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2012 Signee Marshall Wood to Ask for Release, Possibly Montrezl Harrell, Too

Update:  Rumors are swirling that Montrezl Harrell will ask for his release, too.  I’ve seen rumors about him and kentucky, cincinnati, xavier, and more.  But again, if VT can get a coach in place soon and get him in front of the guys, VT may be able to keep them.  The basketball signing period ends May 16th so that means these guys have to be inked by 3 weeks from today, putting urgency on VT and them to make decisions.

When you have a coaching change, there is always a high risk of losing players.  With Coach Greenberg fired, the first potential person to jump ship is 2012 signee Marshall Wood, a forward from Rustburg, VA.  This is all according to my sources and this ROANOKE TIMES ARTICLE.  Marshall will apparently ask for his release from his binding Letter of Intent, which universities usually grant when there’s a coaching change.

Marshall was ranked a 3-star recruit by most services, and the lesser of Tech’s two signees (Montrezl Harrell was the more prized recruit).  But Wood seems to have great potential.  He is a fantastic 3-point shooter for a big man (6’8″) and also has explosive leaping ability.

There is a chance he’ll still sign with VT, but I think the odds of that are 50/50 at best and very much depends on who VT hires and how soon.

Keeping Harrell will also be key as he certainly has options.


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49 Responses to “2012 Signee Marshall Wood to Ask for Release, Possibly Montrezl Harrell, Too”

  1. HipHop_Hokie says:

    This very well may get ugly, fast. Niemo – how much eligibility you still have left?

    • Niemo says:

      Ha, tore my hamstring last week so I’m going to have to stick with writing. Normally I’d play like Fletch though – 6’1″, 6’5″ with the afro – biting people under the boards.

  2. Blue Collar Hokie says:

    Harrell’s Dad says he wants out too.

    Not unexpected but now rumors are flying that current players are thinking of asking to transfer as well. We might be rebuilding from the ground up come October.

    • Les says:

      Raines would have only 1 year of eligibility left if he transferred. He used up a year with the medical hardship.

      Green could shop around for a situation where he could play on a tournament team in 2013/2014.

      Van Zegeren may be able to play in the second semester elsewhere since he’s been redshirted since the Fall semester.

  3. HipHop_Hokie says:

    We’re in a rough spot right now. We HAVE to get a coach in place immediately if we want to be able to keep the team together and focused – especially these two incoming recruits – but at the same time we probably don’t want to rush our search because this hire is going to be such an important one.

    I wish that we could give James Johnson or John Richardson the job… assuming the pipe dream of someone like Shaka Smart isn’t possible.

    • Goodraisin says:

      President Steger had dinner with Shaka Smart the evening after Weaver’s press conference. My friend’s father works closely with President Steger and informed us of that. It doesn’t necessarily mean anything… could be that Steger just wanted to make Smart aware of how much the university would like to have him as coach, but a man can dream right?

  4. Hokie-ritaville says:

    Do we make a splashy hire? Do we go unsung from a successful mid-major? There are pieces in place from a talent perspective and we’re in the ACC. But, is it any wonder basketball success has escaped…the one constant of our football program has been staff continuity, have we not looked at the football offices right next door to see that this receipe can work on the basketball side of the house? Somebody has got to see that this is great job with a lot of plusses and it doesn’t have to play second fiddle to the football team. We need to look to Florida…I want the next Billy Donovan! Also, the “Q” rating of your basketball team is not nearly as important as that of your football team: the football team needs a high profile because that nets you points in the polls and puts you in the Sugar Bowl…the basketball team is a meritocracy, you keep winning, you keep advancing. And another thing…can we move a week night ACC regular season game or two to the Verizon Center? DC Hokies would pack that place!

  5. Adam says:

    I am making the early call that we will get the coach from Wichita St. 7 NCAA tourny appearances at Winthrop in like 8 or 9 years, NIT champions first year at WSU, NCAA bid 2nd year at WSU. I think I read somewhere he is from Roanoke as well….ideal candidate. Montrezell, PLEASE do NOT go. Do you want to be the 7th or 8th man at Kentucky, Cincy, Pitt, etc…..or do you want to start and shine for an up and coming ACC squad???

