Doe Doe’s Development and #10 HOKIES vs #2 duke ACC Tourney Preview | Friday at 7 PM

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Doe Doe: Everyone has been talking about how good Cadarian Raines has been the last 3 weeks, and rightfully so (averaging just under 12 PPG over the last 6 games), but Dorian Finney-Smith has quietly turned things around, too.  Look at the tale of his three seasons, so to speak.

First 13 Games 8.4 8.1
Next 9 Games 1.6 5.3
Last 10 Games 8.4 6.7
TOTAL 6.3 6.8

Dorian is also 11/28 from behind the arc in those last 10 games, a 39% clip (remember when he missed 25 straight shots at one point, from inside and outside the arc?).  So congrats to him on finding his stroke again.  The disappointment has been his foul shooting, he’s 6/17 in his last 4 games and hasn’t made both in a 2-shot situation in 8 opportunities.  But all in all, he’s at least gotten back to the player he was early in the season.

Random: At one point on Thursday I gave Doe Doe a new nickname — Bambi — for how timid he is on the drive.  Then he showed me up by getting two nice drive-and-finishes.

VT vs duke:

duke will not have Ryan Kelly on Friday night (so you’re sayin’ there’s a chance)… but VT had just 7 scholarship players on Thursday, forcing 5 guys to play 30+ minutes.  There is some good news on Rankin, though, there’s a solid chance he’ll play Friday.

First Meeting – 2/2 at VT – #5 duke 75, VT 60

Second Meeting – 2/25 at duke – #5 duke 70, VT 65 (OT)

  • Tech stayed in this game thanks to fantastic defense (duke was getting no transition opportunities which keep the score down) and great days from Raines, Green, and Hudson – 16 points each
  • Green and Raines had shots at the end of regulation to win it for VT
  • Rivers was too much off the dribble for Tech (and the refs treated him like Lebron — he had 17 FTAs leading to 23 points… Curry added 19)
  • Ryan Kelly had 8 in this game (He’s out)
  • VT was called for 25 fouls while duke just 13 (typical)

The Hokies stayed in that game at duke, and had a chance to win it, because of their transition defense.  They made this it a half court game, and with Raines dominating inside, Green in the midrange, and Zo outside, VT had a chance to win.  But with Tech likely tired after everyone playing so many minutes Thursday night, will the 7 or 8 scholarship guys have enough in the tank and their legs to slow down duke again?

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16 Responses to “Doe Doe’s Development and #10 HOKIES vs #2 duke ACC Tourney Preview | Friday at 7 PM”

  1. Chris_atl says:

    It is great to see DFS getting his confidence back. If I remember right, both he and Raines hit 1 of 2 late in the game and I was very relieved because I was expecting 4 bricks.

    Actually, you can look closer to home than Lebron to match Rivers ref treatment. I am sure that other ACC coaches would say our beloved Delaney got similar treatment in many games over his career. But, Rivers pedigree and his top recruit status is probably helping him for sure. Let’s hope there is a little freshman choke in him Friday night.

    • Niemo says:

      Delaney stopped getting those calls after the midway point of his junior year. Yes, he did get them Soph and half of Jr year, but they the refs figured out he was flailing at times, and even when he was legitimately fouled, wouldn’t give him the call. So it actually came back to haunt him.

      • Goodraisin says:

        I remember that as well… Delaney was the king of the spastic flail when he was lightly brushed. I thought VT’s season could have been much better during Delaney’s junior year if he would have realized that the refs were not going to give him those calls anymore, but he failed to adjust and kept trying to work the refs. And it was also that season where I realized that Delaney actually isn’t a good shooter.

      • Chris_atl says:

        Now that you mention it I do remember that turning on him his senior year.

  2. Bobby says:

    Out of everything positive from Thursday’s win over Clemson, the moment that I think Coach Greenberg should be happiest about was the drive and basket Finney-Smith made (and the free throws he made down the stretch).

    This poor child had no confidence after the start of the conference season. But to get through the wall freshmen hit and get beyond the struggles he had and then show some real courage on the floor and drive strong to the hole when your team needed a hoop in the conference tournament. . . That was impressive. Good on you Doe Doe. Great win for a lot of reasons, but that play may’ve been the biggest one in my book.

  3. kiawahhokie says:

    Speaking of Lebron, I can’t be the only one who thinks that Robert Brown is Lebron’s scrawny little brother, right? The similarities are striking. And GO TECH, BEAT dook

  4. Les says:

    Praise for Finney-Smith.

    “But in some respects, the key player all along was Dorian Finney-Smith. He scored just six points, but the guy has an absolute willingness to screen for anyone, and he’s very good at it. He sprung a lot of teammates for open shots in that game. He also grabbed 12 boards.”

    He reminds me a lot of Reggie Williams who played for Georgetown in the mid 80s.

  5. Goodraisin says:

    I think we all saw how tentative Doe Doe looked, even early in the season when he was having some success. He looked afraid to shoot, afraid to get his hands dirty, afraid to be a leader. You can see in his face that he doesn’t feel that way anymore. He’s confident in his 3-point shot, he’s confident driving to the hoop, and he’s more confident mixing it up inside. The wide-eyed doe is now the normal-eyed Doe Doe. Did I hear a rimshot?

  6. Niemo says:

    STAT: “You can use stats to prove anything – 72% of all people know that.” -Simpson’s…

    I got an email today saying “no #10 seed has ever lost on Friday in the ACC Tourney.” I was skeptical of this stat because there was no #10 seed before 2005 when the conference expanded. Upon further review, the #10 seed had won on Thursday just once in the previous 7 years — that was nc state in 2007 who proceeded to beat uva on Friday, and VT on Saturday before losing in the title game. What a dumb stat — #10s are 1-0 on Friday.

    Speaking of stats, uva hasn’t made the ACC Tourney Semi-final Saturday since 1995 (16 straight losses in the 1st or Quarters). That’s in big jeopardy today.

    • Blue Collar Hokie says:

      Yeah, I read that on and I thought to myself its only been since the 05 tourney that the conference even had 10 teams so whats the big deal.

  7. HipHop_Hokie says:

    17 years…


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