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It’s the Offseason so Start the Rumor Mill!

Like in many of the past offseasons (Seth to st. john’s, Jeff Allen to transfer, Malcolm to go pro, etc.), every day there’s a new rumor related to the program.  Just this weekend I’ve heard rumors X is leaving, then Y is transferring, then Z is being hired by t.  We’ll see how it all plays out.  If past years are any indication, one of the rumors will end up being true, but that’s it.  I have no idea which one it will be (or if it won’t be any… or two… or more).  Now we play the waiting game!  Ah, the waiting game sucks, let’s play Hungry, Hungry Hippo.

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24 Responses to “It’s the Offseason so Start the Rumor Mill!”

  1. Any chance you could divulge those rumors or at least tell us who they involve? I know you don’t want to give credence to what probably/possibly is not going to happen, but I’m just interested/concerned. Also, any rumors of us being a player for any INCOMING transfers? We are paper thin at the 2 and the guard spots in general, and even if JT returns we only have 11 scholarship players.

  2. kiawahhokie says:

    Greenberg to SMU might be a good move for him seeing as anything short of the NCAA tourney next year will most likely result in his firing. While they’re in the Big East, that’s a whole lot of traveling back and forth from Dallas…

    • hokiegrad says:

      I don’t see him taking the SMU job unless they are willing to pay a good bit more than he’s making at VT. Which they have the money to do if they want. But who knows.

      • kiawahhokie says:

        CBSsports reported on Saturday that SMU also went after Buzz Williams at Marquette and offered him $2.6 mil. SMU certainly has the money to lure SG away from the Burg, but you’d think after turning around VT basketball, it’d be strange to go start all over at SMU, where cracking into the top of the Big East standings is, at least recently, a lot harder to do than in the ACC.

    • Chris_atl says:

      Would seem odd that SG wouldn’t want to see this highly rated recruiting class get to its full potential. Unless he doesn’t see the talent in this class that he had hoped for.

    • Les says:

      It doesn’t make a lot of sense to hire from a school that left the Big East recently on less than good terms.

      Noticed also that some of the rumor reports pair the SMU hire with Greenberg’s job being in jeopardy may point to an effort by the competition to hinder VT’s ability to recruit remaining prospects for 2012-2013.

      • Niemo says:

        Les – interesting conspiracy thought on recruiting! I can certainly see that.
        As for the VT leaving the BE thing, I don’t think that matters at all. Coaching is a lot different than schools. Coaches change places all the time, so there would be no ill will towards Seth, not that it would matter anyway. Think about how much the BE has changed since VT left – probably half the schools are different and they care much more about the fresh wound of cuse/pitt leaving, not who was the head coach of VT bball (who was a doormat in the league) when they left.

  3. Goodraisin says:

    I can’t really think of any players who would transfer… Garland was the one I was thinking of before the season started and he’s already gone. In order to transfer, a player needs at least one of these things in place:

    1) a lack of playing time & a personal belief that they should be getting more playing time
    2) a strong dislike of the current coaching staff

    The only thing I heard this season that would fit into either category was that Erick Green had beef with Seth Greenberg. Green’s not going to transfer as the star of the team going into his senior year (and besides that, I think his tweet was misunderstood by a lot people). My opinion is that only an idiot would choose to transfer and sit out for a year just to play one more year at a different school.

    It seems like all of our players are getting ample playing time… can’t think of anyone who is riding the pine would probably thinks they should be playing. JVZ was red-shirted and seems like he was cool with that… he should probably see some playing time next year.

  4. According to the Roanoke Times’ Mark Berman, JT Thompson IS transferring and Seth isn’t going anywhere. That means we’re already down to 10 scholarship bodies IF (and knowing our history that’s a BIG IF) everyone is healthy. So I hope those were the only BAD rumors you were hearing Niemo. I hope the rest were related to us getting a player via a transfer.

    • Chris_atl says:

      I hadn’t thought about JT transferring but it makes some sense. With Hudson gone, all of his comrades are gone. And with the talent we have at forward and MH coming in he may see his playing time as limited.

  5. Chris says:

    Not surprised on JT transferring; never expected him to come back. Wish him the best of luck.

    Never really figured Greenberg would leave either. Not surprised to hear he’s staying. He seems to want to build something here. Whether he’s actually capable of that or not, I don’t know.

    As for who may be leaving… I have no idea.

    Only 10 scholarship players for next season… supposedly we’re in on a big man JC guy out in Arizona who’s suppose to be good. We definitely could use another big man and 2 guard. Hope we can bring in a combination of the two via a JC transfer or picking up a HS senior late… otherwise, we’re going to be pressed for healthy bodies yet again next season, and it could ultimately lead to Seth getting the axe anyway.

  6. I think we’re good on bigs for the moment. I doubt that Seth is going to reach for a player who might not be worthy of a scholarship based on what our program needs right now, but we do have to have enough bodies to have the kind of season we want and Seth needs right now. To do that he at least has to get ONE more guy, and that guy needs to be a guard. Considering there aren’t a lot of quality guards that are left out there (this year top guards committed very early on in the recruiting process), our options are limited. According to, we are a player for the #146 player in the nation, Anton Wilson, a SG who is really high on us after his visit this week and expects Seth to offer him when he has his in-home visit.

    Also, according to, we have offered Jeron Wilbut, an undersized 2-guard from Illinois who is rated as a 3-star by both sites and is listed as the #147 overall player in the nation. Landing one is a necessity. Two would be a coup at this point.

    • hokiegrad says:

      Wilbut is 6’2″, so not tiny. Anyone know why he’s still available this late for the 2012 class? Not that I’m complaining, as we could certainly use another guard. Just hope he doesn’t have character or academic qualification issues or something.

      Wilson, on the other hand, would be in the next class.

  7. King says:

    We are definitely NOT good on bigs for the moment. Interested to see if SG recruits out of the JC ranks. Other programs have had success. Seems like a great opportunity for any JC post players to step right in at VT and compete for minutes with Raines the only proven vet returning to the paint. Can’t say I’m shocked by JT’s decision but the transfer trend is troubling.

    • hokiegrad says:

      I wouldn’t consider JT part of the trend. Having already graduated, coming off two knee surgeries… that’s a little different.

      I agree that we are not “good” on bigs. We have some good potential there, but if coach likes what he can get out of some JC I’d be all for it. If not, just that much more pressure on the guys we have.

  8. chuck says:

    I’m good if anyone’s looking to try and Connect 4….i always get stuck with the Hippo with the broken mouth.

    How do i say this delicately? There are certain types of people with certain types of backgrounds, and i’m pretty sure recruiting might be more difficult in Texas for someone of Seth’s Northeastern lineage, money aside. They don’t take to carpetbaggers in TX, and ones with names ending in -man and -berg are behind the 8-ball from the start.

    It’s the same reason my wife won’t ever move south of Blacksburg or anywhere between California and Loudoun County…rough world out there.

  9. King says:

    Glad to hear that Greenberg is reaching out to transferring power forward/center Alex Oriakhi from UCONN. Unfortunately, the Hokies are competing with UNC, Duke, Kentucky, & Missouri for the rising senior, so Tech is a long shot. Here is the article from the WP:

  10. Max says:

    Any chances we can snag Anthony Barber in 2013?? He would be perfect to back up or even contend with Rankin for the starting PG job.

    • Very slim. He was a pretty big Greenberg guy and has said openly that Tech has a long way to go to get back in the race of serious contenders for him. He claims he’s not familiar with Johnson and Greenberg was recruiting him. So my guess is the way he is talking even though he says we’re not eliminated, it looks like we are.


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