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Recap | uva (8-5) 61, Hokies (4-9) 59

Another game decided in the final seconds and another disappointing loss for the Hokies. While it’s quick and easy to blame the Jontel Evans 3-pointer in the second half that was clearly a shot clock violation, or the missed free throws in the final minute, the real reason the Hokies lost 61-59 to the hoos is because they went more than 12 minutes without a field goal in the second half.

This was a hard-fought game that featured stingy defense, big three pointers, and some questionable calls that affected both teams. Between a blown timeout call that went against uva, the 3-pointer that didn’t beat the shot clock but counted anyways, and the multiple clock issue at the Cassell, this game was about as ugly as they come. Not as ugly as the Hokies going a dozen minutes without a bucket, but pretty close just the same.

Erick Green single-handedly kept the Hokies in the game in the second half. After scoring just 2 points in the first half, Green scored 17 of the Hokies’ 24 points in the second half, extending his double-digit scoring streak to 28 straight games.

uva’s Mike Scott got his 20 points due largely to the fact that the Hokies were without Victor Davila, who missed his third straight game with a groin injury. Davila held Scott to just 10 points in the first meeting earlier this season in Charlottesville, where the Hokies stunned the hoos 47-45.

Tech played a solid first half and got scoring from unexpected sources. True freshmen Dorian Finney-Smith and Marqis Rankin each score 8 points to lead the Hokies to a 35-32 halftime lead. Neither would score another point for the rest of the game. Doe Doe kept jacking up three-pointers in the second half and turned the ball over in the final seconds before the Hokies could even get a shot off. Why the ball is even in his hands at that point in the game is beyond me.

Tech shot a respectable 50 percent from behind the arc, hitting 8 of 16 shots, but they began the game 6/8 and finished 2/8. The Hokies also shot 45 percent from the field, but uva shot nearly 60 percent.

Coming out of the halftime break, the hoos quickly tied the game on a Sammy Zeglinski three-pointer, but the Hokies answered to make it 37-35 on a Cadarian Raines bucket. The hoos answered again to tie the game at 37 before Tech went on a 10-2 run to open up an 8-point lead, 47-39.

Green’s layup with about 13 minutes to play was the last bucket the Hokies would score until the final minute of the game. That gave Tech a 49-42 lead, which quickly gave way to a 14-0 run by uva.

The Hokies kept it close thanks to missed shots and free throws by uva and the fact that for the first time all season, a wahoo fouled out of a game. And not just one, but TWO players fouled out; Evans and Zeglinski.

The Hokies sent uva’s Akil Mitchell to the free throw line twice in the final minutes and he came through missing both front ends of the 1-and-1. That kept Tech in the game, but Green missed two free throws and Dorenzo Hudson missed one as well.

The opportunities to win were plentiful, but the Hokies just couldn’t take advantage.

Now for the commentary section of this recap… This was another demoralizing loss, but honestly, I was encouraged for the most part. This team is riddled with injuries (Eddie and Raines are playing hurt) and loaded with true freshmen, yet they are competing night in and night out. Their last four games have been decided by a total of 5 points. They’ve won two and lost two.

This season, at this point, is all about next season. Robert Brown, Marquis Rankin, Dorian Finney-Smith and C.J. Barksdale are all getting serious quality minutes and they’re getting better every game. This team has the potential to be very dangerous next year.

I know we’ve been saying that for years, and call me an optimist, but I think barring injuries, this team could be pretty good for the next several years. Time will tell.

The Hokies go back on the road to face duke on Saturday, Feb. 25, at noon.

Play-by-Play (full disclosure, I’ve already had a drink)

— uva wins the tip
0-2 Scott open the scoring for uva
3-2 DFS hits the uncontested 3 pointer
— VT steal – uva’s Scott turns it over
— Hudson misses, uva rebound
— Harris misses, VT rebound
— Hudson misses, out of bounds off uva
— VT turnover on the inbounds pass, uva gets away with a walk, but Eddie blocks Mike Scott’s shot at the other end
— Green turns it over
— Evans fouled
3-4 Scott works DFS down low
— Mitchell fouls DFS
— Green misses a 3 pointer
— Scott misses, VT rebound
— DFS misses the long jumper after a nice shot fake
— Green called for the foul

