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Game Recap | Hokies (7-1) 67, wvu (4-3) 68

Box Score

The Hokies lost their first game of the season, 68-67 to wvu, in an absolute thriller that came down to the last possession.

Erick Green had 23 points and 10 assists, which gives him 20 or more points in the first eight games this season, one shy of the record set by Bimbo Coles.

Green, the senior, had the last shot of the game that would have won it for Tech, but the shot missed and the Hokies fall on the road.

Robert Brown had a career high 21 points.

This game was decided midway through the second half when Jarrell Eddie and Cadarian Raines went to the bench with four fouls each.

While this was a tough loss, the Hokies proved they can play on the road and are a legitimate opponent for any teams they face this season.

One other thing we know is that Erick Green, the Winchester Rifle, is for real. Dude is a legitimate baller.

We’ll break this game down a little more later, but I’m getting on the road for now and it’s hard to evaluate stats in a car. I have a delicate constitution.

Don’t hang your heads Hokies, this was as good a loss as you can have.

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13 Responses to “Game Recap | Hokies (7-1) 67, wvu (4-3) 68”

  1. schmitty says:

    no edddie no win and thats the story for the rest of the season

  2. Chris says:

    Ugh. I was irate throughout much of the 2nd half. The officiating was piss-poor (WVU was in the bonus with 13 minutes left; VT wasn’t until around 2 minutes left), the defense was poor for most of the game, and the rebounding was atrocious. I don’t even want to know how many 2nd chance points WVU got. They had 20 offensive rebounds. Mercy.

    I’ve settled down now though, but dang, this one stings. Outstanding game from Green and Brown played well for the most part. Eddie never had a chance (two of his fouls against him were bogus). The bench played poor for the most part, but man, I’m disappointed in our bigs. Far too often did WVU just outwork them on the glass and they didn’t defend the paint. They’re going to have to step it up for the Hokies to have any chance at success in ACC play this season.

    Tough loss… fortunately they play on Monday so they won’t have too long to dwell on it.

  3. Max says:

    This loss obviously sucks big time, but there are a couple of positives I can take from this. 1. Erick Green is incredible and almost unstoppable at times. 2. With Eddie and Raines on the bench for the majority of the 2nd half, we still almost pulled it out in a hostile environment. Negatives: 1. Our bigs were awful. Far too many 2nd and 3rd opportunities on the offensive glass flfor the mountaineers. 2. Guarding the 3 pt. line. Throughout the 2nd half whenever the hokies were able to get a 4-5 lead, WVU would always come down and pass

  4. Max says:

    The ball around, leaving an open shooter in the corner to knock down a Trey to kill our momentum. 3. Letting a bench player kill us. Noreen (sp.) had a career game. I compare his performance to what Elliot Eliason did last season for Minnesota against us. Overall, we didn’t play that badly, but we didn’t play that great. P.S. The refs didn’t help us much either.

  5. schmitty says:

    we looked like ++++ and still almost won da game, i like our gumption!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Danram says:

    VT simply didn’t shoot the ball well at all tonight. We’re a perimeter-oriented offense and so we have to hit a good % of our open shots to win. We didn’t do that tonight. When you see guys like Eddie and Brown throwing up clunkers that barely drawn iron, you know it’s gonna be a tough night.

    But the main reason we lost was because we rebounded poorly on the defensive end. WVU got 20 offensive rebounds, and that’s entirely too many. That clunky white kid kept slipping underneath the basket to get them 2nd & 3rd chances at the basket and that’s what beat us.

    Still, we had to drop one eventually and a 1-point loss on the road in a tough place to play isn’t going to be too much of a blot on our final resume. Onward to the next one.

    • goodraisin says:

      I was going to say basically the same exact thing, so I’ll just say ditto. Also of interest… I watched the last shot from Erick Green in super slo-mo and he absolutely doesn’t get it off in time. Wouldn’t have counted either way, so hopefully he doesn’t beat himself up for missing it… tough to go 3/4 of the court with just over 3 seconds and get up a good shot. Ultimately I don’t think this is a bad loss at all. Would have been nice to win, but oh well on to the next one.

  7. 69HOKIE says:

    Let’s hope this one makes them work harder and correct what happened. They gave up too many easy baskets, and got killed on the boards. Somebody has to step up and be a beast on the boards. They need more movement on offense – TOO MUCH dribbling at times.

    I’m still encouraged by what we have seen so far. We’ll see if they can keep getting better.

    GO HOKIES!!!

  8. Hank says:

    I still can’t figure out what Erick Green was doing on that last WV basket. WV guy drives down the lane, and instead of playing good help D and simply taking one step over and getting in the way, he jumps out to the corner shooter giving up an uncontested layup. I really hope that is not how our guys are being taught team defense.

    • Blue Collar Hokie says:

      I thought the same thing, on the replay Erick jumped out of the ball handler’s way. I knew he was bouncing out to guard the guy on the wing and that’s a split second decision but sheesh the dude had an uncontested layup.

  9. hokiemasterson says:

    I agree with most of the folks on here. There’s absolutely no such thing as a “good loss” or “moral win”. The critics are gonna pound us for letting this one slip. Sniffed the top 25 but failed to punch in. I have a feeling we won’t get a chance after this. Don’t even get me started on D.

    • goodraisin says:

      I disagree… remember WVU is playing in the Big 12 this season, and frankly I don’t think they’ll be very competitive against Baylor, OK State, Kansas, Kansas State, Texas, Oklahoma (already lost to them once), etc. The Big 12 is really strong this year and WVU will probably finish somewhere around .500 or lower in Big 12 play. So I don’t think this was a chance to get a top-50 RPI win on the road, which yes the selection committee might throw in our face. In the end it was a chance to beat an okay team in a hostile environment and we came up short… not a big deal. Personally, I think a road win against Miami would look better… not worried that we don’t have a big true road win in our non-conference schedule as a lot of tournament teams don’t. I just hope that the selection committee realizes that our supposedly “neutral” game against BYU is in Salt Lake City and is nothing close to being a neutral site.

  10. danE says:

    Hokies played hard and Green is rock solid. Brown looked really good in stretches. If they have to play a lot of 2-3 zone to hide the bigs on defense it will be hard to win against decent teams without just lights out shooting it. WVU is no powerhouse but Morgantown is a tough place to play ( I speak from experience).


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