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Niemo’s Notes | What Did Us In and the Stat Pack

Some ramblings:

  • Back-to-Back: Tuesday marked the first time the Hokies have ever lost consecutive home games to the hoos in the history of the Cassell.  VT is now 14-4 against uva at the Cassell.  The last time VT lost consecutive home games to uva was ’54 and ’55 (granted, the two teams only played at neutral sites from ’75 to ’01, but still).
  • What Did Us In — Lack of Aggression: uva had 5 team fouls in the 2nd half with 16:35 to go.  That meant Tech was just 2 fouls from the bonus.  Over the next 12 minutes, uva committed just 1 foul.  What’s that tell you?  The Hokies were settling for jumpshots on the perimeter late in the shot clock, instead of attacking the tin and drawing fouls.  What did VT do at the end of the game to get back in it?  Attack the lane off the dribble, resulting in 11 free throws in the final 4:35.  Had Tech been doing that all 2nd half, it probably would have resulted in a better outcome (what could be worse than 0 points in over 9 minutes and just 1 FG in 13 minutes?).  Plus, it might have fouled out Evans and Zeglinski, who both had 3 fouls early in the 2nd half, earlier (and they scored 11 of the 14 points on the uva 14-0 run).
  • What Did Us In — Part 2 — FTs: A week ago VT was #1 in the ACC in league play in FT%.  Now they are #3, and well behind wake and miami.  We all know about the fsu game, where VT hit just 3/10 down the stretch (including missing 2 front ends of one-and-ones).  But again this cost the Hokies on Tuesday — VT was just 4/7 in the final 2:02.  Forget the Evans “was it before or after the shot clock” play.  Had Tech made their free throws down the stretch, they win that game, or at least would have been in a better position.
  • What Did Us In — Part 3 — Defense: Tech is now dead last in the league in FG% Defense in ACC play.  3 of the last 4 opponents have shot over 55% against the Hokies.  Tech just isn’t getting stops, unless they force turnovers.  uva shot just 33% in the first meeting, but nearly doubled that on Tuesday.
  • Fast Break Points: Tech did not have a single fast break point last night (though I’d argue Green’s 2nd 3-pointer was, but the statistician didn’t credit VT with it).  In 8 home games in 2012, the Hokies have 40 total fast break points.  5 per game.  That doesn’t cut it, especially when you stink in the half court.  Granted, the Hokies don’t give up many either, but they’ve allowed well over 40 and this is an athletic bunch that should be pushing the ball (see my note above about aggression).
  • Chasing 70: Tech has now gone 15 straight games without reaching 70 points in regulation.  They’ve held to 60 or less in 8 of those games.  Even uva has reached 70 twice.  And georgia tech, who has been held under 40 points twice in ACC play, has eclipsed 70 in regulation 3 times.
  • The Cassell: The Hokies are in danger of just their 2nd losing home ACC season.  VT stands at 3-4 at home with just nc state to go the following Sunday night.  VT finished 2-6 at home back in 2005-06.  The Hokies had finished 6-2 or better 5 of the previous 7 seasons (they were 4-4 in 2008-09).
  • Spread: Tech actually covered the spread (well, Sheridan’s Line from USA Today).  He had uva -2.5.  Amazingly, Tech has not covered a spread in 2012 when they have been favored (0 for 8).  Tech has covered 3 times when they were the underdog (3 of 6).

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Niemo is a member of the VT Class of '98. While not a professional journalist by any stretch, Niemo analyzes and breaks down every minute of Hokie hoop action. He also researches topics of interest such as Hokie recruits, program revenue, statistical data on the team, previews VT opponents, and discusses his favorite bourbons/Scotches. In addition to his passion for Hokie hoops, Niemo has attended 126 straight VT football home games (every game since '94), eclipsing the 100 mark in September of '09 and recently attended his 20th consecutive VT/uva game. During the final home basketball game of his senior year, he was brought onto the court and was awarded 2 passes to the Atlantic 10 Basketball Tournament in Philly during a timeout for being a "Super Fan" during his time at VT. The Hokie Bird made the award on behalf of Athletic Director Jim Weaver. Niemo was known to be in the front row of every home game with his familiar red afro hairdo.

