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One Down, One To Go: Signee Marshall Wood Re-Ups With VT

Newly appointed Head Coach James Johnson picked up his first recruiting win on Wednesday, or in baseball terms, maybe we should call it a ‘save’.  Johnson was able to convince 2012 signee, forward MARSHALL WOOD, to re-commit to the Hokies.  Wood, a 3-star prospect who at 6’8″ is also a talented 3-point shooter, had asked for his release.  But several outlets, including Twitter, have reported that Wood is solid as mahogany with Tech.

Now Coach Johnson needs to play Mariano Rivera and get the prized recruit, 4-star forward MONTREZL HARRELL, to stick with the Hokies.

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24 Responses to “One Down, One To Go: Signee Marshall Wood Re-Ups With VT”

  1. RK in Roanoke says:

    Great news – Niemo. Thanks for keeping us updated. As a Yankee fan since 1970, I appreciate the Mo reference.

    I read somewhere yesterday that Harrell had not officially asked to be released. Can you confirm?

    You need to get yourself a spot as a regular guest on Greg Roberts Radio show here in Roanoke. He needs people who know about BBall (he is well covered in FBall) and it could drive more traffic to your site.
    Just a thought.

    • Danram says:

      I believe that you’re correct, RK. As of now, Harrell has not formally requested a release from his LOI. The longer he goes without doing so, the better our odds of keeping him, I think.

    • BJ says:

      I love me some Greg Roberts Show! I used to love listening to him when I lived in Roanoke.

  2. Goodraisin says:

    Nice save JJ! Wood is exploding with potential… would love to see him develop into a “stretch 4″ if he keeps growing and putting on weight.

  3. Les says:

    Moore nearly committed to Virginia Tech before Seth Greenberg was fired. New Hokies coach James Johnson has not been in touch since taking over on Monday. “He would be excited to hear from them,” Albertson said. Albertson also doesn’t want Moore to rush his decision once he gets home from Oregon.

  4. HokieGuru says:

    Lynchburg CBS WSET TV guy confirmed the Marshall Wood report – he recommitted to the Hokies – he is in.

  5. Chris says:

    Good news. Hopefully he can get Harrell to stay on board too. Not trying to take anything away from Wood, but Harrell is the big fish here. You know a guy is big-time when UK comes a callin’.

    Wood probably won’t do much early but could develop into a good player. Needs to put on some weight.

    • Les says:

      Keep your fingers crossed since they still haven’t filed the release papers.!/scoutsfocus

    • Danram says:

      Harrell plays a position of immediate need for us. While adding a 6’8″ wing player with a great outside shooting touch is great (I’m talking about Wood here), we really are in acute need of another big, strong body to bang with people down low and give us a defensive presence under the basket. Keeping Trez is critical to the success of next year’s team, IMHO.

  6. BJ says:

    Great news, now come on Trez!

  7. chuck says:

    Niemo has the voodoo doll out…a Mo reference and then the ACL blows, perhaps ending the Yankee closer’s career…

    Wish you could have done that before the ’99 series.

    • HipHop_Hokie says:

      Hopefully the reference doesn’t similarly doom our chances at keeping Trez!!

    • RK in Roanoke says:

      Seriously, Niemo, please don’t mention Jeter in any posts, OK.

      • Niemo says:

        Ha, you can’t blame me for something I had nothing to do with, but if I mentioned another Yankee and they went down, I guess that would be #2 I jinxed.

    • Niemo says:

      The 97 series is the one that killed me although Rivera wasn’t really a part of that.

      • Martin says:

        also, the “strong as mahogany” thing… Have you not seen Jerry Macguire?

        • Niemo says:

          I’ve seen it (I think it is ok as a man to admit to that) but I don’t remember the reference. I was just trying to make a Wood pun.

  8. Ryan W says:

    Harrell’s twitter account still says VT bball committ so I hope that means theres a good chance he stays, any news about when we will know for sure?

  9. Hank says:

    If I could get hold of Harrell, I would let him know that if he stays at VT, he would earn much respect from a lot of people. I think that staying with his commitment to the school would show people a lot for what this kid might be about. Depending on how his career goes, he has a much better chance of building a legacy through a decision of staying at Tech. If he goes to a Kentucky, he just might become another number in the program. If he is good, the pros will find him no matter where he goes….

  10. Ryan W says:

    Word is that finney-smith is transferring…good lord


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