U16 Media Timeout Score – 4-3 uva

— uva turns it over on the inbounds pass
6-4 Eddie knocks down a three in the corner
6-6 Mitchell scores over Raines
— VT turnover
6-8 Scott with an offensive rebound and a put-back dunk
— Hudson fouled by Zeglinski taking a three pointer
9-8 Hudson makes all 3 FTs
— VT steal by Brown
11-8 Barksdale with the falling away baseline jumper
11-10 Scott turnaround jumper over Barksdale
13-10 Brown with a tough spin move in the lane for the bucket
13-12 Brogdon goes baseline for the reverse layup
— VT turnover, uva got away with a foul
13-15 uva 3 pointer, wide open after double team on Scott
15-15 Green hits a running shot in the lane over Ziggy
— uva miss, VT rebound
— Brown misses a deep three, uva rebound
— uva turnover

U12 Media Timeout Score – 15-15 uva

— Rankin in the game for the Hokies
18-15 Rankin hits a 3-pointer from the left wing
18-17 Harris with the roll
21-17 DFS gets the three to drop after several high bounces off the rim, his second 3 of the game

U8 Media Timeout Score – 21-19 VT (7:52)

24-19 Hudson buries the three
— VT steals it from Scott
— VT turns it over
24-21 Scott scores off the fast break from the turnover
27-21 Rankin his his second 3-pointer of the game
— uva miss, VT rebound
— VT shooting 6/8 from three tonight so far
— Hudson misses a three – it was close
— uva called for a travel after getting double teams
— VT’s defense is playing out of its mind
— Ziggy called for the reach-in foul
— Hokies making the most of a mismatch with Hudson
— uva didn’t get a timeout as its player was falling out of bounds
29-21 Brown with the nice feed in the lane to Raines who slams it home
— Eddie called for the foul on Evans

U4 Media Timeout Score – 29-21 VT

29-22 Evans makes 1/2 FTs
31-22 Raines just abused Scott in the low post!!
— Green fouls Evans in the lane
31-23 Evans makes 1/2 FTs
— uva gets the rebound off the missed FT
— uva misses, VT rebounds
— VT misses, uva rebounds
— Evans called for the offensive foul, but it’s overturned, makeup call
31-25 Evans makes 2 FTs
— uva picks up only its 4th team foul
— Evans fouls Rankin going to the rim
33-25 Rankin make 2 FTs
33-27 Scott hits a jumper
33-30 Scott hits a 3 pointer (has 15 points)
— DFS fouled going to the rim
35-30 DFS hits 2 FTs
35-32 Evans hits a jumper at the buzzer to close out the half

Halftime Score – 35-32 Hokies

Rankin – 8, Dorian Finney-Smith – 8, Hudson – 6, Raines – 4, Eddie – 3, Green – 2, Brown – 2, Barksdale – 2

35-35 uva Ziggy 3 pointer
37-35 VT scores, Raines
37-37 uva answers, Mitchell
39-37 Erick Green layup
— Green misses a free throw that would have
41-37 Hudson with the left-handed scoop shot in the lane
— uva turns it over, bad pass out of bounds
44-37 Green hits a left wing 3 pointer, 7 points for Green
44-39 Scott answers with a bucket
— Barksdale misses the hook shot
— Scott misses,Hudson rebounds
47-39 Green hits another 3 pointer, 10 points, 29 straight games with double figures scoring
— 10-2 run by the Hokies

U16 Media Timeout Score – 47-39 VT

47-42 uva 3 pointer
— Brown’s shot blocked, Eddie misses a three in the corner, uva rebounds
— Eddie commits foul
— Eddie limping
— Ziggy misses a 3 point attempt, VT rebounds
49-42 Green with the pretty, athletic runner in the lane (12 points)
49-44 Ziggy scores on the backdoor layup
— Raines misses, uva rebounds
— Harris misses, VT rebounds
— Brown fouled going to the hoop

