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VT’s ACC Tournament Seeding: Update

Updated through Wednesday…

  • georgia tech locked up last place and the #12 seed with their loss at bc (amazingly bc went 4-4 at home in ACC play)
  • VT moved up to #9 pending their game against clemson.
  • If VT loses to the tigers, they drop to 10th place.  wake would be #9 (3-0 against VT and bc), VT was 1-2 against those teams, and bc 1-3.
  • If Tech beats clemson, they stay in 9th and could lock up the #9 seed with a win over nc state Sunday.  maryland has locked up the #8 seed.
  • bc plays at miami, wake at georgia tech.  Either team would beat out VT in a 2-way tie, but VT would beat out bc in a 3-way tie (see above).

Current Seedings:

  1. duke 12-2 (regardless of what duke does at wake, they just have to beat unc on Saturday to get the #1 seed)
  2. unc 12-2
  3. fsu 10-4
  4. uva 8-6 (uva has the tiebreaker over miami and state)
  5. nc state 8-7 (state swept the canes so they have the tiebreaker there)
  6. miami 8-7 (miami and nc state play this week – miami clinches at least the 5 seed with a win)
  7. clemson 7-7 (clemson beat nc state)
  8. maryland 6-9
  10. wake 4-11
  11. bc 4-11
  12. ga tech 3-12 (gt has clinched dead last)

With one week of action and two games to go before the ACC Tournament starts, here are the scenarios for VT:

  • Tech, as of today, is the #10 seed.  The Hokies are tied with wake but the deacons have the tiebreaker based on their win in W-S.
  • With clemson’s win and Tech’s loss Saturday, VT has been eliminated from contention for anything higher than the #9 seed.  So we know for sure the Hokies will be wearing their road jerseys on Thursday in Atlanta on March 8th.
  • #9: Tech will need to win 1 more game than wake this week and finish ahead of them in the standings (both are 4-10).  VT is at clemson and home vs nc state; wake hosts duke and plays at ga tech.  The #9 seed would play maryland as it sits today, but clemson could also slide to #8.  This would be the noon game next Thursday (the worst game to be in — empty arena and if you lose, you’ve been eliminated by 2:15 PM on Thursday).
  • #10: Considering wake plays georgia tech on Saturday, this is the most likely place VT will end up, unless Tech gets a sweep this week.  The #10 seed would play nc state today.  clemson and nc state are tied for 6th, but the tigers just beat state, so state slides to #7.  Interesting that Tech plays both these teams this week.
  • #11: To slide to #11, the Hokies would likely have to lose both games this week and finish in a tie with bc.  bc would win the tiebreaker because they beat fsu, a higher see than anyone VT has beaten.  If VT, bc, and gt finish in a 3-way tie, the Hokies would likely get the #10 seed since they went 2-1 against those teams.  georgia tech plays bc and wake this week, so they have a chance at winning out and getting to 5 wins but I’m not holding my breath on that one.
  • #12: ga tech is guaranteed last place and the #12 seed.


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5 Responses to “VT’s ACC Tournament Seeding: Update”

  1. HipHop_Hokie says:

    The 10 seed… sigh. Didn’t see that coming.

  2. NoDak says:

    I’ve been following Techhoops since I came to grad school at VT 4 years ago (I dig the added highlights this year!). I’ll use my first post on here to make a prediction – The Hokies will be the #3 seed in the ACC tourney next year.

    The freshmen are getting better every game (mostly), Raines and Eddie are finding their places and settling in nicely, Green is consistent with just the right amount of moxy, and we had our share of bad luck (and poor performance, I’ll admit – see FSU/Duke games) this year skewing our conference record.

    The major qualifier to a 3 seed happening? – Seth finding an EFFECTIVE offense for them to run. The team has no real game plan, something made painfully obvious when one watches them do their ring-around-the-rosie-hoping-a-defender-falls-asleep passathon. The talent is there, the coordination is not.

    • Niemo says:

      NoDak – welcome aboard, first time caller, long time listener!
      I’d actually argue Eddie has regressed since ACC play started. He’s only down about 1 PPG (9.8 OOC vs 8.8 in ACC), but he’s too inconsistent. Since the first duke game at VT he’s gone: 6-15-6-3-11-12-3-5. At bc, 6 of his 8 were in the final 10 seconds after the outcome was decided. He, or the coaching staff, need to find ways to get him opportunities more often. We really don’t run him off screens much, but then again, we haven’t done that for anyone. We do it every now and then for Green when Rankin is in, or Brown, and did it for Zo against duke (the same play that we used to run with Zo 2 years ago that was so deadly but magically disappeared). I like Eddie off the dribble, too, he’s a good passer. I’d like to see him be more aggressive.

  3. chuck says:

    Jarrell Eddie wants to be Allan Houston so bad….the stroke and lateral athleticism isn’t there….he’ll be a solid 14ppg scorer as a SR if he stays disciplined enough.

  4. Ryan W says:

    Eddie is more than capable and simply does not attack or shoot enough…2nd half of the duke game he was a non-factor. Agree with nodak about next year. I see vt and md both in the top 3 or 4 of the acc next year.


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