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14 Responses to “Niemo’s Notes | What Did Us In and the Stat Pack”

  1. HipHop_Hokie says:

    35 points in the first half… looking good… almost like a real basketball team… and then BOOM… 24 points in the final 20 minutes to finish under 60 points for the TENTH time this season. Outside of Erick Green THE ENTIRE TEAM SCORED 7 POINTS IN THE SECOND HALF. Absolutely ridiculous.

    We shouldn’t even be ALLOWED to shoot jump shots anymore. Every single offensive possession should be required to end with a move to the basket that either results in a bucket, a foul, or a turnover. It’s so hard for me to watch us play basketball the way we do… ugh.

  2. NitWhitt says:

    To your point about fast breaks (which is a good one)…didn’t Seth say at the beginning of the year we would be a push the tempo, fast breaking, aggressive defense team? I remember him saying that because we weren’t too gifted offensively but we were long and athletic. If so, what happened? I haven’t seen much (if any) play like he described…

    • HipHop_Hokie says:

      Maybe you misheard him… is it possible that he actually said that we were going to be a pass-the-ball-around-for-30-seconds and then just take whatever shot we can get off with 2 seconds on the shot clock team?

  3. Black says:

    Drinking game that you won’t get drunk playing. Pointless, I know but follow me. Do a shot every time VT throws the ball inside the 3 pt line prior to 15 sec on the shot clock or passes on a fast break. Shotgun a keg if Hudson passes on a fast break. You may have to drink 3 times all game.

  4. Chuck says:

    What was up with that 3 uva banked in half a second after the shot clock expired? I couldn’t believe the officials missed that and I kept waiting for them to go back and review it but it never happened. Obviously there was more to the game than that but that was a dagger.

    • chuck says:

      Gonna have to distinguish yourself somehow Chuck….i am chuck, and you may not want to have to own up to some of my comments….i’m a little crazy.


  5. Chrishokie says:

    Interesting stuff. A couple other stats

    – The 3 pt. shooting “indicator” didn’t pan out this time
    – This is the 2nd game in a row we have shot 50% or better from 3pt., that probably doesn’t happen very often
    – We were 1-6 after the first 7 ACC games, 3-3 since then so it does appear we are getting better

    At a higher level our overall shooting stats were respectable (shooting 71% from the FT line isn’t awful) against a good defensive team. The stat that beat us this time was FG% where UVA beat us 59% to 45%. You aren’t going to win many games when your opponent shoots that well unless you dominate on TO or offensive glass. GT also shot a very high pct. against us. So, it looks like our defense is starting to let us down. Could part of that be Davilla’s absence?

  6. HipHop_Hokie says:

    We needed a last-second 3 in OT at home to beat GT and last night the Yellow Jackets scored only 37 points against Clemson… IN ATLANTA. Wow.

  7. chuck says:

    Re: The Spread

    Seth (The House) Greenberg kept it close for Vegas once again….has a coach ever come under scrutiny for potential point shaving? Hmmm….

    • Blue Collar Hokie says:

      Point shaving? thats a bit much

      • Niemo says:

        I hope he’s kidding about that or I’ll start deleting his posts. We clearly aren’t point shaving. I hope his point is we always seem to play to the level or our opponent, no matter who it is. Always in 2-4 point games. Even bc, who we were a combined 20 point favorites on in 2 games, we nearly got blown out by at bc (down 11 with 3 minutes to go) and at home were down 6 with a minute to go.

        • chuck says:

          Seriously? How could this possibly be true? How could it not be a joke?

          A little worried we’re all taking things a bit too seriously. In a season like this we all need to look for the funny. I have to have fun with this.

          I am fairly irreverent. This should have come across at some point in the 3 years i’ve sullied the doorstep here.

          And yes, you used my favorite statement ever about the Greenberg era about playing to the level of the opponent…

          • Blue Collar Hokie says:

            chuck-my bad man. its tough to judge tone on the interwebs.

            niemo-i figured you’d be deleting posts left and right once yall let us go live. it is a tech site, theres always trolls lurking about right?

          • Niemo says:

            We don’t have many problems with trolls because a) we don’t get that much traffic, b) I’ve had a firm policy of deleting posts from other schools, so they went away. And we still have some restrictions in place on posting.


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