U12 Media Timeout Score – 49-44 VT

49-44 Brown misses 2 FTs
— uva misses a 3 point attempt, VT rebound
— VT misses, uva rebound
49-46 Evans scores on a slashing layup
— DFS has his shot blocked, bad shot
— VT has lost all momentum
— Green blocks a shot, VT gets the loose ball
— Brown misses another excessively long 3 point attempt
49-49 Ziggy finally makes a 3 pointer
— Rankin misses a 3 pointer
— uva misses three shots, VT rebounds
— DFS misses a 3 point attempt
49-51 Evans scores to give uva the lead
49-53 Ziggy steals it and scores
— timeout VT
— DFS misses ANOTHER 3 point attempt
— foul on VT
— Eddie called for the foul, gives uva a fresh 35
— uva on an 11-0 run
— Scott misses, Eddie rebounds
— Raines misses, Hokies have gone 8 minutes without a FG
49-55 Scott scores and is fouled by Raines
49-56 Scott makes the FT
— uva on a 14-0 run
— foul on Ziggy
51-56 Brown makes 2 FTs
— Evans turns it over for uva
— more than 9 minutes without a FG for VT
— Ziggy gets a held ball call on Brown, possession arrow to uva
51-59 Evans hits a long long three to beat the shot clock
— game over —
— Green fouled
53-59 Green makes 2FTs
— Green fouled going through the lane, nearly got the shot to fall, but it didn’t
— Evans fouled out for uva, first uva player to foul out of a game this year
54-59 Green makes 1/2 FTs
— 11 minutes without a FG for the Hokies
— Ziggy misses a three, VT rebound
— Hudson fouled spinning through the lane
— Ziggy fouls out for uva, the second uva player to foul out this season
55-59 Hudson makes 1/2 FTs
— uva rebounds missed FT
— Raines called for the foul on Scott, 6th team foul on VT
57-61 Green finally breaks the 12+ minute FG drought for the Hokies and gets the foul
58-61 Green completes the 3-point play
— DFS fouls Mitchell (36.7 seconds left)
— Mitchell misses the front end of the 1-and-1, out of bounds on Scott, Hokies ball
— Green fouled going to the hoop
59-61 Green makes 1/2 FTs (26.3 seconds left)
— Raines fouls Mitchell
— Mitchell misses the front end of the 1-and-1
— DFS turns it over before the Hokies can even get a shot off
— uva misses the front end of the 1-and-1, VT rebounds, but no time for a shot

Final Score – uva 61, VT 59

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22 Responses to “Recap | uva (8-5) 61, Hokies (4-9) 59”

  1. You had better be knocking on some serious wood after that injury comment! Also no cats. Or ladders. Or mirrors.

  2. Chris says:

    Frustrating game. They played hard and the young guys are making progress though. I thought Raines played well and couldn’t get get over why we didn’t go to him more in the 2nd half.

    We’re going to have to develop an offensive identity next off-season because right now there isn’t one. Too many long stretches of just dribbling around the perimeter and shooting contested 3s. Again, I thought the biggest mistake was not going to Raines more in the 2nd half. Utilize the big man.

    They’re making noticeable progress, and that’s the important thing right now. I’m not going to complain.

    As a side note, does anyone know what song the players come out to when they’re introduced? I love it and gets me pumped. I need to put it on my ipod. To anyone who helps out, I’d greatly appreciate it!

    • Chris says:

      To clarify on the song, I mean the one where the starters are being introduced, not the one they come out to when they take the floor. It’s just an instrumental.

  3. Chrishokie says:

    What I didn’t understand about the Evans 3 pt. is that they didn’t review it. What triggers a review? I know the coaches can’t “challenge” but I thought that if it’s close and you have a coach who is questioning the call near the end of the game, they could at least review it.

    • DaRef says:

      I can’t comment precisely on what the college rule is, but I suspect it is similar to the HS rule on correctable errors. In essence, there are several situations which can result in a correctable error, one of which includes “erroneously counting or cancelling a score.” The error has to be recognized by the next dead ball where the clock stops after it has been committed; otherwise, you don’t get to go back later and take a look. The officials can review the call of the own volition, or a coach can request that the officials review the call. Where the college rule gets tricky has to do with what video replay can and cannot be used to overturn – and to be honest, I don’t know off the top of my head whether the shot clock is one of the allowable review situations.

      Either way, and this is the toughest part to understand, a shot clock violation hasn’t been committed until the BUZZER connected to the shot clock sounds. That the clock reads 0 isn’t actually relevant – since the clock counts down whole seconds (but, obviously, is aware of the “sub-seconds”), it will read 0 as soon as the actual time remaining is 0.9 seconds. So it’s possible to release a try with the shot clock reading zero and have it count.

