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Coaching Carousel Continues | Ehsan and Wulbrun Leave for uab

On Monday it was reported (though not officially yet announced by VT) that Virginia Tech Assistant Coach Rob Ehsan and Director of Basketball Operations Jeff Wulbrun were leaving the ‘Burg for Birmingham, to join uab’s new head coach.

This means Tech will have their fourth Director of Basketball Operations in as many years (Autry served in this position for two years before becoming an assistant, then Wolff and Wulbrun for one year each, and TBD next year).

Plus, this is the fifth assistant to leave in four years (Palmore – ’09, Courtney and Odom – ’10, Autry – ’11, and Ehsan – ’12).

It should be noted that Courtney, Wolff, Wulbrun, and Ehsan all only spent one year at VT before bolting.

Here are the articles on it:

We’ll see if this is the last of the coaching changes for 2012.

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15 Responses to “Coaching Carousel Continues | Ehsan and Wulbrun Leave for uab”

  1. Joe says:

    Bad news…

    Niemo- is this the rumor you said you had heard a week or so ago but didn’t want to divulge till it was more official?

    • Niemo says:

      No but I haven’t heard anything about that other rumor so I’m thinking it may be dead, which would be a good thing.

  2. chuck says:

    Perhaps Seth will follow the route Martelli at St Joes took and deny the transfers out of spite….what is up with the UAB poaching anyhow?

    I still love how Weaver made the split second decision to promote Wolff to Women’s HBC over a Hot Pocket in the Admin Employee Lounge one day….THAT is due diligence….probably skirted the Rooney Rule too….

  3. 69HOKIE says:

    Makes you wonder why Greenburg keeps having so many transfers (players and coaches). Sure doesn’t help with stability. Is Greenburg too hard to work for, or play for? It seems that most of the young players really liked Ehsan. With Greenburg being on a short leash next season, it will be VERY hard for him hire any good coaches. You would think a lot of coaches would love to be in the ACC, not leave it.

  4. Les says:

    It’s hard to do well in the ACC without getting a key player or two from the DC metro area in each four-year cycle. Allen and Delaney were the last two from the area after the twin fiascos of Munson and Gilchrist.

  5. Danram says:

    “With Greenburg being on a short leash next season, it will be VERY hard for him hire any good coaches.”

    Aside from message board banter, what makes you think that Seth is “on a short leash” next season, 69Hokie?

  6. 69HOKIE says:

    I’m just saying if we have another 18-win season, and no NCAA, I don’t see Greenburg coming back. And why is everybody leaving? Who else do we lose to transfer? Recruiting?

    Maybe it is MB banter, but I hear (and read) knowledgeable folks expressing the same concerns. And much better than I can.

    If Jim Weaver is still AD in 2013, all bets are off.

    Just my 2-cents worth.

    • Les says:

      It’d be hard to get a new coach in here with only two years till the AD retires in 2015. I’m guessing that even a succession plan with his subordinate taking his place would not be a vote of confidence needed to get a name coach here. Tech certainly isn’t the kind of steppingstone program that attracts young hot coaches like a Xavier, Tulsa, or Wichita State.

  7. Les says:

    “UAB hired Jerod Haase, previously a North Carolina assistant, as its head coach last week. Ehsan and Haase had planned to work together the last time Haase was in the running for a head coaching job, but Haase did not get the position that time.”

  8. ray says:

    whose the Forward coming i for his official this week

    • Niemo says:

      Darrell Johnson from the midwest. 6’8″ 235. Down to us and memphis. He’s a 2012 kid.

      • Niemo says:

        Johnson is not rated (no stars) on Rivals, got 2 stars from ESPN.

        • Max says:

          Hey Niemo, any chance that Johnson evolves into a starter or will he be more for depth during his career?? I don’t wanna knock on the kid but he’s only got 2 stars on ESPN and if he only has offers from us and Memphis then he isn’t very highly recruited obviously. It just seems like there are a lot better options out there then Johnson. Also, any updates on Wilbut? Has he narrowed his options down at all??

          • Niemo says:

            Haven’t seen anything on Wilbut. I’ll poke around this weekend (6 more hours to the weekend!).
            You never know with guys like Johnson. I’m at the point where I’d be fine taking a chance on a kid with some beef. He seems to have decent size to bang around inside. Even if he’s not the most talented guy, getting 5-10 minutes per game from a guy when someone is in foul trouble or simply to avoid Cadarian from flooding the court with sweat by getting him some rest is worth a schollie to me. I pretty much knew guys like Swindle and Vinson wouldn’t contribute — they were too skinny and didn’t have the frame to put on a lot of weight. That just wouldn’t work in our system. But a guy with a big frame can contribute. Back to your question, I have no idea if he’ll ever start but you never know. It will have a lot to do with his fire. Cheick Diakite had a fire and turned into a shot-blocking machine. Guys that play with fire will contribute for us, timid guys (Witcher) will not.

          • Les says:

            Academic eligibility problems may have kept both Johnson and Wilbut from being highly recruited.

            Here’s another possible combo guard recruit as a result of the high CBB coaching turnover:

            After taking some time to weigh his options Cincinnati Aiken senior combo guard Willie Moore, ranked by Triple Double Prospects as the top shooting guard in the state of Ohio in his class, has decided to re-open his recruitment.

            Moore had previously signed a letter of intent to go to Duquesne Univeristy, an Atlantic 10 school in Pittsburgh, but has decided to de-commit and ask for his full release while the school searches for a new head coach. Former head coach Ron Everhart and his staff, including Cincinnati native Rodney Crawford who recruited Willie, were fired by the university on March 23rd.



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