scores
— clemson commits foul away from the ball with :03 left —
— VT can’t get a shot off before the buzzer —

Halftime Score – 42-28
Eddie – 13, Green – 9, Rankin – 8, Finney-Smith – 4, Raines – 4, Hudson – 2, Brown – 2

42-30 – clemson hits opening shot of the 2nd half
— Davila misses, gets rebound —
44-30 – DFS puts back a miss (has 6 points)
— Eddie commits 2nd PF on Booker —
44-32 – Booker makes 2 FTs
46-32 – Davila scores in the low post
— clemson misses, but Eddie picks up his 3rd PF —
— clemson misses, out of bounds off VT —
46-35 – Young hits a 3 pointer
49-35 – DFS drains a 3 pointer, has 9 points
49-37 – clemson scores
51-37 – Davila turns and jams it home on the 7-footer
— clemson misses a three, VT rebounds —
— VT called for illegal screen, Davila picks up his 3rd PF —

U16 Score – 51-37

— Raines fouls Booker, Raines’ 2nd PF —
51-39 – Booker makes 2 FTs
— Hudson misses, clemson rebounds —
— clemson misses, VT rebounds —
53-39 – Raines scores with an assist from Eddie
— clemson misses, VT rebounds —
— McDanials blocks his fourth shot of the game, on Green —
— clemson misses three, but gets rebound —
53-41 – McDaniels with a Deron-like dunk
— Hudson misses three pointer —
— Green commits his 3rd PF —
— clemson misses, VT rebounds —
— Brown misses 3 pointer, clemson rebound —
— clemson misses 3 pointer, gets the rebound —
— clemson airballs it, VT rebounds, foul on clemson —
— Green misses 3 pointer, clemson rebound —
— Barksdale commits the foul —

U12 Score – 53-41 VT

— clemson misses 3 pointer, Eddie rebounds for VT —
55-41 – Brown to Raines on the pick and roll
— timeout clemson —
55-43 – Hall scores for clemson
— Eddie misses the 3 pointer, clemson rebounds, but travels —
— VT can’t inbound the ball, calls timeout —
— clemson foul (McDaniels) away from the ball —
— Smith fouls Davila —
57-43 – Davila makes 2 FTs
57-45 – Young score at the other end
— Smith fouls, VT to the FT line —
59-45 – Hudson makes 2 FTs
59-47 – clemson scores
— McDaniels with his 5th blocked shot, still VT ball —
— Eddie misses the 3 pointer, Hudson misses putback —
— clemson foul against DFS —
61-47 – Eddie scores (team-leading 15 points)

U8 Score – 61-47

— clemson misses first FT of a one-and-one —
— clemson foul, Booker’s 2nd, both teams in bonus from here on out —
— clemson steals the ball —
61-50 – Smith hits a 3 pointer
64-50 – DFS drains his second 3 pointer of the game (12 points for Doe Doe)
— VT is a perfect 10/10 from the FT line at this point —
— clemson is 2/17 from 3 point range —
64-52 – clemson scores
— Green airballs a 3 pointer, clemson rebound —
— clemson turns it over, VT ball —
— Hokies called for 10 second violation, clemson ball —

** Radio Broadcast went out at this point **

Clemson apparently on a 7-0 run, cuts VT’s lead in half, from 14 to 7 (3:11 to play)

U4 Score – 64-57

66-57 – VT hits both FTs (perfect on the day)
— clemson misses 3 pointer, Eddie blocks a second attempt —
— 2:30 to play —
— VT misses, clemson rebound —
— 2:00 to play —
66-59 – clemson scores
— 1:40 to play —
— Eddie misses three pointer, clemson rebound —
66-61 – clemson scores on the fast break, McDaniels with 12 points
— 1:12 to play —
— Hudson throws the ball away, clemson ball —
— 1:03 to play —
— clemson misses, McDaniels rams home the miss —
66-63 – McDaniels with the follow slam off the miss (career-high 14 points)
67-63 – Green at the FT line, makes 1/2 FTs (first missed FT of the game for VT)
— Hokies with just one FG in the last 8 minutes —
67-65 – clemson scores
— timeout Hokies —
— :26.4 left to play —
— clemson on a 15-2 run in last 4 minutes —
— clemson fouls Davila —
67-65 – Davila missed the front end of a 1-and-1
— clemson rebounds Davila’s miss —
— :11 left to play —
— Eddie commits the foul and fouls out —
67-65 – McDaniels at the FT line, missed the first
— McDaniels missed the second FT on purpose, clemson gets the rebound and misses a shot at the buzzer, Hokies hold on to win —

Final Score – Hokies 67, clemson 65

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5 Responses to “Recap | Hokies (2-6, 13-10) 67, clemson (3-5, 11-11) 65”

  1. GENEGREEN 757 says:


  2. Joe says:

    A win is a win! Eddie’s foul with 3.3 secs left saved the game!

  3. Chrishokie says:

    For the first time this year the OTHER team fell way behind early, came all the way back and fell short. It was our turn to be on the winning side of that scenario. We are now 9th in the ACC instead of 11th or 12th. Niemo your timely article on Doe Doe worked as a reverse curse and he came out of his slump with a nice game and Rankin showed some offensive prowess. I’LL TAKE IT! And it has to do wonders for this team’s confidence because we played 34 minutes of pretty good basketball. Two questions –

    1. What was Hudson doing on that final drive/turnover? He is a Senior. Why didn’t he just pull it out and run the clock?

    2. Why was Davilla in the game on the final inbounds play? I realize his free throw shooting has been improved but no way he should be on the court then. Of course they are going to leave him open. Greenberg has got to do better than that. That could have cost us the game.

    On to Miami!!

  4. chuck says:

    I remember Jacque Vaughn missed 22 straight shots to open a season…that took some doing.

    Watching this DOE DOE stretch was painful….sad thing was he just doesn’t seem to WANT to score the ball in most situations…it’s almost Rodman-esque.

    Happy to see he can do it, and with relative ease…we need someone else to be a consistent scorer….half the season remains…and i’d like for the kids to play in the postseason, every game counts towards next year.

  5. Les says:

    They need to give Rankin the reins as soon as possible. The other guards don’t have the ability to control the pace of the game. They’re easily rushed by the defense.


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