      Obviously, not the result I wanted to have to explain…

      • RK in Roanoke says:

        That’s why in the NBA they put in a light around the backboard to go off with the buzzer. Though anything having to do with the clock last night would have been FUBAR. Way to look like a big time college program on national tv.

        • DaRef says:

          There is a LED light which is tied to the game clock for end-of-game situations. I’m not sure whether or not the same is tied into the shot clock in the college game…

          Either way, in situations where there is both a visual (light) and audible (buzzer) indication, it is actually the visual indicator which is the official signal that time has expired. And, either way, it is still possible to attempt a legal shot when the clock reads zero.

  4. King says:

    When the going gets tough, we turn in to a bunch of chuckers. Holy smokes that was rough to watch down the stretch.

    I thought Raines looked awesome in the first half…but he was clearly exhausted late in the game.

    Still, we had a chance. And there’s only one person to blame for this loss…Greenberg. Why, in the final play of the game, would we have our two forwards, Eddie & Finney-Smith, handling the ball? Horrible final play call. Awful. What a joke. Turnover city.

    • Chrishokie says:

      Reading the game summary on, the intention was not to have DFS and Eddie handling the ball but I guess they cut off our primary options and DFS ended up with the ball and panicked, a freshman mistake. But, it’s hard to blame Greenberg for that. At some point, players have to make smart decisions with the ball. But, it was very frustrating for sure. They were heavily guarding the 3-line. Too bad we couldn’t have snuck through and got a two. With 2 players having fouled out I liked our chances in OT.

  5. Blue Collar Hokie says:

    I didnt expect to sweep uva or anything but. . .sigh. . . its just frustrating losing a game like that.

    What is with ACC refs this year?

  6. Ryan W says:

    12 minutes without a bucket is ridiculous but agreed the refs have been terrible all season long. We cant seem to make clutch ft’s either

  7. chuck says:

    Trusting Greenberg to get these guys to do better is the definition of insanity as defined by Albert Einstein….he had 4 years with the last class and got the same results pretty much every year, with a few slight variations.

    I consider myself neither optimistic or pessimistic, i find it impossible to be either. All i can do is analyze trends and make assumptions based on those.

    Without an offensive gameplan, or a commitment to playing the game the right way in the paint (even if the growing pains are ugly), and better timeout/game management we are going to experience the same problems going forward.

    I cannot in good conscience say that losing 8 games by under 5 pts is a good sign, because Greenberg’s tenure here at VT is littered with losses by under 5 pts.

    I cannot in good conscience say that losing games by under 5 pts will even out to WINS by under 5 pts in the long run, because unlike NFL football there is no historical evidence that this is true. Greenberg’s teams have a lousy record in games decided by under 5 pts.

    I am telling all of you, sure he wants to win, but knowing how difficult that is in the ACC, he likes to craft a perception that we are always on the cusp. This is how he sells us, new recruits, and the few people (used to be more) in the media that believe he is on the come. He sells us tomorrow….

    Why are we to sit here giving him credit for a rebuilding year when:

    -We have the most dynamic Junior Guard in the league running our team.

    -We have a 4 yr contributor anchoring our frontline.

    -We have a 5th year SR who was ALL ACC two years ago

    -We have a top 15 recruiting class…do you know what other schools do who have top 15 recruiting classes? They make the tourney in YEAR 1. And that’s without the veteran help.

    There is often a sense of urgency as some of these kids will not be there for 4 years, because they are good enough to be part of a top 15 recruiting class and are trying to fast-track it to the pros.

    I expect no quarter, therefore i give none. Sick of the little things not getting done with this program. We have the means to be way better.

    The future is bright, Mr. Cope, because it is the FUTURE, and it is unknown. Regardless of what the present empirical evidence provides us for foreshadowing. Because if i had to rely on that alone and be honest with myself, i am seeing us NIT bound for next year, with attrition, and more poorly coached basketball. But beyond, that: The Future….and then more future….which hopefully brings us a competent basketball coach, not just a snake oil salesmen with a few tricks.

    I hate losing to UVA.

    • Martin says:

      First, as I have stated previously, I want greenberg gone if we don’t get to the dance next season.

      Second, I too hate losing to UVA.

