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Recap | miami (6-3) 65, Hokies (2-7) 49

Box Score

The Hokies looked listless for the first 13 minutes of the game and trailed by as many as 16 points en route to a 65-49 loss to the miami hurricanes Thursday night.

Tech had nothing offensively in the first 15 minutes of the game. I mean nothing. Nada. Zip. Zilch. In fact, the announcer said exactly what I was thinking:

“All Virginia Tech is doing offensively is standing in place or throwing the ball away.”

As a result, the Hokies fell behind 20-8 courtesy of a 10-0 canes run. It could have been and should have been much worse, but miami was struggling with bad shots and turnovers and couldn’t take full advantage of Tech’s offensive ineptitude.

The Hokies finally got something going late in the first half and went on a 10-0 run of their own to close the gap. Unfortunately, it came after Tech had fallen behind 28-12. Dorenzo Hudson got the run started with a long jumper, followed by an Erick Green fast-break dunk. Marquis Rankin drilled a 3 pointer and Hudson came back with a 3 of his own to cap the 10-0 run and cut the canes’ lead to 6.

But, the canes stole the momentum at the end of the half with a follow slam with a little more than a second remaining and then the clock ran out giving miami a 30-22 halftime lead.

Senior Victor Davila opened the scoring in the second half to cut the deficit back down to 6 and you thought that just maybe Tech could come back and make a game of it. But alas, it was just more of the same.

Tech shot just 35 percent from the field and 33 percent from the behind the arc. But those numbers are made more impressive because of Tech’s second half, which wasn’t a complete disaster. Their first half shooting percentage had to be in the low 20s.

Green, once again, paced the Hokies with 17 points, but he was the only Hokie to score in double figures. Hudson was the second leading scorer with just 8 points.

And for “Hands of Stone” Davila, it was a nightmare of a game. He turned it over more than a few times and just doesn’t seem to be able to hold the ball. Granted, I have to give him and Cadarian Raines credit because considering what miami’s big man Reggie Johnson did to duke last week, I thought Tech’s “bigs” did an admirable job of keeping the big fella in check.

Defensively, Tech played another solid game. Hands of Stone and Make it Raines did their job against RJ and the Hokies used a trapping defense in the second half that force two turnovers. miami hit some crazy long three pointers and you can’t really pin those on the defense.

There’s not much else to say about this game. Oh wait, but there is. Turnovers, shockingly, killed the Hokies. All 17 of them. Oh, and the 6 blocked shots. The most surprising stat is that VT actually won the overall rebounding battle 40-32.

It was a bad loss to team that Tech is capable of beating. But, they didn’t quit. They kept fighting and it’s good to see because this season is already a “rebuilding year,” and there’s not much to play for other than next season when our young guys will be a year older and more seasoned. I still have high hopes for this young team… if they can stay healthy.

As you know, Niemo will fill in the gaps once he sobers up. It was a road loss to a team that beat duke at cameron indoor, and winning on the road in the ACC is hard (unless you’re fsu or miami playing at cameron indoor), so it’s hard to get too bent out of shape over this loss. But, they could have and should have played better and they know that, so no use in beating a dead horse.

Play-by-Play (we pick up the action a few minutes into the game due to Cub Scouts)
accuracy not even remotely guaranteed

2-6 miami leads
— Eddie misses a three —
— miami turnover, VT turnover —
4-6 Green with a fast break layup
4-8 Luckett scores scores inside
— Davila has it stolen away from him —
— miami misses, Eddie rebound —
6-8 Davila offensive rebound and put back
— Eddie blocks Johnson’s shot —
— Green called for an offensive foul —

U16 timeout (13:27) – 6-8 miami

6-10 Jones scores from the top of the key
— Raines fouled after DFS runs into the wall that is Johnson —
8-10 Raines makes 2 FTs
8-12 Johnson feeds Jones for the dunk
— Hudson has his shot tipped —
— Jones misses for um —
— Green misses, Barksdale with the OR —
— Brown misses a runner in the lane —
8-14 Jones with the fast break slam of the full court pass
— Raines misses the hook shot vs. Johnson —
8-17 Brown buries a long 3 point play
— Brown steals it, fouled at the other end —

U12 timeout (9:37) – 8-17 miami

8-18 Brown makes 1/2 FTs
— miami forces a VT turnover —
— miami turns it over —
— VT called for offensive foul, moving screen —
8-20 Jones with a baseline jumper

“All Virginia Tech is doing offensively is standing in place or throwing the ball away.”

