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Green at the End of Halves/Games

It seems like every year we struggle to convert at the end of halves, in past years it was Malcolm Delaney that seemingly always seemed to miss down the stretch.  I decided to look at how Erick Green has done at the end of the first half, and at the end of 2nd halves/OT.

These stats are on shots taken with less than 10 seconds taken in a half only, and I did not count half court heaves, only decent opportunities.

  • End of 1st Half: 1/6 (the 1 was a 3-pointer against duke @ VT with Tech down 13)
  • End of 2nd Half/OT: 1/9 (the 1 was his layup on Saturday at duke with VT down 5 with 4 seconds to go)
  • TOTAL: 2/15
  • At the End of Games with a chance to tie or win the game: 0/6

Erick was just 1/4 on Saturday at duke in the final seconds of halves/OT, and the one make was seemingly meaningless with Tech down 2 possessions and duke basically parting like the Red Sea to avoid fouling.

I’m certainly not dogging Erick Green.  He’s our best player.  But you see a theme now between Delaney and Green – having these guys try and break down the opponent off the dribble and shoot a pull-up jumper or runner simply isn’t working.  Our two game-winners came off an offensive rebound (Doe Doe off a missed 3-pointer by Brown vs bc) and a 3-pointer off a pass (Eddie to Hudson vs georgia tech).

Here’s what I’d like to see:

  1. Screens: Run someone like Eddie or Hudson off a curl screen and get them a jumper in rhythm off the elbow extended, as we did on Zo’s 3 to put Tech up 3 with 1:30 to go, or twice in OT.
  2. Drive and Kick: Similar to what fsu did to beat us with Peterson kicking to Snaer.  To be fair, the defender stayed with Eddie yesterday as he slid in behind Green at the end of regulation.  duke did a good job of staying home.  But I also don’t think Green even thought of passing.  You need multiple guys moving to give options, and if the defense does stay home, then you drive deeper (not pulling up from 15-feet) and either going hard at the rim to get a foul (see Rivers — 17 FTs yesterday?!) or dump it off to Raines or Doe Doe when the post defender commits.

Point is, we need to try something different.  Clearly the dribble drive ain’t working.


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13 Responses to “Green at the End of Halves/Games”

  1. Chris- says:

    I would have liked to see a play run as well on the last posession.

  2. hokiegrad says:

    Yup. This is the kind of thing that gets me with Seth. This seems obvious. Why doesn’t he do this? Does he have some good reason that we’re missing? Certainly possible, as I’m not a professional roundball coach and he is… I will grant that he knows way more about this kind of thing than I do. But I can’t figure out what he’s thinking here… Or would he agree, but the players just aren’t executing? Certainly some of that would have to go back on him. Oh well… it is what it is, and we’ll have to hope this kind of thing improves over time.

  3. Chris-Atl (formerly chrishokie) says:

    (accidentally hit submit button too soon on previous post). I also wondered why we didn’t run a play as well. But, in the GT and UVA games, we tried to run plays and the results were essentially disastrous. In GT game Eddie ended up trapped in the corner and made a desperation pass to Hudson which luckily went in. And against UVA they covered our primary options, DFS ended up with the ball and threw it away. Is it possible that SG is concerned that if the primary option gets defended that our players won’t react well? So maybe SG preferred to keep the ball in Green’s hands. He did get a decent look and we got a 2nd shot opportunity as well.

    • Niemo says:

      The gt play is different than a lot of these in that it was a last second thing. In most of the situations where Green has taken the final shot, he’s run down the clock out by half court, and then taken it himself, rather than pass (if we had a play even on).

  4. Les says:

    It probably wouldn’t have mattered. I think Duke had Plumlee stay with Hudson. Hudson hit his game-winer because his man went to double-team.

    It was pretty much all isolation plays in the last ten minutes for both teams. The defenses picked up on the offensive sets.

  5. vttraveler says:

    My only comment is see the end of the UConn game in the NIT. SG had a set play in that game. He could have ran the same play. Let Raines set the pick. Zo come off the curl if they over committ its a dump down to Raines who was having a great game. Zo on shots that decide games in his career. UVA, UConn, BC, GT. By my count he is 4 for 4 when put in that position. SG keeps trying to fit square peg in round hole.

    • Bristolhokie says:

      Speaking of “letting Raines set the pick”, did the Duke player that ran into the Raines screen yesterday wake up yet? I hated to lose after having the chance to win in regulation, but that screen sent a message. Davilla being out has helped Raines get more playing time and he is becoming more confident and an inside presence that we have needed. Get him the ball inside! What happens when Davilla comes back?

  6. RK in Roanoke says:

    Niemo- excellent statistical breakdown. One would suppose that one of the other guys in suits who sit next to SG is tasked with doing this as well. Maybe you should take one of their jobs. Can you recruit?
    The larger problem for me is that I see this isolation with Green (and before him Delaney) as being a large part of our offense. When Delaney did not get the foul call, it was less than 50/50 to score. Clearly similar with Green and he is not drawing contact to get the foul call.
    But one has to ask, why didn’t we throw the ball inside to Raines more in the last 5-6 minutes. They were playing him straight up and he was executing. Even if you just start there and if it is not there toss it out and set up again. Maybe if we took advantage of the match ups better we would not have had to rely on another last 10 second possession.

  7. ArlingtonVTFan says:

    The other issue is that we always wait until the last six seconds on the clock in last minutes situations and Green ends up with a contested 3 or a fade away. So its not like we are even trying very hard to run a play. If you noticed, in the Duke game, they had the lead by 1 with 30 seconds left and Rivers saw a lane and took it immediately without thought. Green would never do that and SG would never allow that. He would hold hold hold until we ended up in a bad spot.

    Plus apparantly SG and the Hokies have never heard of 2 for 1 at the end of a half or game. Can’t tell you how many times I have watched tech get the ball with 45 seconds left and never even consider trying to get a shot off before 35 seconds. Never. Its very frustrating and serious makes me think SG has significant failings as a coach, regardless of his positive attributes.

    • Niemo says:

      I agree on the lack of 2 for 1 thing. What is so frustrating is we’ll have the ball with 55 seconds left, where we could push and get a good shot with about 45 left, knowing we’ll likely get the ball back. Instead, we’ll hold it until 25 seconds left, shoot a terrible contested shot, get nothing out of it, and then the opponent gets the last shot. I’d almost call it 0-for-1 in our case.

      • ArlingtonVTFan says:

        So did Seth give you a heads up as to how they were going to play end of the half vs. Clemson? Get the ball with 65 seconds. Waste 30 of them, and then have Green take a fade away 20 ftr, giving the Tigers enough time to score and ensure that VT wont get the ball back with enough time for a shot. I really do wonder what Seth coaches during their practices, b/c passing the ball around the top of the key and than taking jump shots is a pretty easy offense to teach. And we know hes not spending it on end of game scenarios.

        • Niemo says:

          I just shook my head on that play. We actually got the ball with 70 seconds left and wasted 30. The problem when you shoot with 40 left is by the time the other team collects the rebound, there’s only 1 possession left.

          I will give Seth credit, the play at the end of regulation was beautiful. Unfortunately Raines couldn’t finish and then couldn’t knock down the FTs.


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