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Montrezl Harrell: Today’s the Day

We should know the fate of prized recruit Montrezl Harrell by the end of the day.  That day being Wednesday, May 16th.  Today is the final day of the NCAA basketball regular signing period according to THIS WEBSITE.  So if he wants to play ball next year, one would think Harrell will have to declare his intentions, and sign, today.  Now, there could be provisions for when a student-athlete is released from a Letter of Intent, but I don’t know of them if there are any.

I really don’t know if Montrezl is still considering the Hokies or not.  According to THIS ARTICLE he hasn’t been released from his Letter of Intent, which he needs to sign with another school.  The article claims kentucky is seriously considering Harrell.

Either way, I wouldn’t get your hopes up too much, but we should at least know the final answer soon.  Real soon.

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24 Responses to “Montrezl Harrell: Today’s the Day”

  1. Paul says:

    Technically, I don’t believe that he has to sign a NLI at all. I’m not sure what the rules are, but I seem to recall reading somewhere that signing a NLI is an optional event. Most do it to stop being recruited, but it ultimately has no bearing on your eligibility.

  2. Joe says:

    ^This is true. Brandon Knight (UK point guard) did not sign one for example.

  3. Will Stewart says:

    Wow, Niemo, that Kentucky site you linked to is something else. They divided up a 3-paragraph “article” into three pages, with about 20 ads per page.

    60 ads served around a 3-paragraph article. Brilliant business model. Wish I’d thought of it.

  4. Max says:

    We may lose a player today, but we also picked one up. According to a tweet by Jeff Goodwin the Hokies have picked up UNC Wilmington Freshman SG Adam Smith. Smith averaged 13.7 ppg and he can shoot!! He scored 32 against Wake, 23 against Maryland, 20 against George Mason, and 19 against Northwestern.

    • LJ says:

      Adam Smith is a good pickup but he is a volume shooter and 37 percent is not normally in the “can shoot” catagory. He will not get the 15-20 shoots in the ACC on a regular basis and not being eligable until 2013/2014 its still remains to be seen if he will have anything around him to compete in this conference…

  5. Hank says:

    Why would Harrell want to be looked upon as just a guy to fill out the Kentucky roster??? Someone tell him it would be better to be the man at Tech….

    • LJ says:

      Are you kidding? Even the 6th man gets drafted at UK? Danial Ortman was the 6th man and went in the 2nd round. He goes and playes at UK and its a no brainer? 24,000 fans screeming at every home game? Humm, potential National Championship Team? Hummm…NBA Humm? Hey I love VT but who was the last player drafted from VT? and how many VT players are currently in the league? 0. A first year coach that has never been a head coach even in High School? Dont screw it up Harrell – GO TO KENTUCKY

      • Hank says:

        The NBA will find you if you are good enough, it doesn’t matter if you go to Kentucky, Va Tech, or Winthrop. Some guys want to be the man, others are happy with being the 8th guy. I want guys who want to be “the man”.

      • King says:

        Eddie Lucas…transfer from Navy…drafted around 2000…I want to say it was the Jazz with the very last pick of the draft…he did not make the team. Point validated.

  6. Jack says:

    Smith reminds me of a guy named Malcolm Delaney…

  7. Les says:

    In the video, he didn’t show any capability to handle the ball. He also stated that he didn’t want to play backup point guard at his old school despite being only 6’0″. So it’s probably doubful he’ll develop into a point guard at Tech. He’s probably targeted to be the 4th guard as a special situations type player when they need shooters on the floor. They still need a point guard who can start or play 10-20 minutes a game.

  8. vtgoad says:

    This may have already been mentioned on here, but it seems a university technicality why Harrell has not yet been released from his NLI:

    If Harrell does happen to stick with us, what will his attitude be and will it negatively impact the team?

  9. Les says:

    The papers mentioned that all interested schools have to contact the athletic department before obtaining permission to speak with Harrell or his representatives. Holding onto the LOI is about the only way they can enforce it. Is he trying to go to another school in the ACC?

    • Niemo says:

      I have heard he is interested in an ACC school and that is why this is all gummed up.

      • Max says:

        I heard he’s interested in NC State since they lost on the Amile Jefferson sweepstakes. How is it that he can talk to other ACC Schools? Why can’t Va Tech just release him so he can’t go to direct competition??

        • Les says:

          He could go to another ACC school. He would then appeal the ACC rule that requires he sit out one year and give up one year of eligibility. He might just gamble that he’ll win the second part of his appeal. If my memory is correct, this is why Gus Gilchrist tentatively enrolled at Maryland.

  10. Juan Cobos says:


    I’ve read somewhere Adam Smith might be transferring to Tech to play right away, as UNCW could be ban for postseason play, in a similar way Uconn has been banned.

    Anyways, he wont be the player we are in desperate needed to get; as of today, and without available prospects in the US for 2012, I think staff should go to Europe during the summer and try to get a steal for next season, in a late push. Probably won’t have any success that trip, but it’s the last good option. I’d even try to pursue William Howard (a swingman from A New Hope Academy in Maryland) now, but we’ll be difficult to convince him as he was placed there by Washington’s staff and many other schools have been recruiting him over the last year.

    Regarding Harrell, and only having seen highlight videos of him, dont no why he’s considered as a prized recruit or someone special who could turnaround the program.

    Come on, he’s an undersized big man, who’s not exactly a 5* coming out of high school.

    I know we’ve lost Finney-Smith and all, but I’m more concerned about our lack of deepness within the perimeter rotation than losing a frosh big like Harrell.


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