      The two preceding statements notwithstanding, I completely disagree with your overall assessment of SG. I believe your hatred of SG is blinding your ability to judge objectively.

      Can you, in “good conscience,” say that our freshmen have improved vastly over this season? I can.

      Can you, in “good conscience,” say that we probably would have won this game but for Davila’s injury? I can.

      Lastly, “do you know what other schools do who have top 15 recruiting classes? They make the tourney in YEAR 1.” This absolute statement is either a blatant lie, or you are grossly misinformed. Here is a list of schools with top twenty five recruiting classes in 2011 and their respective records (note that many of these teams had a MUCH greater supporting cast than Tech):

      – st. johns – class # 3 (12-16, 5-10)

      – ark – class # 9 (17-10, 5-7)

      – illinois – class # 11 (16-12, 5-10)

      – pitt – class # 15 (15-13, 4-11)

      – rutgers – class # 16 (12-15, 4-10)

      – miss st – class # 21 (19-9, 6-7)

      I’m all for legitimate criticisms of SG (lack of offensive prowess, seemingly a prick in person, etc.), I just don’t enjoy the baseless criticisms; they diminish your credibility and overall point. No, Seth is not a “snake oil salesm[a]n,” he is a hard working coach who cares deeply for his kids. He may not be skilled enough to take us to the next level, and, if that’s the case, he should be let go next season (for what it’s worth, I think we do make the dance next year). But I don’t think it’s fair to dog the man with warrantless assertions.

      Amicable disclaimer: I am not trying to insult you or stifle your opinion. I am merely responding to your comment.

      • chuck says:

        I realize you want to support the team thick and thin, and i do as well, as i work behind a bar and watch every game. When they are in the area i get out to watch them live. Went to every game from 1993-1997….

        But i have to be objective and recognize that we consistently underachieve when it counts.

        I don’t think my criticism is baseless…you named 6 of 25 schools that are “struggling” above…i didn’t have time to fact check, and trust you, but am curious: does this mean that 19 are tourney bound and you only compared supporting casts?

        Which, regardless of the FR class, we’re supposed to be getting more collectively out of Green, Davila and Hudson….going into the season i thought we might potentially have 2 second team All ACC performers at that spot. And while Green is doing great, progressing nicely, the tandem itself has been negative synergy….they don’t make the team better playing together.

        In this game, with Davila in there, i honestly think we play differently and don’t shoot the lights out early and probably struggle even more. It’s difficult to predict change in outcomes when you have such a drastic shift in personnel. We both can agree we would have played differently with Davs getting minutes.

        I think our FR were ill prepared out of the gate for whatever reason. I don’t see smarter play out of them, even if they are catching up physically to the speed of the game. And because they are coached by Seth, there is no offensive system to grow into and get confidence in. So, every game it’s different types of panicky failures with time running out on possessions.

        I also wonder if our FR were overrated watching them also. Admittedly i don’t watch much outside of the ACC and marquee games in Big 12 or Big 10, and don’t follow the stats so i don’t know how each teams FR are performing relative to their rankings besides what you posted above which looks like 11 of 15 top recruiting teams are doing OK….

        I don’t hate Seth, i respect what he’s done and what his strengths are which is selling himself and his school. He just isn’t a very good Xs and Os coach, and he doesn’t seem to care to change his approach from year to year. What’s been lacking since he got here remains lacking, with a healthy dose of bad injury luck along the way. The problem is that it’s easy to find other things to blame, and afford the man second chances based upon these ancillary issues. And of course, our continued lack of confidence that we’ll be able to do better without him. It’s like an unsatisfying marriage to me at this point…it’s easier and cheaper to keep her (him)…don’t think that Weaver isn’t weighing the huge buyout heavily in his votes of confidence.

        Snake Oil Salesman statement has as much to do with us as it does him. Snake Oil simply refers to someone who sells fraudulent goods and in order to do this it requires a desperate receivership to play into it also. In our case, a starving fanbase at a big school with lots of money and access. He knows we WANT to buy into the dream so badly…just like a Snake Oil Salesmen is at their wit’s end on how to treat the malody they are afflicted with.

        He’s selling us the vision that he can get us to the next level, when in honesty he’s about the equivalent of a Herb Sendek at this point….a good program admin who just didn’t have the tools to get over the hump (except Sendek made 5 tourneys)….this is the record that gets me though: 32-87 v RPI top 50 teams…Sendek had a worse ACC record in a stronger ACC however…

        • Martin says:

          I agree with a lot of what you said here.