— 10-0 miami run —
— VT misses three consecutive shots —

U8 timeout (7:53) – 8-20 miami

— miami turns it over —
— Davila turns it over again, double teamed while standing still in the low post —
— VT turns it over for the 9th time, “palming” the ball —

“If there’s a mistake to be made offensively, Virginia Tech has done it.”

— Davila mishandles a pass for VT’s 10th turnover —
10-20 DFS cleans up a sloppy miss by Brown
— miami has missed last six shots —
10-21 Kadji makes 1/2 FTs
— DFS misses a baseline drive dunk attempt —
— DFS blocks a shot at the other end —
— Raines has his shot blocked by, guess who, Johnson —
— Johnson fouled at the other end —
10-22 Johnson makes 2 FTs
12-22 Hudson with the leaner
12-25 miami hits a 3 pointer
— Davila has his hook shot go in and out —
12-28 Johnson (the big fat guy) hits a three pointer
14-28 Hudson with a long 2 pointer
16-28 Green off the fast break turnover, dunks it
— miami misses, Green rebounds —
19-28 Rankin hits the open 3 pointer in the corner

U4 timeout (1:15) 19-28 miami

— Johnson misses a 3 point attempt —
— VT doing a good job containing RJ —
22-28 Hudson drills a 3 pointer from the corner
— VT on a 10-0 run —
22-30 miami gets a dunk in the final second

Halftime Score – VT 22, miami 30

— Hudson misses the opening shot, miami rebounds, but traveled —
24-30 Davila beats Johnson in the low post with a quick spin move
24-32 Johnson gets a lucky bounce
— Hudson called for traveling, 11th VT turnover —
— Davila called for foul against RJ —
24-33 Johnson makes 1/2 FTs
— Green airballs a shot, DFS with the nice rebound —
— VT misses —
24-36 Kadji makes a 3 pointer
— miami gets called for its 2nd foul of the entire game —
— DFS gets blocked twice —
24-38 miami makes a nice shot
26-38 Green hits a jumper
26-40 RJ scores underneath
— Green fouled —

U16 timeout (15:20) 26-40 miami

27-40 Green makes 1/2 FTs
— miami a perfect 4/4 in the second half —
— miami is 4/5 in the second half —
29-40 Green recognizes the mismatch and gets the bucket, has 9 points
— miami miss, VT rebounds, Kadji blocked Hudson’s shot —
29-42 miami makes 2 FTs
— Jones blocks Eddie’s jumper —
— miami misses —
32-42 Brown buries a 3 pointer (first points of the game)
— Green misses a fast break jumper, rushed it, despite Brown open on the right wing —
— Green called for the foul —
32-43 Kadji makes 1/2 FTs
32-45 Three miami players combine for a dunk off a miss
— miami foul —

U12 timeout (11:32) 32-45 miami

34-45 Green hits a baseline jumper (has 11 points, extending his streak)
34-47 RJ scores after trampling a small midwestern city
— Raines has his shot blocked —
— VT called for a 5 second violation, at least 12 turnovers so far —
— Raines called for a foul against RJ —
— Brown commits a dumbass foul on a 3-on-1 break, had TWO open teammates on either side —
— Good defense by VT forces miami turnover —
— VT has 14 field goals, 15 turnovers —
35-47 Hudson makes 1/2 FTs
— DFS misses a 3 pointer —
— miami misses, VT rebound —
37-47 Green finally hits a shot
39-47 Green gets the hoop and the foul
40-47 Green completed the 3-point play (14 points)
— miami turnover —
42-47 DFS gets the fast break layup off the turnover
42-50 miami hits a 3 pointer
— shot clock violation against VT —

U8 timeout (6:52) – 42-50 miami

— VT’s trap defense has forced a couple of turnovers —
42-53 miami hits a clutch 3 pointer
— Hudson misses a shot —
— Green fouled by Larkin —
43-53 Green makes 1/2 FTs
43-55 RJ goes over a flopping Raines for a the bucket
— VT turns it over —
— Green drives through the lane, gets mugged, but no call —
43-57 Grant scores
46-57 Eddie hits a 3 pointer

U4 timeout (3:40) – 46-57 miami

— Eddie called for PF, his 3rd —
— Just make this awful game end already —
46-59 RJ makes 2 FTs
49-59 Eddie makes a 3 pointer
— miami misses, VT rebounds —
— Eddie misses an awkward jumper —
— Grant missed an easy layup —
— VT turnover —
— miami running the clock —
49-62 Larkin gets the hoop and the foul, completes 3 point play
— Green misses a 3 pointer —
49-65 Larkin hits a 3 pointer

Final Score: miami 65, Hokies 49

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18 Responses to “Recap | miami (6-3) 65, Hokies (2-7) 49”

  1. HokieGuru says:

    Cope, the Hokies had 10 assists, 17 turnovers (not 14), and 19 field goals – we aren’t going to win games with that line.