    • Danram says:

      That coach has a very sweet deal at Wichita State, plus he reportedly has the same kind of abrasive personality that Seth does. Not sure that’s going to be very appealing to Weaver et al at this point in time.

      I think bringing back James Johnson as head coach is the most likely outcome and I’ll be perfectly fine with that if it happens.

  6. hokiegrad says:

    We all realize the timing of this was pretty bad. It is what it is. We’re just going to have to wait and see how things shake out. No use worrying.

    • Blue Collar Hokie says:

      No use worrying? Dude this is the internet! What else do we have to do?

      • Chris_atl says:

        Funny BCH! I could be wrong but I suspect that “worrier” is a trait of all those that follow their school sports as closely as we do. It’s a tie that binds us! But HG’s advice is wise even if we are incapable of following it.

  7. Max says:

    Bring back James Johnson please!! If Weaver has half a brain he’s already on the phone and trying to get Johnson back so we can keep everybody on the team as well as Harrell and Wood!!

  8. Hokiefan says:

    Someone over there in the athletic department should look up Rick Stansbury. He recently “retired” after 12-13 years and a good deal of success at Mississippi State.

    • Niemo says:

      There was a lot of smoke around miss state the last few years though. He might be a risky hire from a reputation standpoint, although so was Gottfried at nc state.

  9. Les says:

    Pretty interesting reaction to the Feinstein article

    I thought the AD would have set a more reasonable benchmark for next season like 8 conference wins and 20 wins overall. An NCAA tournament invitation would have required at least 10 conference wins, which would be a highly unlikely turnaround from the 4 wins this past season. I would’ve set that the NCAA as the goal for the 2013-2014.

  10. BJ says:

    David Teel of the Daily Press in Newport News on a few potential coaching targets. I know Patsos is well reguarded in the Baltimore area but he does have shades of Seth personality wise, which personally I like anyway.,0,2057454.story

  11. Les says:

    I think we can expect that the university will pursue their “A” list targets over the first two weeks. These would be high-profile head coaches that we’ve seen mentioned.

    • Niemo says:

      I’m hearing that the murray state guy, Prohm, may be the early front-runner but you never know with this stuff. Things can change a lot. Prohm is originally from Vienna, VA, is 37, this was his first year as a head coach (went 32-1… but with someone else’s players), and has no experience at a BCS college. But again, let’s see how it plays out.

      • BJ says:

        Prohm would certainly be consistent with Weaver’s history of going for the cheap hire. Maybe he’s great but I would be very disappointed if that was who we got. One year of head coaching with someone else’s recruits. I want us to do our due diligence but ideally we get someone in soon enough to fight to keep Harrell and Wood.

        • Chris_atl says:

          Beamer came to us from Murray St., right? that would be ironic. My guess is that even if they weren’t HIS recruits going 32 – 1 says something. I don’t know that Murray State has that high level of players, even in a good recruiting year.

          And isn’t a guy we know could come in and get the most out of someone else’s players what we want? If they stay we have good players. I realize we have no idea what kind of recruiter he is but a good first year would be nice.

          • Les says:

            We never had enough strong ballhandlers to implement his offense this past season. Remember Greenberg said at the beginning of the season that he wanted to spread the floor and use the dribble-drive to attack the defenses.


            Green was about the only weapon who could dribble-drive and shoot from the perimeter. The others were injured (Rankin), too inexperienced (Brown and DFS), or new to playing on the perimeter (Eddie). Maybe next year…

          • Niemo says:

            I agree – if you can win, you can win. Look at Donahue at bc – he had a big turd of a roster this year (partially his fault as he is not proving to be a good recruiter so far) and he found ways to win as much as we did. That could give us short term success if we keep the guys we have, but would still raise alarms about down the line (but I’m willing to accept that).

      • Les says:

        He turned down Mississippi State.

