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Viva Las Vegas

Apparently the Hokies are participating in the Las Vegas Classic in December, hosting two games at home and then playing in a 4-team tourney portion in Vegas on December 22nd and 23rd.  It looks like colorado state (made the NCAA Tournament as an at-large, #11 seed from the Mountain West), bradley (7 total wins last year), and portland (ditto) will also be in the tourney in Vegas.

Roanoke Times Article

Tech played, and beat, stanford in Vegas back in 2005 in the Las Vegas Showdown.

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18 Responses to “Viva Las Vegas”

  1. Max says:

    I hope we play Colorado St. Beating Bradley or Portland would not do anything for our already very slim tournament hopes entering next season.

    • Niemo says:

      Co-State should be pretty solid again next year — all their top players were juniors.

      • HokieGuru says:

        Colorado State’s coach, Tim Miles, took the job at Nebraska. I know him well – he was the coach at my under graduate alma mater (Mayville State University – I’m a graduate school Hokie). Tim Miles won at Mayville State (with no resources), Southwest State University (in Minnesota – again, with no resources), and at North Dakota State University – and he took them to their first NCAA tournament as a D1 school – he brought a Colorado State team from below .500 back to the NCAA tournament – and as I said, he took the Nebraska job – that’s a big loss for them. This is a break for the Hokies should we play them.

        Colorado State plays the pack line defense (they grind it out) – our experience playing against UVA should help us in that game.

        I like our chances here if we can come out of the gate fast :)

        Mr. Optimistic here :)

        • NoDak says:

          Small world, HokieGuru. I did my undergrad at NDSU and did my grad at VT.

          What Miles did with NDSU (plan recruitment/transfers so that they made the NCAA tourney not just for the first time in school history, but in their first year of D1 eligibility!), shows that he knows how to put a team together to make a run. Based on the limited exposure I had to Colo St this year, they may be VERY tough next year indeed, even without Miles around. That said, it is puzzling that he left Colo St. when they seem to be peaking.

          • HokieGuru says:

            How the heck are there two former North Dakotans that went to graduate school that comment at Tech Hoops?

            How is that possible, Niemo? lol

            I can see why Tim Miles left – Nebraska is a program that has resources, is in the Big 10, and that’s a nice conference to coach in – Miles is big time now.

  2. HipHop_Hokie says:

    What a trashy field

    • Niemo says:

      Yeah, I might not leave the tables until right at game time.

      • Max says:

        Hey Niemo, do you know exactly where the games in Vegas are going to be played? I’m from California and I missed the Hokies when they were in Anaheim a yr or 2 ago and figured I might go to Vegas to do some gambling and watch the Hokies since I turn 21 this yr!

  3. Goodraisin says:

    Wow, way to schedule tough opponents Greenberg/Weaver. Or maybe they just didn’t have better offers to choose from? I guess it’s probably the latter.

    • Max says:

      Yeah I agree. Although, I don’t think last years OOC scheduling was THAT bad. K-State, Syracuse, Norfolk St., and St. Bona all made the NCAA Tourney. Not to mention Minn. made the NIT Championship. Everything else was filler but everybody has to play a few teams that aren’t good competition.

      I have no idea what the OOC schedule is going to be next season. I know we play BYU at ESA, OK State goes to the Cassell, and we are participating in the Las Vegas Invitational. I saw on the VCU website that we are playing the Rams in 2013. I don’t know if that means 2012-2013 or 2013-2014. I’m anxious to see who we play in ACC/B1G 10 Challenge. I’m assuming Tech is hosting a game. My Intuition says that we will play Northwestern or Illinois. I can’t see us willing Ohio St, Michigan St, or Michigan to travel to the Burg. So, from what I know I agree it is looking pretty wimpy right now but hopefully when the OOC gets officially released it will look a lot better.

  4. chuck says:

    You two should get with Weaver, put your heads together….sign an ECU type deal (like football) for an 11 year home and home contract with North Dakota State….but don’t let Weaver do the negotiating, they’ll get the 6th home game somehow, or manage to negotiate a “neutral site” game in Bismarck

    • NoDak says:

      What would probably happen would be similar to what happened with the University of Minnesota Golden Gopher football team and NDSU (who went on to win the FBS championship this year) a couple years back. Game 1 – NDSU was a missed last second chip-shot field goal away from beating the Gophers. Game 2 – NDSU beat the Gophers outright. Suddenly the Gopher coach, Tim Brewster (a real piece of work), said they wouldn’t be playing NDSU anymore, because the U of M doesn’t really recruit in North Dakota.

      I realize you were joking and just taking a shot at Weaver, but the moral of the story applies to VT bball nevertheless: schedule OOC games that aren’t embarrassing to lose and are beneficial to win. Last year was pretty solid compared to previous years.

      • new guy says:

        Love this thread. Another VT Alum, huge VT hoops fan, and life long NDSU Bison Fan here. And to think that I thought I was alone all of this time. We might need to form our own website!!

    • Niemo says:

      Fact: Biz Markie is not from Bismarck… that is all.


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