    • Niemo says:

      Guru – on road games we are dependent on the (or CBS) stats, which are often inaccurate. So give Cope a break. Point is, we came out with less effort than a Deshazo prostitute. Our team looks like it is starting to quit, at least for tonight.

    • Cope-acabana says:

      I was going by Yahoo Sports’ box score, which seemed off, but whatever.

  2. HokieGuru says:

    Our assist to turnover ratio was 0.6 (that’s six-tenths) – Hokies will not win games with these kinds of offensive stats.

  3. HokieGuru says:

    I wasn’t hammering on Cope lol :) take it easy guys :)

    I actually get it at – best live stats web site for overall ACC hoops on the Internet.

    You guys know I got nothing but love for Techhoops.

    Our offense on the other hand – smh – Had a conversation tonight with Marcus Travis on the offense.

  4. FruitpietheMagician says:

    I gotta tell you – this was the first time that I changed the channel to watch “Storage Wars”. It actually hurt to watch their dismal performance. I always wanted to see VT play George Mason when Larranaga was there and see how Seth would coach against him. Since they just beat Duke, I knew we were in for trouble, but I did not think it would be from OUR lack of initiative. We were really flat…

  5. Ryan W says:

    All you have to say is turnovers, as much as we struggle to score the turnovers cannot mount up like that or they will continue to get embarressed. have you ever seen a player fail at more dunk attempts than finney-smith? Its absurd really

  6. Casey says:

    There have been many comments about how we should use a transition game to aid our horrible offense. But man, how pathetic are the fast breaks? Earlier in the season I would get upset after a missed layup in transition when whoever had it didn’t pass to a trailer. Then I would just laugh, anticipating a miss moments before another failed attempt. Now I’m getting upset again. Seriously, my CYO team in grade school ran better fast breaks than we do. Pass the friggin ball!!!

    I guess the Delaney Effect is alive and kicking. Where for art thou Deron Washington?!?

    • Niemo says:

      Casey – you really hit one of the core problems. If you can’t score in the half court, and can’t score on the break, you are in big trouble. And we actually passed on the break once tonight (to Zo) and he got stuffed by Kadji. That will just add more fuel to not passing.

      If I was Seth, I’d say the next guy that doesn’t pass on an odd-man rush has to do stairs for 20 minutes.

  7. HipHop_Hokie says:

    Didn’t even crack 50… so pathetic.

  8. Blue Collar Hokie says:

    Fruitpie-I’m with you I turned on the playstation with about 6 min left. It’s just frustrating to watch and yeah Niemo, it feels like they’ve packed it in. Hopefully the crowd will get them at least somewhat pumped for Sunday’s game.

  9. HokieGuru says:

    We are playing BC – I’m worried that there will be no one there.

  10. Les says:

    Both teams looked bad. Khadjhi hit a few line drives. Larkin hit some long 3s. Anthony Johnson was the focus of our defense, and probably should’ve fouled it for his repeated use of his off-hand to push off the defender or to seal him off on drives.

    VT stands around too much on offense and spends too much time waiting for the next play. They should have a succession of plays to go through automatically or based on what they see at the time.

  11. Bartlett says:

    Neimo wasting no time with a Deshazo/prostitution joke. I love it!

  12. HokieGuru says:

    I missed that joke because I was tired when I made that comment hahaha.

  13. FruitpieTheMagician says:

    You know the scary thing is? If anyone loses to us, we have probably been labelled as a “bad loss” by the Selection Committee already! Aaarrrggghh!

  14. Chrishokie says:

    My two favorite “you’ve got to be kidding plays” –

    1. Last play of the first half. Not only did we give their guy an open path to the basket, we stood there and watched another guy come right down the lane and dunk the ball when it came off the rim. I don’t think any Hokie even jumped for the rebound – I guessed they either thought the shot would be good or that the clock would expire. Awful.

    2. Robert Brown’s ball hog charge on a 3 on 1 break. He was ahead of the other two but could have passed to Green as a trailer.


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