        It’s unlikely we can attract a head coach from a school, such as Murray State or Wichita State, that’s a well-known stepping stone to major college jobs.

        It looks like we’re getting a lot of referrals anyways, probably for assistant coaches.

        “I have already, well in advance of expecting to field calls about the position, have heard from some of the bigger names in the business about potential coaches,” Weaver said. “We will engage in that coach search beginning (Tuesday).”

  12. Ryan W says:

    Jimmy Patsos, im telling you great ties to the baltimore/dc area..big time recruiting experience when he was with the terps…great guy and the players love him

  13. Les says:

    The NC State and VT boards are saying it’s Bobby Lutz. He’s known for being a good recruiter. His teams at UNC-Charlotte were good up until his top assistant Rob Moxley went to Maryland in 2005. Moxley is also currently at NC State.

    • Goodraisin says:

      So what you’re saying is that Moxley was actually the good recruiter? The thing that would be disappointing about hiring Lutz is that I don’t think he’s going to be able to retain our recruits or our current players. That’s more of a gut feeling, but I just don’t see our guys getting excited about playing for him.

      • Les says:

        They think Moxley will follow Lutz to VT if Lutz takes the job.

        I think you need both the head coach and the top assistant to be good recruiters. The head coach has to at least be the closer. Moxley got Greivas Vasquez to come to Maryland. He bailed there and went to back to work under Lutz after just one year. The feeling there was that Moxley was frustrated that Gary Williams no longer wanted to deal with the recruiting as much, especially having to deal with AAU coaches acting as personal reps for their star players.

        • Goodraisin says:

          Gotcha. If Moxley and Lutz are a tag team then I feel better about the hire. Not wildly enthusiastic, but at least better.

          • Les says:

            Other people have expressed the same opinion. It looks like the whole staff is being lined up including Moxley.

          • Niemo says:

            I’m hearing another name that is a BIG name. Hope it is true. Should know soon (Monday). Also hearing JJ might be in play. Keep in mind this is just what I’m told, take it with a grain of salt.

          • Niemo says:

            Also, I asked people about Lutz and got very positive reviews of him, both on and off the court.

          • Niemo says:

            Latest news is that ‘big name’ is out. Oh well.

  14. kiawahhokie says:

    Word on the street is the job is Lutz’s if he wants it. EMU coach tweeted “Congrats on getting the VT job” and then took it down almost immediately. I think this is a pretty good hire. We’ll get him for a good price, he made the NCAA tourney 5 times with CHARLOTTE, and he is well-respected in coaching circles. Chances that we hold on to Wood: 75%/25%? Chances that we hold on Harrell: 25%/75%?

  15. Les says:

    Source: Clemson Assistant James Johnson to be hired at Va. Tech

    It sounds like a good career move for JJ even if it doesn’t work out. I’m not making a prediction but it seems a win-win for him as the worst case he could still go to a top program as an assistant with head coaching experience on his resume’.

    • Goodraisin says:

      If this ends up being true, it definitely has me a little nervous. We know Johnson is a good recruiter, but we don’t know anything about his coaching abilities. What kind of offense will he run? Will he just stick with the Greenberg “Crap Sandwich”? Will he institute Greenberg’s defense? Is he an X’s and O’s guy, but didn’t get a chance to show it because Greenberg dominated that aspect of his team? If he’s not an offense type of guy, will he bring in an assistant who is? Can he retain our recruits? Can he keep our current guys from transferring? I feel better about those last two questions, but for all other questions I’m pretty darn nervous… there’s usually a learning curve for guys who are new to being a head coach.

  16. King says:

    That was anti-climactic. Interested to see if alny of the other assistant coaches return, too.

  17. Les says:

    He should have a lot of connections in the CAA as that was cited in his reason to take the Clemson job.

    Hopefully, he can hold things together and add another backcourt player.

    In the last week, VT lost out on five recruits; C Renan Lenz, C Boris Bojanovsky, PG Dylan Ennis, PG/SG Willie Moore, and SG Thaddeus Hall

  18. uncleNick says:

    Looks like nice save job by JJ….


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