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New Poll – How long will it take JJ to reach the NCAA tournament (with the Hokies)?

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17 Responses to “New Poll – How long will it take JJ to reach the NCAA tournament (with the Hokies)?”

  1. Brandon says:

    21-9 (10-8). We’re going this year.

    • goodraisin says:

      I don’t think 21 wins or 10-8 in conference would do it this year unless we beat UNC, NC State, and Duke at least once. I’ve been harping on this a lot on this site, but I think it’s true… our out-of-conference schedule is going to kill any chances of making the NCAA tournament. WVU is arguably our best non-conference opponent (it’s either them, OK State, Iowa, or BYU) and WVU got blown out by Gonzaga last night.

      • Niemo says:

        I never defend wvu but they were playing until 2 AM their time thanks to the beauty of ESPN’s 24 hours of bball.

        • goodraisin says:

          I would agree with you if the athletes weren’t already out until 2AM during the offseason at WVU’s equivalent of Sharkey’s and Big Al’s :)

  2. King says:

    It will take talent to get there and Weaver didnt do JJ any favors by hiring him when he did. Put JJ at a huge disadvantage for the ’13 class. Probably have to wait for the ’14 class to make a fair assessment of JJ’s recruiting ability. After that, probably going to need 2-3 solid classes. I say 2016 at the earliest, but 2017 or 2018 is more likely. That’s IF he manages to stick around that long. I hope he does. I like the product he’s putting on the floor. Major improvements in Tech’s fast break O.

  3. RK in Roanoke says:

    As we are all Alumni of VT – I am sure that we all hoisted a few pitchers and had great burgers and fries at Mike’s Grill.
    Very sad news out of B’burg. Mike Varelos died Monday.
    Prayers for his family.

    • goodraisin says:

      Oh man, I absolutely love that place. My wife went to JMU and claims they have the best burger she’s ever tasted. He’ll be missed.

  4. hokiegrad says:

    Looking at the roster, I have to go with the 2014-15 season. They’ll be hurt by the loss of Eddie and Raines, but if guys are improving year to year that should be a very good team.

  5. Niemo says:

    I hate to say this, but I don’t see JJ ever getting us to the NCAA Tourney. Here’s why:
    1. Depth issues this year.
    2. The ACC gets that much harder next year with pitt and cuse’s arrival, and at some point notre dame will come in, too.
    3. We lose EG after this year and while some people think we have a really good sleeper class this year, I’m not buying it. I think we have 1 solid recruit and 1 potential big man contributor (who maybe could turn into a C-Raines type player). Losing Doe Doe and Harrell were a killer to the program. But I still think this is a poor class by ACC standards and will now eat up 4 (potentially 5) of our 13 schollies for the next 4 years. I’d have maybe kept some of the scholarships for next year when he had a full offseason to recruit. But who knows, I could be wrong.
    4. New AD. Let’s face it – Weaver is in ill health. He won’t be in the position much longer (I’m shocked he’s made it this long). New ADs often like to make their own hires. If JJ doesn’t make the Dance in the next few years, and I don’t think he will, he’ll be on the hot seat.

    Let’s hope I’m wrong, but we shall see. I’m always positive about each game and each year, but this is my gut.

    • Chris_atl says:

      It sounds as if you are saying that JJ was the wrong hire (or a sub-optimal one. I can’t remember if you had eluded to that at the time he was hired.). Because if he doesn’t make the NCAA in the next 4-5 years I think he will be on your hot seat, right? And the hot seat of others who think the right coach ought to get us there more than once every 10 years. While I think SG doomed himself with the asst. coach fiasco (and rightly so), prior to knowing that, one of the things that a precious few of us were concerned about in firing SG was that we would end up on the coaching carousel, forever in search of THE ONE and end up with the next 10-15 years being worse than the last 10. I hope JJ is THE ONE and hope a new AD and fans we give him enough time.

      • Niemo says:

        Chris – I would NOT say wrong hire (given the situation), but definitely sub-optimal. And again, the situation forced that. We either would have had to pay Shaka Smith more than Beamer (which I would never do given what Beamer has done for this university), or hire away an average coach. I just don’t feel you can have a 1st time head coach at an ACC basketball school. There’s so much of a learning curve from assistant to head, in terms of meeting with alumni, running pressers, setting up your recruiting (as opposed to just being a recruiter), running the team, etc. I said before I think JJ will make a very good head coach at his NEXT school, but I’m worried about here. Look at the other ACC schools – all have an established head coach they pilfered from somewhere else (Roy, Turgeon, Bennett, Larranaga, etc.). And Gottfried was very successful at ‘bama before being removed as there were some suspicious clouds around the program (and probably will be at nc state eventually). So, color me pessimistic on this one. I just don’t like ‘learning on the job’ in the ACC. I mean, look at Stiney – I knew he was the wrong hire immediately because he had no OC experience and had never coached anywhere on the college level other than VT, who had a boring offense to begin with (this really doesn’t relate to JJ but I just wanted to throw it in there since we need Stiney gone).

  6. Chris says:

    I’ve got us going dancing next season. I’m buying into JJ and this team. I have nothing to really base this on other than it’s my gut feeling.

    I think Brown steps up and is the best player on the team next season. We’ll have productive seniors in Eddie and Raines. One of Barksdale or Wood is bound to step up as a 4th option, and Rankin is adequate. We’ll have a legitimate scoring threat off the bench in Adam Smith. And, barring unforeseen injuries, it could be one of the deeper VT teams we’ve seen in recent years.

    I really do think they make it next year as long as they don’t get ravished by injuries or lose guys to transfers and such that we don’t see coming. This is a more talented team than most people realize, IMO.

    • Niemo says:

      Speaking of ‘more talented than most people realize’, how was uva ahead of us in the preseason polls? They have absolutely nothing with Jontel Evans out, and keep in mind, even when he comes back he’s a horrible outside shooter (except vs VT) and won’t have anyone to dish the ball to when penetrating – unless he kicks it out to Harris.

  7. Ryan says:

    Yea i agree with your last comment Niemo, Mike Scott was their whole team last year…i honestly think this year might be our best chance over the next few years because i think EG is that special. Also next year with that eddie, brown, raines core could do it if they all continue to improve…

    • Niemo says:

      Ryan – I agree with you that I think this is our best chance over the next 3-4 years (can’t really predict beyond that since you don’t know recruits yet). I agree EG is special, and I don’t think we can fill his shoes next year (Rankin is nice but not on EG’s level). But, as I said, I think depth will hurt us in tougher games. I mean, Johnston had a -9 in +/- against rhode island, who was 7-24 last year. The flip is we could play the starters a lot more, but then you risk them burning out later in the year (as they used to with SG).

  8. Blue Collar Hokie says:

    wait a minute. . . we’re eligible for that thing?!?


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