          There are many other teams who were in the top twenty five who are either on the bubble or not in the tourney, but I didn’t include them if they had an above .500 conference record (Texas, Oregon, etc.). I went by ESPN class rankings if you feel like fact checking. Another thing to keep in mind: many of the top twenty five teams have top twenty five classes every year, so they are typically going to make it regardless of one class (UNC, Duke, AZ, UK, KAN, etc).

          I agree that we should be getting more out of Zo; however, I feel we have been getting everything we can out of both Green and, especially as of late, Davila (very poor timing to get injured, he was looking great).

          When I said I thought we win but for Davila’s injury, I was referring to the ability to defend Mike Scott. Maybe it doesn’t result in a win, but Vic can definitely defend the big man, and Cadarian was clearly exhausted in the second half.

          Also, you may be correct that the FR’s improvement is a result of catching up to the game speed rather than coaching. Hard to tell, but I certainly believe they are improving and will continue to do so. However, I too wonder if our class was overrated. Still, you have to keep in mind that the other 11 out of 15 classes who “are doing OK” don’t rely on their freshmen like we do; they rely on guys like Harrison Barnes, Zeller, Curry, etc. (with the exception of UK).

          I agree that he isn’t a good Xs and Os coach on Offense, but our defense seems to consistently produce. I also agree that his approach is static. And I definitely believe that SG’s contract is a big reason why JW won’t ditch him.

          All in all, I agree with most of your criticisms. I just disagree with the top 15 recruiting class statement and the fact that this isn’t a rebuilding year (I think this is the definition of a rebuilding year). We haven’t been as good as I thought we were going to be, but I definitely didn’t think we were going to make the tourney this year. I truly believe he deserves one more year to show what he can do with a much more experienced team.

          The funny thing about this debate is: we are going to end up agreeing no matter what next season (I think). Either he doesn’t make the tourney, and I’m with you in the fire SG camp. Or, we make the tourney and, I would think, you would come over to the retain SG camp. Or would you still want him gone?

          • Martin says:

            And that record against top 50 RPI teams IS horrifying; I didn’t realize it was that bad.

          • chuck says:

            That was Sendek’s record….didn’t mean to mislead…

            I was just comparing him to another pretty decent (all things considered) coach who didn’t fare well in the ACC, never won that proverbial big game, but had teams that always played tough and made postseasons. He also garnered a bunch of those 2nd tier elite recruits that never seemed to make that next leap.

            When i speak about SG’s seeming inability to get guys to improve over their careers, i feel like i have several glaring examples:

            -Coleman Collins (So much going on here….)

            -Lewis Witcher (Doghoused repeatedly…always thought he had more ability)

            -Jeff Allen (Moving on…)

            -Terrell Bell (Such a wallflower, corner stander, deflector but never receiver….frustrating phys specimen…shoulda been so much more)

            -Malcolm Delaney (Bad habits die hard)

            -Dorenzo Hudson (How much is injuries? How much is being a general spaz?)

            -Victor Davila (Hands can improve, i’ve seen it…in this case they never did)

            These guys may have increased their numbers as they progressed thru their 4 years, but in many cases their per 40 min #s decreased as their minutes increased and their possession usage rates also increased. They also by and large did not add many new wrinkles/skills to their games, and made a lot of the same mistakes. And in spite of his relative greatness, Malcolm still had the same bad habits the day he left as the day he came.

            Guys i felt really made strides beyond expectations under Seth:

            -Jamon Gordon (got more imposing physically, and one of few Hokies to actually improve his shot over time)

            -Deron Washington (could truly be a poor mans Igoudala for us his last 2 years, if only he coulda converted more dunks, he’d have avgd 15ppg)

            -Erick Green…never thought he’d be unstoppable at times.

            -Notice…no bigs on here. (Sure, Ask an Indian… (dramatic pause here)…if you can find one—George Carlin)…we under-recruit bigs as though they are not a component of overall success…perpetually disappointed by this.

            He’s going to get another year…i happen to think next year we should be tourney bound and would feel a lot better if this year was like the past 2-3 years with a 20 win club and a strong NIT seeding…and i think his inability to coach this group better has cost us 2-3 of those 5pt games, which would put us up there near that bar we’d previously set.

            But don’t mistake my cold assessment of what’s going on for intense dislike for the man…i certainly don’t like watching this Groundhog Day product…it gives me ulcers.

  8. RK in Roanoke says:

    OK Niemo, lot’s to be hopeful for, sure. But we are 28 games into the season, there are no freshman anymore. I watch the games and i still don’t know what we are trying to do on offense. Someone who has played more than I have watched needs to explain why we had Raines screen 25+feet from the basket so many times. Their big we force our guard even farther out. he always drove left and never once made an easy bounce pass to raines, cause what is he going to do with it 22+ft out. looked like they ran the same set four out of five times at one point. Then rankin pulls it back out and we start again only now there are only 12 seconds on the clock and we settle for a contested three.
    Exactly what is our offense besides hope someone gets hot from deep? Where is the improvement over most of a season for the young guys?
    it’s not just this year, but most years. Frustration with uncle fester really getting to me. thanks for letting me vent a little.

    • Chrishokie says:

      RK – we are 3-3 in the last 6 ACC games vs. 1-6 over the first 7. I see that as some improvement and gives me hope. If we win one more game OOC (12-3) next year and go 8-8 in conference, we would finish 20-11 which would be a nice step up (although it would put us on the dreaded NCAA bubble again). That seems doable at this point. Anything short of that would be a disappointment for me unless the ACC as a whole got a lot better.

    • Martin says:

      I think the freshmen have improved vastly over the course of the season. DFS went from 0 for 25 to 50% fg shooting. Rankin couldn’t shoot a three to save his life, now he is dropping them with consistency when he is open. CJ has become a legitimate post threat. RB has had an up and down season but, I believe, has improved gradually throughout. Also, remember that these kids are freshmen. They aren’t Austin Rivers, Irving, or John Wall; they are non-phenom freshmen.

      I know I’ve said this before, but think about where Green was at this point in his freshmen year. Think about where Jarell was… I think Seth deserves one more year, and I think we will be pleasantly surprised by the progress these young men make by next season.

      I’m with ya Cope.

  9. Chrishokie says:

    Didn’t have a “reply” option to Martin/Chuck discussion. Was that on purpose? Ha! I realize we have beat the SG topic to death. But, let’s face it, it was much more interesting being on the bubble every year. How I long for an NIT bid this year. I view the SG discussion as an interesting (although a bit obsessive, I am guilty for sure) way to pass the time.

    Since Chuck brought up Herb Sendek, let’s look at NCState in this SG discussion. After Valvano they hired Les Robinson. 6 years, one NCAA bid followed by 5 years of no post-season. Robinson fired (understandable). In comes Sendek. His first 5 years were 4 years of NIT bids and then a losing record and no post-season. I bet the Wolfpack faithful were restless. Between Robinson and Sendek it had been 10 years since the tradition rich Pack had gone to the NCAA. Can you hear the cries? “Sendek can’t take us beyond the NIT! He’s peaked! Fire him!” But, they didn’t. And the next 5 years they went to the NCAA, including a Sweet 16 run. His last year they made it to the 2nd round of the NCAA. But, the Wolfpack natives lusted for more. 5 NCAA bids, 4 NIT bids in 10 years was not enough! If you believe Wikipedia, they were upset at their 8-38 record against UNC and Duke and no ACC championships under Sendek. Again per Wiki Sendek left NCState on his own volition, feeling underappreciated. In steps former NCState star, NBA player and coach Sidney Lowe! I am sure the fans were pumped. Finally, someone who can get us to the next level they so richly deserve. How did that work out for the Wolfpack? 5 years, 2 NIT bids, no NCAA. Wonder if they wish they had been kinder to Sendek? Of the 3 coaches they had since Valvano Sendek was by far the best and they drove him away. And now another coaching change. Gottfried is off to a good start but this is one year.

    I know that we have not been to the NCAA 5 times. But, we are also not NCState. Relative to our history the SG years are on the high end. So, there are some paralells here for us. 1. Being patient can pay off. An NIT season has become a frustrating outcome for us but there are much worse fates. If it can happen to NCState it can certainly happen to us. 2. Taking success for granted can bite you in the —. 3. There can be a significant downside to making a coaching change.


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